Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

Dior Impression Cuir Fall 2008 Beauty Star Product

You drooled over the promotional images and product shots of Dior’s Impression Cuir collection, slated for Fall 2008. How about some actual product photos? Swatches? Even a bit of a review? Thought you might be interested! I was fortunate enough to be able to try out the Impression Cuir Eye Palette, Earth Tones #673 Quint, Pink Drama #559 Rouge Dior Lip Color, and Delicious Plum #675 Creme de Gloss. But let me preface this review with: DO NOT MISS IMPRESSION CUIR! Make sure you give yourself a chance to at least go to your Dior counter and play and test and swatch some products for this fall line.

Impression Cuir Eye Palette (pictured above) is gorgeous. It is a palette that allures you in with the cool, animal-print texture and its shimmery hues. While it says it is an eye palette, all I want to do is use this on my cheeks (which I probably will do). The colors are gorgeous when swirled together, but you could feasibly use them as three separate colors. I love the way the shades fade subtly into each other. This is one star product that definitely grabbed my attention and kept it. The animal-print texture does go in pretty deep, so you’ll see some of it remain for awhile, though it doesn’t go all the way through (but the color does, which is, ultimately, what matters).

You know you want to see more!

Dior Impression Cuir Quint

Earth Tones #673 Quint seems like a basic quint at first, but the colors just work. Originally, when I first saw this quint, I was totally underwhelmed; but then I swatched the colors, and I totally changed my mind. The deep green is this great olive color that will be perfect for fall. I also LOVE that there are colors in this quint, because you can really mix and match your shadows for a bunch of different combos. In the past, some of the quints I’ve played with seem to only have a couple of looks to do, but this one seems like it has a lot more possibilities. None of these shadows are overly shimmery or frosty, which is a nice respite from some of the past few launches of quints.

Dior Impression Cuir Swatches 2

Dior Impression Cuir Gloss

Delicious Plum Creme de Gloss is just a stunning shade of berry-wine. It is ultra pigmented and opaque when applied, and it has this subtle shimmer and sheen. It’s a non-sticky gloss, for those who need this type of gloss, tooo.

Dior Impression Cuir Lipstick

Pink Drama Rouge Dior Lip Color looks typical at first. Again, I was underwhelmed just by looking at it as I was with the Earth Tones quint, but not surprisingly, I changed my mind! It’s this great apricot color with gold and peach shimmer in it followed by a healthy dose of glowy pink undertones. It has great opacity, so it won’t be sheer on those with more pigmented lips, either.

Dior Impression Cuir Swatches 3

Dior Impression Cuir Swatches

Swatches of the Impression Cuir Palette

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31 thoughts on “Dior Impression Cuir Makes a DISTINCTLY Fabulous Impression

  1. JJ

    Hmm the swatches of the Impression Cuir Palette are kind of hard to see…do they show up better in person? Maybe you could do a look using these so we could really see how they look!

  2. claudia m.

    wow, so pretty! the gloss is very pigmented, I’m surprised it shows so well, and sparkly too =)

  3. Ariele

    Wow that lipgloss is absolutely STUNNING! And the Impression Cuir palette is beautiful to look at… not sure if I’m impressed by the swatches though… I can’t wait to see you use that on your cheeks in a look :)

    • It’s quite lovely, Ariele! It’s a very subtle sheen/shimmer. I can’t see it working too well as a shadow, just because I don’t know where I would use it, but as a face product, hopefully!

  4. Trace

    All of it looks DIVINE! :drool:

    Were you just trying the testers, or do you actually possess them? I’d LOVE to see a look with the Earth Tones Quint, it looks so amazing and versatile!

    I want! =D

  5. Sexy Sadie

    Absolutely stunning.

  6. erika

    that gloss is ultra fab! would you happen to have the release date? i must get my hands on that gloss!

  7. See – I love these, but Dior lip colors all have that nasty fake-rose (or whatever) fragrance. I can’t STAND fragranced lip products…unless it’s MAC (vanilla) or Estee Lauder (fig)

    Lancome puts that nasty fragrance into their lip products, too, as well as their face powder. Yuck!

    • hightea_xx

      creme de gloss actually have a very light fragrance to it, rather than their previous lip products… there is white tea extract in the creme de closs so i think that’s the scent. infact, a lot of their newer lip products (reflect gloss, high shine lipstick, etc) are non scented.

      i definitely cannot wait to see all the dior spring novelties at update!!

    • LOL. It’s too bad that the scent gets to you. I think there’s been one or two times where I’ve been overwhelmed by the scent, but it fades for me, luckily!

  8. Tanya

    i really like the cuir palette!

    hmmm….those quint colours remind me of the colour forms quad in warm eyes. The colours are verrrry pretty, though!

  9. gio

    wow, that gloss is stunning!

  10. K

    I have never purchased Dior cosmetics before, but I think this is the collection that will change that!!

  11. Brenda

    Does anyone know the exact date of release for these items? Or have they already been released?

  12. Impression Cuir Eye Palette, i am all over that!

  13. Vicki

    I must have that gloss!!!