Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Chanel Fleur de Lotus Collection

Illusion d’Ombre Riviere Eyeshadow ($36.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Riviere Pale green

Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow Palette ($58.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Rives Copper, white, brown, brown-plum

Aqualumiere Gloss ($27.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Alize Beige gold
  • Roselin Soft pink

Joues Contraste Blush ($43.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Fleur de Lotus Coral-pink

Stylo Yeux / Waterproof Eyeliner ($30.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Beige Claire Beige nude

Availability: Exclusively @ Nordstrom (originally launched as an Asia-exclusive collection titled Le Blanc de Chanel)

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52 thoughts on “Chanel Fleur de Lotus Collection

  1. PersonalPerspec

    @temptalia What a lovely Chanel Quad Eyeshadow Palette #chanel #bblogger

  2. I was invited from Chanel to the special workshop when this collection was first released in Bangkok (It was long time ago.) Honestly, All products in the collection are TO DIE! so I ended up buying EVERYTHING from this collection! (I know I’m crazy) It’s very popular and still available at Chanel Counters here since it’s not a limited collection in Asian Countries, I guess.
    I love all of them especially pale-green Ombre Eyeshadow! Very pretty colour and perfect for spring and summer. And Joues Contraste Blush # 69 Fleur de Lotus is a very beautiful coral-pink blush from Chanel :)
    Highly recommended!

    •  @Urara darn..I didn’t need to hear this 😉  It turns out my favourite coral pink blush is not that great after all.  I’ve been spoiled by too many really good high end blushes lately and now my MAC Fleur Power is disappointing me with its texture, but I still love the colour and it is my only coral blush..  so I’m thinking I’m in need of a better replacement!  Oh Nooooooo!   

  3. The quad looks very universally flattering but sooo expensive. And the eyeliner is probably great for a subtle colour on waterline. :)

  4. Veronica

    Coppers and golds must be really big this fall.  I’m pretty sure we’ve seen a copper/brown toned palette in almost every collection this year.  Riviere looks very promising, though.  Sage greens are so pretty!  :)

  5. I’m on my first coffee, and I don’t get this??  The blush is pretty, but these products seem to have no relation to each other whatsoever.  

    • xamyx

      @wwendalynne I’m also not reading Fall in this collection. I would have expected these shades for Spring or Summer.

      • Leila

         @xamyx  @wwendalynne That’s because it isn’t an autumn collection. This collection is an Asia exclusive that was released in March in the Asian countries, so the colours do make sense for spring. Also, it’s originally part of the annual Chanel Le Blanc release, which is a whitening range that has a skincare line and makeup to complement it.
        Nordstrom occasionally gets Chanel Asia exclusive collections for Anniversary (like they did last year, although not the year before). If not Asia exclusives, then other region exclusive products.

        • xamyx

          @Leila Okay, that makes sense. I just read “Fall” in another comment, and thought this was such. I wish Chanel would release the whitening range in the US…

        • Mariella

          Leila, I also thought it was a fall collection (I guess the time of year and also seeing fall mentioned in another post.  Thanks for clearing that up.  It’s still something I’d pass on as there isn’t anything here that is unique for me.

        •  @xamyx  @Leila Thanks Leila for the information and now it makes perfect sense!  I quite like the quad eyeshadow and see it is on eBay for around $100 so this is indeed good news!
           Ha, that’s funny xamyx because I read Fall somewhere too and assumed this was another ‘Fall’ release. 

  6. The pale green eyeshadow is in interesting shade, I’d love to try it. The blush look great, too. I’m all about coral :-)

  7. I’m so glad this is online now. I’d heard that this collection was going to be part of the anniversary sale, but it wasn’t online during the early access. I don’t have a Nordstrom close to me so I called and found a counter that had this collection. I got Riviere and Fleur de Lotus and it was so worth the effort of tracking them down. I’m a huge fan of the Illusion d’Ombres shadows and Riviere is a great addition. The blush is super, super pretty in person and very natural looking.

  8. GemmaOrtlipp

    oh my goodness u want the illusion d’ombre so badly!

  9. At least this post shows all the colors that are coming out.  I hate it when the brand does a promo and only show some of what is coming out.  This is a nice pink blusher….but still looks too light.

  10. Pawsha

    I must be missing something, I love Chanel but pale green on the eyes reminds me of junior high school.

  11. AnGeLwInGz

    I just Fleur-de-Lotus  from Nordie’s. Have Iseen it in person? No. Have I seen a close up swatch? No. All I know is that I have an affinity for coral blushes and Joues Contraste is my fave blush formula ever. I only own 3 of them because of the price but never get tired of them. A bit of advice to the ladies who are put off by Chanel’s prices, you deserve to splurge on at least one Joues Contraste. You won’t be disappointed.

  12. Dominique33

    So subtle a collection, Peter Philips is a true genius !
    Thanks for posting !

  13. jaguayanflawer

    This is a nice collection, I have Fleur de Lotus JC, Riviere IdO and Roselin Aqualumiere and absolutely love them.  I know they are part or Nordstrom anniversary sale, but I’m not sure if they are still available.  I got mine in Mexico, at Palacio de Hierro, but since they arrived since late june, most of it is sold out already.    

  14. I’ve been wanting to ask you for a while Christine: is the formula of Illusion d’Ombres at all comparable to Buxom Stay There shadows?

  15. bulletwitch93

    The blush looks gorgeous. But I might just like the name lol.

  16. Mariella

    Beige-gold gloss for autumn?  Nude and washed out shades?  Doesn’t way “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness” to me! I love the Illusion d’ombre shadows but might pass on this one as a I have a pale green L’Oreal Couleur Infallible shadow that looks very close to this one and since I don’t wear pale, minty greens all that often, the cheaper option is better for me.

  17. divinem1

    I’ve had my fill with chalky Chanel eyeshadows that ruin my foundation with their fallout. Never again. I don’t care how pretty the colors are. 

  18. Celeste Cirinna

    I looked at it when you posted to Twitter. Beautiful!

  19. Lotus Mo

    is soo pretty and my name is Lotus, wow an eye shadow that is name after me. I really like it.

  20. memorymachine

    ;__; I need Aqualumiere in Roselin. // @atinymandolin oh my gosh, i want “Riviere” illusion d’ombre so badly T___T

  21. blueraccoon

    I just bought a LOT of blush. I only have one face. And yet the blush is calling me. *sigh*

      • blueraccoon

         @wwendalynne *g* Well, I just bought Rose Initiale, plus the NARSA cheek palette which has six blushes (well, four plus a bronzer and a highlighter) in it, so…do I *really* need Fleur de Lotus?

        •  @blueraccoon The answer is hell yes!  I was a bad girl yesterday, but I really do need a replacement for the crappy coral blush I have.  Really!

        • blueraccoon

           @wwendalynne *hee* I’m debating between Fleur de Lotus and the Burberry Blossom blush, which is a similar warm pink/coral shade. They’re the same price, so it’s just a question of which brand do I want to give my money. I think I’m leaning Burberry, but I could be swayed.

        •  @blueraccoon I can’t help you there because there are rave reviews for both!  I do not own any Burberry cosmetics.. another one on my list to try, but another one difficult to find here and buy on-line.  From what I understand, Burberry blushes are more on the subtle side.  They are intended to look more sheer natural from what I gather.  So, if you are usually using a really light hand on blusher or you gravitate to a more natural look, maybe Burberry is the blusher for you :)  

        •  @blueraccoon Otherwise…go for the Chanel!!!!  LoL

        • blueraccoon

           @wwendalynne I do gravitate toward a more natural look and I’m always afraid of going overboard on blusher, so I think I will go for the Burberry :) But the Chanel is so pretty! Tell me how you like it!

        •  @blueraccoon I will definitely do that..and ditto for you! 

        • Brjsmom

          @blueraccoon @wwendalynne I got the Nara pallatte, plus some new Mac blushes and highlighters….you are asking the wrong girl…..yes, you really need it:)

  22. theannamontana

    @atinymandolin I have it since coming back from L.A., it’s quite pretty

  23. Mariella

    anyone else unable to access the Temptalia homepage?  I can get to all the top links except the  homepage.  Just posting my “SOS” message here, as it’s one of the places I was able to access!

  24. Christine:  I have a dumb question/observation.  I do not see Chanel in Nordstrom’s list of beauty brands on-line.  I have changed the access site to USA instead of Canada and I still do not see it.  Is this a brand not carried on their on-line site?  Just thought I would ask in case you or someone else can help me out.  Thank you!

  25. S’okay peeps.. thanks, but I figured it out for myself and found the items by lurking around the Nordie site in places silly Cannucks just don’t belong.  *evil grin*

    • blueraccoon

       @wwendalynne Yeah, for some reason Chanel isn’t listed with their other products, like if you go to the makeup store or the beauty store it’s not there. You have to go directly to the brand to find its products. I think it’s annoying, myself, but it’s probably part of their “We are so exclusive and awesome” personality.

      •  @blueraccoon I KNOW!  hmpf!  <g>  Sorta similar situation on Saks too.  I just don’t buy into that kinda snotty exclusivity.. Wait a second, I buy their products so I do.. dammit!

  26. Nope, MUST resist this. *hides eyes*