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lipstick – because you can just whip it on and BAM instant change. but blush is also good because its the same, yet it will last YEARS longer being in powder form! which always gives me peace of mind

I went into MAC today and swatched (on hand) like 4 or 5 shades of lipstick (hot pinks) and got satisfaction from it. So I’ma go with lipsticks too lol

o man, anything makeup related i love to buy. but my favorite type of makeup that i love to buy is anything lip related. lipsticks and lipglosses. they make me feel so ultra girlie. i love them =)

Lipstick has got to be my favorite. I don’t wear eyeshadows so my money gravitates toward lipsticks and lip products. I’m easy on the eyes with just eyeliner and mascara.

I love buying eyeshadows. I find it hard to find lipsticks I know I’ll be happy with, and I always have to stop myself from buying 20 lipglosses in similar shades.

I could simply not resist a gloss or a lipstick. And I am forever searching for the perfect muted gold for my eyes…. I have still not found it! 🙂

That would have to be lipstick. Once, I had so many of them that I was forced to give some away. I tend to buy a lot of lipsticks in one shopping trip.

Definately eyeshadow, then liner, then lipstick. I’m starting to have a seriouis storage problem! LOL

I love lipstick and blush. You can create endless “faces” with the same blush, eyeshadow, everything, and different lipstick colours. Loves!

The pretty type, lol. Seriously, I don’t really mind, eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, lipglosses, MSFs, shimmer powders, love them all. 🙂 But to be honest, buying foundation and mascara isn’t the height of my shopping trip – a must, but less enjoyable than picking up a beautiful MSF or eyeshadows. 🙂

a while ago I was into eye liners – All types. Now into Lipsticks and lipglosses. Not sure what’s next 🙂

I looooove buying Eyeshadows(particularly if its a nice palette, though its been a long time since there was one I wanted) Also, lipsticks. I love the BRIGHT things that you get an instant effect wtih . I don’t get as excited about buying blush, but I also like choosing foundations, since you have to be so much more demanding.

I buy a lot of eyeshadows (especially green eyeshadows),and a lot of eyepencils! I can’ t stop!

All of it? I LOVE buying eyeshadows, but I’m also always in search of the perfect foundation/powder etc to make my face perfect.

Plushglass, I feel really excited. Eyeshadow, bronzer, mascara, liquid liners etc, are fun to haves but not fun to buy.

I have a weakness for eyeshadow. current count is near 250 in MAC and close to 100 in other brands

Umm…do brushes count? I so obsessed with getting the “perfect” brush or any brush that I don’t have any makeup at all!

Eyeshadows…lately, I’ve been buyin’ up the Mac…mac counter, other mac counter, cco. But it’s funny, they’ve all been similar shades. Someone needs to smack my hand…”no, Jaci, put down that neutral!”

Eyeshadows and blushes big time. However lately I’m addicted to foundations and concealers and lipstick’s. I’m so in trouble.

usually eyeshadow…blush today….last week it was lipstick…i think this is part of the problem….

Lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, brushes, Lipgloss, Nail Laquers, LOL! I like buy ANY kind of makeup!!!

Recently its been lipstick! I didn’t wear lipstick for the past several years(just gloss)so now that I’ve been interested again I’m finding sooo many colors that I can’t live without =)

I like buying eye stuff.Eyeliners!!
Plus i can NEVER skip out on cheek stuff.I will try anything 🙂

eyeshadows! Love all the new color combos I can come up with just by purchasing one or two new colors.

Shadow and lip gloss. Eyeliners are becoming a habit too. You need one to match every shadow, right?

Everything that`s named MAKEUP!

Right now I`m obessesed to eyeshadow.
But I love blush and new stuffs.

anything for the lips!!! moisturizers, lipstick, lipgloss!!! everything!!! don’t know why…

Eyeshadows by far!
But im starting to like lippies because I like using them as blush aswell…but my lips are usually too cracked to wear any lip products except anything moisturising

Eyeshadow, by far! I don’t like shopping for lipstick as much because I don’t like to try testers on my lips (no matter how sanitized), so I never know what I will end up with. I also suck at matching foundations and concealers, so that’s out. But eyeshadows are fun! So many colours and textures!

Definitely eye shadow, then lip gloss. Those are the items I have the most of. I am getting more into lip sticks now. So much fun.

eyeshadow & eyeliner.
they give me the most out of anything besides foundation.
i think the eyes are one of the most important features.

I am obsessed with all makeup but I loooove to buy lipstick. I buy so much that I give away about 75% of it!

Eyeshadows, definitely, I get so excited at the possibilities, haha! But I always get a rush when I buy lipsticks too!

Love, love, LOVE collecting eye shadows, especially MAC and UD. And weirdly, I also love collecting lip liners. Just bought Boldly Bare and Stripdown this past weekend!

originally my main focus was lipsticks, but lately i’ve been on an eyeshadow and blush kick! and i used to only wear neutral eyewash colors back in the day! it’s all about colors, baby 🙂

Eyeshadow and eyeliner! I have all kinds of colored eyeliner and too much eyeshadow for my own good. LOL.

Mostly eye products: Eyeshadows, Eyeliners, & I love tinted or colored mascaras like Benefit Bad Gal Plum & Blue =^)
Oh, & I love lip balms!!!

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