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MAC Art Supplies Collection
Lipstain Markers: A Classic, Full of Flare, Modern Mocha, Point of View,
Purposefully Red, Runway Ripened, Stylesetter, Sunset, Tomorrow’s Coral

MAC Art Supplies Collection: Pro Longwear Lipstain Markers Review, Photos, Swatches

There are nine new and limited edition shades of Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker ($16.00) in MAC’s Art Supplies Collection. I really, really wanted to love these–I have been wanting a good lip stain forever–a superb formula in various shades, not just one great shade (e.g. Benetint). I was most excited for the Lipstain Markers when I first read about Art Supplies, but they just didn’t work well for me.

Update @ 4/1: Reviews, photos, & swatches for ALL shades now available.  Enjoy!

Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker ($16.00)

  • Full of Flare is a brightened coral with a tinge of orange-red in it.  Probably one of the loveliest shades of the five I’ve tried so far!
  • Runway Ripened is a raspberry-ish red, but it’s still fairly red.  It gives good coverage and applies evenly.
  • Modern Mocha is slightly reddened coffee brown.  It’s not the most flattering color on my skin tone, but I could see some deeper skin tones using it for a natural lip tint.
  • Point of View is a darker and redder version of Modern Mocha.  It’s a rasberry-ish brown.
  • Purposefully Red is a vibrant cherry red.  I think this and Full of Flare are the best bang-for-your-buck colors of the nine.  If you love red but hate reapplying, bleeding, etc., Purposefully Red might be worth trying.
  • Sunset is a darkened, slightly reddish, coral.  This would look nice on both cool tones and deeper skin tones, because it’s not an overtly warm coral, which isn’t always easy to find.
  • Tomorrow’s Coral is a rich red with only a smidgen of coral in it. It’s definitely redder than I anticipated–I don’t think I’d have even picked up on any coral tones to it if it wasn’t for the name!
  • Stylesetter is a brightened pink with blue undertones. Reminded me a bit of Impassioned, perhaps, but more blue-based.
  • A Classic is a muted red–significantly lighter/less bold in comparison to Tomorrow’s Coral.

The good: The color applies quite evenly from the marker tip. I didn’t experience problems getting the color to apply evenly onto my lips. The stain will also last for hours if you don’t eat or drink (sounds like lipstick/gloss, eh?) and doesn’t come off on skin (or someone else’s lips…). You can layer a lip balm on top to keep it from looking so dry without disturbing the color itself as well. I also didn’t find that the lip stain would bleed on my lips, which is always a good thing!

You can wear the lip stain as a way to add more color or deepen color of your lipglosses and lipsticks.  They seem to work and look best when layered underneath something, rather than worn alone, which is kind of how I like to wear my lip stains–just a shift in natural lip color that looks exactly natural, no heavy gloss, no sheen, no shimmer, no weight.  To use it as a layering product, it acts a lot like a lip pencil or lip liner.

The bad: If you have dry, cracked, peeling, or otherwise imperfect lips, these are going to be a pain in the behind to use. I don’t consider myself to have any lip issues, and I even made sure to exfoliate promptly before applying these, but they are brutal on my lips. They’re incredibly unforgiving and will accentuate any dryness on your lips. If you wear a lip stain, make sure to exfoliate lips and moisturize well beforehand so that lips are hydrated before applying the stain on top. You may want to layer clear lip balm or a gloss on top to keep lips from drying out during the day as well.

Like other stains, the color will also have a tendency to deposit more in lip lines, but the effect of this isn’t noticeable until after two or three hours of wear when the stain starts to fade a bit. I’m not sure if perhaps my lips are more sensitive than others, but I found the marker tip to be more abrasive than I’d expect in a lip product. It really does feel like a regular marker on the lips–it’s not like sandpaper, but it’s not like a sponge-tip lipgloss wand either. It made my lips tingle and feel a bit irritated for about twenty minutes after application.

I also found that these stains wore off significantly when drinking or eating. I actually brushed my teeth wearing one of these, and it was almost completely gone. It’s surprisingly easy to remove, but that’s not exactly why you’d opt for a stain, is it? I did several wear tests since receiving these on Friday morning, and I did wear tests with two of the three shades I currently have. I wore Tomorrow’s Coral while sleeping (approximately eight hours total), which allowed me to wear it without eating/drinking. I didn’t wake up with perfectly stained lips, but there was still a good amount of color left–too bad my lips looked like raisins left out in the sun to further dry out! I also wore Stylesetter for another eight-hour test, but during the day, to see how it would survive eating/drinking–it didn’t. I’d say about 80% of it disappeared by the time I had finished lunch.

They smell like vanilla, but they have kind of an odd taste. It’s not gross or chemical-y, but there’s something about it that’s a little unpleasant (but not wholly so). The packaging is cute and sleek, but they look 95% like CoverGirl’s Outlast Lipstains, which I thought was interesting.

My picks: None at this time. Based on lack of long-wearing power, I don’t think any of these shades are must-haves. I’ll be buying the other six shades to photograph and swatch so you can see what they look like when it launches in-store, so perhaps one of those shades will wow me enough to recommend it!

See photos & swatches!

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Lipstain Markers: A Classic, Full of Flare, Modern Mocha, Point of View,
Purposefully Red, Runway Ripened, Stylesetter, Sunset, Tomorrow’s Coral

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Lipstain Markers: A Classic, Full of Flare, Modern Mocha, Point of View,
Purposefully Red, Runway Ripened, Stylesetter

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Lipstain Markers: Modern Mocha, Point of View, Purposefully Red, Runway Ripened,
Stylesetter, Sunset, Tomorrow’s Coral

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Lipstain Markers: A Classic, Full of Flare, Modern Mocha, Point of View,
Purposefully Red, Runway Ripened, Stylesetter, Sunset, Tomorrow’s Coral

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Lipstain Markers: A Classic, Full of Flare, Modern Mocha, Point of View,
Purposefully Red, Runway Ripened, Stylesetter, Sunset, Tomorrow’s Coral

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Lipstain Markers: A Classic, Full of Flare, Modern Mocha, Point of View,
Purposefully Red, Runway Ripened, Stylesetter, Sunset, Tomorrow’s Coral

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Lipstain Markers: A Classic, Full of Flare, Modern Mocha, Point of View

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Lipstain Markers: Modern Mocha, Point of View, Purposefully Red, Runway Ripened

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Lipstain Markers: Runway Ripened, Stylesetter, Sunset, Tomorrow’s Coral

MAC Art Supplies Collection:  Lipstain Markers
MAC Tomorrow’s Coral Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection:  Lipstain Markers
MAC Tomorrow’s Coral Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection:  Lipstain Markers
Wear test: 8 hours (no eating/drinking–I just went to bed, ha!) with Tomorrow’s Coral

MAC Art Supplies Collection:  Lipstain Markers
Keep lips from looking dry with some lip balm (applied over color after 8 hours)

MAC Art Supplies Collection:  Lipstain Markers
MAC Stylesetter Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection:  Lipstain Markers
MAC Stylesetter Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection:  Lipstain Markers
MAC A Classic Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection:  Lipstain Markers
MAC A Classic Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection:  Lipstain Markers
MAC Full of Flare Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection:  Lipstain Markers
MAC Full of Flare Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection:  Lipstain Markers
MAC Runway Ripened Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection:  Lipstain Markers
MAC Runway Ripened Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection
MAC Modern Mocha Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection
MAC Modern Mocha Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection
MAC Point of View Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection
MAC Point of View Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection
MAC Purposefully Red Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection
MAC Purposefully Red Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection
MAC Sunset Lipstain Marker

MAC Art Supplies Collection
MAC Sunset Lipstain Marker

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182 thoughts on “MAC Art Supplies Collection: Lipstain Markers Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. hmm look nice the colours but my lips are yucky and don’t alway have the time to exfoliate wont be buying them! Like the look of the other stuff for eyes though!

  2. Lince

    You have a pair of lovely lips, for sure. And I usually love MAC stuff. But if those stain look terrible on your lips, what would they do on mine? Guess I just have to skip them.
    Thank you so much for the review, Temptalia.

  3. wow the quality of these is awful… i cant believe MAC would release something as horrid as these!

  4. Jackers

    Well. At least I don’t feel the urge to spend $14, although I’m a little sad, I was hoping this would FINALLY be a good stain. Thanks for the great review!

    • Me too, Jackers. If they at least lasted through eating/drinking, I’d be game enough to deal with some of the cons, but so much fades away with a glass of water :(

  5. Cherie

    How disappointing. I didn’t really like CG’s lipstains much and was hoping these would be great.. Oh well, at least I’ll be saving some money :)

    Thanks Christine for the review! Can’t wait to see what you think of the others in the collection.

  6. Hmm this doesn’t sound like something I should try. I tend to have dry lips and I certainly don’t want to be using a product that can accentuate or further dry them out! Too bad, I think Stylesetter is a pretty colour. Oh well, more money to spend on Greasepaint sticks and Pearlglides!

  7. Thanks for the review, Christine- my lips tend to get dry so I will unfortunately be skipping on this! Good to know. This was previously one of the most exciting products in the Art Supplies collection for myself as well, self hyped. :)

  8. Natalie

    Hey Christine, do you have Posietint or Benetint? If you do, how would you like MAC lip stain compare to Benefit’s? I love Benefit lip tints and even my lips are dry and flaky, those Benefit lip tints kinda cover them and my lips look gorgeous as long as I put a gloss on top (clear lipglass). Thanks for the review though. Loved reading them as your opinion and review count a lot to me :)

  9. Ellie

    im very disappointed :(
    i was so excited for these, but looks like i’ll be skipping them.
    now i can spend more money on greasepaint sticks i guess!!!

  10. Laura

    pass on the lipstains will definitely get some of the other items from this collection!!!

  11. Sylvie

    When I first heard about these lipstain markers, it made me instantly think of the lipstains that mac has released in the past – for example, the Ungaro collection or the Rose Romance collection. Those didn’t agree with me much since they made my lips feel very dry and tight once they had dried down. Besides augmenting any imperfection on your lips, did these lipstain markers have that effect too?

    • When I wore them alone, my lips felt dry/parched. Not really tight, but dry. I can’t wear these without a lip balm or gloss on top at all.

  12. These were never meant for me. I had stila marker or stain whatever you call them and they never worked for me on my lips…

  13. liana

    Im glad i dont like these, saves me money.

  14. Ahh, they looked oh-so promising from the sneak peak swatches! What a shame :( My lips tend to be perfect every morning but by night they may play up a bit – I will be skipping these then! Thank-you for the brilliant review Christine! :) x

  15. Melissa

    thats too bad :( I was also looking forward to these!

    thanks for the review!!! this helps soo much!

  16. Ally

    Gah, my lips are awful they always seem dry and flaky. I was gonna buy atleast 4 of these so I guess i’ll be saving money but I wanted these to work. I guess I’ll have more money for shoes :)

  17. Ellie

    Hm, these don’t look too great. I think I’ll be trying the ones from Tokidoki that Sephora just started selling. They have good reviews and cute looking colors.

  18. Dang it, I was hoping these would be better than they actually are. Oh wells!

  19. Aww man. I have dry, flaky lips 90% of the time (and I adore the Laura Mercier Stickglosses because they’re the only lip product I’ve found that doesn’t accentuate the dryness and liplines I have) so I guess I’ll have to skip these… =/

  20. rose

    i wouldn’t buy any of these, i have some of the covergirl lipstains, and they are great.

  21. amy

    Hmmm i will have to test these out myself because I have chronically dry lips and would have to remember to wear a lip conditioner every night to prepare my lips for lipsticks and lipglosses. These look nice but it doesn’t wear off really nice though.

  22. Carrie

    I never like these supposed long-lasting markers, so I’ll probably skip MAC’s. They always make your lips feel dry and once they fade, they usually leave a weird outline on your lips that is not attractive. Also, the colors tend to be too dark for my taste. I prefer gloss or a creamy lipstick. :)

  23. I think I’ll be sticking to my lipsticks and lipglosses instead.

  24. Andrea

    How very dissapointing!

  25. mileena

    I don’t really know what to think now because you hated these and toomuchblush absolutely loved them. I guess I’ll just have to try them out for myself

  26. Cody

    Oh no, I was really excited for these and I’m so disappointed now! Thank you for the honest review though, good thing I didn’t go out and buy five of these only to find out it was a total waste later.

    Can you recommend any other lip stains that are a bit better than these? I didn’t mind the ones that came out with A Rose Romance but I only have one and it’s nearly gone.

  27. Hey Christine,
    I think Tomorrow’s Coral looks beautiful on you but it’s not worth getting if when it fades it accentuates lip lines – I’m not convinced that it’s any better than Cover Girl’s.
    Since you don’t like this formula, I can’t believe you’re willing to go out and buy the rest of the colours anyways to swatch just for us! Thank you! What do you do with all the makeup that you buy for the blog and don’t end up liking?

    • Hi Chrissie,

      I tried one of the CoverGirl Lipstains last night, so I’ll be working through those a bit in the next week or so. (I also have regular lipstick/gloss I want to try, too, LOL, and lip stains kind of take up the whole day.)

      I keep them for use later – whether it’s in a look, comparisons, etc. Sometimes a reader will ask if X is a dupe of Y, so I hang onto products so that I can go back and check. I don’t (usually) have the time to photograph and swatch a specific comparison, but at least I can walk over and check it real fast!

      I also donate makeup/skincare/haircare to battered women’s shelters and give some things to away to friends/family :)

      If I never use something that I buy (which happens, LOL), then I might save it for a giveaway for readers as well. Usually I just buy a few extras when I go to the MAC store of whatever collection I’m buying from that day to set aside for giveaways later on.

  28. I don’t think these will work well with my pigmented lips hmm…yes very disappointing. Well less I have to spend then!

  29. they look too similar to covergirl’s lipstains for me to bother with these. I was super excited about them as well. The thing that concerns me most is something we won’t know for a while – how long before they dry out? CG’s only last 3 or 4mths for me, which is why I never have more than one color of them at a time now!

    • You don’t even KNOW how similar they are. Same size, same width, same thickness… same design. The felt tip on CoverGirl is a lil’ longer (less stumpy), but even the inside of the cap is SO SO similar.

      I’ve had a bunch of the CG Lipstains to test on my desk for awhile, so I think this is motivation to try them, lol!

  30. Hannah

    I’ve been wanting a really nice lip stain that added a bit of colour to my lips without looking like I had been sucking an ice lolly!
    i was hoping these with loads of different colours would be my best bet…more money for other makeup then!

  31. happybadfish

    I was so excited for these, too bad. I can’t believe you are going to buy the remaining colors just to show us swatches. Very thoughtful of you, considering you don’t really care for them!!

    forever on the hunt for a good lipstain!

  32. stylesetter is a pretty color but if they make ur lips look bad, i could just imagine how bad it would be for my flakey lips, lol :(

    • Aww!! I understand. I think I keep my lips in pretty good shape, so I was like, “WOW! I can only imagine if my lips were drier or peeling, this would be terrible on me!”

  33. make_up_maven

    If I were a betting girl – I’d say these are purchased by MAC from the same source as Cover Girl and private labeled for MAC. Been there, done that. I’m going to pass on these.

  34. Casey

    I’ll pass….saving my money for the eyeliners.

    • make_up_maven

      me too, I’m gonna get every single one of the pearlglides, even if I don’t wear them! I just wanna look at them! LOL

  35. queenfrostine

    I have really pale lips naturally and look completely washed out without lipstick or decently pigmented lipgloss so I was really hoping these would turn out to be better than they sound. :( I need something than can last through drinking and talking at least. I don’t mind having to reapply after a meal, but I typically am sipping on something all day!

  36. GAO

    Aww dang! thats so sad how they wear off like that, I still wanna get these though LMFAO, I reapply things on my lips constantly anyways so wella see how I like em.. I’ll just buy 1 . hahah but the colors loook SOOO NIICEE!!

  37. Sarah

    i love lipstains. normally, if my lips are a little too dry after i put one on, i just dab some clear lip gloss or even plain lip balm (like burt’s bees, because i like the tingle). it will help fill in the lines a bit and even out the color without adding much extra.

  38. cmferrets

    i like the color of stylesetterrr. i think ill just buy one from this collecton, just to have . ill wait for all the swatches first though.
    i have all 3 of the lip stains from the sugarsweet collection. how do these compare christine? better worse. i know that one is a marker and one is a gel, but how do they last on the lips/ difference> ?

    • These are more opaque and go on more evenly — I find the regular ones tend to be a little more splotchy. I think the wear is better with the Lipstain Markers if you aren’t eating/drinking, but the other ones I don’t remember having trouble getting to stay on through a meal, but they were also much lighter.

  39. Luisafer

    good thing, my lips are in great shape… even though, don’t want to torture them with this… not crazy about them…

  40. I’ve had a hard time with stains. I don’t like the taste, the texture, or that feeling they leave on my lips. I was really hoping that these ones would be different.. :( Oh well, at least I can keep the money I was going to spend on them.. hahaha

    Christine, what is your favourite brand of lipstain?

  41. my lips are definitely dry so these a no for me, thanks for the review

  42. Tatyana

    Wow, these lipstains don’t look good at all. I don’t know if I want to waste my money on those. I will definitely, however, get the grease paintsticks. ALL!

  43. Coco

    These look awesome and really unique :D. I might get one but don’t know which 😮

  44. So, even though you didn’t get the rest of the stains do you not know what the colors and their descriptions are at least? This is disappointing that they don’t last the girls at the mac counter said they couldn’t scrub them off even with soap and water and a day later they were still on. Kinda strange that both of u are at opposite sides of a review on these product I will have to try them myself because i love lip stains on their own.

  45. VJNS

    I see what you mean about how they flake off. However, compared to regular lipstick, I have to apply almost hourly, so which is better? I’ve always liked lipsticks over lipstains, but now I’m wondering. What about cost effectiveness?

    • I’m sure it varies person to person :) Lipstick usually wears 3-6 hours on me, so a stain that only lasts the same doesn’t help me much!

  46. Wow these are so going to be skipped! They won’t sure look good on my lips since I don’t exfoliate them that often.

  47. JillyB

    Wow, thanks so much, it really makes a difference seeing them with your whole face. A much better idea of what the color really looks like.

  48. julia

    love the new style of lip swatches! i hope they’re here to stay!

  49. I am not a fan of these lipstain markers at all. Thanks for the review, photos and swatches!

  50. Katie

    Love the new format! Think I might skip the lip stains (the Pearlglides/Greasepaints are calling my name though) but it was great to see how they look on your whole face!!

  51. Darby

    Yay! I’m so happy to see the full face pics, it really makes a huge difference in seeing how the colors really show up!

  52. phuongk

    wow, i love the new additional photo shot, it helps to see the color better. it’s a keeper christine! :) also, i can see why you’re not loving the markers…no buy for me either!

  53. I was so excited for these, too, because the colors are awesome, but if they’re not going to last, then what’s the point?

  54. Sarah

    Hey Christine,
    I really like how you posted full face lip swatches. It gives me a sense of how it interacts with the whole face =)

  55. lulee

    YES YES YES for full face lip swatches! thanks christine!!!

  56. Natalie

    Loving the full face shot Christine! It is sooo helpful :) Thank you so much

  57. Az

    I love the new lip swatch Christine! It’s much better to see how it looks on full face than lips only.

  58. pinkyd

    LOVE the full face photos!

  59. Bits

    I won’t be getting these but thanks for the review! I really like how you included a face picture wearing the lipstains, it gives me a much better idea of how they look!

  60. Jennifer

    Thanks so much for all the work you put into this swatch post!

    I ordered “Full of flare” but I’m thinking I might enjoy Stylesetter more or as well.

  61. Christine shen

    I love the face picture added in the swatches =)

  62. Alex

    awesome!!! its probably more work but its greatly appreciated because its so much easier to see a color based on how it livens up ur whole face…or not! especially for me since we have similar skin color, type, eyes, and even thick dark eye brows…….so thank you!!!! btw I love lip stains and I kind of want them all and am willing to put up with the woes of application…would you say the full of flavor is your favorite so far? the thing is though that oddly enough they ALL look great on you!

    p.s. if you guys dont like these bc ur lips arent as perfect as christine’s but want this popsicle look for summer try this: http://www.qvc.com/qic/qvcapp.aspx/view.2/app.detail/params.item.A199220.desc.smashbox-Lip-Blush-Lip-Color-Palette.
    Looks like a stain but feels like a balm.
    cons: you HAVE to apply with a brush and the price.
    pros: u get 4 colors in 1 and qvc has an awesome return policy!
    thats my 10 sec review!

  63. May I say I like the new swatch style? The full face is SOOOO much more helpful to me than the really really close ups.

    I doubt I’ll buy any of these- I love a few of the colors, but with the texture issues, and the fact that I chew my lips, I’m better off sticking to my UD lip stain. Side note-is this a similar stain formula to some of their previous LEs, just a different applicator? I have Tender Tryst(from A Rose Romance) and haven’t had the wear issues with the formula(though it doesn’t stain as evenly as I’d like). Just trying to place t his formula with the stain formulas I’ve had luck with before….

    • Just wish it didn’t add 10 minutes per lip swatch :(

      No, the formula is pretty different to me. These are smoother and apply more evenly. I do feel these are more drying, though.

      • Heh yeah, the extra time WOULD be a pain-you already take such nice product photos anyways!(I have a hard time getting the lighting right-no clue HOW you do it!)

        I wonder why they left off their old formula. I mean, it wasn’t the best, but it was pretty serviceable, and the stain DOES hold up a lot better! Which is WEIRD if these are MORE drying?!

        • These stains look great initially, but so much wears off… it’s a disappointment! :( I find them impossible to wear without a balm on top at the very least.

  64. Amanda

    Not too crazy about these… however I LOVE THE WAY YOU DID LIP SWATCHES, where we get to see the lip color on your face!! Amazing! I’m sure it is more work, but will you continue doing lip swatches this way?
    Love ya!

  65. No perfect lips, so I’ll be skipping these, which helps in saving up for that Guerlain quad.

    I love the addition of pictures of the lip swatches from farther away, by the way. It gives me a better idea of what they’ll look like on my lips. Thanks so much for these, Christine. :)

  66. Lynniekae

    Thanks for the review. I know I’m getting the eyestuff, but I was hoping to get into lip stains as well. Guess it won’t be these. Thanks!

  67. I love your new swatch layout!!! Keep it up! You’re the best makeup blogger there is!

  68. Alannah

    What a bummer–none of these shades would work for me (I need a pink or plum). Sounds like I’m not necessarily missing much, quality-wise though! They do look nice on you!

  69. what a bummer! I was crossing my fingers that these would be better than the Cover Girl version- which was a huge disappointment. Just like the CG ones, these look fantastic on, but I know the CG one I got literally licked right off. I even let it “set” for a full 10 minutes- being VERY careful not to wet my lips. As soon as I did, I ended up with a mouth full of red stain- there was more on my tongue and teeth than on my lips.

    I didn’t hear you mention that particular aspect in the MAC version, so perhaps they’re a slight upgrade, but not enough. Believe it or not, Victoria’s Secret made a pretty good lip stain pen a couple of years back. I’m not going to say it wasn’t a bit drying, but at least it stayed on past a lick of the lips! I’m pretty sure it’s been discontinued, but it’s something to look out for when they have their semi-annual sales (January & June!) since they’ll likely be 75% off!!!

  70. vicky!

    lovelovelove the new style of lip swatches! please continue them!

  71. StellarStace

    Christine I like the new lip swatch photos that show your whole face! I think it gives a better idea of how the color works on a face and you’re so pretty, why not? Thanks for taking the time to do this!

  72. Kathryn

    I also love the new style of lip swatches! I appreciate the extra work that you take to make them for us :)

  73. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn

    I like your new way to swatch it is very helpful! My fav’ of the five is Full of flare, i may be getting this one, I’m waiting for the others to actually decide 😉

  74. AmazingRaquel

    I like that you’ve added full-face pictures. It allows me to see how it all comes together.

  75. a_cute_princess

    I love the new swatch addition! Can’t wait for one similar for blushes

  76. I’m still not sure about these markers, to me they just look like felt tip pens, but wanted to say how much I like the new full face pictures added to the lip swatches, I was always wondering how it would look altogether, because sometimes just a lipswatch or an eye alone don’y look as nice as the full face does. (If that makes sense?)

  77. Eve

    They seem more intense in the full-face pics, that’s interesting! And by the description, they’re a definite pass for my dry, peeling lips.

    But I seem to remember Givenchy has or will have lip markers too, gotta try out those. 😀

  78. Hend

    these are very good for lip stains ..
    some othesr are really horrible ( they look exactly like u’re wearing some white board markers ur lips)
    thanks for the swatches

  79. Laura

    I would love a review of the new Tarte lip stains! There is a mixed response, but your lips are almost as pigmented as mine, so I trust lip products done by you more than pictureless reviews.

  80. aquarianrabbit

    Long time lurkster, here: Oh my goodness, Christine! You are the best. I love the lip swatches you do (one of my reasons for your blog being my fave beauty blog), but now that you have your face showing with the lip color, you have just been deemed epic! Epically awesome, that is. Thanks so much for all your hard work – it really helps me when I shop! =) And it’s a treat to see all the beauties, and your gorgeous face wearing them!

  81. Steph

    Love the new full-face addition to swatches! It makes such a difference being able to see it on your entire face. Very helpful!

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