Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Guerlain Gigolo Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gigolo Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gigolo (70) Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gigolo Rouge G Lipstick ($47.00 for 0.14 oz.) is described as a “pigment rich plum with a terrybly couture style.” It’s more of a berry-red on me than a plum with plum and ruby micro-shimmer. NYX Violet Ray and Make Up For Evere #13 are similar in color but has a frostier finish. YSL Forbidden Burgundy is less red. MAC Rebel is has a lot less red and more of a berry look.

The color coverage is nearly opaque with a really glossy finish. I bought this last week (along with Girly, which will be reviewed soon), and it’s a shade I keep wanting to re-wear. It’s rich and dark–perfect for fall–but the red brightens the color (and makes my teeth appear whiter because it is a cooler-toned color).

Guerlain’s Rouge G formula is one of my favorites, because of the excellent color payoff but even better texture and feel. They are comfortable to wear, long-wearing (I get six hours of great wear with Gigolo and then about 80% of color remains after eight hours plus a meal), and moisturizing. My lips sing a little when I glide on a Rouge G after swatching five other lipsticks. They are violet-scented (but not too heavily–less so than some of their powders) and come in heavy, silver metal cases with a flip out mirror.

I do feel you pay a chunk of change for the packaging, which while decadent, does hold fingerprints, doesn’t store as easily, and the small text of the shade on the back is hard to read. I really hope they sell refills someday.

The Glossover



Great color payoff, long-wearing, and moisturizing--Rouge Gs hit all the marks of a quality lipstick, even if it does dent the pocketbook. Sometimes a well-edited collection of excellent products in shades you love and reach for often is better than twice as many less satisfying shades.











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Guerlain Gigolo Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gigolo Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gigolo Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gigolo Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Gigolo Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Gigolo Rouge G Lipstick

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Nordstrom, $47.

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61 thoughts on “Guerlain Gigolo (70) Rouge G Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. That is absolutely gorgeous!!! A beautiful deep red would look amazing!

  2. OMG, this is such a unique colour! Love it.

  3. Chelle

    Apparently I am a sucker for this range of lip color. Grrr to the $47 price tag though.

  4. Babs

    Absolutely gorgeous…. but can’t see myself spending this much on a single lipstick.

  5. Joanna

    Thank you for reviewing this!

    I just swatched this lipstick for the first time this morning. It reminded me of a dark rhubarb colour on my hand. It is redder than my Rouge G Le Brilliant Bee (64).

    Overall, it is more red than I hoped (I wanted a more purple plum) but I’m going to get it anyway.

  6. Kat

    Hi Christine, such lovely color! May I know what blush you’re wearing? Thank you.

  7. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think I’ll pass on this. :) I don’t wear dark colours like this much, and when I do, I already have Bee and some other lipsticks. But I do want Garconne and Girly! Will you be reviewing any of the eyeshadow quads as well? Thanks.

  8. Faye

    That looks great on you, Christine! I should be getting mine by the end of the week. I hope it looks as good on my pale skin as it looks on you!

    One day I started idly adding up the cost of my Rouge G’s and quickly stopped :). They’re so addictive!

  9. Melody

    What a gorgeous color! It’s perfect for fall. I’d really like to save up and get this as a “going out” lipstick.

  10. Taylor

    That color is seriously beautiful! Especially on you, Christine!

  11. Gina

    UGH it’s so beautiful! I want it so bad, but I just know I wouldn’t wear it :( I’d just stare at it in its beautiful case, and maybe put in on in my room and admire it in the mirror, but that’s it. I’m always so drawn to these shades, but I never get any use out of them.

  12. Mariella

    Gorgeous colour! Pricey but gorgeous. As another “older lady” here, I remember the days when you could get refills for lipsticks so you could keep and reuse the lovely lipstick cases, like the Rouge G range, once the original lipstick was used up (the refills came in cheaper packaging that was meant to be popped into the original packaging and it was considerably less expensive). It’d be nice if Guerlain offered this option, for many reasons (including the fact that it is recycling of something that otherwise has to go into the trash).

  13. *whimpers*

    That is beautiful.

  14. LM

    ahhhh way too expensive for me but I love the shade– I think it would look good with warm or cool looks which is always a bonus

  15. Goya

    Jaw-dropping beautiful!

  16. Sarah M

    What a stunning lipstick!!! I didn’t think I’d be interested, looking at the colour in the tube, but having seen the swatches… I’m sold!

  17. SOOOO lovely on you! It seems like you can wear whatever lipcolor you choose to. I have my eyes on this for a while. Thanks so much for the review. And yes, I did too expect more plum.

  18. Marina

    I actually gasped when the pictures loaded. Insanely beautiful.

  19. baby in a corner

    beautiful! but i bought gigi last year and rarely wore it!

  20. Michelle

    That is such a beautiful color! It looks great on you; it’d probably be overwhelming on me (yay for being a pale blonde), but I want it anyways. Grr, it sucks to be a college student right now. I’ll have to ask for a Sephora gift card for Christmas.

    • You would be surprised – I LOVE dark lipsticks on pale skin! The contrast is amazing!

      • Michelle

        I totally agree! I just tend to get frightened of the contrast when it’s actually on my face. It must be a mental thing; I could just ease my way into it and wear it like a stain- that’s how I wear brighter lipsticks now.

  21. That is simply STUNNING. I’m so happy it isn’t LE!

  22. Martina

    wow i love it but i don’t know how often would i wear it… so dramatic…

  23. Oh my god, that’s absolutely gorgeous. And that wear time, gah! *flails*

  24. Kathrina

    And another one for my Rouge G collection! So far I have Gipsy, Gemma, Geisha, Gil, Gems, Gardenia, Garance and Galante.

  25. sarah piccirillo

    This is a great color on you,Christine you look gorgeous!!

  26. So beautiful! It really seems unique and smooth and luscious.

  27. Katie

    Oh what a gorgeous colour – thank goodness I can’t get Guerlain where I live so I can just enjoy the colour without having the think about the cost!

  28. Ashley D.

    This is absolutely gorgeous.

  29. Kathy

    That is just divine on you!

  30. So friggin’ pretty! I wish I were a trust-fund baby…

  31. artemis

    wow, that’s so beautiful :O i really want something like that

  32. anna_a

    Christine, you look wonderful! It really is YOUR color!

    I also have a question: it’s fall (give or take a few days) and I want a dark lipstick, too. I’m between Guerlain’s Rouge G’s and Rouge Automatique’s. Which do you personally recommend? Both ranges have great dark shades but what about the overall feel?

  33. Jennifer

    That’s so beautiful on you Christine, and it’s a beautiful lipstick in the tube as well! I love how deep it is, but it’s also so vibrant :)

  34. Eli

    Wow! What a shade!

  35. divinem (Melissa)

    That may just be worth the splurge. Wish we had Nordstrom so I could try it on.

  36. Hi Christine,

    I just wanted to tell you that this color is beautiful on you! I am really enjoying your website and daily emails. Thanks so much!

  37. Jana

    It seem funny to me reading how you’re moaning about prices while here in The Czech Republic these lipstics cost over 61 dollars. Not to mention our average wages reaching 1300 dollars. I would be soooo happy to purchase these for 47 bucks!

  38. Sydney

    This would look great for winter. It’s a big too dark for my pale skin, though.

  39. Pawsha

    Love this!! Which lip liner would you pair with this Christine?

  40. neringa

    i absolutely adore those type of colours, was kicking myself for not getting a backup of Bee (B64)…. i know the colour is not exactly similar, but Bee is significantly darker on my lips than on yours Christine, so keep on wondering how would Gigolo look on mine?..but off to town to try it on if they have got it already in any of the counters here in Dublin (it’s a shame we’ve got only 2 here, can you believe it? :/) glad at least the fall’11 colours are permanent, cos i want them ALL, but would be too much to spend at once, at least for me..but Gigolo is first on my list!! i love LOVE love how it looks on your lips, and the Rouge G’s formula is my fav by far, thought that Automatiques will be anything like it, but have to say IMO they do not compare – the second are so much lighter and doesn’t have that luxurious feel on the lips, plus it fades quicker on me. don’t take me wrong, i have 165 and i love this colour to bits, but i definitely prefer my Rouge G in Gigi!!
    how do Gigi, Girly and Rouge Automatique in 165 compare in your oppinion? thanks in advance Christine!!
    and no need to mention, you look flawless as always and thank you so so much for a wonderful reviews, we’d be lost without you hunny! loadz of love from Ireland!!!!

  41. Ariel

    Ahh my mom and I each picked up a rouge g lipstick last summer in victoria but we both vowed to use our tubes up before buying new ones. Seems like a good compromise with the price and all. They’re miserably addictive though.

  42. Fiona

    Wow, a really beautiful colour: you really seem to suit everything! I have just turned a redhead after years of being blonde, so I am quite interested in knowing which colours would suit me now. Do you think I could carry off a colour like Gigolo or should I stick to more subdued shades? I love Rouge G lipsticks, although I only own Gwen and Grenade (bought as a blonde!). Thanks for your feedback!

  43. Amanda

    Just got this today after checking it out online and becoming obsessed with it…The blue undertones in this pull much stronger on me than they do you in your photos…or it could just be the settings on my computer, who knows. Regardless, it is still a gorgeous color. I put it on today and couldn’t help but feel that I already have almost this exact color in another brand, and I do! For anyone looking for a very close dupe (color-wise…you’re not going to find something with the same texture) check out Scarlet Empress by NARS…in the tube you can see minor difference but actually swatched they are extremely similar, not to mention the NARS alternative costs much less!

    • Ursula

      This color IS truly amazing on you Christine, I liked all the colors you modelled so far but on you this is my fave but again all look great on you. I think this would not be nice on me though; I either wear true red or more of a violet purple. Bee is my fave but I would love to have something even more violet toned than that, sadly they have not come out with anything violety in the Rouge G range and in fact I have noticed that this year most brands skipped the violets, purples they would normally do for the holidays. Well, maybe next year:)))

      I now see what you mean about the packaging and I so agree, I too wish they came out with refills and also wish they still made pouches for the Rouge Gs.

  44. whitney

    This looks like the exact lipstick that Kim Kardashian is wearing for the Kardashians 2011 Christmas photo.

  45. Kristi

    Damn, this color is stunning! With taxes it has to be close to $50, though. :/ Double damn.

  46. sunshines

    This has the most teehtwhitening effect from my lipsticks. Whenever I feel desperate that my teeth do not look white enough, this ones comes to action. Thank you Christine for your review: If not for you I would never have picked this one up. Another tipp: I love to mix this shade with Gigolo. I have a  VERY cool skin tone and the mix of the the two makes my perfect red lipstick. The only downside that on me the rouge g´s are not moistorizing on me  but it is also not drying. Overall i love it and nothing has so far come close to replace this.