Thursday, July 14th, 2011

The Hit List

What’s the Best Cheek Highlighter…?

What brand/products win this category? What makes it so great?

Thanks to Johnny for today’s topic!

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115 thoughts on “Hit List: Best Cheek Highlighter

  1. Precious

    Benefit’s Highbeam :)

  2. leahbobeah

    Benefit High Beam! Incredibly easy to apply and blend, lasts a long time, looks great without being glittery or disco-ball-ish. I adore it!

  3. Ms. Mae

    I love NARS Illuminator in Orgasm as a cheek highlighter! I love it because it’s so subtle and has a glow-from-within sort of look. I have more of a tan complexion but I really don’t see how this could go wrong on any skin tone!

  4. Paddychat

    Every Bobbi Brown’s shimmerbricks and, of course, Nars Albatros !

  5. I love my Giella EYE M GLAM… works so well for me… I think it is a good highlighter for women of color…

    • OMG…. I was going to suggest the same thing… I love Giella EYE M GLAM for highlighting my cheeks. It give such a glowy look for the summer.

  6. mac gold deposit gives me a great glow and the big product will last FOREVER

    • ayesha

      Heyy :) please tell me how u use gold deposit? I have it and I have no idea how to use it as a highlighter.. Please help :) thanks

  7. Cat

    Dior Amber Diamond! I didn’t get what was so great about it when I swatcched it on my hand in sephora but then I just finanlly deceided to purchase it and it looks so natural on my face, I think it is worth the splurge!

  8. sarah

    i picked up the benefit mini set they had at sephora with the two cheekstains and highbeam, and i immediately fell in love with highbeam. i brush a thin line across my cheek bones and temples and blend it in, and my face looks so glowy!!

  9. My favorite highlighter of all time is MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish. I have tried others and always end up going back to this one. The best color they ever made was Chimpagne(I think that’s how they spelled it) and I wish they would bring that back ~ permanently! :)

  10. Anitha

    Dior Amber diamonds

  11. mimi

    my favorite: mac lustre drops, MSF…subtle yet gives you the perfect glow

  12. Lily

    Becca shimmering skin perfector

    the besttt

  13. Karen Gonzalez

    i love mac too chic beauty powder from the stylishly yours collection. albatross by nars is my second place, for goldy-bronzy looks

  14. Lena Vaz

    In my opinion, Benefit’s Highbeam. :)

  15. Karen

    Mac Lustre Drops!

  16. Macaddict

    I use a few different ones: MAC lustre drops, NARS orgasm highlighter, MAC bronzing cream stick in bronze, NARS Goldmember cream, MAC skinfinish from Alexander McQueen (L.E.); can’t remember the name cuz the original container fell on the floor and has long been Back2Mac’ed but I keep the powder in a small plastic container.

  17. Monika-Luiza

    benefits moon/highbeam depending on ones coloring

  18. I love albatross by nars and highbeam from benefit! I use them for different looks that I want. If I want a dramatic or bronze look I’ll use albatross, and if I want the look of a really natural highlight.

  19. Mariella

    I’m so bad at choosing b/c I like almost all the ones I have but I guess I’d have to say TheBalm’s MaryLoumanizer or MAC’s By Candlelight or Petticoat (I have one that is very raspberry on one side and very “highlighty” on the other so it’s perfect for both blush and highlight)

  20. Amanda

    MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Sofg & Gentle

  21. becca

    Dior Amber Diamond, Nars Orgasm Illuminator, and MAC Rhapsody in Two are my faves (NC35)

  22. Benefit’s Highbeam and Bobbi Brown Shimmerbricks! I love both.

  23. Brie

    I’m loving my classics–MAC’s cream colour base in Hush and MSF in Soft and Gentle!

  24. MAC Cream Colour bases in Shell and Pearl!

  25. Alisa

    I love my Mary Lou-Manizer from the balm 😉

  26. Mai

    MAC’s cool liquid powder and MAC’s msf

  27. Carrie Ann

    I like Mary-Lou Manizer and MAC MSFs.

  28. Kelly

    For a subtle look, I really like the Magically Cool Liquid Powder from MAC. It’s so sheer.
    For a dramatic look, I like either MAC Cream Color Base in Pearl, or Benefits Girl Meets Pearl.
    In the Summer, I really like NARS Orgasm Illuminator.

  29. Tanya

    I love Benefits Highbeam.
    Gives me a glow with out the chunky glitter Mac’s MSF sometimes have.
    That and the slightly pink color warms up my fair skin.

  30. Josefina

    I LOVE Benefit’s high beam, it always looks flawless on my skin.
    I also like Bobbi Brown Shimmer bricks, and there’s a smashbox product, I believe it’s called articial lights, that’s also really pretty

  31. Rita

    I love Too Chic BB, too! It’s shimmer is not ‘visible’ (like flakes), but a beautiful shimmer.

  32. Maria

    MAC’s By Candlelight or Comfort msf

  33. I use Bobbi brown shimmer brick in bronze , and sometimes I use Revlon skinlight …

  34. Maya

    Dior Rose Diamond. All the Dior Diorskin Shimmer Powders are beautiful but that one is my favorite!

  35. Kay

    Becca’s Pressed Shimmer Powder in Gypsy or Princess.

  36. Sarah C.

    for me it’s a tie between MAC Too Chic Beauty Powder and MAC Miss Behave Mineralize Blush

  37. BiancaCA

    Dior amber diamond, Too chic beauty powder, Tarte amazonian clay shimmer

  38. lan-lan

    Kevin Aucoin’s Celestial Powder for a night out, love them!!!

  39. Yazmin

    Bobbi brown shimmer brick in bronze, urban decay baked or Mac Gold Deposit MSF

  40. Alex

    I have tried many highlighters: MAC’s soft and gentle, highbeam, NARS copacabana, and more recently Giorgio Armani’s fluid sheer. All of them do what’s it’s supposed to so I don’t really have a holy grail yet. I just purchased the smashbox artificial light, so I will have a new one to test. =)

  41. Lisa

    my favorite is MAC cream color base in golden!

  42. meme

    Oh thanks for this question…I was going to submit this exact thing on how to get (and keep a long time) that glowing look on the cheeks that we see all the time in print ads and on the celebrities…I never have found anything that leaves a liquid, lit glow. I don’t want powder that ends up looking like no glow I want after the first hr. I have tired Benefit highbeam and moonbeam in the stores but it seems not to last on me more than an hr and did not look right to give me an all over glow – but then this question is just for the high cheek bone highlighter look. I am fair side of med. with a mix of both cool and yellow undertones. I so want a product or 2 that will give me the star-looking glow – a Jennifer Anniston glow – not as much as say the J-Lo glow – she is a lot darker than I am and I could not pull off that much amber/gold as she uses. I just don’t know what to buy next to try and get my glow going….which is a bit more than just a cheek highlighter. I do have a Laura Geller product I like for top of the cheek glow – I think it’s called Como or maybe it’s Portifino…it first came out in a baked Italian cheek powder that had a quad of it in this lovely white/gold/yellow I heard it’s sold as a single. That works on the high bones of my cheeks to bring them out as does a lot of my light gold not too high shimmer eye color products. But I was DEWY LOOK glow that is not going to turn greasy or fade. HELP!

  43. Mandy

    I love Chanel Sunkissed Illuminator

  44. Kelli

    MAC Golden Bronze Iridescent Powder. Looks beautiful on tan to dark skin tones!!

  45. Heather

    Mac Vanilla Pigment! LOVE

  46. crazedstargazer

    Prestige baked bronzer in pure shimmer. Ironically has no shimmer, just sheen…

  47. Mimi

    Chanel Le Blanc Pearl Glow Highlighter, to die for! Just gorgeous glowing skin, I love it, bought 2 as it’s Limited Edition. Find it at Nordstom’s starting tomorrow, Friday July 15th, 2011

  48. Michelle

    NARS Albatross

  49. Love NARS multiples – malibu, portofino and copacabana are staples. Orgasm is great too.

  50. Molly

    thebalm mary-lou manizer … even better than benefit’s high beam

  51. abby

    I love physicians formula translucent happy booster for subtle highlight.

  52. Beauty Elements

    I love Arbonne’s sheer glow highlighter or my favorite powder option is bobbi brown shimmer bricks (any colour is nice, i have rose and bronze).
    much love

  53. Lina

    Dior Amber Diamonds highlighter.

  54. Jenn

    TheBalm Mary Lou-manizer is my favorite.

  55. Avital

    MAC mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle. gives my fair skin a natural looking glow

  56. KittenMittons

    Meow Cosmetics Lost Rainforest Glow powder in “Chameleon”. So iridescent and pretty!

  57. May

    Benefit High Beam. I discovered it years ago at Macys. The saleslady was pushy and practically forced on me. But I looked in the mirror and purchased it on the spot.

  58. Iliana

    My two HGs of all time are
    1)TheBalm’s Mary Lou Manizer (perfect champagne-leaning-golden glow, ideal for summer, without beeing a shimmerbomb or screaming “LOOK AT MY PORES”)
    2)MAC’s By Candlelight (true candlelit effect, transforms even the dullest make-up)

  59. Celine

    my favourite is too chic beauty powder from mac. i love the colour of it because its the perfect medium point between pink and yellow. its not glittery either so it looks natural on the skin and gives a beautiful sheen. the formula is also super buttery and i just love it :)

  60. Valerie Brower

    My fav highlight are NARS copacabana illuminator or NARS albatross if I’m going for a warmer look.

  61. Adrienne

    another one for mary-lou-manizer! HG for sure

  62. Jules

    MAC Chez Chez Lame (LE) or NARS Albatross. I prefer powder to cream as they are less likely to show pores or tiny hairs on my face.

  63. Moni

    Mac cream colourbase in Shell

  64. brighton

    Benifit High Beam for the winter and Dior Amber Diamond for the summer!

  65. Alina

    Nars Luxor for everyday. Really pretty and stays well. Albatross for a more dramatic look.

  66. Ivana

    Benefit Moonbeam. Hg for me, I have other highlighters but nothing compares!

  67. nars copacobanna illuminator and thebalm mary-lou manizer :)

  68. Shi

    For everyday highlighting, NYX’s Mosaic Highlighter. For days when I want more of a glow, Benefit Moonbeam!

  69. Stephanie

    NARS Multiple in Copacabana. I like that it’s cream to powder. I’ve tried liquid highlighters but they either break me out (I’m looking at you, Benefit Highbeam) or they smear my makeup around (I only wear powder or airbrush foundation). Sometimes I’ll layer it with MAC By Candlelight.

  70. Michelle

    Mac’s soft and gentle and Benefit 10

  71. MAC Crystal Pink MSF and the ELF Shimmering Facial Whips

  72. Tiffany

    Mac MSF in By Candlelight!

  73. Amanda

    Now granted, I only scanned the responses so I may have missed it…but I can’t believe nobody has mentioned Smashbox Soft Lights!!!! It’s silky and wears so well. It’s super subtle, but that’s why I like it…you seem lit from within, without seeing any obvious makeup.

  74. victoria

    nars albatross and benefit moon beam (imo, prettier than high beam)

  75. MAC Creamcolourbase in Pearl & Hush : )

  76. karen

    What, nobody’s saying MUFE’s Shine On???? It’s so pretty! (nr 3)

  77. Liz

    I haven’t tried very many, so I don’t have much to compare to, but I’ve been loving theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer.

  78. eva

    What about MAC strobe liquid/cream? I heard lots of good comments about the effect and the staying power…

  79. Prestige Pure shimmer i have Mac , nars, Dior and i always go back to the prestige its a beautiful gold highlight

  80. EC

    NARS Cococabana illuminator!!! I have mostly cool undertones with a little bit of yellow. . . this makes me look glowy and lasts until I take my makeup off. AMAZING!!!! :)

  81. Laura

    The only highlighters I have are MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes. Of those, my favourites for highlighting are By Candlelight, Refined and Perfect topping, Lightscapade is nice too but not worth the hype!

    Oh, I also have MAC Too Chic Beauty Powder which is lovely. I keep meaning to try more, but seeing as I don’t have time to highlight most days anyway it seems like a bit of a waste of money.

  82. S

    Dior Amber Diamond is my all time favorite!

  83. Krystle

    Benefit’s High Beam & MAC’s Soft and Gentle both really easy to use and apply.

  84. Sara

    Mac Msf: Soft And Gentle!

  85. Elizabeth

    Kevyn Aucoin’s Celestial Powder in Candlelight. It’s gorgeous!!!

  86. summerblue

    My fav is Smashbox Luminance — sadly dc’d. Kevyn Aucoin’s Celestial Powder in Candlelight, Smashbox Pearl highlighter & MAC Vanilla. Really, I can take a lot of yellowish, goldish, whitish, champagne e/s & make them work as highlighters. Can’t wait to check out Lightscape when it’s repromoted! I have a lot of yellow in my skintone so pinks don’t work for me & don’t look as natural as I would like.

  87. Rebecca

    Nars Nico! Most natural highlight. And I have highbeam, albatross, tons of MSFs and cream color bases…Nico is the best.

  88. Becca

    hmm…. I like Pixi’s energy blush in Naturally Sunny, NARS Albatross and MAC Chez Chez Lame Special Reserve Highlighter, but I still haven’t found my HG highlighter….

  89. Mariposa

    Giella “Eye M Glam” by Mario Dedivanovic

    • Diana

      Yes! Eye m glam by Mario Dedivanovic (amazing makeup artist) !! I use it in my kit on eyes, cheeks, body! awesome product.

  90. Hannah

    I love High Beam and MAC Blonde MSF

  91. NYX mosaic highlighter! love it. and MAC MSF by candlelight

  92. NARS Albatross & Benefit High Beam!

  93. Jaime

    MAC cream colour base in pearl!

  94. Biddy

    One of my all time faves is Chanel Joues Contraste powder in 49 Luna, it was a limited edition a few years ago and its prefect for that subtle sheen. Obviously High Beam is a winner too and I have just tried the newest Lancome powder highlight which is beautiful 😀

  95. LongLocks27

    Tarte’s Provocateur Amazonian Clay Shimmering Powder in Champagne gives me this amazing golden glow. Im typically fair skinned with pink undertones but a tad tan now…however this looks amazing and I think suits me more than NARS Albatross. Plus its twice as much product for a few dollars more! Will re-purchase when I hit pan. If you’re into powder highlighters check this out..they also have a sheer peach color as well!

    • Miranda

      i second that! i just got it from a tarte gift set from sephora and OMG SOOO PRETTY!!!. i also really like the Mac Play it Proper Beauty Powder from the stylishly yours collection

  96. April

    I absolutely love Victoria Secrets Love Me Wild LE in “White Hot”….

  97. Julie

    bobbi brown shimmerbrick in Rose

    • Paige B

      I cant believe none of u said Lorac Spotlight!! the the mose amazing highlighter with NO SHIMMER yes i did say NO shimmer!!!! its just amazing! i dnt understand exactly how it works cause in the pan it looks just like a face powder!

  98. Eisdamme

    Smashbox Artificial Light, NARS Albatross, MAC Emphasize, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade are all in my ‘love it’ pile.

  99. Mya

    Definitely going to have to say that Dior Amber Diamond is my number one highlighter …it literally glows ! …its not just shimmer or just sparkle its like a sheer champagne candlelit glow and very wearable, however Nars Albatross also amazing for a golden glow makes me skin
    feel kinda exotic in a funny way lol …Copacabana Multiple by Nars also wonderful for a more J.Lo glow and Mac MSFS in ..Soft & Gentle and By Candlelight also great shades !