Thursday, January 7th, 2010

MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection
MAC All Races Eyeshadow

MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection: Eyeshadows Reviews, Photos, Swatches

None of the eyeshadows really spoke to me, which may be more a reflection of them being a little too neutral, too safe and me having more than enough neutral favorites through their permanent line. I suppose my feelings are much like they were with Warm & Cozy from last week — I’d loved to have seen new and different neutrals. I also wish Showstopper would go into retirement for at least a few years! Of the four, my favorite was All Races, and I do think that one is the most worth picking up, because it’s not a shade I’ve seen by MAC at all (no immediate dupes came to mind).

Eyeshadows ($14.50 U.S. / $16.50 CDN)

  • All Races is a cool-toned lilac with a little gray edge. It has a matte finish, and it is a creamy, silky matte–no chalky texture here. I can’t remember seeing a shade like this by MAC. Maybe once or twice, but nothing I can remember at the moment!
  • Banshee is a dirty pink with a little brown to it — it has a silver glitter that makes it a little chunky. It has a lustre finish, which definitely accounts for the glittery feel. I imagine you may have some issues with fall out with this shade.
  • Cross-Cultural is a medium-dark chocolate brown with a matte finish. This is definitely a shade you could use to contour your eye space with; it has a nearly neutral finish, not being too cool nor warm.  I’d say this is similar to maybe Era/Texture or a lighter version of Espresso.
  • Showstopper is an ultra dark charcoal brown with a cool feel to it. This is a shade that’s not permanent yet it comes out often enough that it never feels like you need to stock up. This also has a matte finish to it.  This is similar to Mystery/Brun.

See photos & swatches!

MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection
MAC Banshee Eyeshadow

MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection
MAC Cross-Cultural Eyeshadow

MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection
MAC Showstopper Eyeshadow

MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection
Eyeshadow Swatches: All Races, Banshee

MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection
Eyeshadow Swatches: Cross-Cultural, Showstopper

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56 thoughts on “MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection: Eyeshadows Reviews, Photos, Swatches

  1. Sexy Sadie

    All races is a great shadow.

  2. Steffi

    Banshee is really pretty

  3. egon

    I liked All Races , looks like nothing I have and would look great with sketch which I <3

    Thanks Christine

  4. Roxanne

    Skip! What’s with the dull neutrals, MAC? Your permanent collection has so many awesome shades! Bust out some color, please.

  5. Jillie

    meh, I am not thrilled with this line.

  6. Rachel

    All Races reminds me of Dove Feather that was discontinued a few years ago.

  7. Anne

    I’m happy to see the matte colors. I just orderd All Races and Showstopper I think Showstopper will look great with Cooperplate

  8. Andrea

    Hmm I think I’m gonna pick up All Races after looking through my make-up & coming up with a few looks for it

  9. Alexis

    I bought All’s Good blush…it’s a great brownish plum on me (NC42) and I love the subtle shimmer – I’m on the fence about 5N – I’ll have to play around with it. I also love my Taupe eyebrow pencil. I’ll go back for the Rich Life Pigment.

    • Do you find the pencils hard or soft? I’m still in debate…

      • Alexis

        the end of my brows are sparse and when i would use my espresso powder it just looked smudged and dirty. I didn’t find the pencil too hard – I just used light stokes in the sparse areas. I still used espresso on fullest part of my brows. Taupe is a perfect match for me. I think I’m most excited about the pencil, oddly just because I do my brows daily.

        • Hey Alexis,

          I tried it on my brows — and I agree, they’re not hard. On my arm, though, it was like OW OW OW! to get the swatch going, lol. I was a lil’ worried, but thankfully they feel fine on the brow.

      • ak

        D’oh! I thought that the Banshee shadow would be more of a wine-taupe-brown :( It’s very light, too light to do my smoky eyes with. I do smoky eyes day or night BTW, hey why not?

    • Alexis

      I appologize – I meant to put this post in the blush review section. I wasn’t trying to thread jack =)

  10. Elysia

    I love the glittery-ness of banshee, but I’m not all that exited about the shade.

    • I found Hypnotizing from Love Lace to be sort of similar to Banshee… But better. They are both frosty neutrals.

      I haven’t bought Banshee yet – I like the shimmer but the more I swatched it to build up the color, I found that I didn’t care for the color at all. Personally, I don’t mind the fall-out from Lustre eyeshadows. I often use the glittery ones as highlights for the inner and outer corners of the eye and I find that they look really pretty that way. But I have to like the color, otherwise I might as well just use glitter.

      • Did anyone else think that Hypnotizing was very close to Style Snob? I swatched them together; the difference is negligible. If you you have Style Snob, you can skip Hypnotizing, in my humble opinion.

  11. daphne

    Banshee would be prettier as a frost or VP – shame, as I’d have swooped on it in one of those finishes. Cross Cultural looks ragingly generic. All Races is neat, but too cool toned for me, I think. It looks like this is the first time Showstopper has come out as a single? It’s nice, but I don’t think I need it since Brun is a staple for me…I guess it’s cooler than Brun, but eh. None of these speak to me, but I didn’t expect them to.

  12. HC

    Is ALL RACES e/s like Shale?

  13. aradhana

    these are pretty…i think i have something similar to ‘all races’ from a nars duo…
    christine, how does all cross cultural compare to saddle? (i take it saddle’s a little more reddish) i’ve hit the pan on saddle, and i’m dreading when it finishes because it’s been discontinued…

  14. allison

    Meh…passing on these. I have way too many brown/neutrals as it is.

  15. Vijaya

    I just bought every eyeshadow except All Races. I also got Empowered lipstick, and Liqueur and Spirit and Soul lipglasses. All Races was way too chalky on me (it’s lovely on you, though). I may be going back for All’s Good blush.

    Before Warm and Cozy I owned literally Zero neutrals. I really like this collection and Warm and Cozy… I’m new enough to MAC to have next to nothing from the permanent collection.

    Nothing makes me feel all warm and tingly like a huge haul of makeup. x]

  16. shontay

    I just bought banshee and cross-cultural. Love them both. I’ve never had a fallout problem with lustre’s.

  17. Pixie

    i’m actually so happy i dont love a MAC collection for once! i’m deffs only getting All Races and Banshee and i’m totally skipping Lillyland YAY MY WALLET is happy;)

  18. DonnaN

    Banshee is pretty, but I think I will need to test it for myself to see how shimmery it is….All Races and Showstopper are DEFINATELY coming home with me…..

  19. I love the look of All Races and Showstopper

  20. Sass

    Are any of these shadows comparable to anything in the permanent line? If so, please reply.

  21. sonia

    Since love lace, warm and cozy, I don’t see any color! so sorry but I didn’t like…..

  22. Sarah M

    All Races is pretty. It does however really remind me of something (not necessarily by MAC) but it is bugging the life of me that I cannot remember what it is! Lol

  23. Anitacska

    Banshee looks very pretty in the pan, but very dull on the skin. The rest – just dull. :)

  24. Stephanie

    Hopefully with a good base Banshee will be a problem, it truly is a beautiful color. :)

  25. megan

    Would you say that there is anything in the permanent line close to Cross-Cultural and Showstopper?

    Thanks <3

  26. Sam

    Banshee is really pretty, I think. :]

  27. Jennifer

    I too thought Cross-Cultural looked like Cork or cork mixed with saddle or something…
    I looked on ur Mac Brown swatches from the permanent line and just based on swatches (I haven’t seen them in person) Cross-Cultural looks like Charcoal brown without the darker brown/black bit running through it… And Showstopper looks to my eyes like an almost dead on dupe for Smut, but without the shimmer running through it…

    Anyhow I ordered all the shadows from this. I love matte’s and wanted more matte’s in my collection.

  28. Makeup_Freak

    Love Showstopper, not sure about the others. Baneshee will be hard to pair, All races is a repeat of what I already have by Tarte. I am definitely getting at least a half of the collection, gotta go play with it tonight and see what might work for me.

  29. amy

    Banshee is the only eyeshadow I like in this collection.

  30. Steph B

    All Races reminds me of a slightly greyer version of Bobbi Brown’s Woodrose (which I love). Going to have to check this out.

  31. NY

    From the pics and your description “All Races” reminds me of “Modest Tone” from the N collection. Is that the one you were thinking of? MT is one of my favorite eyeshadows ever.

  32. I like All-Races & Cross-Cultural. Strange how Showstopper keeps turning up. I have it and barely use it. It’s well pigmented and so dark its kind of hard to control where it goes.

  33. Lorna

    I like All Races. it would be great as an all over base on a purple/lilac smokey look. reminds me of one of the shades in NARS duo Violetta. I’d like to see how that color compares to it.

  34. cross-cultural looks like it could be a good addition to my neutral pallette…Christine, do you think its a necessity if i have soba and embark already?

  35. K

    Banshee is very pretty. I have it from a previously released LE collection. Surprisingly I don’t own Showstopper and I feel that I should after seeing it swatched! It would smoke out a look in a soft way.

  36. All Races looks a little like the long gone Dovefeather to me! My favorite here is the Banshee, though. I’m actually liking these nude tones much more than I originally thought I would!

  37. Katie

    How does All Races compare to Yogurt?