Monday, December 17th, 2007

Chanel is often a brand that inspires jealousy, because the price point is just high enough that it is out of reach (or justification) for so many makeup addicts. I include myself in this group, because I tend not to be able to justify a purchase at Chanel, no matter how pretty everything looks to the eye. I recently tried four Chanel glossimers:  Galaxy, Glaze, Spark (above), and Unity. I thought I would review them for those who have only admired, but never put down the money for them before.

What they are: Glossimers are thick glosses that come in a variety of colors, opacities, and shimmer amounts. Some, like Glaze, are buttery and have nearly no shimmer and go on sheerly; while others, like Galaxy, are opaque and with plenty of sparkles. Like most lipglosses, opacity depends on the gloss itself, so it’s always a good idea to test when you are able to; sheerer glosses will enhance or add shimmer and a tint of color to your natural lip color. In general, I prefer my glosses to be opaque in color, because if I wanted my natural lip color, I’d go with a clear gloss.

What I liked: I did like the amount of shimmer found in the glosses, and I felt like they reflected and shimmered in just the right way. They have a full range of glosses to choose from, which means you’re bound to find a few that suit your tastes and style. In general, they’re smooth, gel-like and don’t have too much stickiness (some say none at all, I felt there was a bit, here and there). These would look amazing over lipsticks, though.

What I didn’t like: I just have trouble succumbing to the cult of Chanel glossimers, because I don’t feel like they out-do any other lipgloss by leaps and bounds. I felt like this gloss didn’t settle as nicely into my lips as I’d like. Despite using a mirror and meticulously applying the gloss, I just couldn’t get it to look even. At $25.00 a pop, I doubt I’ll become an avid collector of the product. I might splurge here and there on a spectacular shade, but I’m quite satisfied with my lipglass.

What do you think of Chanel glossimers? Love them, hate them? Favorite shades?

See photos of Galaxy, Glaze, Spark, and Unity glossimers…

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17 thoughts on “Chanel – Galaxy, Glaze, Spark, and Unity Glossimer Review

  1. Ashleigh

    i like the 2nd and 4th ones!

    i have 2 Chanel glossimers and i don’t think that they’re worth THAT much…honestly. I like my lipglasses just fine :)

    • I’m with you! My lipglasses work just fine!

    • B

      I am a collector of all things Chanel… they are absolutely worth the price and then some.They glide on smoothly, never tacky or sticky. Also last longer than other brands. Beautiful over the Chanel lipsticks… Try Admiration Chanel Rouge Allure with Pallites Glossimer over…beautious!
      Lipglass is so sticky and tacky and when I talk you can see the line of gloss clinging to the lower lip!
      My favorite glossimers: GIGGLE, CRY BABY, CRYSTAL BLUE, all of the Constellation collection…Oh heck who am I kidding? I have them all! Superior!
      PS I dont think they look uneven in the pics?

  2. Madeleine

    “Chanel is often a brand that inspires jealousy, because the price point is just high enough that it is out of reach (or justification) for so many makeup addicts(…)”.
    What a coincident,about an hour ago I decided to check out all my Chanel stuff…
    My point is that despite of the money I can spend I honestly refuse to pay that much for cosmetics(make up) although my husband thinks totally opposite.At least I know that MAC donate part of its earnings to its own fund for a good cause,while Chanel… Why I would want to support celebrities that advertise Chanel?
    Well,I get Chanel…once a year,maybe twice,and often feel…disappointed by its quality (eyeshadow quads mostly).I try samples…

  3. I can’t do super-glossy, though I might like to… I could do a nude color, I suppose (like your first example after the cut).

    I think Chanel products are obscenely high quality… Why are they so expensive? You’re probably paying for the name quite a bit – but it IS warranted, quality-wise, though it may not seem so… :)


  4. victoria

    i was once wanted to get spark and unity before. the ads and the classy packaging made me what to get them even though it’s expensive. the quality is about average i think but what stopped me was the limited shades they had. a lot of shades don’t suit me and the only two colors i wanted, they were somehow out of stock in a couple of stores that i went to that’s why i buy mac a lot. i think that would be my first reason why i rarely buy from other brands. second would be the price.

    • Quality is good, but I’d expect that of Chanel – I guess I’m just so swayed that I think the quality is worth the price relative to what I can get for less!

  5. vinna

    I REALLY like Chanel Glossimers… i do find that they are less sticky. And the packaging as well as the colors they release are just delectable. I have three so far: Praline, Magnifique and Big Bang.
    Expensive? Hell yes!!! The last one i bought was Big Bang and that cost me $46AUS!! My jaw dropped at the counter but i gave in and bought it anyways after being on a 3 week waiting list for it :( I think the prices have risen because i really don’t remember ever paying that much for a Glossimer….. either that or i did pay that much and i ‘ve blocked it out of my memory to ease the pain. Hrm…

    • Oh, my! That sounds really expensive :( It’s not so much that I think they’re bad by any means, I’m just not persuaded by them enough to pay $25 each!

  6. s.

    just curious whether you applied those gloss with a lipbrush or used the brush that came with it?

    • I used the brush that it came with, since I was just doing lip swatches. I don’t generally use a lip brush, though; these weren’t supposed to be perfect as I was just testing them out :)

  7. I personally love my Glossimers. My favorites are Spark and Seashell. Spark is often my go-to for a touch of color when I’m just running out the door or touching up.

    At $25 a pop, I do prefer the range of colors and affordability but I never question splurging on Chanel when I can! :)

    • Hey Lilan!

      They’re definitely nice, but not quite enough for me to pick them over a lipglass unless it was a very lovely color :) Maybe next time I’m feeling like splurging, I’ll check out the other glossimers – I bought these sight unseen, so maybe the colors just aren’t a good reflection of the products. I looked like a freakin’ vampire with Galaxy on!

  8. Annie

    I love color in the last picture… but if it’s not sticky, I’ll stick to my lipglass…