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Chanel Les Impressions de Chanel Collection

Chanel Les Impressions de Chanel: Kaska Beige Eyeshadow Quad

Chanel’s Kaska Beige Eyeshadow Quad ($56.00) from Les Impressions de Chanel Collection is my very favorite piece from the collection.

When it comes to eyeshadows, Chanel and I don’t always get along; it’s always very hit or miss. (I find I’m a much, much bigger fan of Chanel’s lipglosses and lipsticks… hello, Dragon anyone?) Their Bird of Paradise eyeshadow quad from holiday was nice, but it didn’t quite hit the spot; we all know how I loathed their Les Folie Noirs eyeshadow quad. Even though some quads have been nice, I haven’t seen greatness since Beiges de Chanel.

Beiges de Chanel still wins over Kaska Beige, but the two are very close in terms of versatility, usability, and overall quality. Not everything that’s exciting has to include bold and bright shades, and Kaska Beige proves this with its subtle, neutral shades. It includes a soft fleshy beige with a matte finish that’s neither chalky nor dusty; a medium-dark chocolate brown with a slight reddish undertone and a matte finish; a lightly shimmered deeper chocolate brown with a copper sheen and red undertone; and a neutral-cool tanned brown with gold shimmer.

All four shades are very smooth, soft, and silky. Each one is pigmented without being too intense–they’re easy to use and coordinate with each other. I love that the fleshy beige shade can be used on the lid or as a highlighter.

I’ll definitely be doing a look with this soon, so you can see it in action, but ’til then, hopefully swatches can win you over in the meanwhile!

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  • Product: 30/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: For soft, smooth eyeshadows in a very neutral, easy-to-use, and classic color scheme, Chanel has you covered this spring.

Availability: January 2010

See more photos and swatches…

Chanel Les Impressions de Chanel Collection

Chanel Les Impressions de Chanel Collection

Chanel Les Impressions de Chanel Collection

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58 thoughts on “Chanel Kaska Beige Eyeshadow Quad Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. daphne

    Well, seeing the swatches, it doesn’t quite make up for missing out on Beiges de Chanel like I hoped (I only got into makeup a few weeks after Beiges came out and I wasn’t quite in the “maybe I could go there” price mindset yet!). But I may just get this one anyway because those are some fine neutrals. I’d have to skip a few other items but considering I like it way better than the shadows in Warm & Cozy it would probably be worth it.

    • I’d definitely check it out, Daphne! It’s very much in the same vein as Beiges de Chanel, but obviously it’s not the same – but it gave me the same kind of feeling. Soft, classic, timeless, beautiful.

  2. jenn

    I love this quad, I ordered it from yesterday when I saw they have a code for free expedited shipping :) Can’t wait to get it!

  3. monique r.

    This is really beautiful! …But I knew their shadows are completely hit or miss.

    How does this compare to the Dior quints? What do you think of the Dior quints? I can’t recall you going either way on them.

    Also- I cannot get enough of your nail polish swatching…dying to hear what you think of the polishes coming with this release!

    • Dior quints are also hit or miss for me. I do find that I’m not usually impressed with Dior’s quints, but there are some versions I do like. Like their iridescent ones tend to be more pigmented, which I like, but they’re SO SO iridescent that they’re get a lil’ too frosty even for me.

      I like Dior’s cheek products the best – then their lip products. Their eye stuff is so so–like there are definitely some gems to be found–but it’s not 100% amazing 100% of the time!

      • victoria

        i agree completely with the dior quints. this is my first chanel palette, it’s just neutral browns but i’m glad that i can use every single e/s, they are in different finishes, all pigmented and the shimmery ones are very subtle which in my opinion makes this worth the money.
        i think i will purchase dior’s cheek products next, i tried them at the store and they are nice but i too am not too crazy about their l/s, prefer chanel or ysl.

        • Yes, sometimes even if it’s not super bold or “exciting” (aka lots of color), it can be a really good piece to add to your collection, just because it’s something you’ll reach for often :)

          I love, love Dior Skin Shimmers! YUM!

  4. Kristina

    Cher Monsiuer Lagerfeld,

    C’est parfait!


  5. AnGeLwInGz

    I tried those shadows on last week. They look a lot better in person than they do in the picture. Not just another redundant brown quad.

  6. Wow, this so pretty! I’ll have to stop by the Chanel counter after I hit up the MAC counter.

  7. Anitacska

    The bottom two shades look pretty, but this quad isn’t for me. After buying the Guerlain brown quad (can’t remeber its name now) and Dior’s Iridescent leather, I really don’t need more beiges/neutrals. I prefer Dior quints and Guerlain to Chanel quads anyway. (I do have some Chanel quads that I love, but this one is just too neutral for me.)

    • Brun Modore or something? I like Guerlain and Chanel about equal for me. I don’t seem to gravitate towards too many Dior quints though! I think the last one I really liked was Electric Lights!

  8. They are really great and must suit well for brown eyes,
    and we have different packaging for the shades in the European market! They have circle sections instead of square. And we will only have the new collections in Jan-February 2010 :(

  9. Disneytwinmom

    Oooh…I was waiting to get a better look at this. Looks very pretty and suitable for my brown eyes.

  10. amy

    These are pretty and pretty neutrals to add to a neutral collection!

  11. Han

    I missed out on Dior Iridescent Leather and Beiges de Chanel. Can you let me know the similarities/differences among them? Thanks Christine :)

    • This quad is just in a similar vein – like it’s natural, but not boring; very classic. The colors themselves aren’t similar to either of those, IMO!

  12. Jenny

    I’m probably not in the majority but I like these colors more than Beiges. I feel like the other quad had too much gold for me, just because I’m personally not a big fan of the color. This is nice and soft and muted. The only thing I’m not quite sure about is the darker color – will have to see that one in person before deciding.

  13. heather

    I need this!

  14. Giselle

    mmmm im not sure if i like this product

  15. Paula

    I think I will stick with my Beiges de Chanel quad (plus I have too many neutrals right now anyway). There are two colors in this new Kaska quad that I like and I am not wild about the other two so I have to pass. Thanks for your review though!

  16. amelia

    it looks great! i may even prefer this to beiges de chanel because it’s a bit lighter…. i love the very lightest shade, it looks great!

  17. Luisafer

    pigmented earth colors!!! my fav!!! dunno if I’m going to get this… anyway, liked it

  18. Paloma

    For this neutral look, I can go to the drugstore and get an entire palette for much much cheaper. It’s all the same to me.

  19. I missed Beiges so I really want Kaska. Thanks for the terrific review!

  20. Susie

    Hey Christine-
    When you do chanels eyeshadow quads can you also swatch them wet since you can do that with them? Thanks

    • I will try to remember that :) It doesn’t destroy them, does it? I have a huge, huge annoyance with any wet spots on my powder products… like I’d just throw it away ’cause wet spots totally *gross* me out :(

  21. Katya

    Hi, Christine! Thank you for this swathes!
    I liked this eyeshadow quad very much.
    How do you think what MAC eyeshadows are similar to this colors?

  22. evangelia

    ooooh purdy! agreed, similar to beiges, but without the white-gold color?

    christine, do you think the palest color in this quad would work as a highlight? i’m about the same skintone as you. i just hate buying quads if i need to use a separate highlight…and i’m dangerously low on my femme-fi.

  23. catie

    happy holidays! thanks for the swatches. i missed the beiges de chanel when it came out. what are the dupes for the beiges de chanel quad? thanks.

  24. Pkb

    Christine, do you know if this quad is limited edition? I’m kind of on the verge of throwing a fit over all limited edition products… they are just frustrating with the whole “ACT NOW!” aspect, y’know? Thanks for swatching this quad though, definitely on my wishlist :)

    • My information only lists the Empreinte de Chanel as limited edition, but I wouldn’t necessarily trust it 100% (it’s the press release, but sometimes they forget those details) :(

  25. Carla

    You can never go wrong with this quad. It goes well with any eye color ( I got hazel brown eyes and it does bring out the color a lot) it’s the best item for the spring 2010 collection. Some magazines vote Dior has the best eyeshadows but I still love Chanel. It’s worth the money. Kaska beige is one of the best colors. Definitely a must have.

  26. kristie

    Hi Christine, what are some MAC dupes from the permanent collection for this quad?

  27. Seen this today in person, and I think I am going to bring the lipstick I bought today back and get this quad. Just the right colours, wonderful.
    Please tell me they are perfect for brown eyes :-)

  28. Phoebe

    Great post!!

    Im just wondering was this limited edition?

  29. valerie

    Hi Christine! I live in canada and i notice that the quads in canada have round pans instead of square pans in the US. Do you know the difference between the canada versions and US versions? Is the quality of the shadows the same and do you know where both versions are made ?
    thanks (:

  30. Shannon Bordeaux

    Hi Christine,
    I have many many mac shadows. I love this Chanel quad, but what MAC dupes would you recommend for the shades in the Kaska beige quad?