Thursday, July 19th, 2007

Flashtronic is one of those collections that seems like it looks a whole lot prettier than it actually is once you take it home and start using it. Each mineralize shadow sure looks divine in the pot, with all those swirls and veins of glitter, but the color you get? Kind of drab, nothing overtly amazing or special. Some of them are kind of chalky, even, which is definitely not something to rave about. The lipglasses were interesting in terms of opacity, because they weren’t very sheer and sort of dull in color, but not in a bad way.

Electro-Lush – This was my favorite lipglass, because it was this gorgeous shade of pink. It was as if Fancy That and Pink Lemonade lipglasses had a baby. I was extremely tempted to get this one!
Flashtronic – A very dark brown/orange lipglass, so it wasn’t part of a color family that I’d wear, but it was a different color in comparison to past MAC glosses.
Perfectly Pink – A cute, bright pink that is wearable because it is more pastel, and this reminded me also of Pink Lemonade lipglass, but with a better texture and feel.
Young Spark – It was kind of odd, because when I went to swatch this one, it looked nearly identical to Perfectly Pink, so what gives?

Mineralize Eyeshadow
By Jupiter – I found this one to be kind boring because it was just an extremely shimmery light brown color.
Ether – Another one of the mineralize eyeshadows that has gorgeous veining, but the color itself when swiped is not quite so lovely.
Lovestone – I think this would make an excellent blush color because of the raspberry veining in it. In terms of using it on the eyes, it is too close to Cranberry eyeshadow for my taste.
Mercurial – Surprisingly, this color goes on quite light, like a light lavendar, even though the pot has many swirls of dark, rich purple.
Quarry Sky – This looked quite lovely in the pot, but the texture is a bit gritty, and overall the color turns to a gray-white with blue undertones.
Tectonic – This was my favorite out of the bunch, because it went on as smooth as butter and had such a lovely sheen to it. Unfortunately, it does remind me an awful lot of Golden Olive pigment or even Sumptuous Olive eyeshadow.

Mineralize Skinfinish
Global Glow – A very warm, bronzy type color with some shimmer, but went on quite sheerly so it would allow someone to build up the color.
Gold Spill – I really, really loved the way this looked in the pot; such great mixture in vein colors – and is it just me, or should this one have been called Global Glow since there are multiple colors in it while Global Glow is pretty much just one? Unfortunately, the color that comes out is a sheer light brown, kind of.
Northern Light – Alas, this is not going to be a Stereo Rose or Petticoat or whatever dupe. However, it is a lovely pale pink that would look gorgeous on most skintones. I can imagine that this one will be well received by MAC fans.


Despite the pigment colors not being the most original in shades, I found that the majority of the textures were smooth, buttery, and there were several colors that were just divine. Quick Frost, despite not caring about white pigments, is gorgeous with the gold and green sheen it has. The lipsticks were surprisingly fun to swatch, or at least two of them were.

Fast Lane – A deep cranberry like color and very workable because while it has great payoff, it isn’t so daunting. You can build up the color since it is a lustre formula.
Frenzy – This is a repromote, as this lipstick is part of the permanent line, but it’s just a shimmery nude like color.
Soft Lust – Okay, I have to admit, this one is gorgeous in the tube; it is a rich gold color, but on a swatch, it is extremely sheer, but almost like a slightly golden sheen on lips.
Thrills – If you ever wanted to see copper in lipstick form, here you go. This is a gorgeous deep copper color and it shows up that way, too.

Cocomotion – I absolutely love this color because it instantly reminded me of a shimmery version of Rye or Summer Neutral eyeshadow, with a touch more gold in it. Very antique/old gold like, and this is just up my alley.
Copperized – I am positive that this is similar to Golden Olive pigment, but I love how much gold comes through in this.
Gold Mode – Kind of similar to By Jupiter shadow, I guess, come to think of it, but extremely shimmery – too much even.
Mauvement – It is always weird when you see the color just by eye and then once swatched, the two are completely different. I was hoping this would be more purple, but it is more like a brown color with purple undertones; plus, this is one of the chunkier pigments, which might make it less workable later on.
Off The Radar – I would say this is the most original color out of the eight released, and the texture is more of a satin shadow or a semi matte pigment, because it does have shimmer in it. I would compare the texture to Entremauve, actually.
Quick Frost – As mentioned earlier in the summary, this is a gorgeous white pigment because of the dual sheens from the gold and green undertones.
Revved-up – I wish this wasn’t so chunky, because I never loved Rose pigment since that was also fairly chunky. It does remind me an awful lot of Rose, too, or maybe Afterdusk blush.
Rushmetal – Those who mentioned that this is similar to Copper Sparkle pigment are definitely on the right track. The texture is a bit different, but they’re both similar. I would say Rushmetal might be a touch darker.

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12 thoughts on “Flashtronic & Rushmetal Collection Reviews

  1. jeni

    I got Cocomotion and Off the Radar pigments I could not afford all of them I will go back to get Quick Frost I think! I only got lovestone shadow from mineralize i did find it to be similar to cranberry so I found myself wishing I had not got it I do like the sparkles on it!

    • You might want to either ask an artist for samples when you’re at MAC of other pigments you’re on the fence about!

      Lovestone is really pretty, though 😉 I think it could look great as a blush. Try it wet and see if it’s different than Cranberry, too!

  2. jbee

    I bought Quarry & Mercurial & a couple other things that day. I took the bag from the associate, got out the Perfectly Pink l/g to use right away. I simply ‘dropped’ the bag into my purse.
    When I got home & wanted to show them to my hubby, the eye shadows had broken all apart & are the biggest mess!
    I do hope MAC will take these much too fragile items back. Otherwise, I will have to chalk it up to make up abuse! lol
    But it really ain’t funny.
    I hope no one else has this problem.

    • That sucks! I am sure MAC will take them back, because dropping them in your purse isn’t quite the same as dropping them on tile floor or anything… they should be more resilient than that!

    • Biaina Dalirian

      Hi, would like to comment on what you just said.
      Ive been working at MAC for a very long time, just like to bring to your attention that these mineralized powders/eyeshadow are hand made and been baked in the oven,that should explain why they are so fragile. I wouldnt just ‘drop’ them in my bag,i would be much more careful than that.
      If you have anything to ask me, feel free please.

      • Hi Biaina! Thank you for the advice, but I totally disagree – they are more fragile than a normal eyeshadow, but I don’t think a casual drop in the purse would hurt it. MAC doesn’t ship these eyeshadows in bubble wrap or any differently than their other merchandise. It isn’t as if dropping into a bag is the same as tile floor or something!

  3. omotunde

    u are right about the mineralsie shadows, i bought like four of them and i hate them now cos they are just too glittery and not look that good on,what do you think?

  4. chuarmk

    I love Flastronic collection so much esp.the mineralize eyeshadows and had already bought backups for it. Bought the whole range of eyeshadows & msf except global glow (which is too dark for my skin).

    I am loving this collection.

  5. Janis

    The only stuff I’m gonna get in the Flashtronic collection are the lipglasses and the Northern Light skinfinish as blush…I’ve seen the mineral e/s and they remind me too much of some mac e/s I already have so getting them would seem like a waste. I think most would purchase them only for the lovely veining as you’ve mentioned.

    On the other hand, I love the Rushmetal collection! I got Rushmetal, Copperized and Quick Frost and I want to get more! Mauvement and Cocomotion looks great and I’m aiming to get these 2 very about an obssession lol. For the lipsticks, I only liked Thrills and Fast Lane on me…the rest just washed me out.

    • You’ll love the lipglasses, though. The mineral eyeshadows are OK, but mostly a novelty in terms of usability. Plus, I like everything in my palettes, not in singles!

      I’m with you… LOVED Rushmetal :) Soft Lust worked for me, but Frenzy was nothing to write home about!