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Lancome Color Design Matte Lipstick: Bronze Show, Corset
Lucky Kiss, Pink Preview

Lancome Mix & Matte Collection: Matte Lipsticks

This month, Lancome launches Mix & Matte, a collection of eight matte Lancome Color Design Matte Lipstick ($22 each, available in Bronze Show, Corset, Lucky Kiss, Pink Preview, Plum Show, Posh Pink, Stylista, and Red Haute) and eight Color Design Eye Shadow Matte ($16.50, available in Chic, Daylight, Fashion Label, It List, Successorize, Sultry Mauve, Vintage, and Wear It Well). This collection is available exclusively at Macy’s and Lancome’s website.  Today, I’m reviewing the more interesting part of the launch–the lipsticks.

There’s only one word to sum up how I felt about Lancome’s new matte lipsticks:  SURPRISED BEYOND BELIEF.

Pleasantly, fabulously surprised! Matte lipsticks have a reputation for being chalky, drying, and difficult to work with. Lancome has reinvented the feel and touch and play of a matte lipstick and modernized it in a way that works. I would describe the finish of these new lipsticks as more of a semi-matte or demi-matte. In natural light, they look like a more traditional matte lipstick, but in the sunlight, they have a subtle sheen.

However, regardless of how they look, they feel nothing like matte lipsticks. Nothing. At. All. (That’s where the pleasantly surprised bit comes in!)  Like it was love at first swipe.  My mouth formed an “O” as soon as I applied Bronze Show.  I was like, “What?  No way.”

These matte lipsticks are soft, creamy, and glide on smoothly. There’s no pulling or draggint to get even, opaque coverage. Every single shade in the matte lipstick line-up is consistent in its finish, feel, texture, and pigmentation. These are lightly moisturizing and have a bit of slip, which is so out-of-the-realm of matte lipsticks in my world. Lancome attributes this to “soft waxes and emollients” for “modern glide and slip” as well as a “light-diffusing gel” as a mattifying agent (as opposed to a dull powder).

Though there is some slip, I wouldn’t describe these as slippery. They’re creamy without being all over the place. The color clings to lips well so wear-time is improved (I found myself getting around five hours with these) and fades in a way that doesn’t leave a ring of color on the outskirts of your lips.

  • Bronze Show is an opaque, orange-toned brown.
  • Corset is a richly pigmented, creamy coral-pink.
  • Lucky Kiss is a smooth, softened plummed-down pink.
  • Pink Preview is a creamy, blue-based light pink.

To nitpick, I don’t love the packaging of the Color Design Lipsticks. They’re a glimmering, almost metal-looking plastic, but you can only stand them label-side down. Even though the tops of most Color Design lipsticks has a colored top (to “match” the shade itself), I prefer names (because I remember those more!). The Matte lipsticks have a clear top, though, which makes it a little more annoying when you’re trying to find the shade you want. But that’s really the only part that I didn’t like about these. The price is right, and I’m glad these aren’t Absolu Rouges (they’d be $30 then!).

Kudos, Lancome! This is probably one of the best Lancome products I’ve tried–to date–and an incredibly well-done take on the matte lipstick.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation:  If you’ve wanted to get down with matte lipsticks, but you couldn’t get down with the drying texture, give Lancome’s latest take on the matte lipstick a try.

Availability: Macy’s,

See more photos, swatches, & lip swatches!

Lancome Bronze Show Lipstick

Lancome Bronze Show Lipstick

Lancome Bronze Show Lipstick

Lancome Bronze Show Lipstick

Lancome Corset Lipstick

Lancome Corset Lipstick

Lancome Corset Lipstick

Lancome Corset Lipstick

Lancome Lucky Kiss Lipstick

Lancome Lucky Kiss Lipstick

Lancome Lucky Kiss Lipstick

Lancome Lucky Kiss Lipstick

Lancome Pink Preview Lipstick

Lancome Pink Preview Lipstick

Lancome Pink Preview Lipstick

Lancome Pink Preview Lipstick

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63 thoughts on “Lancome Mix & Matte Collection: Matte Lipsticks Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. I really like Lucky Kiss and Pink Preview!

  2. Beautiful colors, but I’m still sticking with the pink shade. :)

  3. these are so lovely! I wish we could have it here in the Philippines!!! guess not :(

  4. Amal

    Matt and creamy? I should look at these – Corset and lucky Kiss for me :-)

  5. niki

    Love pink preview!!

  6. Hilana

    Oh wow. What a gorgeous selecion! Bronze show would be too brown for my skin, but the rest are fab. Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. Hilana

    Just so by the way, Christine. Which one of these was your personal favourite?

  8. ALessa Ngo

    I love Corset and Pink Preview. They’re gorgeous!!

  9. niki

    Hi Christine, congratulations for your wonderfull blog!
    Can you please tell wich brand or kind of eye shadow is the best to achieve a wet eyeshadow look??I want something luminous but not too much shimmery you know..

    • Try loose pigments – like those by Illamasqua, Urban Decay, MAC, etc. For something luminous, you might try MAC paint pots in Bare Study or Rubenesque.

  10. Steph

    This is an intereresting interpretation of matte lipsticks.

  11. Lulee

    These look enticing! Are these limited edition?

  12. Anitacska

    Corset is very pretty.

  13. Lucky Kiss is very pretty.

  14. These are really pretty! (I wonder if it’s possible for you to arm swatch corset/stylista/chris & tell side by side?)

  15. Claudia

    Loving Lucky Kiss, Pink Preview from this part!

  16. Paulina

    The last two colors are the best. Great!

  17. Lilian

    lucky kiss is gorgeous!!

  18. Nic

    Not exactly matte, but they do look like they have nice pigmentation. I really like Corset.

  19. alex

    Anybody else think that these seem similar in look to some of the MAC Amplified colors where they are creamy but lack any sheen (i.e. impassioned)?! I dont know, they are beautiful but I feel like I miss the matte look. I like that very intense no sheen look when I reach for a matte and Pink Preview just looks too creamy (hence my comparison with the Amplified)….is it just me?

  20. these really seem worth trying. I’m such a fan of matte lipsticks, they’re more classic and timeless than high shine and the formula sounds great and relatively cheap

  21. Kimberlee

    My favorite part of this post:
    There’s only ONE word to sum up how I felt: SURPRISED BEYOND BELIEF.
    well done :)

  22. Lucky Kiss looks FAB! But, I need to know – scent? Are these lipsticks scented? Lancome (as of late) hasn’t been fragrancing their new lipsticks, but I have to know if these have a fragrance/scent.

  23. karen

    Lucky Kiss is so pretty!

  24. ellie

    Christine, is pink preview the same shade as lady gaga lipstick? I’ve been wanting to buy a pale pink lipstick that is really wearable, should i get pink preview, lady gaga or nars roman holiday? Thanks.

  25. amy

    Corset and Lovely Kiss are just lovely.

  26. Oooh, these sound right up my alley! I have really dry lips so I’m always looking for non-drying lipstick. Mattes are pretty much out of the question for me, but these sound like they might work!

  27. bobbigirl999

    love bronzeshow and luckykiss. do you think they are similar to ‘putty’ and ‘brown’ from bobbibrown lipsticks.

  28. kalopsia

    how does pink preview compare to saint germain or lady gaga lippies?

  29. ak

    Bronze Show looks so hot hopefully it will go along well with my NC45-ness! LOL But all of these new matte listick look good. I really heart the matte-ness of lipsticks these days!

  30. Jenny

    Do you know if these will be available in Canada? I know they have the same collections for The Bay and macys sometimes.

  31. Christa

    Christine do you think Lucky Kiss would be dupable with MAC Cosmo or Fanfare?

  32. Amy

    Do you know if these are going to be made available in Canada?

  33. Helena

    So yeah I’m in love with Corset. Ha ha ha.

  34. gia

    I just recieved Stylista from Macy’s it is not even close to the color shown here,maybe closer to Corset.What is also strange this lippy is not even listed on Macy’s web site anymore.It was never on Lancome’s.this looks exactly like Color Design same price.There is no scent at all, imo this is not like Mac AMP in texture more like the Clinique soft Matt that I have.

  35. Evelyn

    I just bought Pink Preview and I’m impressed. Usually matte lipsticks look like spackle on my lips but this is creamy and isn’t drying. The tube is odd though.

  36. OMG, I die for these matte lipsticks especially Pink Preview..I think it will go really well with my skin tone.

  37. Veronica

    i definietly need to try, I’m a lancome fan especially their powder foundations, better coverage for my large pores and the colors are flattering. btw, i got an email from lancome with your lips swatches!

  38. elle

    Are we entering the no-no-glossy-lips era or is merely yet another variation of a make-up palette?

  39. Krista

    Pink Preview reminds me of Viva Glam Gaga, are they similar in anyway?

  40. angie

    Hi Christine,

    I just saw this post now, and I have a question. Shade-wise, how does pink preview compare to Lancome’s Love It lipstick (which was featured in the Spring Season)? Is one more blue-based than the other? Which one is more wearable?

    Thanks very much!

    • Hey Angie,

      I would say Pink Preview is a smidgen cooler, and it’s also a bit lighter. It obviously has a different texture, and it is more opaque. Love It is more wearable, I’d say!

  41. Teresa

    I really like Stylista!
    Is there anyway I could get this shipped to the UK? Do you have any clue? xxx

  42. Phoebe

    Hi Christine! Love the work you do :)
    Do you know of any good dupes of Bronze Show? We don’t seem to have it over in the UK, and it’s such a perfect shade!