Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

OVERALL, MAC Baby Blooms Collection is a nice collection for summer. While some wished it would have come out earlier, there’s still plenty of warm days ahead of us to enjoy MAC’s new tinted moisturizer and tinted lip balms. As I haven’t worn the tinted moisturizer long enough to give you a review of its wear, appearance, etc., I’m only giving a short review based off of my initial test. I’ll do a more detailed review in a week or two.

The Suntints are vanilla scented lip balms that feel like a lip gel. They’re thick, but they’re not particularly sticky (not sure I’d say they’re completely non-sticky, though). They do feel moisturizing and hydrating on the lips, but they do not really give any color to mine. They pretty much all look the same on my lips (as such, I won’t be doing any lip swatches, since it’s like clear gloss or clear gloss with shimmer). The one that seemed to make my lips look the most different was Just A Smidge, which is also the one with the most shimmer–it’s extremely noticeable and has lots of it in comparison to the other four.

I do not feel that these are Tendertones in tube form, to be honest. These have a very thick, gel-y texture (though they’re not actually runny!) compared to Tendertones, which were very goopy and thick. I also found Tendertones felt a little sticky at times. These feel similar to lipgelees, though they don’t move as much–they’re a little thicker in their texture. I found the taste of these to be unflavored overall, maybe a hint of sunscreen. I feel like these sort of mold to your lips and feel totally different than Tendertones do when they’re actually on your lips.  The texture really is hard to describe–it’s not quite a jelly (because Tendertones were kind of like jelly), so I guess gel seems like a better descriptor, but I’m not satisfied with that either!

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Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 ($29.50)

Available in five shades, Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 is a thin, creamy tinted moisturizer that can be applied with fingertips or a brush. Tinted moisturizers, from my experience, do tend to apply best with fingertips. I also prefer to still apply my daily moisturizer prior to using a tinted moisturizer, just because my skin runs a little normal-to-dry. For those with oilier skin, it is probably a step to skip. I’m NC25/NC30, but I found that Medium was a little on the light side. Medium Dark was a better fit, though it felt just a smidgen too dark, so I ended up getting both so I could mix it to the perfect shade myself.

Since these are tinted moisturizers, you stretch ou the product quite a bit and as such, it also sheers out. These do seem to have a slightly glow-y look to them, just a soft sheen, but most assuredly not a matte-finish. The coverage from my first round of testing gave me light to light-medium coverage; if you’re looking to hide acne scars and the like, this might not provide enough coverage for you.

Suntints ($14.50)

  • Full of Grace is a subdued pink–kind of like a darker watermelon pink. It didn’t seem to have any shimmer and was mostly a sheer wash of balm with a pink tinge.
  • Just A Smidge is a sheer, shimmery lip tint with a green-gold shimmer. It’s kind of like a lighter, thicker–but less sticky version of Springbean lipglass (and no real green cast).
  • Lilt of Lily is a pale, baby pink with just a light dusting of pinky-purple shimmer (hardly noticeable). Really, really sheer and milky.
  • Moist Plum is a sheer, jelly of lavender purple. Though the swatch looks opaque, all of the Suntints are incredibly sheer and give very little color to lips or when actually sheered out.
  • Pink Tinge is a peachy-pink or a nude-pink. It’s a subtle medium pink with just a little bit of golden sheen and shimmer in it. Again, a sheer, gel-thick balm that doesn’t add much color to lips.

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33 thoughts on “MAC Baby Blooms Collection – Reviews & Thoughts

  1. baybee415

    thanks for the review really appreciate it!

  2. cmferrets

    i wish u would do lip swatches please!

  3. Kirstin

    Thank you!

  4. victoria

    i tried these this afternoon and yes they’re pretty sheer. personally i prefer the mac lipgelees because i couldn’t get even the darkest color to show up on my lips.

  5. Linda

    Hey Christine,
    Would you say that the tinted moisturizer is comparable to Stila’s in coverage, finish, and texture? Thanks!

  6. aww shucks, maybe I’ll pass on this then lol.

  7. Summer

    I think i will just get the Studio moisture tint! The lip balms seem to sheer so i think i will skip on those!

  8. im not super excited about this. but its pretty cool then its different then we expected

  9. I instantly thought of Tendertones when I tried them! Tendertones but without so much stickiness. Love the Moisture Tint! Like it better than Select Tint, actually. But I am a total Studio Sculpt fiend!

    • Studio Sculpt didn’t do it for me :( Too thick! Did you find your Moisture Tint stinks? ‘Cause mine smells like a load of chemicals!

  10. i am amazed at your posts!!! every single one of them and so fast too. thank you so much!

  11. can’t wait for this collection! and I have to wait even longer because I live in The Netherlands:(

  12. I was thinking of getting just a smidge – but now that you mentioned the colour like green bean lustreglass – and that i have, i’m just going to skip the collection. haha :)

  13. nicole

    i got full of grace and the color is beautiful. the texture is soo smooth and moisturizing! i love it. tendertone in a tube- i dont think so.

  14. Manda

    I love these lip balms! The texture is really weird, you’re right, can’t describe it perfectly. It seems to adhere to your lip, seems to smooth out and lightly envelopes your lips haha but it never gets gross or goopy, stays put and then seems to dissolve over time, which is perfect for me! I love them! No color at all but definitely gonna stock up, the texture is my preferred type.

  15. Nadia

    I would like your honest opinion, is it a good invest to buy this product or having the lip conditioner that they already sell is good enough? I’m debating to get full of grace, i know it’s sheer but if i can save my money then why

  16. msviolet

    I bought Just A Smidge today and I love it! Only stopped by to pick up a new Studio Fix powder but I never leave with just one thing! Texture felt great on lips, the only thing I noticed was a bit of the sunscreen taste you mentioned…almost bitter? Anyhow, I like how it’s a little sparkly, has good staying power (for me anyways), and is in a convenient squeeze tube instead of a tube with wand.