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MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection: Lipsticks

Every year, MAC presents us with a very limited edition, small-sized collection that’s decked out in more luxe packaging accompanied by equally more luxe prices. This year’s collection is Baroque Boudoir, which is in matte silver with shiny silver and black filigree overlay. This year’s collection contains a whopping nine items to covet: three lipsticks, three lipglosses, two shades of Sheer Mystery Powder, and a clutch.

The lipsticks are creamy, contain no shimmer, tend to be a little more pigmented, and apply more opaquely on lips, though this year’s are less pigmented than some of the previous years’ launches. Like the Lipglosses, I felt like these shades weren’t particularly special or standout. I’m am surprised, yet again, to not see a really excellent holiday red launched. And again, the price on these? Really obscene. They’re definitely not better than MAC’s lipsticks at $14 a pop; you could say these are, perhaps, a little more moisturizing, but not any more so than MAC’s Amplified Creme finish.

P.S. – I will do lip swatches this afternoon!

Baroque Boudoir Lipstick ($22.00 U.S. / $26.00 CDN)

  • Prive is a blue-based medium pink with a light sheen. It’s creamy, and it goes on so-so, not totally opaque, but still adds plenty of color to my lips. It reminded me of a more subtle Speed Dial Lipstick.
  • Baroque Boudoir is a plummy brown with a light sheen. It’s semi-opaque (you can kind of tell in the swatch) both on the skin and on the lips. I think it’s similar to Spice It Up! (a little redder) or Sheer Plum (a little browner) Lipstick.
  • Treasured is a creamy, semi-opaque neutral beige. MAC says it’s warm, it seemed neutral on me. It really didn’t jump out at me as warm (I almost wanted to say it was cool!). It reminded me of Jubilee! or even a more pigmented Fresh Brew Lipstick.

Let me also give you a quick run-down of the Sheer Mystery Powder, which I chose not to spend solely for the sake of photographing it. My bottom line is I don’t think it’s a particularly good pressed powder, and therefore not even close to being worth the $60 price tag attached to it. The compact is very similar to the Hello Kitty Kouture compacts, just with different embellishments. It’s also similar to Monogram’s from last year. It has some heft to it, but it’s not too heavy (unlike Couture and Stylistic’s compacts).

Sheer Mystery Powder is an extremely lightweight pressed powder. I find it a little too dusty and chalky to really enjoy it, and the shade range is incredibly limited. As NC30, I felt too dark for Light Medium and yet too light for Medium Plus. If you love the packaging, there’s no shame in purchasing it for the compact alone! If it makes you happy, it makes me happy! (Please note, the rating below is only for the lipsticks. For the compact, I’d give it an overall score of C for an average product housed in an overpriced compact.)

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 28/30
  • Value: 6/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5

Recommendation: Like the Lipglosses, if you’re a big fan of the packaging, you might find it’s worth picking up one or two!

Availability: MAC Cosmetics

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MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir Lipstick: Prive

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir Lipstick: Baroque Boudoir

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir Lipstick:

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir Lipstick: Prive, Baroque Boudoir, Treasured

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Prive Lipstick

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Prive Lipstick

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Treasured Lipstick

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Treasured Lipstick

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir Lipstick

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection:  Photos & Swatches
MAC Baroque Boudoir Lipstick

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47 thoughts on “MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection: Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. all the colors are gorgeous.

  2. I’ve waiting for this for ages =)

    Thank you!


  3. the packaging is very pretty but i have too many similar colours

  4. Florence

    Can you suggest dupes for these?

  5. “Prive” tempt me but … all this will be too expensive in France so… skip! There will be dupes someday.
    In France, we pay the regular basic mac lipsticks 17€, which is around 25$.
    22$ doesn’t sound that obscene to me. I don’t know how much will cost those ones in Europe. Probably more than 22€ (which is already around 30$). Everything is completely overpriced on here. It’s disgusting.

    • Lorna

      i did not realize things were so expensive over there. that’s approx the amount of a ysl rouge volupte lipstick over here.

    • Katharine

      That’s nothing – here in Australia, a normal lipstick is AU$35 (US$32), and this collection which has just been released in stores over the past couple of weeks is AU$54 (US$49.40).
      We pay pretty much double or triple US RRP on all cosmetics – sometimes more. We can’t even get things shipped from the states or anywhere else because Mac will not sell to overseas addresses from their US site, and I haven’t been able to find online shops who sell Mac – apart from a couple of department stores who will not ship to Australian addresses.

  6. The only one I like is Baroque Boudoir…meh

  7. setsu

    OMG !!! It’s so lovely!

  8. Katey

    Prive is my favorite out of all of theses!
    Thanks for all the swatches!

  9. Marianitamc

    The packaging looks gorgeous!!

  10. Bonita

    these are DEFINIETLY love!!!!
    …looks nice in the tube, how about the color? it looks a bit sheer.
    and that sheer mystery powder, i don’t know what they were thinking when they were pricing that thing. i know the packaging is great, but that’s all? if i wanted a nice powder, i’d opt for something a little bit more acceptable in terms of price range and quality. CHANEL doesn’t even cost that much for a pressed powder! insane!!

  11. Tanya

    I am really bummed that they didnt do brushes this year….I have both my brushes from last year and the year before…none this year :( I might pick up a lipstick or two…they really are beautiful!! The only drag is having to go to the mall at this time of year….UGH!!!

  12. Julia

    I feel like MAC releasesa cool bubblegum blue based pink color for every collection.
    I’d love to see something really different coming from them. The recent collections have not been
    that amazing or different.

  13. Gaby

    ahhh i love swatches

  14. Uh oh. These are pricey, but these three colors are basically the basic lipstick colors I wear frequently, so I like the idea of a pretty, matching trio of them…I’ll have to check them out after all!

  15. lovepotion18

    Treasured is gorgeous, but I won’t pay for it. I love MAC but not that much to spend on one lipstick.

  16. I’m obsessed with the packaging, but a little underwhelmed by the products–especially at that price. :(

  17. claudia

    Privé is so gorgeous ! Oh god, I want to skip this collection it’s too expensive for a dupable lippie.

  18. amy

    i quite like prive and treasured. I do really like the filigree pattern.

  19. Az

    I intended to grab 2 l/g & at least 1 l/s for the packaging XD but Prive is so similiar to Speed Dial :( do you think Treasured can turn too brown?

  20. I thought Baroque Boudoir would be more plum, not brown. :( Prive & Treasured will be mine on Friday. I love the damask print, it matches my bathroom 😉

  21. Bridgette

    I really like Treasured but its really not worth the 22 price tag IMO.

  22. I think I need Baroque Boudoir. Thankfully I have a gift card so the price won’t keep me away. :)

  23. marlene

    im definately buying all three

  24. Star

    Imo Baroque Boudoir looks like MAC Polished up and, Treasured looks like Hug Me. I love polished up so I will purchase Baroque Boudoir.

  25. Sweetpearl

    At first i was very excited for this collection, and to be honest once i got my hands on it, i was a little disappointed, i got 2 of the lipglosses the lightest and the darkest i might go back get the pink one, but i would’ve liked the glosses not to be so sheer =(, i also didnt feel like the packaging was as heavy as the hello kitty compact or the monogram’s collection ones…

  26. Anitacska

    Like the glosses, but the lipsticks don’t interest me at all.

  27. margot

    prive looks so pretty in the tube then .. swatched it just looks like another pink … i’m disappointed and I really don’t like the packaging of the lipsticks !!

  28. Prive & Treasured are superb! Wait.. Baroque Boudoir is awesome too. Oh, the choices I have to make!

  29. Stella

    Is Prive pastel at all? I hope it’s not similiar to Saint Germain or something.

  30. kpenn09

    Im picking up two Baroque Boudoir lippies tomorrow (one for me, one for my Mom for Xmas!). Ive just started getting into lipsticks, so I feel like its worth it to add this one to my collection. I dont mind paying a bit extra for the amazing packaging since I have no colours like it.

  31. Briana

    OMG TREASURED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. U are the best, I love ur swatches!

  33. Olivia

    leave it. boring.

  34. Violet

    Have to say, I just bought the lipglass from that collection, and it is NOTHING without the treasured lipstick. I’m thinking of going back to MAC and picking up the lipstick. I’m not loving it on my lips by itself.

  35. Amanda

    Silly question… would they back to mac for this at a MAC store? I’ve been saving my empty pots for something I really want… but I would not be surprised if they did not.

  36. I bought tempted, the gloss in preciousness, and the powder…..looooove it! The compact is hefty and they send you an extra puff and xtra powder refill.

  37. Michelle

    I think Treasured looks a lot like the cremesheen Shy girl.
    Though Treasured is more orange-y than Shy girl.
    I really like the colors of these lipsticks, but I already have colors that are pretty close to these, so this is not for me.