YSL Pur Black Gloss for Fun

Look what arrived today… YSL’s Pur Black Gloss. Yes, Black. Yes, I paid $28.00 for it. No, I will probably not wear this anywhere out except, perhaps, on Halloween (kidddingg). I think it speaks for itself; I mean, what are you looking for in a black gloss? For me, novelty. YSL does a good job delivering a luxurious black gloss that’s surprisingly opaque and incredibly glossy. Most glosses always show some of the lip color through it, and this one is no exception.

See lip swatches, skin swatches, and a full-face photo…

A peek at today’s look, but I won’t post it until tomorrow 😉 Obviously, I didn’t plan a look wearing this gloss or anything – I just thought I’d take a full-face photo for you.