Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches

Chanel Rouge Coco Debuts!

It’s official, Rouge Coco has launched. I did a sneak peek review last week with five of the shades, and I’m about to head out in a few to check out the rest of the line-up at my local Nordstrom just put up swatches of all thirty lipsticks now available.  Exciting!

Rouge Coco ($30.00)

  • Beige Felin (01)
  • Perle (02)
  • Secret (03)
  • Cashmere (04)
  • Mademoiselle (05)
  • Egerie (06)
  • La Pausa (08)
  • Organdi Rose (09)
  • Camelia (10)
  • Legende (11)
  • Muse (14)
  • Ruban Rose (15)
  • Taffetas Rose (16)
  • Orchidee (17)
  • Rouge Noir (18)
  • Gabrielle (19)
  • Rose Comete (20)
  • Rivoli (21)
  • Paris (22)
  • Rouge Orage (23)
  • Bel Respiro (24)
  • Vendome (25)
  • Venise (26)
  • Talisman (27)
  • Ballet Russe (29)
  • Cambon (31)
  • Sycomore (32)
  • Bois des Iles (33)
  • Satin (34)
  • Lune Rousse (36)

If you don’t want to shop in-store, you can shop online for Rouge Coco at…

See swatches of the thirty lipsticks now available…

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches
Beige Felin (01), Perle (02), Secret (03)

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches
Cashmere (04), Mademoiselle (05), Egerie (06)

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches
La Pausa (08), Organdi Rose (09), Camelia (10)

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches
Legende (11), Muse (14), Ruban Rose (15)

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches
Taffetas Rose (16), Orchidee (17), Rouge Noir (18)

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches
Gabrielle (19), Rose Comete (20), Rivoli (21)

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches
Paris (22), Rouge Orage (23), Bel Respiro (24)

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches
Vendome (25), Venise (26), Talisman (27)

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches
Ballet Russe (29), Cambon (31), Sycomore (32)

Chanel Rouge Coco Swatches
Bois des Iles (33), Satin (34), Lune Rousse (36)

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117 thoughts on “Chanel Rouge Coco Debuts! + Added Rouge Coco Swatches!

  1. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts. I bought No.65 (Teheran) and No.31 (Cambon) yesterday (we got these early in Canada). I really want Paris as well.

    Rouge Coco has got to be my fave lipstick formula right now!

    • Oh, I did a full review earlier (of the five shades I tried) – I liked them a lot. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect shade that will steal my heart away!

      • that’s weird that I don’t see No.65 (Teheran) in your swatches :/ the Bay counter I went to had that one, it’s a gorgeous shade. You think US and Canada got different shipment?

        • My counter doesn’t have it – it’s a limited edition shade and I saw it listed on Chanel’s website, but it wasn’t available at my counter (I was there when they were putting the displayer together!).

          • ah, it make sense now, my counter had only one of the No.65 left.

            I think i will go back later for Camellia as well :) Thanks for the great swatches as usual

    • Nancy

      Is Teheran worth getting? I can only order online . Can anyone describe it to me? Thanks for any advice

  2. daphne

    Are you planning on swatching in-store and just picking up the ones you like? I can’t wait – the formula just looks so pretty and I’d love to have an excuse to pick up just one. Whatever’s your favorite…probably will be mine too 😉

    • I probably won’t get any more for a lil’ bit, just because I never have time to think when swatching. I am totally focused on getting it done, coming home, and getting them online ASAP, so I don’t really get a chance to absorb the shades and think about which ones I love, haha.

  3. Amber

    Thank you so much – I cannot wait to hear what you think – dying to try these myself!

  4. Kim L

    On my way right now- prepared to get six

  5. I’m at work and can’t access any of the stores for possible purchase :(
    No luck so far with finding the right color so I’m hoping to find my HG lipstick with one of these babies! Aghhhh is it 5’oclock yet!? lol

  6. Michelle

    I don’t have a Chanel counter where I live — so what a bummer that the online swatches are not accurate! I’ll be keeping an eye out for your other swatches! :)

  7. Nice that they picked Vanessa Paradis as a model. She got such lovely lips.

  8. what colour is the model wearing?

  9. Anaelle

    I can’t wait for these to make their debuts in France!
    I don’t know when they’ll be release here (especially since I live in a small town…) but I really want to try one of them!

    I’m a big fan of all Channel lip products, so I’ll just have to have one of these!

  10. Karen

    Can’t wait to see your thoughts/swatches. Probably can’t make it to see them until tomorrow :( I got Cambon online last week and I was surprised with how dry it was… Hopefully another color is better… Here’s to hoping!

  11. The model looks absolutely superb.

  12. Casey

    Must Buy! I will have to go this week and pick up 1 or 2 of these lovely lipsticks. My bf is going to be so mad at me…lol…I am addicted to lip products.

  13. LNU

    I’m overwhelmed! LOL.
    Don’t know where to start to even look at all of these. XP

  14. Cristy

    These are lovely…which is the color the model is wearing?

  15. Nicci

    the day is flying by! which means I can test these out sooner tonight at Nordstrom :)

  16. I want Rose Comete so badly!! It is the shade that Victoria Beckham is wearing on the cover of the March Glamour (US). Gorgeous!

  17. ileana

    I love the colors! but I don’t know…most of them look pretty dupablee…

  18. Eileen

    I just got back from the Chanel counter with Perle, Mademoiselle, Organdi Rose, and Ruban Rose. They’re all incredibly beautiful. They feel very smooth and comfortable and they last. I’m on hour four with Ruban Rose and my lips still have a nice color presence. I’ll have to refresh my lips after lunch, but that’s par for the course. I encourage anyone who’s in the least bit interested in this line to visit a Chanel counter and experience Rouge Coco for herself. Chanel struck gold with this one!

  19. is mademoiselle the one that is on the model? thats what it looks like. i really want to try it but im poor 😐

  20. Adail

    Which one is she wearing in the ad? It’s beautiful!

  21. kristie

    You.Are.My.Hero. Thanks so much Christine!!!

    • kristie

      Would you recommend these over the Rouge Allure? I’m loving Rouge Allure formula..they feel like silk on the lips. How would you rank these in terms of feel on your lips.

      • Really depends on what you’re looking for. The Rouge Allure formula is creamier, a little thicker, and certainly more pigmented (though Rouge Cocos are still pigmented). I feel like Rouge Allure is almost a bolder color – a true lipstick. Rouge Coco is that softer lipstick designed for the person who doesn’t necessarily love lipstick (but loves gloss).

  22. Carolina

    Oh no! I’ll be near a duty free Chanel counter tomorrow and if they already have these… it’s going to be extremely bad for my wallet. :) I want Perle, Mademoiselle and Legende. This time I’ll stick to the natural colours, can’t buy a Rouge Dragon everyday! ;D

  23. Thank you, Christine! This is great! I just got back from Nordies with Mademoiselle and Cambon.

    But after seeing your swatches, now I want Orchidee too! :)

  24. Veronica

    Thank you so much for the swatches! They are all gorgeous! What color is the model wearing? Thanks!

  25. kareny

    I picked up #5,#10 AND #17 today. Yes, I really like #5Mademoiselle. Christine, which ones are your favorite? I had a hard time choosing colors since the outside color of the tester really doesn’t match with the lipstick color.

  26. Sarah

    The swatches online are horrible. They all look brown/burgundy. These swatches are 30948234230x better! That is why I love you!

  27. Siledhel

    I wish to win the lottery… I wish to win the lottery… I wish to win the lottery

  28. Alexis

    Pay day can’t come any sooner for me – luckily it’s tomorrow. I am just hoping Mademoiselle doesn’t sell out by then. This is the color I’m dying for and I hope it works otherwise I’ll try Perle. Thanks!!

  29. Aida

    Christine, it would be interesting to know how you compare this to Rouge G de Guerlain – I mean formula and lasting power wise since we all know price-wise that Guerlain’s is more expensive!

    • They’re such different formulas, to be honest. Rouge G is creamy and almost a little glossy with less shimmer overall, but Rouge Coco is thinner and the finish can either be frosty, soft, or kind of glossy. It doesn’t have the same creaminess as the Rouge Gs. I seem to get the same wear time for both (about four hours or so)!

  30. Jennifer

    Thanks for doing this!

    Christine, do we know which color vanessa pardis is wearing in the ad?

  31. Christina

    I agree, most of them look dupable and very similar to each other. I feel that once you put these on the lips a few of them will look way too identical to each other. The only thing that would justify the price is the formula for me.. if its long lasting id rather pay the extra money… its way too annoying to have to reapply even if its cheaper!

  32. Nathania

    AHHH! I want them ALL!!!!! I stopped by today to get Mademoiselle, and I swatched a few on my hand, and I loved Egerie! There was no one at the Chanel counter. Obviously, they have not heard the awesome news of these amazing lipsticks, yet!

  33. LauraBread

    Which shade is the model wearing?

  34. AnGeLwInGz

    I checked these out at Nordstrom today. They’re really creamy and have nice coverage like all Chanel lipsticks. Unfortunately I could not afford to purchase one. I had to settle for a Dazzleglass instead :(

  35. Brenda

    they are all very pretty, but I don’t really feel like I could rock any of them…at least not on a daily basis which is the only way I could ever justify buying one:( I really like the model’s makeup in the ad though!!

  36. Kim L

    I got organdi rose, Lune Rousse and rivoli. I am not IN LOVE with the colors, but they do look a lot better on the lips than on the hand.

  37. I guess I must be crazy or something but $30 for a lipstick is insane. No way am I buying these. The most expensive lipstick I will splurge for is Urban Decay’s lipstick in Naked and that does me just fine.

  38. Julie

    I just bought Mademoiselle but it looks like I’ll be coming back for more. It’s AMAZING!
    right now I’m eyeing a few more to take home when I have more money.

  39. S

    Any idea what color Vanessa Paradis is wearing in the ads? WANT!

  40. OMG thanks so much for the swatches!

    I really wanted to go check out the lipsticks today but I’m stuck in lab late tonight, but so happy to see swatches before I go see them, hopefully tomorrow. =)

  41. Dana

    I definitely want to get Mademoiselle 05 looks gorgeous!

  42. Desiree

    Im so excited to pick some of these up!

  43. silverred09

    I am amazed how you did 30 swatches! what’s more amazing is that none of the colors really caught my eyes :( I mean the packaging and the model and everything look absolutely stunning – and i believe the formula is fine too – but I feel pretty neutral towards the colors… I really want to hear your thoughts though! :)

  44. Sarah

    I wish I knew what color the model has on in the promo pic, I love that :)

  45. Wow – you are such a doll to go and swatch all 30 shades! I have one word for you – Amazing! My wallet is starting to cry now. 😛

  46. Laiqah

    Does anyone know which one Vanessa Paradis has on in the promo pic?
    I want to wear it on my wedding day :) :)

  47. Luisafer

    the one in the picture is a lovely shade!!! the colors seems very nice… guess have to check them… can’t wait for your review to see if they’re worth

  48. OMG! I already have 5 that I want to get and thankfully have a 50 dollar gift card to put towards it! whew hoo!!

  49. Macaddict

    I haven’t commented in a long while… Went to check and swatch them yesterday after work. Wasn’t planning on buying anything but left with Rose Comete! It’s gorgeous (especially with glossimer #104 on top)!
    I like that there are a lot of reds in this collection/line. I still want:
    – Gabrielle
    _ Cambon
    – Orchidee
    – Rivoli
    – Paris
    – Respiro
    – Vendome
    – Lune Rousse
    Will have to purchase over time as it is not limited edition but permanent (?)
    Love Chanel lipsticks (their best product besides fragrances imo) 😀

  50. Thanks SO much for getting these up so fast! This is so helpful for someone like me, who lives in a state with almost no high-end department stores; I have to shop online for all my Chanel and Dior! Just placed my order!

  51. Rosy

    What shade is Vanessa Paradis wearing in the ad above ? looks gorgeous!

  52. Ava Dahl

    I went and picked up my bre-buys of Mademoiselle and Bel Respiro yesterday, but my girlfriend and I were in a bit of a hurry so I wasn’t able to thoughtfully test things like I would’ve liked. But since she wants to go back today and get her makeup done (I’m such an enabler! LOL), I think I need to have a serious look at Lune Rousse. It looks amazing!

  53. Lisa

    Does anyone know what color the model is wearing?

  54. mkdallas

    First of all, huge props for this epic swatch post!! Strangely, I’m not feelin’ as much love as I thought I would for these lippies. I think I expected more pigmentation. These seem a little sheer to me.

  55. LauraBread

    I just got (05) Mademoiselle today. It is my first and most expensive Chanel lipstick! I got it from The Bay here in Mississauga, Ontario.

    For how much? I paid, including taxes: $42.94

    Is it a PERMANENT line of lipsticks? YES

    All I have left is money for two weeks worth of gas! OHHH for the love of makeup!

    I wanna get Rose Comete (20) next paycheck!

  56. Dini

    How exciting. I just picked up No. 30 (Baroque). Perhaps that is one of the limited editon shades as well, as I don’t see it swatched. But I love it! It feels great on the lips. I never usually spend this much on lipstick, but it is always good to try something new.

  57. Okay, they reformulated them, but they made them also a lot more expensive!
    I do not like this policy. Will buy less in future for sure.

  58. Rebeca

    Beautiful job, thank you. You have Legende listed twice, could one be la pausa?

  59. I got Ballets Russes today, but Paris, Talisman and Lune Rousse will hopefully be in my future…

  60. Suzanna

    Major thank you for this! I live waaaay too far away from a Chanel counter, but from looking at this I am safe with Ballet Russe. The only others I am interested in are Rouge Orage and Venise, but I will wait to try them in person.

    Excellent job laying this one out so we could compare the cap with the swatch. Brava!

  61. NewRibena

    I’m a WOC and Sycomore was the only color that I felt suited my complexion…I’m in love! It feels absolutely luxurious.
    Hilarious how many times you answered that same question…Mademoiselle!!!

  62. Resha

    oh my god…i should’ve never ever clicked on this! these are so pretty, i see about 8 that i love. i am going to be so broke.

  63. Lisa

    hi christine – lovely reviews.

    I actually tried a few on at saks in new york and fell in love !!!
    honestly one of the best lipsticks i’ve ever tried.

    i am now just trying to figure out what shade kate bosworth is wearing :

    they say she is wearing ruben rose- but there is no way that is – i tried ruben rose on in the store and it is more more coral/orangey then that.

    What do you think ?
    i am trying to hunt it down !

    I’m thinking its Perle (02) or Rose comete (20) – by two personal favorites.

    thanks so much


  64. Diane

    I LOVE THIS NEW LINE!! Today I purchased Camelia, and it is beautiful!! I tried on other lipsticks too which are now on my “to-get” list! I want Mademoiselle, Legende and Rose Comete! There’s so many more I want!

    Thanks for the amazing swatches Christine!

  65. nicci

    I got this in Organdi Rose and the last one at the Nordstrom I went to! I didn’t even look at this color till the SA suggested it. It is really pretty! I thought I would like Mademoiselle but I didn’t. The box they put it in is so cute :-)

  66. Rebekka

    I have a feeling that Mademoiselle might be my ideal MLBB lip colour, but I can’t afford to splurge 28 euro… Is there a MAC dupe you could recommend?

  67. elleseabee

    do you happen to know what color the model is wearing in the ad? its gorgeous!

  68. elleseabee

    do you know what eyeshadow she has on? i got mademoiselle today (#5) and I LOVE it!!

      • Lisa

        The eyeshadow on Vanessa Paradis is listed on the Chanel website. Also, the website shows multiple versions of the same ad, with different lipstick colours. I think the Mademoiselle ad is the most widespread, but there are others and could be Satin.

  69. LauraBread


    Would you be able to find a/few dupe(s) for Rose Comete? Thanks in advance.

  70. Theresa

    I am really excited to try these – thank you so much for posting the swatches! Perle and Mademoiselle are seriously calling me.

  71. Valerie

    Hey Christine.. Errr, i got my rouge coco a couple of days ago and it was fine. Yesterday, i noticed that it was sweating.. so i’m kind of worried about it. what should i do?

    • Store it in a cooler place or keep it in a place where temperatures aren’t changing – but it’s normal for lipsticks to sweat if they’re exposed to changes in temperature! I’ve received lipsticks sweating when I’ve bought online!

  72. Shanny

    I just purchased Rouge Noir! I was debating between Rouge Noir and Ballet Russe, but since I’m going to be going pale pale blonde soon I thought that Rouge Noir would contrast better with my skin tone/hair color. I love it! Here’s a swatch of it on me:

    • Shanny

      Oh and while I was expecting Rouge Noir to be a bit darker on me, when I layer it over a sheer layer of MAC’s Faultlessly F/W (which is kind of unwearable on its own IMO) it is to die for!

  73. Appollom

    I bought Mademoiselle and it looks so ordinary on me. Maybe with a good lip liner it will look 30x’s better! I am determined to make it work. Based on your swatches I am going to try Talisman next, hopefully it will be the perfect every day wearable red.