Win $542 in Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Products!

Win $542 in Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Products!

If you’re in need of a skincare makeover, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare has generously provided a lovely giveaway basket containing over $500 in products!  You can read more about each individual product here!

  • Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel 60 Day ($128.00)
  • Hydra-Pure® Vitamin C Serum ($95.00)
  • Hydra-Pure® Antioxidant Firming Serum ($95.00)
  • All-In-One Cleansing Foam ($36.00)
  • Hydra-Pure® Firming Eye Cream ($90.00)
  • Trifix™ Acne Clearing Lotion ($32.00)
  • Powerful Sun Protection SPF 30 Daily Sunscreen Towelettes ($18.00)
  • Antioxidant Enzyme Buff ($29.00)
  • Creamy Cleansing Polish ($19.00)

RULES: All entries must be submitted by June 14th, 2010 at 11:59 PM PST. This contest is open to U.S. Readers as pursuant to your local state/country’s laws. Winner will be chosen randomly and notified via e-mail. This post will be updated with the winner once the winner confirms.

One Way to Win

  • Leave me a comment on this blog post and tell me why you’d love to win a new skincare regimen!

Congratulations to Susan Y.!

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Lately I have been having such a hard time with my skin. None of my usual products have been working for me!!
I’m at a loss as to what I should try… winning would give me a step up.

I’d love to win a new skincare regimen because I’m always on the hunt for new products to test. While most people stick to a skincare routine once they find products that work for them, I prefer to mix it up and change moisturizers or toners every few months so that I’m not reliant on one particular product or brand. There are a few HG products that I cannot be without, though. Winning this would give me the opportunity to try our a new line and perhaps return to it in the future if I really like it!

I would love this regime because my skin has been going crazy on me for the past year or so and I have not been able to find a routine for it yet. At the time, I’m also a broke student, so I wouldn’t be able to afford all of these goodies; therefore, winning it would be awesome! 🙂

I’d love new skincare products because I have absolutely no idea what skintype I am anymore after having a baby less than 4 months ago…it’s oily one day and dry another…glowing one week and dull another. UGH.

I am so in need of a new skin care regimen. I have maturing skin, very dry, which I tend to neglect at times. I need a regimen that I can be consistent with and perhaps make me feel a little more self-confident and on a side note, I never win anything…………

i would love to win this package because ive been having a hard time finding the perfect skin care products for myself! it seems like i have bottles and bottles of products that i have used 1 or 2 times and didnt like and put under my sink!

I’d love to win a this skin care line becuase I’ve heard it’s AMAZING!! I also am plateauing with my current line and my pores are getting larget but yet my skin is getting drier (baffling). Thanks for your consideration.

I would love to win it, because I’ve been looking for a new skin care products that can help my skin look pretty natural.
awesome contest;

Every day I look in the mirror and hate how, at 23, I have this horrible deep wrinkle on my forhead and constant break outs. Ive tried everything, including botox which gets so expensive and only takes care of the wrinkle…and for only 3 months. I need help! I get so down about my skin. 🙁

I wouldn’t mind adding a couple things to my skincare regime, I’ve already wanted a peel of some kind, and a vitamin c serum, and my routine is also a bit lacking in antioxidants … I’m also always open to trying something a bit different to treat my breakouts, and looking for moisturizers that won’t break me out. Other parts of the skincare regime would be a great excuse to work on getting my DH a skincare routine he can stick to!

I’m almost running out of my old skincare products and would like to try something new!! Dr. Dennis Gross seems pretty good 🙂

I recently changed up my moisturizer and stopped using my acne cream when my skin began freaking out on me (dry patches on nose with deep blackheads). I’m breaking out hard core right now and am wondering if changing to a complete new skin care routine would help. And I’ve always heard good things about Dennis Gross skincare products!

I’d love it because my face is freaking out once again and I’m sick of feeling ugly for it! I wanna try new products and have been wanting to try this line!

I would LOVE to win because it’s something I’d NEVER spend that much money on! What an opportunity to try some new things and perhaps find some new favorites 🙂

Thanks, TT (can I call you that?) for all your fun giveaways and info 🙂

i would love to win this because i have really bad acne and i think i need a new approach to my skin but i dont know where to start

i’d love to win this skincare regimen because i’ve been looking for a perfect skincare line that would make my skin better.

Oh man. I would love to win a new skincare regimen because I have a hard time finding products that work for me. It’d be wonderful to have a complete set of products to use!
Thanks Christine for making a great blog, by the way!

I would LOVE to win this! I’ve been a long time sufferer of acne and finished a course of accutane in January. Unfortunately, my skin is still not where I want it to be and is causing a lot of insecurity. I’m always looking for new products to keep my skin under control, and this would be perfect!

I would like to win a new skincare regimen because recently my acne has been acting up again. A year ago I stopped taking Accutane and my skin was great and smooth and beautiful…for a while. Finals and school work has made my hormones go insane again and my skin is starting to break out again. I’m in the process of trying different products and I would love to try Dr. Dennis Gross!

My skin is perpetually oily with large pores. I also break out easily and am still dealing with acne scarring at the ripe ol’ age of 29. About two years ago I started using Proactiv. It was just last month that I realized that while I thought it was working, it was actually extremely drying and overly harsh on my skin. So, I’ve been testing a few products here and there, but nothing has come together as an full routine. That being said, I would absolutely love to win a new skincare routine, especially from Dr. Gross as I’ve heard fantastic reviews! What an awesome prize!

I would love a new skincare regimen because I just can’t find something that works or makes my skin feel nice. I’ve always had skincare trouble and this stuff looks like a dream to my skin!:]

I would love to win a new skincare regimen because that would help me maintain and possibly control my out-of-control oily skin! It would also give me a change to start with good skin care products for skincare maintenance.

All of the products look like they are perfect for fixing my skin right now. I’m only 24 but something happened in the past year or so to my skin and it just isn’t the same…I need an entirely new skincare regimen!

Who wouldn’t love to win a new skincare regimen? I’m always game for trying something new since I still haven’t found that perfect combination for my tricky skin.

It would be wonderful to have a new regimen to make my skin a clean
start , and be protect from antioxidants and sun, am almost reaching
my 30 so i want a good regimen at time

I would love to win a new skincare regimen because I have tried literally EVERYTHING, but nothing so far seems to be just right for me! In my search for the perfect skincare routine, I would love to be able to try out something new without further breaking the bank.

All I’ve really ever tried are drugstore products and I still haven’t found anything miraculous for my skin, that’s why I would love to try this brand out!

I would love to try a new skin care regimen, I am at the ackward stage of only aq few break outs and begining part of wrinkles.

I’ve been looking for a skincare line for so long, and found this one. I just can’t afford it, but have really been excited at the idea of this regimen. It seems fantastic. I do the best I can with the products I can afford, and I hope I win this so I can see what works.

I’m starting to give up on my skin! I’ve tried so many products and most of them are just okay. I’m dying to find a new regimen that will work for my unruly oily skin. 🙂

I would love to win this because I’m currently in the process of trying to get rid of blemishes on my face and tighten up my pores.

Thanks for the opportunity Christine! <3

I would love to win this because I break out like clockwork a week before my period and I’d love to be able to stop it (if possible). Thanks!

I would love to win this. Because, my face recently got covered with bumps
(clogged pores) and i have been trying everything i can to get rid of them. I’m to try these products…and hoping this might clear up my face.

i would love to win because i want to try it out before spending all on them. im having problem with choosing which skincare i should use since i have acne and i do not know what is the best products. right now im using proactiv and i dont see any big changes

I’d love to try a new regimen because I haven’t taken care of my skin until recently and I want to make the most of it now!

Hey Christine! Thanks for this opportunity. I’ve always had problematic skin. I thought I was on the road to getting it under control and recently it starting misbehaving again. I’ve been looking for a new regimen so this may be the ticket I was looking for! XoXo.

i would love to win this wonderful prize..because i can’t afford amazing skincare products. My skin has absolutely decided to leave its youth..=(

I would love to win because my skin is in desperate need of help! I’m 15 and I have bad acne scarring on my cheeks. I have a very hard time trying to find something that won’t irritate my skin.

I would love to win because I’m just starting a regular skin care routine and don’t really have a complete set, not to mention I’ve got different problems on my skin.

My skin goes through extremes depending on the seasonal weather. I’ve always wanted to be able to try a brand other than drugstore ones as I’m on a budget.

I completely need a new skin care regiment. I have so many problems with adult acne and stress acne. My husband also got laid off about two years ago and I am unable to afford what works for me currently (Dermalogica) I am going back to Neutrogena Which is good but doesn’t work the best for my skin. =( I would love to try something that could be better for free. It would be a life safer … maybe =)

Hey darling, thank you for this giveaway, and also thank you to Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare products.

I would love to win this giveaway because my skin is pretty tired of what I am using now. I have a sensitive skin that often gets very dehydrated. If I don’t use only very high quality moisturizers, my skin will go bananas on me. So winning this contest would be ideal to try a great line of product that could potentially become a product for life.

Thank you very much.


I’d love this set because my skin is dull and my products don’t work well together. I want products that are team players!

I would love to win this because it’s the perfect set of products to split between me and my mom! One for me, one for her, one for me , one for her…

I would like to win because my face is starting show years of skin damage and wear and Id like to bring it back to a youthful glow.

I dont have the most perfect skin and i never to seem to find a product that ‘works’ well with my skin. Would def love to try this out!

i would soooooo love a new skin care regimen because every time i think my regimen starts to clear me up i break out again! its so frustrating i take such good are of my skin and this is how it treats me! plus ive used a spot treatment from this line and it worked AMAZING i got it as a free sample from sephora i fell in love but itwas too much to buy the full product 🙁

I’m always looking for produce for my face, but I usually stay away from products of this co$t I’m 28 with 4 kids 2,4,6,8 and a loving husband who works really hard for all of us so I try not to spend a lot of the $$$ that he works so hard for bottom liner we are a really big family and have to manage our expense.

I would just love to try out new products on my skin and experiment a little. I have the same skin care regimen that I have had for a very long time, and although it works wonderfully, I’d like to be adventurous and try something new.

I would love to win because I realized that now that I’m in my twenties, I need to take serious care of my skin! And as much as I hate it, that means products for protection/prevention.

I’d love to win a new skincare regimen because Ive never had/ discovered a full regimen before and wouldn’t even know where to begin or what would work not to mention my skin needs help I’m 26 with two boys ( no sleep) really bad hereditary dark circles,still dealing with breakouts uneven skin tone and because I am half way through my 20s I’m developing arrrrgggg some lines:). so it would be nice to find something I can use.

I would love to win because the hot summer weather is wreaking havoc on my skin, and it’s time to change up my skincare routine!

Id love to win a new skincare regimen because my skin needs a total makeover and boost! After trying proactive it made my skin WORSE! So this would be a great thing to have.

I’d like to win it to give it to my mom actually. She’s so clueless and nonchalant (okay, and thrifty!) about skincare, that she still uses SOAP to wash her face. This would be pretty awesome indeed.

I would love to win because I am going off to college and dream of having near perfect skin before I enter the real world

I would love to win the skincare products because I’d really like to find some products that would help me boost the feel and appearance of my skin!

I need a new skincare regimen because i don’t think mine is working. I still get clogged pores, dull skin, and occasional acne, even though I always clean my makeup really well at night.

My skin’s condition is currently acting up with the weather transitioning from cold to warm.. it seems as if the skincare I used in the winter is not suitable for my skin’s current needs. My skin is also currently congested and I have tried just about everything to clear up some spots. It’s a frustrating situation for me, so getting a whole new skincare line like this would be heaven-sent!!

I love to win a new skin care regimen because my skin needs all the help it can get and what better way than a whole new skin care regimen. I never had a whole complete skin care kit so this is so great.

Ι would really really really loooove to win this skincare regimen because i really need a complete skincare makeover especially now that is summer and skin needs special treatment!! plus i’ve never won anything till now 😉 😛
Good luck to all****

I’m 29 and trying to make myself over—the best way to start would be with a new skin care regimen! Right now I’m just using Proactiv and I’m a bit clueless about what will finally work on me.

after running out of my Kate products, my skin is really rejecting the cheap replacements I’ve purchased to make my wallet happy. I need a face overhaul!

I’d love to win it because it looks like it has a good variety of products from this brand that I’ve heard of but never tried.

My skin is getting angry with me, and I can never quite decide what to try–making the decision to buy expensive skin care products can be hard! And I’d love to try these products.

I’m 53, and have always looked at least 10 to 15 years younger than I am. But suddenly…I look in the mirror and things are beginning to catch up with me. I can still claim maybe 5 years younger — but I desperately need to find a product line that will enhance and protect what I have now as well as help me age gracefully.

It would be great to win this. I need a new skin regimen because I have tried every regimen out there and nothing has work for me. My skin is still at it’s worst 🙁

I would love to win simply because of the fact that I’ve been trying a bunch of skincare routine products lately and nothing seems to ever work, and I would love to try out this new line and improve my skin!

I would love to win this amazing line of products BECAUSE I am starting in a new career and being able to put my best face forward would be superb 🙂 whoever wins is a very lucky girl….or guy!!

I really need new skincare products. I am such a mess right now with what I’ve got, and I want to share with my mom haha.

I would like to win becuase my poor face is in desperate need of a overhaul and make over. My skin is lacking lustre, fine fines setting, acne to boot!

I would love to win this because I’m just getting started with my skincare collection and don’t “love” anything yet – I also don’t think I could buy any skin care that costs more than $50. lol. Thanks 🙂

i would absolutely love to win this skincare regimen because i’ve been looking for the perfect solution for my face filled with acne! Also, this seems like a whole complete set, i wouldn’t need anything else

Oh man, I would love love love to win this because my skin has been an absolute mess since middle school, and I’m almost 23! It’s oily, acne prone, sensitive, I have marks and big pores because I pick [I’m trying so hard to stop I swear!!] and I’ve never had a decent exfoliator to help take of the top layer of dead skin so I look oily AND dry. :[

I’ve tried nearly every skincare product on the market & has done little or nothing to improve my skin. This is something I would definitely try!

I would love to win this because I’m 22 and I’ve had acne since the age of 9!! Luckily it is not as bad now that I’m older but I’m constantly trying to find a regimen that works!

I would SO love a proper skincare routine that helps my skin look its best! I spend more money on skincare than I do on makeup! It’s about time something started to work for me so I can get back to collecting makeup again…

I would love to win a new skin care system because my skin is going through yet another change. I’m 45 and tired of choosing between treating zits or wrinkles!!! I’ve read great things about the Alpha Beta peel and would love to try it.

I would love to win a new skincare regimen, because I am younger and have had less experience with skincare than most people, but I’ve always been interested in it. Having something better then my clean & clear would just be a nice introduction in to a whole new world ;D

I would love to win a new skincare regimen because, like I’m sure many others, my skin needs it!! And I’m broke, which equals sad skin.

I would love to win because I never discovered sunscreen until college and am worried about the damage that has already been done.

i’d love to win a new skin care regiment only because i don’t really have one and i know i should but lately i haven’t had time for it. this skin care products would really help me start over.


I’d love a new regimen, because right now, I have all product from diferent brand and I’d love everything from the same brand, and something this quality sounds awsome.

i would love to win this because my skin is starting to break out like crazy and i’m always looking for new products to try.

I would love the opportunity to try these products! I’m 24, in college, and still have the same amount of acne as I did in high school. Because of my insane school loans, I can’t afford to indulge in the type of skin care that I need. I have to opt for cheap drugstore brands which only help get rid of the dirt and oil on the surface of my face. They don’t help with my acne in any way. I’m the only one in my class suffering with the amount of acne I have. It’s embarrassing and has definitely had an effect on my self-esteem. I love makeup, but it’s hard to feel inspired, or even motivated, to do my own makeup on a daily basis. I always feel my acne makes the makeup look worse. I want something that will help my skin breathe again.

This is an amazing give away! I hope whoever wins truly knows how blessed they are to receive it. 🙂

I’d love to win a new skincare regimen because I realize that I haven’t taken the best care I can of my skin. I really want to have healthy skin and although it isn’t too bad on the outside I still need to protect it. I haven’t had very many skin care products not from the drugstore before.

Id love to win because I’m getting a little long in the tooth and a new skin care regime might be just the ticket to refreshing my look and attitude!

I would love to win this set because having to stay within a budget I’ve tried so many different skincare regimens and most don’t work for my very acne-prone skin so I’d love to give this a try!

I would love to win this because I love trying new skin care products and since Im getting older signs are slowly starting to show around my eyes. This would be great to try out!

I have acne-prone skin and have used many different regimens over the years. The prescription products I’m using now keep the worst outbreaks at bay, but I need a cohesive set of products to use every day. This set looks wonderful.

I’d really like to change my skincare because I’m pretty dissatisfied with the performance of the ones I’m using now. I’ve been using primarily Dermalogica products, but they’re just not doing it for me anymore.

Hi, Christine, I would like to win this because all my year I have been battling with acne and bad skin. I am 15, and my family cannot afford to get a chemical peel or try out expensive products like Mario Bedescu, etc. I have had chronic, painful acne to minor acne for a while, since I was about 8. I have been called names and people always say I look like a pizza or whatever, because my face always looks red, hot, scarred, flaky, etc. I want to try out new products. Never in my like have I had clear skin or just one to five pimples. I’m sick of people judging me, and it gets tiring applying Studio Fix Fluid everydsy! lol. So yeah, this would be great for me to win. I want people to accept me for who I am.

I’ve never found a successful regime and cannot afford a dermatologist. I have so many problems with my skin, it would be so lovely to feel pampered for once.

I would love to win this because I would love to find a regimen that my skin actually likes. I have very picky skin and if I could find something that doesn’t cause me to peel or break out in a rash I would be a lifelong user, regardless of the cost. 🙂

I would love to win this skincare regimen because as much as I love trying new skincare, I am sick of things not working for me… but I’ve heard amazing things about this brand and bet it could work for me!

I would LOVE to win a new skin care regime because I would love to gift this to my mom, who is my hero, and who will NEVER spend a cent on herself and especially when it comes to beauty products. She is a widowed mother of six children, and a damn good one at that, and like I said will never spend a cent on herself because she is alotting all of her ‘cents’ to our family. She won’t even buy herself a new tube of mascera, even if its 9 months old! So, I always make sure to pick her up a tube every few months. Any cosmetics she does own have been gifts from me because it breaks my heart to see her using old, broken makeup and skincare. She is the most selfless person I will ever know, she has given up everything to be the best mother that she can be and I pray to be half the woman and mother she is one day.

I would love to win because my skin needs it! I eat healthy to try and keep my skin looking “okay” but it could use a nice boost!

I would love to have these products because my skin needs help. Plus, I am a college student and I cannot afford to buy these products myself.

Oh man, I would love to win this! My skincare products are only available in the U.S., and I’m almost out of the cleanser and serum. I’m going to have to go out and purchase a whole new line of products soon.

Thanks for the giveaway!

I would LOVE to get a new skin care regimen, simply because my skin has really taken a toll due to this hot, dry, and humid weather! It looks dull and dead, when I want it to look moist and alive! Help me, help me!


i would love to win this because i need help with my skin. i also want a daily face routine because i really don’t have one at all.

I would like to win a new skin care routine as I am entering my 30’s and starting to get tiny wrinkles, sun spots, and discoloration. I would like to be able to take care of my skin with a high quality line of products.

I’d love to win because my current skincare routine isn’t working out the way I want it to. Until now I still haven’t found what helps to get rid of the problem spots I have on my face 🙁

I would love to win this amazing set because I’m so frustrated with my current skincare regime/products. I’m going to be getting married soon and would love to fabulously glowing skin .

I’d love to win because I adore the Alpha Beta Daily Peel and the idea of trying the whole (expensive) regiment is just beyond belief.

I would love to win because I need a new skin regimen. I been using the same products for years and as I am getting older the products I have been using are not having the effect.

I would love to win this new skincare regimen bc I’ve tried some of his products in the past and really loved them….I just couldn’t afford all of them! 🙂

I struggled for years with cystic acne. I did two rounds of Accutane, which was a miracle drug for me. But Dr. Gross’s Alpha-Beta skin peel was the only thing that took care of all battle scars left behind. His stuff rocks. 🙂

I’ve had troubles with my skin for the past 8 years, and while some things have worked, nothing has been perfect – I’d love something new that might help!

I want a new skincare routine because summer is coming and I have really bad skin. I don’t want to have to be caked up in makeup for the summer!

I would love to win this. My skin really needs help – I’m still in my 20s and I already have sun spot and dry patches! Thanks so much for a fantastic giveaway.

i love to win because i am still searching for my HG skin care products, and i want to try everything out in the market that sounds good!!!

i’d love to win because my skin (at 29) has been going a little crazy so I’ve been on the lookout for a new skincare regimen. I’ve had great results with the Alpha Peels but I’ve never tried the other products in the line. This would be a great chance too and I can see if using a complete skincare set from one brand makes a difference. =D

I would LOVE to win the skin makeover because I have been studying for my medical boards for 4 weeks now and the harsh light of the library has convinced me that my under-eye circles could beat the pandas’ at the zoo.

I need this because my skin has been acting strange, due to what my doctor suspects is my thyroid. I could use some help getting it back to normal.

i would love to win because i’ve never had a skin care regimen and i think this is where it could all start 🙂

I’d love to win a new skincare regimen because my skin has gotten absolutely horrible and a complete line would be easier to use.

I would love this skincre regimine because i have tried MANY thins for my skin from perscription to drugstore and not much seems to work! But i hear these products are AMAZING!!!!!!! So to be able to recieve SUCH a genourus amout would be soooo nice!

i would love to win this set because for the past year i have had so many problems with my skin (acne, dryness, flaky, peeling, too oily in t-zone). i have spent more money than i wanted to on trying new things for each problem and giving them a chance to work, and they either didnt help at all or made the problem worse, and thats only on products from the drugstore. i would love to give the higher end products a chance but i dont have the money, especially for a complete set. ive heard really good things about Dr. Dennis and i think this would help me a ton.

i would love to win a new skincare regimen because i am always up for trying new skincare products in order to keep my skin from getting bored and breaking out : )

I would love to win this package because my desperately tired and stressed 40-something skin is in need of some rejuvenation and high quality skin care!

Because I’m going to my cousins wedding overseas. I haven’t seen my family in ages! I’d like to leave them with a good impression.

i would LOVE to win this because i have never had a full out skin care regimen. I’ve decided to start taking better care of my skin and this would definetely help. i have acne spots all over my face(that i’m really insecure about.), with very combination skin. really oily on my chin and forehead and really dry every where else:/ So i would really appreciate if i was chosen! Thanks! 😀

I would loveeee a new skincare regimen because I just started taking Accutane and it’s totally drying my face out. I need some help!

I would love a new skin care regimen because my face really needs a pick me up and I am so clueless to proper skincare! Ahhhh!

I’m a big skincare whore and would love to try this luxurious line of skincare products 🙂 Plus, I’m also looking to find a perfect foaming cleanser to use with my clarisonic!

I would love to win this skin care set because Ive tried everything from pro active to dr wexlers and all the skin care you can find at ur local drugstore and nothing seems to work. it may clear it for a couple of weeks but then i get it back 10 times worse then i had it before.

I’d love to win a new skincare regime, because I’m so bored with the one I’m using now! I mean, it works okay.. but I’d love a change!

I would love to win these products because my teenage skin has so many blemishes and i have been breaking out more than ever.

The quality of my skin has taken a beating since I started meds for breast cancer last year. Dry, dull, flaky… oohhhh… it’s bad. I need to find new skin products to help rejuvenate my skin. At this point, nothing I’ve tried seems to help. I’m hoping that Dr. Dennis Gross skincare products might be the answer to my prayers.

I recently tried the Vit. C serum in a sample packet and fell in LOVE! I have GOT to have more of their products but sadly, don’t have the funds. I WANT THIS! Please?!?!?!

I would love to win this skincare regimen because my old system and products have been failing me as of late: I’m ready to kick it up a notch!

I’d love to try a new skin care routine because what I’m currently using isn’t working and it’s pretty depressing:(

I’m turning 39 this year and have noticed that my skin is dull and I’ve begun to notice crows feet. I need to start a skin regime.

I would love to win this set because I am very self conscious about my skin. A year ago I was badly burned when a stove top espresso coffee maker exploded in my face and burned me all over my face, neck and chest. I realize that it could have been much worse since my son who is always underfoot was miraculously not in the room at the time and I’m glad that it got me and not my kids, but it left me scarred on my face. I also have acne and am starting to get some wrinkles around my eyes and on my face so that combined with my scars is pretty bad. I’d love to see what these products could do for me. 🙂

My skin has ALWAYS caused me problems, and I’m only 21! It’s super sensitive, and I’ve been on prescription acne meds for 6 years, including Accutane (and still breaking out!). My skin is both oily and flaky, and I can never seem to find things that work for me, so I’d love to find something that can help normalize it! Oh yeah, and I’m a poor college student 😛

I struggle with my skin all the time and it seems like nothing works. I am in college now and I would love to try some upscale products but I just don’t have the money. This may be the key to me having clear skin? Who k ows its worth it to give it a try I suppose 🙂

I’ve been looking for a skincare line that suits my skin. I haven’t tried Dr. Dennis Gross skincare products, so it would be nice to win and try!!

I would love to win this new skin regimen as I always take care of my skin to the best of my ability and it’s good to change things up from time to time. New regimen would be a nice change for me! 🙂

I’d love to win because I’ve been battling continual acne since purberty hit. The inflammation is painful and scarring!

I would love to win this skincare regimen because I’m always looking for new skincare products to help me out…especially since we’re getting closer to my wedding date!

I would love to win this! I am lost when it comes to choosing skin care products, and have spent a lot of money trying new things that end up not working. My skin has the frustrating ability to be oily and flaky in the same spot!!

I’d love to win this regimen because quite honestly I’ve never had a full regimen before! Usually I use drug store products such as Clean & Clear, St. Ives, and the like so this would be something GREAT to try especially to see the “before and after” results.
My skin is in super dire need for products that will help my pores, oily, dry skin as well as fine lines. I’m 21 year old college student so I can’t really afford much that’s why this prize would be so AWESOME to win. Love the blog too by the way! 🙂

I’m always looking out for new products. I used to be a Shiseido devotee but sadly, my financial situation currently won’t allow anything but Olay LOL! I’d love to have this set and see if it works for me 😀

I’d love to start a new skincare regimen because I had to give up my old one. Money woes lead to skincare woes when a person can’t afford their prescription acne cream anymore. Retin-A, I miss you!

It would be amazing to win a new skin care regimen because I have never really had a skin care regimen. I have always used a bunch of random products, but it would be nice to try a whole regimen that was designed to work together!

I would love to win because although I made it through teen & college years with minimal problems, my face has suddenly decided that it hates me.

I would love a new skincare regimen because I’m 22 and my face has started breaking out more with age (I thought it was supposed to get better…?). I’m also in transition now trying to find some summer skincare that works, so I need the help! 🙂

I’d love to start a new skincare regimen… I’m a harried mom and right now I’m just washing my face and running out the door… I need to deal with this acne and aging issue I’m having!

i would love to win because my skin definitely needs a new routine, and my birthday is coming up in a few weeks so i would LOVE to start the new year off with beautiful skin! 🙂

i would love to win a new skincare regimen because i am using up the last bits of my clinique 3 step system so this would come in very handy 🙂 also my skin has been a bit out of control and who doesn’t love trying gout new products !

I would love to win this because I am getting married in a few months and my skin needs some major help. I have combination skin that tends to be red and I feel like I’ve tried everything. This would be great to try.

I just got off Accutane recently so a new skin care routine would help me to feel like my skin transformation is really truly complete!

i’d love to win because i’m always wanting to try different skin-care lines, and this would be the most luxurious one to date ! 🙂

I would love to win this basket because all of the products included would benefit my skin! I am 24 with oily, acne prone ( I usually have one or two) skin. Being 24, I am starting to look for products that will prevent the first signs of aging, but I also need products to battle my mild acne. For those reasons I would love to receive all of these products!

I would love to have a new skin care regimen because I am 22 years old, and still have eczema spots on my face from past break outs. It would be nice as a college student to try a complete system of reputable products as well which is hard to do being in school! Overall I would just like to look flawless and put my best face forward as I’m sure we all do! 🙂

I feel that clear, healthy, skin is essential to feeling confident/beautiful.I would love to win a new skincare regimen that could help me attain that.

I would love, love, love to win this.

I am so good with my skin, but it keeps looking worse and worse. 🙁 I hate the fact that I don’t feel comfortable enough to leave the house without foundation because its so bad.

I have a mismatch of various skincare products from different brands and would like to try out a complete collection from one brand to help enhance the product effectiveness.

Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

My skin needs pampered and this looks amazing! Between my job, school, two kids, and my husband – I need something to spoil myself with during those precious minutes I can spend alone and unburdened in the bathroom. It would be like having my own personal spa time at home.

I would absolutely love to win this set because to me, confidence is beauty. My skin has never been perfect… everywhere..flaws. This new skincare regimen could help me gain the confidence I deserve. I’ve used every product you could think of, so winning this set would change me for the better.

I’d love to win this because I recently moved back home from college and my face is reacting so strangely to the weather in Washington 🙁 I’m sure this would kick it back into shape!

I’m still at a young age where I have consistent skin problems. I would love to try a skincare routine that uses most or all products from the same brand. Perhaps they’ll work better when complemented with each other.

Ahhh you have no idea! I would lovvee a new regime because I have tried everything in my price range to achieve pretty skin, and would give anything or try anything to get it! Having nice skin makes me feel so much more confident.

I’m 24. I’m super pale. Like… paler than NW/NC 15 MAC. Blemishes on my face are 100x more noticeable, beet red, and take forever to diminish. I need a routine that can actually WORK, so I can feel good about my skin underneath the makeup… and eventually feel good enough to go out without it.

my regimen is I clean my face with black soap in the morning and at night for moisturizer in the evening I use Shea butter and during the day I use lubriderm lotion so I think I need a face regimen make over, thanks Christine.

I have terrible acne/skin and I’ve yet to find anything that works permanently, but I love switching up my skin products every month just to keep the routine fresh. These sound AMAZEBALLS

Hi! I want this skincare regimen because my skin is getting to that point that I need to be more attentive to it and would love th opportunity to try new products!

I’d love to win because I need new skincare products. My face is never clear EVER. I’ve used every drugstore product and nothing works. Half makes it worse. Even proactive and everything doesn’t help.

I also can’t afford anything high end. Darn school payments!

I would love to win this. The only thing I have tried from this line are the Alpha Beta Pads, and they are amazing! But, the are a treat. It would be really nice to be able to try the whole line together!

I would love to win this because i want an actuall set of skincare because i never have a complete set before and i am very insecure about my skin

I’m approaching 30, this would feel like being reborn. I’ve never heard of this Skincare line, I love the packaging, I imagine myself on my day off, having facials, mani-pedis at home; that would be nice. Sometimes we focus so much on working, working, working, paying the bills, stressing out over life, and we forget to just enjoy ourselves. This is such a great giveaway, congrats to the winner!

I don’t get blemishes as often as I used to, but every now and then I get some small ones or one monster pimple. And I still struggle with blackheads especially on my nose and chin. I don’t know that I /deserve/ to win a complete skincare line, but I would sure like to. I don’t think I’ve ever had a complete set… maybe one of those from neutrogena or clean&clear. So, right now, I’m mixing different brands and different products; I think that products from the same line will work better together than trying to play chemist and mix different products. 🙂

In the past I was never really diligent with taking good care of my skin but I’m now ready to leave that all behind and start! This is why I would love to win a new skincare regimen!

Ive been so stressed lately and it shows. My forehead is breaking out so bad but there are just so many products that you can try before you start losing hope.

I’d love to win because I feel like I’ve been a skincare rut, plus it’d be nice to get something awesome post finals 🙂

I would love to win this skincare kit because currently I am on the hunt for a new skincare regime that would hopefully solve all my skin woes right now, including sensitivity, redness, and acne scarring.

I’d love to win a new skin care regimen because everything i try never work out for me! I still have acne all over my face.

I’ve always had difficulty with my skin because of recurring acne, frequent breakouts, and lots of acne scars. I want to try these skincare products to see if they could help eliminate my acne once and for all!

I would love to win because I’m graduating (grad school) and there are no jobs out there….which means I need to stop spending money and save up. Could def. use some amazing skin care

i would love to win this because my mom has been wanting skin care products. She just graduated with a bachelor’s degree so i think after all the work she has put in, she deserves a treat.

I’d love to win because, I’m running low on money at the moment can’t afford any decent skin care items and I’ve been having major stress issues due to two deaths in my family and it’s taking its toll on me and my skin. 🙁

This skincare set would hopefully assist to clear my problematic skin which suddenly arose in the past 12 months – every morning I am applying concealer to cover my scars which (having Asian skin) never seem to fade!
I have no idea why my blemishes are worse at age 28 and not my teens?!

I’d love to win because my skin is going through a change. I’m turning 37 this month and I’m going from normal to oily to normal to dry. Ugh!

I would love to win a whole new regimen because nothing I’ve tried keeps the pimples and blackheads away! I need some hope.

i would love to win this because I really have a hard time finding things that work for my skin so i am always trying different things out and would really love to try these out!

Because I have eczema which results in a lot of face products doing more damage than good. But I don’t have the cash for expensive products. >.<

Growing up, I was never good to my skin because nobody taught me to be. Now that I’m older I realize the importance. Unfortunately, it’s too late but I need products that will help me.

I love to try new skincare but sometimes affording them is the hard part! I have really sensitive skin as well so it’s always a battle to find the right products!

It is so hard to find a skincare regimen that actually does wonders for your skin! Plus, skincare products can get expensive, so it’s not often one can try something new.


I would love this not for me, but for my mom. She has had a lot of issues with her skin, but we really cannot afford to go to the dermatologist. I would love to be able to surprise her with an amazing, amazing gift for her 47th birthday (June 18th).

Here’s to hoping. 🙂


OMG! I could really use a skin makeover. I’ve been so lax about my skincare (I’m so busy) that I don’t really have a regimine… it’s mostly washing my face and maybe slapping on moisturizer. I’d so love some new products to try and motivate me to take better care of my poor, poor skin!

I would love to win because I’m 28, still horribly blemish-prone, and I have yet to find a skin care regimen that actually works for me. I’ve tried everything from proactive, to DDF, to Obaji and nothing works.

I’m almost thirty with oily as can be face that have super dry spots and on top of that, I have sensitive skin AND am an avid golfer in southern California. *sigh* When it comes to skincare…you got me.

I would love to win this skincare regimen because I’ve actually been researching for a new one. I’m 26 and am transitioning from super acne prone skin to thinking about preventing my skin from aging too fast. I do get the occasional breakouts from time to time, but I’ve been also noticing fine lines forming. This skincare regimen address those issues.

What an amazing contest! I would love to win because my skin seems to be losing its sparkle it used to have! No seriously, I’m 25 and my skin seems like it’s losing the elasticity and getting filled with other ugly stuff. 🙁

I NEED this prize 😀 Now that I’ve relocated to the SW from New England, my skin is dying of thirst, in addition to the ever-present acne that still (yes, *still*) plagues me…Rescue me!

I would love to win because my skin is dull and I’ve heard md skincare is a great brand,but there is no way I can afford it!

I would love to have it, my skin really needs a makeover right now, and I mean REALLY!. I’ve always had a good skin, but now, at 25, it’s starting to look like a 16 years old skin (in its worst moment)

I really would love to win a new skin care regimine because I don’t have lots of money to try out new things, and I’d love to try other things.

My skin desperately needs a makeover. Its been blotchy, uneven, and I’ve been breaking out like mad lately. I’ve also been looking for an effective eye cream, to no avail. From what I’ve read about the products, it sounds like this skincare line would do wonders for me!

I’d love to with a new skincare regimen because I’m getting to be 30 now and I think I need to start taking better care of my skin!

I would love to win this skincare line because since I graduated I have not been able to take care of my skin properly and give it the TLC it needs. The stress of the economy has not helped, and this skincare line would be a definite tunrnaround. 🙂