Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick

From Guerlain’s fall collection, we have an “intense, daringly bold, real red” called Garconne (25) ($47.00 for 0.12 oz.). It was chosen for its timelessness as a color. It’s a rich, luxurious shade of red–there is depth to it, so it’s not too bright but it’s not brown-toned red. There is a subtle cool undertone running through this blue-based red, but it isn’t too strong. Blue-based lipsticks make teeth appear whiter, while orange-based lipsticks cause teeth to look yellower.

NARS Muscate is similar but has a matte finish. Guerlain Gwen is browner and a touch darker–less vibrancy. NYX Hero is not quite as dark. Guerlain Gala is brighter, while Guerlain Greta seems less intense. (I wish I had more hours in the day, because I really want to re-do all of my Rouge G lip swatches.) The reality is… it is actually quite close to Chanel Dragon–I would say that is the closest shade to Garconne.  Dragon might be a smidgen darker.

Rouge Gs are one of my favorite lipstick formulas, because they’re long-wearing (anywhere from four to eight hours, depending on the shade–something like Garconne tends to wear around eight or longer, because it’s so richly pigmented), moisturizing, and always enhance the way your lips look. The formula is creamy enough to glide on but not so creamy it bleeds and slides around. They are scented with Guerlain’s signature violet fragrance, but I don’t find it overpowering in the Rouge Gs.

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Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick
Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Garconne? How much is it?

August 2011 at Guerlain counters and retailers, $47.

Is it limited edition?

No -- the press release only indicates it is a new shade.

Any dupes?

NARS Muscate is similar but has a matte finish. Guerlain Gwen is browner and a touch darker--less vibrancy. NYX Hero is not quite as dark. Guerlain Gala is brighter, while Guerlain Greta seems less intense. (I wish I had more hours in the day, because I really want to re-do all of my Rouge G lip swatches.) The reality is... it is actually quite close to Chanel Dragon--I would say that is the closest shade to Garconne.

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73 thoughts on “Guerlain Garconne Rouge G Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Melissa

    Wow. That’s RED. Looks gorgeous on you, Christine!

  2. definitely the best red lipstick i’ve ever seen. absolutely gorgeous!

  3. listenlikethieves

    Spectacular. But… $47! Want, but the sticker shock is amazing.

  4. Ana G.

    Wow!!Amazing color!!Looks great on you Christine!! (just wished these weren’t so pricey :-( )

  5. Nichole

    Man! I wish I could pull off red lipstick.

  6. Guerlain usually doesn’t do much for me, but this looks incredible on you!

  7. That red really flatters you!!!! I tried Dragon but it’s a tart too dark for me. I wish I could pull it off like you :(

  8. can someone explain to me this concept of blue based red vs. orange/pink based red? Is one suited for NW skin tones and another for NC? Thanks.

  9. I just bought NARS Mascate based on your review, and now I want this! Even if they are close in color…this one is so glossy 😀

  10. AS

    Pretty color! I actually prefer your old lip swatches – it seems that you have two different temperature light sources showing up now, such that you get a pure white and a golden reflection on shiny lip finishes. The golden reflection sometimes looks like gold shimmer, so I am not always sure if it is in the formula or if it is just the light. (It usually shows up on the lower lip, on the left side of the picture, just above the white reflection and near your lip freckle). Do you have an incandescent ambient light in the background? That could be doing it!

  11. Angelina

    This is an awesome red and it looks gorgeous on you! It reminds me of the lip tar NSFW.

  12. aaaah my eyes are burninnnnng!! *,* Shocking RED and PRICE…

  13. Polly

    OH! What a PERFECT red!

    I don’t wear red generally, but this makes me fancy it!

    Looks so fab on you, Christine <3

  14. Courtney


    Why must you be $47?! *sobs*

  15. Tish

    Holy macaroni is all I can say. Definitely one of the best red lipsticks I’ve ever seen

  16. lily

    Dear Jesus that looks moisturizing. WOW

  17. Lisa

    Wish I had somewhere to wear this too. Breathtaking!

  18. Julia

    That is SO gorgeous! I keep thinking that I’ve seen/owned enough reds, but this one is so gorgeous!

  19. Cesa

    I was so happy to read that the closest dupe is Dragon, since it’s my favorite lip product…until I saw price tag!

    Ugh! I’ve been trying to find a lipstick tube dupe for Dragon, since it’s pretty pricey to wear a regular basis.

  20. Gero

    Christine. Wow do you apply your lipstick? With a lipstick brush? Maybe you have answered this question before but I am new to the site

  21. Jen

    Great color. How do you apply it on your lips? From the tube? Lip brush? The application is perfect!

  22. Marie

    I am speechless. This is one of the most beautiful reds I have ever seen. I *need* to check it out in stores!

  23. baby in a corner

    wowza! this collection isn’t coming to europe until the end of august but I’m glad cause I get to save! You introduced me to rouge gs and now i’m addicted!

  24. Madeline

    Gorgeous! Do you know if this shade will be available at Sephora?

  25. DawnaldC

    “HOLY S#*@!!” was my reaction when I saw this on your lips. It is amazing. This will definitely be added to my already-too-large collection of Rouge Gs. Thanks for posting!!

  26. Rachel W.

    if this wasn’t so expensive i would definitely be all over it

  27. Hm… I’ll have to decide between this, Mascate and Runaway Red. So many nice reds for Fall! Of course, I already have Dragon, which is the ultimate red.

  28. Michelle

    That is such a luxurious red!

  29. This has to be one of the richest reds I’ve ever seen!

  30. Wow, I want that lipstick… Perfect red.

  31. Kathrina

    What a beautiful shade of red! I have a strong feeling that this might end up as my 7th shade from the Rouge G line. I generally find that Rouge G’s are worth every single cent of their high price because quality-wise they are just in a very different league than the lipsticks of other brands.

  32. Rachel

    most beautiful red lipstick i have eevvvver seeeen! ommgg!

  33. meme

    This is a GREAT red for you….and we all know how hard it is to find the right reds for each of us.

  34. Cait

    I have Russian Red because I like the matte on a bold lipstick but wow, I totally want this now because it is super glossy and looks like it is rather moisturizing!!! Normally I wont think about buying a 47$ lipstick but having birthday funds…. I just might now!!! Gosh <3

  35. artemis

    i like it

  36. Rosie

    WOW! This red is GORGEOUS and Christine it looks mighty lovely on you 😉 I’m in search of a awesome red, debating on this one, the red one from Mac me over, and Dragon from Chanel. I know you love Dragon from Chanel, is it still your favorite red?

  37. 53

    wowww.. u look really happy with that product wearing that :)))

  38. malwina

    oh no, now i have a dilemma wchich one to choose – dragon or garconne :< which one would you recommend for a lipstick newbie? :

  39. Sexy Sadie

    I need this one.

  40. Cherry

    Gorgeous! Looks beautiful on you. It’s such a fantastic color!

  41. Violet

    Guerlain really does reds best, don’t they?

  42. I am in LOVE with this lipstick…maybe not the price tag but I think it is something I can save up for…thanks for the posting!

  43. Iris

    Hi Christine,

    Which color do you like better, Gala or Garconne?

    I found Gala is more blue-based on me and very intense…

  44. Ursula

    I have commented on Rouge G before that it is my absolute fave. I have Bee (a limited edition purple), Gaby (a bronze for everyday use) and today I got Garconne. Red lipsticks are my favorite colors along with violet-purples. I have porcelain skin, dark hair and eyes and wide lips. Dark lipcolor looks good only on people with large lips because they tend to make lips look smaller. I adore this shade, it is the most beautiful shade of red I have ever seen. The finish, the texture, everything is perfect about it and unlike so many reds this is not old lady red if this makes sense. The shade is actually a true, pure red. Awesome worn with black clothes, true red nailcolor and a black eyeliner with nude eyeshadow and perfectly made up porcelain skin. I could also imagine it with a red sweater. Make clothing and other makeup items as simple as they can be and wear red nailcolor in a matching shade, no jewelry or perhaps one piece at the most and minimalist at that.

    • Garconne is probably my second favorite red – Chanel Dragon pulling just a little bit ahead. Garconne is definitely a winner!! So happy to hear you’re enjoying yours :)

    • Ursula

      Just a question Christine if you do not mind; may I ask why you rated the packaging 4/5? I mean I guess I think I have never ever seen lipstick more beautifully packaged than Rouge G, I find it amazingly gorgeous, the only packaging I like even better is their Special Edition because it has a bee on the mirror and the G on the compact is gold so it is even more striking but otherwise packaging is something I would rate A+++ in case of this lipstick but then I am slightly prejudiced due to being totally smitten by Rouge G.

      • Hi Ursula,

        It’s very, very heavy – it’s really not that travel-friendly (and actually, I’ve been stopped multiple times because of them at the airport – they look like bullets, apparently!), the packaging holds fingerprints, and they are a pain in the behind to store. You can’t store them vertically, because they don’t stand up that way, and you can’t read labels that way. Finally, the print on the back of the tube is tiny and difficult to read because of the subtle difference in text color vs. product packaging color. I don’t rate based on how pretty packaging is – I focus on functionality, portability, etc. I look at is it useful, can you travel with it, will it hold up over time, does it get dirty, can you drop it, and so forth.

        • Ursula

          Got it, I kinda figured that would be the case though I thought it would be so practical since I do not have to carry a separate mirror, which would be much larger. I guess I am a packaging fanatic and so smitten by its beauty but you are right in that I would not need to have all of my Rouge Gs in the compact case, I could just have a couple for fun but true that it would be a money saver if they were not packaged in the compact. I think they probably know that many like me are suckers for that gorgeous case. I was told by their makeup artists that the case is virtually unbreakable and unsratchable and so far that has been the case with mine and it is true that I hate it when I have these beautiful high shine compacts that get scratched up but so far with these that has not been the case. But because I was so worried the lady at the counter gave me a cosmetic bag for them and a free powder brush, which was really nice:))) I may be slightly prejudiced because I am addicted to Rouge Gs.

  45. beck

    Did anyone pick this up at Sephora? They seem to have all of the colors of Rouge G online but not this one. =(

  46. kelly

    Are you sure that this is a blue based red?Cause to me it shows more of a tomato yellow based red in the pics.I prefer this on you better than chanel dragon.I also love blue based red lipstick.

    • As stated, it is a subtle blue-based red – it’s not orange, though.

      • kelly

        I got this yesterday,after a lot of search,i didn’t know it was seasonal.I got it at sales for 32 euro=42 dollars.Wore it today and got tones of comliments.Thangs Christine cause withtout your great site i wouldn’t knew about it.

  47. Danii

    Can someone PLEASE explain the packagaing? It’s seriously driven me nuts trying to figure it out. I like it but how in the world does the cap and mirror fit?

  48. Sumaiya

    how is garconne different from russian red?

  49. Ann

    Definitely my new go to red! Wore it last night for a night on the town and received MANY compliments. I am a NC35 and it worked well with my color. The most vibrant, rich, red I’ve come across since Chanel Dragon, LUVS IT!!