If you're running late, what parts of your makeup routine do you still try to do?

If you’re running late, what parts of your makeup routine do you still try to do? Brows? Foundation? Mascara?

Tinted moisturizer/foundation, followed by brows, mascara, and then blush. I usually have at least one gloss in my bag, so I can do that for lip color!

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Foundation or BB cream (on a beautyblender, it’s super fast), brows (mine are very pale naturally), a wash of slightly pearly neutral shadow, mascara, tinted balm (which I keep in my purse and can apply whenever I have a second).

Funny – today was one of those days.
Tinted moisturizer with SPF
Curl my lashes
Lip gloss to protect my lips

Essentially – the stuff to prevent skin cancer and a curl of the lashes. But I always have liner in my purse so I apply that as soon as I can once I arrive at my destination.

If I’m running late, it’s undereye concealer, tinted moistuizer, black eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. If I have one more minute, I’ll use a highlight stick as eyeshadow.

Umm… so every morning. In order of importance: primer and foundation (or bb cream if I’m really in a hurry), concealer, brows, mascara, blush. I will throw something easy on my eyes if there’s a bit of time left, like a maybelline color tattoo. And I usually have lip products in my purse too. Sometimes I’ll grab mascara to go.

How much time is considered running late? I would use an illuminating moisturizer. Then, essentials in five minutes would be concealer, cream shadow, mascara, brows, blush, lip balm. I carry lip products in my bag, so I could add color on the way.

Concealer is a must! Then brows. If I’m super short on time I’ll stop there. I used to not be able to leave the house without mascara but now if my brows are done I’m ok with my blonde lashes. If I have a bit more I’ll add blush then mascara. Like you said, I always have a gloss or lipstick floating around in my bag.

It generally only take me 5 min to do my make up, but if I’m running super late and only have 30 seconds I’ll just do pressed powder & eyeliner.

If it’s 5 minutes for makeup I do my eyes (base, neutral light shadows, liner and, optionally, mascara). And then I grab to go a BB cream and a lipgloss or tinted balm. I’ve got a compact foundation with mirror and air sponge for that xD If I don’t have time at all I’ll just take a liner, mascara and foundation with me.

Haha that is a good question. My problem is that I don’t really want to leave any of it which means im not the best at getting places! I would have to say I would leave the lipstick and bring it with me! I would probably leave out blusher as well. X

Dab on some concealer, and apply lipwear, all of which takes less than 10 seconds–and hope I don’t sweat it all off when running out the door! xD

Sunscreen, foundation product (typically a TM), powder (MPF), eyebrows, mascara, & tinted lip balm. I’ll also grab my “to-go” bag that is pre-packed with a neutral eye palette, liner, eyeshadow base of some sort (it varies depending on what shadows are in there), blush, lip product, and applicable brushes. I don’t necessarily keep the bag prepped constantly, but if I know I have something specific planned, and time may be an issue, then I’ll make sure it’s ready the night before.

Mascara is my bare minimum. But I usually like to at least do a BB cream, mascara, eye liner and blush. I wear carmex on my lips almost everyday…so no biggie there

Absolutely lipstick 🙂 It laso has the benefit of being the quickest thing to do!

If I have a couple extra seconds, then a tiny bit of concealer or some eyelash curling might happen…

Just my brows and mascara. I carry a brow pencil and mascara in my purse for emergencies, so if I’m really late I can just get ready in my car on the way. I’ll just do my brows and lashes, dust myself with blot powder and throw on some lipstick (which I also carry around with me). That’s usually enough to make me feel presentable if I don’t have time for makeup.

I will just do a five minute makeup job which is my usual for work since I work in a metal fabrication shop there’s no sense in spending a lot of time on my face. I will use a BB cream which I love (maybelline or Garnier as of right now) then some blush, an eye primer and a quick wash of color or very light smokey eye followed by eyeliner and mascara and a lipgloss. I usually do a highlighter with my blush too I have a lot of those but the balms Mary-loumanizer is my go to 🙂

I don’t like doing my make up in a rush and usually prefer going bare-faced if I’m late but if I feel like I have to wear something that day, it’s concealer, mascara and brows and then use whatever lip product I have in my purse.

At the very minimum, sunscreen and lip balm. If I have a bit more time, I might do tinted moisturizer, cream blush, under eye concealer, and tightlining.

Moisturizer and some powder or some bb cream followed by an everyday blush, some eyeshadow (one shade), mascara, black pencil at waterline and I put my lipstick in my car. I do it very fast because I am used to it , I run late most of the times

If I’m running late I’ll do tinted moisturizer/ foundation, set with powers in the t-zone. Then groom my brows, swipe on mascara and blush and I’m out the door.

I have small eyes, so mascara and nude pencil in the waterline are a must for me, then I might do my foundation and some contour, maybe a little blush

Foundation. mascara, blush, then brows. Then if I have time I’ll do an eye look. I’ll skip any contouring/bronzer and I have about 8 different lip products in my purse so I’ll do that at a red light.

Concealer is a must under my eyes, powder foundation quickly swiped on t-zone and mascara. I can face the day with just that, although I will try to squeeze in some colour on my cheeks!

When I run late, I skip all the primers and setting powders and fancy stuff and use a tinted BB cream for foundation, swipe on some blush for contour, and then I grab Maybelline’s Eye Tattoos cream shadow in pink for the lids and a coat of mascara, some eyebrow powder to shape and fill in brows, and lip gloss and I’m out the door.

I’m a college student, so I don’t often have to look particularly professional. So if I’m running really late, I sometimes just manage to clean my face. If I can do only one thing, it would be curling my eyelashes, followed by either tinted moisturizer or a little concealer. To look like I put in effort without spending much time, I opt for a bold lip.

I will do a tinted moisturizer (with SPF), concealer (undereye and the worst spots), set with powder and curl lashes. If I have 2 more minutes, i will put a wash of neutral color on lids with a cream shadow, swipe of blush and mascara. I always have lip balm and a neutral color in my bag, so I can do that later.

For me, it’s concealer, a bit of smudged liner, some blush and some lip colour (either pigmented gloss like Clarins or a lipstick/lip butter).

5 minutes make up:
– concealer under the eyes
– blush
– blask lenghtening mascara : nothing crazy, it’s just to get some definition

if I have less than 5 minutes, I only do under eye concealer. I call it a day and I go nearly bare face 😉

Concealer, powder or a tinted moisturizer, depending on my skin; curl eyelashes and clear mascara, and use my clear mascara to tame my brows if need be.

If I’m in a hurry, I will apply powder (because I have a very oily skin), brow powder, and lip balm. When I’m on my way to work, that’s the time I will apply lipstick.

So I am! And also how many skip blush!

hurry (5 minutes): foundation, brows, blush, mascara.
super hurry (like leaving NOW): brows and blush.

Brows and blush make the best improvement in my opinion!

if it’s dire (like, i need to be out the door NOW): Foundation, lip stain, done.

If I have a little more time, I’ll add (in order of importance): eye liner, mascara, basic eyeshadow, blush, lipgloss topcoat, brows, fancy eyeshadow, experimental stuff that isn’t actually part of my routine because I’m still figuring them out (highlighters, contours, illuminators, etc)

Running super late = foundation (set with powder, super oily skin), mascara, and quick blush. Put on lip product on the go since I always keep a few in my purse.

I always put my makeup on in the car on the way to work :-\

concealer under eyes and around the nose and mouth and on any blemishes
Eye primer
lip product from my purse

I am okay with going out without makeup, and typically do on the weekends (when I am not working). No matter what I do my skin care routine. I can always take some of it, to apply on the way. But quick makeup is mascara, eye liner, and powder (BB cream if I can swing it). I have a lip color arsenal (multiple colors, liner, gloss, lip brush) in my purse, so I can do that in a hurry. I try to give myself lots of time to get ready most of the time. I have a two year dog that tends to want to play when I am putting make up on.

I generally just cover up my dark circles, conceal any redness (usually around the nose), and throw mascara on. I have long lashes, so I generally feel they’re enough of a facial highlight on their own. 🙂 Usually I have a lip product or tinted balm in my bag, so I’ll put it on when I get to wherever I’m going.

It’s changed over the years. I can swipe foundation on very quickly with a brush and then it has to be eyebrows. Mascara is next and anything more is bonus. I’ve always got something in my purse for lips and I can toss blush and eye pencil in my bag on the way out the door.

If I’m really in a pinch and only have like 5 minutes, I’ll do my skincare routine, concealer, powder, and brows. If I have 10 minutes, I’ll add in mascara and some blush and highlight.

Definitely brows. Then, in order of importance vs. time – concealer, blush, mascara.

I always have at least five different lip products in my purse, so I’ve definitely been known to leave the house with just my brows done, and add a bold lip right before I get where ever I’m going. But I work in cosmetics, so there’s always a bit of pressure to look at least sort of polished when I get to work.

under eye concealer,always….followed by something to cover the redness, either CC cream, a bit of concealer or a full on foundation. If I still have a minute, I brush my eyebrows into shape and fill them in. That is the emergency must-do for me. If I have an extra minute, I would add some lipstick or lip gloss and a bit of blush.

Honestly, I still do everything (base on the face, setting powder, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, mascara), but I just use stuff from my daily makeup bag rather than hauling out a palette, searching for the perfect eyeliner color, etc.

I only wear eyeliner about half the time, so I guess that would count as something I’d skip. I’ve got a couple of lip products in my purse, so I’d do that part in the car.

I can go barefaced, lol :). But if I do make-up, I would do mascara, concealer and lips… maybe blush if I needed it and brows if they are dreadful that day.

Mascara and lips, always. Even if it’s only one coat on the lashes and a swipe of tinted balm. Otherwise, my face looks flat and sallow behind my glasses.

Bb cream, eyeliner and then do eyeshadow at red lights on the commute. Lipgloss while running up stairs. Then two braids in my hair while at my desk waiting for the computer to boot up.

If nothing else — eyeliner and mascara. My eyelashes are almost white, and I look sickly without the color. Then, in order of priority: TM or BB, concealer, eyeshadow/lipstick, blush, contour. I just sort of stop when I run out of time.

If i was running late for class, I would go bare-faced and scare people haha
If I had 5-10 extra mins. I would usually fill my eyebrows (since they’re filled with gaps), maybe throw in concealer if I had breakouts or puffy eyes from lack of sleep. If I was going somewhere nice I would probably throw on mascara. Like everyone I have piles of lipsticks and lip balms in my bag that I could do on the go

Concealer (if I’m in a real rush, only on my dark circles and a really ugly pimple), smoked eyeliner (using my own fingers), mascara, blush. Lipstick or anything for the lips that is on my bag so I can apply on the go (there is always something there, even if it is only a lip balm, this is ok).

My eyebrows and mascara. Concealor if I have a large breakout/blemish. I have lipgloss in my bag so I throw that on whenever I arrive where I’m going. I’m a redhead so mascara and eyebrows makes a ginormous difference.

Interesting, I try at least to put SPF then BB Cream, eyeliner, something quickly on my crease, and If my face is feeling good I would rock a bold lippie but If my skin is feeling sick (with tiny bumps, arghhh) I would just focus on my eyes and leave my lips be bare. xD

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