Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Chanel Extrait de Gloss

More Chanel, More Gloss

Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss ($32.00 for 0.28 fl. oz.) is the brand’s latest gloss with nine shades (all are permanent except Confidence). I reviewed Fatale, Impertinence, Insolence, and Insouciance earlier.

It has a new wedge-shaped applicator–almost like someone took a nibble out of a doe-foot gloss on both sides. I found the applicator rather springy, and though application was easy for me, I do prefer the Rouge Allure Laque applicator, which has one side that’s rather curved, almost designed to fit your lip into that curve. The opening of the gloss itself seems to make it so not much product gets on each swipe, so you may find yourself going back for a second helping to get a more opaque look.

It’s not a sticky or tacky gloss, but I wouldn’t describe it as non-sticky; there’s a little tack to it. The texture of the gloss is on the thicker side, very jelly-like, which is fitting, since it is a gel-based formula. It is smooth, and it applies evenly without settling into lip lines. They do have a lovely glossy finish, though, and they feel like a gloss–they are not a liquid lipstick like the Rouge Allure Laques. There’s an incredibly faint floral scent, but I can barely detect it long enough to accurately describe it, so it’s certainly nothing heavy. I found myself getting about three to four hours of wear with these, even the lighter shades, and it made it so-so through a full venti cup of coffee. I wouldn’t call it a long-wearing gloss, though. It wears well, but it doesn’t go on for hours. The Extrait de Glosses last a little longer than the average gloss (three to four hours for me) but not much longer.

  • Genie is a semi-sheer peach with an underlying pinky tone. Very slight and subtle white micro-shimmer sprinkled through. Oh, and don’t let the initial orangeness of the color scare you, because it translates into something sheerer.
  • Confidence is a semi-opaque, pretty-in-pink rose with lots of white and pink micro-shimmer–it has a rather frosty finish in comparison to the other shades. MAC Wonderstruck Lustreglass is the closest dupe, though it’s sheerer and the shimmer is larger.
  • Imaginaire is a semi-sheer, pale milky pink with soft white-pink micro-shimmer. It’s a more pigmented, more sophisticated version of MAC’s Baby Sparks.
  • Emoi is a semi-sheer, pink-red with soft pink and gold micro-shimmer. It’s almost red, but the sheerest makes it look pinker when worn. It does read rather neutral, though. I’d compare this to MAC’s Venetian Lustreglass.
  • Exces is a semi-opaque cherry red. It does have a tendency to settle into lip lines, though. This is a shade that doesn’t seem to have any micro-shimmer, it’s just a glossy cream kind of finish. Like Emoi, it is rather neutral, but if pressed, I would say it leans orange-red rather than blue. It’s a sheerer, glossier, non-sticky version of Russian Red–oh and not as blue-based.

All in all, they’re a nice gloss. Not exactly groundbreaking, but for those looking for a little more color than the Glossimers and Aqualumieres have to offer, Extrait de Gloss fills that void. These also remind me of Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss Gloss Serum–which also debuted this fall.

My favorite part about the gloss is actually the packaging, which is sleek, long, and hefty. Not heavy as in you’ll break your back, but it’s weighty; and there’s something about a little bit of heft that makes it feel like you’re holding onto something of quality.

The Glossover


Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss Review, Photos, Swatches (Part 2)

The color range is very classic–most shades, if not all, are universally flattering and come in hues that are quite wearable.











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See more photos & swatches!

Chanel Extrait de Gloss

Chanel Extrait de Gloss

Chanel Extrait de Gloss
Genie (52), Confidence (55), Imaginaire (56), Emoi (58), Exces (60)

Chanel Extrait de Gloss
Genie (52), Confidence (55), Imaginaire (56)

Chanel Extrait de Gloss
Imaginaire (56), Emoi (58), Exces (60)

Chanel Extrait de Gloss
Chanel Genie Extrait de Gloss

Chanel Extrait de Gloss
Chanel Confidence Extrait de Gloss

Chanel Extrait de Gloss
Chanel Imaginaire Extrait de Gloss

Chanel Extrait de Gloss
Chanel Emoi Extrait de Gloss

Chanel Extrait de Gloss
Chanel Exces Extrait de Gloss

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase Extrait de Gloss? How much is it?

Nordstrom, $32.

Is it limited edition?

Only Confidence is limited edition.

Any dupes?

Genie: try MAC's Entice Lipglass--not quite as sheer or as light, but similar. Confidence: MAC Wonderstruck Lustreglass. Imaginaire: MAC Baby Sparks Dazzleglass (glittery). Emoi: MAC Venetian Lustreglass. Exces: MAC Russian Red Lipglass.

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59 thoughts on “Chanel Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss Review, Photos, Swatches (Part 2)

  1. Eleonora

    I have Excés and it doesn’t settle into lines on me, but maybe I’m just lucky I don’t know. The color is amazing and the brush is genius!
    I bought it along with a Dior lipstick. I wear it alone or on top of said lipstick (it’s Rouge Dior “Zinnia Red”) and it’s gorgeous.

  2. Christine Shen

    I love Genie, is there a similar dupe for that shade? Ubran Decay Max?

  3. M.

    That packeging looks so classy. Usealy lipgloss packaging looks so cheap. The colours look so great! Confidence, Emoi and Exces are pretty. I don’t own any Chanel make-up (or any Chanel product really) yet, this might (might..) become my first Chanel purchase.

  4. AnGeLwInGz

    The Imaginaire glossimer is plum with rainbow glitter. Wonder why they used the same name? I think I like this version better though. They all look wearable.

  5. Michelle

    These have become my favorite glosses by Chanel. I have Confidence and I ordered Imaginaire last week. The texture is amazing and I really like the applicator. I have become a total Chanel cosmetic junkie! I love my Glossimers, but I think these have one me over even more!!

  6. I love how sleek the packaging looks, and Genie is such a gorgeous colour!

  7. Svetlana

    I have Exces and I absolutely love it !!

  8. Uh oh. I already have Fatale and have been dying to get my hands on Confidence, and this proves to me that I *still* want that one. So pretty!

  9. Wendy

    Genie is gorgeous! I think I might need this one in my life 😉

  10. Jennifer

    I love Emoi and Confidence, but I don’t know. I’m not really into lipgloss or sheer stuff for the price…

    Actually I’m more of a Dior fan. I always try to love Chanel cosmetics. And yes they are nice, but they always fall flat for me. I’ve tried blush, foundation, lipsticks (Rouge Coco, Rouge Allure etc), Eyeshadow, Glossmiers…I’m just never blown away like I am with Dior’s similar stuff. Hmmm….

  11. Aisha

    I own Emoi and its such a beautiful colour, I absolutely love it. Sadly the products bleeds too much on me :( Even with lip liner.

  12. Aisha

    I own Emoi and its such a beautiful colour, I absolutely love it. Sadly the product bleeds too much on me :( Even with lip liner.

  13. I really like Genie, Exces and Emoi, but I doubt I’d look anywhere near as good as you do in Genie… wish I could pull pale nudes off, it’s gorgeous! :)

  14. KatoAto

    Pretty splotchy and thin for $32. . .

  15. Amber

    OMG I love this gloss – I have Insouciance and my next shade will be Genie!

  16. Eileen

    Although these “extraits” are more opaque than Glossimers, they still let a bit of the natural lip color come through to create colors that are uniquely you. I was really surprised to see how light Confidence and Imaginaire looked on you, but then my lips are naturally darker and much rosier than yours. On my lips, Confidence takes on a deeper, slightly cooler tone and becomes the proverbially MLBB color. Imaginaire retains its warm, pink character but is a medium pink on me rather than the pale color that it is on you. Both colors have a subtle glow that I’d describe as a very soft pearl. If just adds a bit of depth to the colors rather than any blatant iridescence or sparkle. Although I like lipstick, my day-to-day reality is that I’m more of a gloss gal. These provide a bit more coverage and wear a bit longer than a regular gloss; yet they have that ultra smooth, balm like feel on the lips to which I’m completely addicted. I also found the formula to be moisturizing and as the gloss wore off, my lips continued to feel soft and smooth. The only thing I don’t care for is the new applicator. It seems to be a polarizing feature that people either love or hate.

  17. Gavi

    Hey there Christine! Looking gorgeous, as usual! How close a dupe is Mac Wonderstruck to Confidence? And I don’t own and lustreglasses, so how do they apply? Are the sticky? (Not that I mind, as it increases wear time) And are they sheer? Thanks so much for all the work you do. It really helps all us addicts out!

  18. Elisa

    Thanks for putting up Part 2! I already have Emoi and Imaginaire but I have to get Confidence now!

  19. bxboricua

    A little off topic, but what eyeliner/eye shadow are you wearing on your lower lash line in these pictures, Christine? It’s gorgeous!

  20. egon

    well it figures that the only shade I <3 it LE =(

    Christine how would you compare Confidence to wild rose?

  21. Ani_BEE

    These are so pretty.

  22. tania

    I love your eye-makeup in those photos!!! What pencil are you wearing?

  23. Erika

    Love, love, love Exces! It’s the perfect red!
    On a side note, what eyeliner are your wearing in the swatches? It’s lovely, and really makes your brown eyes pop!

  24. MARGO

    emoi and exces are beautiful and exces is your color, Christine.

  25. Ashley D.

    Genie & Confidence <3

  26. Kim

    Soooo . . . . how “long lasting” are these glosses? Would they survive my morning cup of coffee?

  27. molly

    I think I like the rouge allure laquers because they are more opaque. Genie caught my eye though…

  28. Roma

    So I have Genie, Confidence, and Imaginaire. Love these glosses but hate ONE THING, and that is the testers at the Chanel counter are all GLASS tubes. The ones sold to customers are pitch black. I hate not being able to see the product in the tube. :( chanel made a huge mistake when they did that. Thankfully my mom is a makeup artist for Chanel and I did get Imaginaire in the tester tube, I just wish the others came that way as well. Does anyone else agree? :-/

  29. excess extrait really makes your eyes pop

  30. What liner are you wearing in these pics? It’s gorgeous!

  31. nicci

    I have Confidence and I really hope more shades are introduced! :)

  32. Rachel

    HI Christine, did you put the wrong group shot for this review?

  33. Eleonora

    I wore Excés yesterday with a very soft eye make-up (by very I mean I only used MAC paint-pot in Bare Study over the lid and a very light touch of Black Tied ES along the upper lashline) and I loved it!
    I also had frankly Scarlet on my cheeks.

  34. Sarah

    What’s the teal color you have on under your eyes in the pics?

  35. Emoi is gorgeous. Worth saving up for.

  36. My favourites are Confidence and Impertinence. I’ve been obsessed with finding a flattering non sparkly brown lipgloss/glossy lipstick lately.. they’re harder to find than you would expect!

    Impertinence is perfect but I do find the price a little hard to swallow cos it’s around $55 in Australia

  37. isabella

    what makeup are you wearing in this look? im dying to know!

  38. Nessa

    exces looks lovely on you.. i’m gonna try it on ma and purchase it!:)

  39. rena

    Hi Christine,
    You look gorg in genie! I have Genie as well but I am not sure which blush should I wear it with, I only have NARS Orgasm but it looks too pink paired with the Genie gloss, any advice?

    • What about a plum blush?

      • Rena

        Hi Christine, plum as in mauve?
        I am Asian, yellow skintone probably NC30… I am thinking of Chanel Espielge blush but am trying to find a similar tone for a cheaper price.
        Not many brands do peachy orangey blush, I was checking your dupe list but the MAC one is a seasonal range? Please help! x

  40. Yianna

    I have exces and i think i really like emoi!