Friday, June 29th, 2012

Chanel Bombay Express de Chanel Collection

Each year, the CHANEL Métiers d’Art fashion show celebrates the exceptional talent of the Métiers Houses, pairing their know-how with a legendary destination. This year, Bombay Express de CHANEL showcases a specific vision of India. Peter Philips, Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, intensifies the proportions of iconic Indian eye makeup to give it a universal character.

Graphic makeup with saturated colour blocks stretches out from the corner of the eye to express strength and femininity. Eyes succumb to the boldness and mystery of a black eyeshadow in all its nuances with ILLUSION D’OMBRE Mirifique. The rest of the face focuses on gold and light. The Exclusive Creation of the Collection is a precious, evanescent golden powder to dab onto cheekbones and eyelids in scintillating touches. In its classic black-lacquered case, ROUTE DES INDES DE CHANEL recreates an embossed motif of a rare fabric, a piece of bronze brocade from an Indian-influenced collection created by Gabrielle Chanel in the 1960s. A stroke of blush structures the face and warms the translucent complexion with the hint of an elegant and sunny earth tone. Lips remain natural, enhanced by the luster of luminous beige shimmering with gold. On nails, an original nail polish mixing pale gold and silver recalls the traditional festival of lights, for which it was named Diwali.


  • Diwali Le Vernis ($30.00) Pale gold and silver
  • Brume d’Or Joues Contraste ($43.00) Earth tones
  • Routes des Indes de Chanel ($80.00) Evanescent golden powder
  • Empreinte Rouge Coco Shine ($32.50) Luster of luminous beige
  • Mirifique Illusion d’Ombre ($36.00) Black

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28 thoughts on “Chanel Bombay Express de Chanel Collection

  1. Routes de Indes…I hope it gets a good grade from you!


    ugh CHANEL shut up and take my money!!

  3. ml1343

    why is the powder called “evanescent”? that means according to google “Soon passing out of sight, memory, or existence; quickly fading or disappearing.” doesn’t seem like great advertising!

  4. ZulaikhaMuddassir

    Please do a review of all the products and colour swatches too. They look so festive! Btw Christine are you nc40?

  5. trhoades

    So Chanel decided to repromote Mirifique rather than release Nirvana which was actually used at the show and in the previews. Mirifique is way to glittery. Shame on you Chanel.

  6. AlannahRose

    Wow, gorgeous!!

  7. Joni

    The gold powder looks beautiful, but there’s something about the combination of “Indian” influence and the lightness of the colors that’s making me a little bit uncomfortable.

    • Neha

       @Joni Can you elaborate what you meant by the “Indian”  influence that has made you uncomfortable? 

      • Hear, hear. I don’t understand what’s so unindian or falsely Indian about this collection. I’m of Indian ethnicity and absolutely love it! 

        • Kafka

           @aoyv  I don’t know about the original comment but, to me, this collection doesn’t scream India. To me, the colours lack the vibrancy, ooomph, brightness and intensity that I associate with India, which is a place I absolutely adore. If I were to look at that top photo — just by itself in a vacuum and without knowing anything about the collection’s intended theme — I would think maybe Louis XIV.  I wouldn’t think Mumbai, Goa, Jaipur, Jodphur, etc.

        •  @Kafka Gold, as a colour, has a lot of prevalence in Indian culture , so I don’t understand how it is to representative of India. There is more to India than just loud, vibrant colours. India isn’t just Mumbai, Goa, Jaipur, Jodhpur, with all due respect. The past collections about India are mostly about bollywood and colours inspired by Rajasthan, which is great, but I feel that cosmetics industry has stereotyped India in that way and most people have come to think that that is all what India is about. Anyways, someone who is of Indian ethnicity, I find this collection with hues of gold and black, quite representative of India. It is a refreshing take on India and I appreciate it. 

        • Kafka

           @aoyv  I absolutely agree that India is often subject to stereotypes or type-casting, esp. because of Bollywood. It’s unfortunate. And yes, gold is very prevalent in India.  But, to me, when I look at that first photo, the feel is very frosty, imo.  Its eggshell-pink-white satin, diamonds and silver makes me think of Marie-Antoinette, or Louis XIV and Versailles. And both the gold highlighter and partially silver-toned nail varnish are both substantially cooler-toned golds.  I just associate greater warmth or intensity with India (and I’ve been all over, not just to those parts I mentioned earlier). It doesn’t have to be stereotypical, over-the-top, colour but I don’t see it as being so frosty cool, either.  Regardless, I’m happy to agree to disagree. Makeup is, after all, very personal and subjective. :)  

        • xamyx

          @aoyv I’m not of Indian descent, and I do not want to appear offensive, but when I think of India, I think of rich, saturated, vibrant (not “loud”) colors. The first thing that would come to my mind is a beautiful, rich red lip, and while I’m aware of the prevalence bof gold in the Indian culture, I think of a deeper, richer gold. I think that’s what the OP may be thinking, as well. A very good friend of mine worked for a couple who were clothing designers who used fabric from India & interpreted them into a hybrid fashion line (Indian & Western) and whenever I visited the showroom, I was always in awe of all the bolts of incredible fabric. I have several pieces, and I agree, none of the colors are “loud” or “Bollywood-esque”, but they’re all rich and saturated hues. These shades just seem a little pale, so I couldn’t be sure how they would translate onto the richer skintones that are prevalent amongst those of Indian descent (although I am aware there is a *broad* spectrum of skintones).

      • Joni

        With the history of imperialism in India and the language worded to make it sound really “exotic” along with the fact that the colors of the collection look to be aimed at more fair-skinned people, it just strikes me as off.  It’s like it’s trying to sell a culture, but only to people who aren’t from that culture, or at least excluding a lot of people who are.  Maybe it won’t be too bad with swatches, but just from what I can see it doesn’t look like it’ll fit a broad range of people.  And that’s what makes me uncomfortable.

  8. aleena

    The highlight powder is stunning

  9. Neha

    The powder is gorgeous …I tried it yesterday at Nordstrom..its pricey, but only because the collection is inspired from India, I am buying it for sure..!

  10. moongoddess

    i love this collection! i got diwali nail vernis and the route de indes, but i was confused and disappointed as to why they didnt release nirvana illusion de ombre and instead shoved in mirifique? i already own mirifique and it has silver sparkle in it, the nirvana that they used on the models is like a true indian kajal that really completes the indian look.

  11. Joules

    Yes, I’m wondering about Nirvana too…I was looking forward to purchasing it. Do we know why it’s not being released?

  12. Layla

    Being Indian, I think the colors are way too light and the eyeshadow too dark to be “Indian” influenced. Does look very pretty, though!

  13. God, that highlighter is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty! Want so bad! But I do have to draw the line somewhere, and $80 for a highlighting powder is way too much for me (despite how gorgeous it is). I’ll probably go with the Lumiere D’Artifices Beiges Illuminating Powder instead (much more “affordable” at $65 :P)

  14. Kafka

    India? This???? <confused blink>  India is one of my absolute favorite places in the world and nothing in this collection makes me immediately think of India.  NARS’ Thakoon collection was much more evocative, imo.  That said, Routes des Indes is stunning in both its colour and its textural motif!  But not stunning enough at $80 for me to buy without seeing your review, especially as I suspect that colour will be too yellow-gold on my skin for my liking.  The Brumes D’Or is far too similar to other blushes I have, including one from Bourjois (Chanel’s cheap line) that looks completely *identical,* so that one is a total pass for me.

  15. blueraccoon

    I’m loving the Routes des Indes so much more than the highlighter from the fall collection, but even for me, $80 is steep. Especially since I’m afraid it’ll be too warm for my skin. *frets* As for the rest, I can take it or leave it. But the fall collection has more than two pieces I want…

  16. Yazmin

    im South Asian, and i feel as though this doesnt represent india at all. The only colour that feels indian to me is the gold highlight, but everything else just doesnt seem to work for me. the lipstick colour and the blush colour is a shade of pink that ive seen in alot of Chanels collections. Just seems repetitive to me.

  17. venice

    dear chanel,
    please stop producing things that lacks research, nothing is Indian about this. It would not even look good on indians because they have medium to medium dark skin. Just stop it and bring back Rouge Laque!

    • ItsMe

      @venice , Chanel is not claiming it is authentic Indian makeup items that representing Indian. This is his take and interpretation of the route of indies, his interpretation of what he think makeup should looks like, it’s indian inspired. It’s a form of an art, the artist can project whatever as how he interprets it.

  18. TerriMcMillanMansfield

    OK, I admit it:  I saw this collection the other day and lost my mind.  The powder and nail polish are being delivered on Monday.  I literally could not help myself….such a sucker for gold, sparkly things!!