Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Dior DiorAddict Crystal Gloss
Dior DiorAddict Sweet Peach Crystal Gloss

Dior DiorAddict Crystal Gloss – Where’d you go?

Dior launched a new gloss for summer, and it actually prompted today’s question about sheer lipgloss. Dior DiorAddict Crystal Gloss ($27.00 for 0.21 fl. oz.) is described as a “jelly gloss” that is “lightly tinted in vivid summer shades for shiny, radiant lips.” The “vinyl texture” is supposed to deliver volume to lips along with long-lasting hydration. There are four shades, two are translucent (Sweet Peach and Sweet Rose) while two are sparkling (Luminescent Peach and Luminescent Rose).

The description in itself is a contradiction, because there is no tint to these when swatched or worn. First, these are “lightly tinted” (but they’re not) and translucent (kind of, but not quite).  These are more transparent than translucent–it should be sheer and allow light to pass through but in a diffused manner. I specifically tried Luminiscent Peach (037) and Sweet Peach (047), and except for the shimmer in Luminiscent Peach, the two are the same in color (or lack thereof). They are completely clear when worn (I didn’t even bother with lip swatches, because as soon as I tested them, I could tell!).

Crystal Gloss is a scent-free formula with a very thick consistency–it has a thick, gel-like feel that’s cushiony on the lips but a little tacky. Despite the thickness, it does not feel as heavy as you would expect, but it is more noticeable on and heavier than your average lipgloss. It slides around quite a bit, and I find I need to reapply every two hours (glosses usually wear an average of three to four hours on me). They are comparable to Chanel’s Gloss Fluos from last year, but I didn’t find these to wear as well or as long–and at least the Gloss Fluos were tinted.

The glosses are moisturizing while you wear them but don’t impart as much hydration as I’d like over time (lip balms, generally, seem more effective than this gloss at that). They do deliver impeccable high-shine whether worn alone or layered over a lipstick–just don’t expect any color if you happen to pass by them, because they look rather different in the tubes than when swatched or applied.

This product lost points pretty much across the board, because it didn’t fully meet its moisturizing claims, falls short of “lightly tinted,” and wears away after two hours (which is below average).  A sheer gloss that’s not even sheer but clear always makes for a difficult rating experience!

The Glossover


Dior DiorAddict Crystal Gloss Review, Photos, Swatches

The best part of this gloss is the high-shine finish it has when applied, but it is not moisturizing enough to impart the "long-lasting" hydration as promised. I'm not a fan of misleading tubes--I'd rather it be sheer in the tube than fluorescent orange if it's actually going to be sheer!











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See more photos & swatches!

Dior DiorAddict Crystal Gloss
Dior DiorAddict Sweet Peach Crystal Gloss

Dior DiorAddict Crystal Gloss
Dior DiorAddict Sweet Peach Crystal Gloss

Dior DiorAddict Crystal Gloss
Dior DiorAddict Sweet Peach Crystal Gloss

Dior DiorAddict Crystal Gloss
Dior DiorAddict Sweet Peach Crystal Gloss

Dior DiorAddict Crystal Gloss
Dior DiorAddict Luminiscent Peach Crystal Gloss

Dior DiorAddict Crystal Gloss
Dior DiorAddict Luminiscent Peach Crystal Gloss

Dior DiorAddict Crystal Gloss
Dior DiorAddict Luminiscent Peach Crystal Gloss

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35 thoughts on “Dior DiorAddict Crystal Gloss Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Urmm..yes ..i was not expecting it to be THAT sheer!

  2. Ugh, I wish these had at least SOME tint to make the price worth it. But I can find a decent clear gloss at the drugstore for less than 5 bucks.

  3. Lulee

    dior’s makeup is such a disappointment… except for the aurora bronzer that came out this year. that was amazing and a must-have!

    • Have you tried the Dior Addict lipstick, as well as Rouge Dior? They are great :0

      • Lulee

        yes i have but i prefer chanel or guerlain for the price :)

        • Aw maybe you have to find the right shade? Guerlain is my favorite, but I have a couple Dior Addicts I just LOVE (one being Diorkiss) however I do have a couple that aren’t the same wear/opacity-wise.

        • Ps. Rouge Dior is really great though, it’s just their regular lipstick line (like Chanel Rouge Allure) and it’s so creamy I love it~. I’ve only tried one color from that line though so I can only speak for “Rose Elegante”.

  4. Michelle

    Ha, I chuckled a bit at Vaseline being the dupe. I actually have a tube of Vaseline lip therapy, so I’ll just stick with it and find a pigmented lip gloss to buy.

  5. Marieke

    I love your dupe suggestion.

  6. Mariella

    When I looked at the first pic at the top for this gloss, I honestly thought it said “Idiot”…then I looked properly and saw it was “Dior” but, my gosh, it made me giggle!

  7. Becca

    ugh, how could someone pay 30 bucks for this ??? it’s kind of ridiculous how sheer it is~~~~

  8. Kaitlin

    Lol @ the dupes! Vaseline! That’s definitely much cheaper than Dior!

  9. Pastrygirl4life

    Pretty in the bottles but look like a WASTE of money for a clear gloss wit little shimmer. BIG Disappointment. Is all Dior products sheer and waste of my money???

  10. Joyce

    haha you are great!! any dupes? vaseline. I lol’ed 😀

  11. Jill

    I used to really love the old glosses Dior had out that had a navy blue top with a gold knob on them. They had a good amount of pigment and went on kind of metallic. I used to love the one shade that was almost bluish purple, but was actually very wearable. I was so disappointed when they stopped making those, and nothing they’ve made has compared since.

  12. Sarah

    That is awful looking! very disappointing! not right for me at least.

  13. What a swizz, that’s just a clear gloss… where does the colour disappear to? x

  14. Leyla

    It does say “crystal” gloss, and crystal is indeed see-through.

    I actually like these, and love Dior in general. This is exactly why swatching in-store before purchasing makes sense. A gloss with the same idea is Chanel’s “glaze” – almost neon purple in the tube, clear on the lips. This does have a tiny bit of glitter while it remains almost entirely clear. This is good for more grown-up makeup looks (hello, work in a conservative office and still want some shine over your lipstick without the stickiness of mac or any added frost/shine/pigment?). I also like the way it feels – doesn’t taste like Vaseline, doesn’t slide everywhere like vaseline, and isn’t…well, vaseline.

    • Hi Leyla,

      According to Dior, however, these are lightly tinted – clear would not be lightly tinted :) I found these both sticky and with a high degree of slip, actually!

  15. Gina

    My jaw actually dropped at the swatches! I expected to some SOME faint tint of color somewhere, but there really isn’t anything! How does something go from neon orange in the tube to totally colorless?

  16. Amy

    Aw :( really loved the neon orange one in the tube

  17. jagoda

    so 27 bucks for a clear gloss!??! gets an F in my book

  18. Emocon

    vasline as a dupe… that’s saying something, dior XD

  19. Jen T

    Haha! I love the dupe – Vaseline! Totally made me laugh.

  20. Stephanie

    Screw “sheer.” Dior, please explain to me why I should pay $27 for your CLEAR lip gloss? Wow.

  21. Quinctia


    You know what, I can get having a clear gloss in your gloss line, and even a second “gloss with shimmer” in your gloss line, but four? That’s kind of dumb. And then why would you bother adding any tint to falsify the gloss’s look in the tube? I’ve got UD’s Pocket Rocket in Julio and that’s clear and very sparkly, and there’s no doubt in the tube what you’re getting.

  22. “any dupes”

    omg i laughed. when you can see the applicator through the gloss, i never bother!!!

  23. artemis

    the tube blinded me, lol :))dupes=vaseline 😀 great

  24. RosaVee

    LMAO @ dupes: Vaseline.. hahaha!!

  25. Victoria

    This reminds me of the emperor’s new clothes

  26. Oh wow… and it was so pretty in the tube! How disappointing :(

  27. Rosie

    Oh wow I totally agree with your “Final Thoughts” I was expecting to some orange in the swatch but it’s clear!!! I think vaseline would be a better opt. than this. To pay that much just for a clear gloss…. I think a great gloss is hard to come up with something different that isn’t out there. Def. Pass on this!

  28. jasmine

    any dupes? vaseline. ROFL