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everything! i love makeup but i cant wear it :/ mom wont let me =.=

but i keep buying it. heh, heh, heh

i play with it when my mom isn’t watching πŸ™‚

Oh my goodness. So many people, including me, want those eyeshadows. Mine would be lipstick. I keep buying them but I feel silly wearing them lol.

This is going to sound really crazy to most………… Eyeshadow. I buy it but very rarely wear it. I’m more of eyeliner/blush/lipgloss kind of girl. Yet the colors of eyeshadows can be so pretty and I have hopes of making them work on me. Since I never get around to using them, I’ll give them to friends and then I get to see it on them, so in a weird way, we all win! πŸ™‚

This is me as well. Plus, on the rare days I do wear some eyeshadow, it’s usually a very subtle/neutral shade, so the majority of my eyeshadows sit unused.

haha that’s my answer too πŸ™‚ lipgloss. especially mac’s limited edition lipglasses and dazzleglasses. i want to buy them all up before they go away! but i rarely use gloss in a look – and when i do, it’s usually clear lipglass mixed with pigment or reflects glitters. i can’t stop buying them though! lol! (maybe i should just start wearing them myself).

and orange lipstick. i have to buy every orange lipstick i see… but i hate how it looks 90% of the time. lol πŸ˜›

My bright colored eyeshadows.. I’m afraid to walk around my work or college campus with eyeshadow that’s totally poppin, lol, I’m a bit afraid of the attention I might get πŸ™

WORK IT GIRL! who cares?! i walk around college with bright yellow eyeshadow and purple mascara and nobody really even notices.haha

Eyeliner in bold colors never fails to draw the attention of my wallet, yet day-to-day, I rarely (if ever!) stray from my classic black.

LOL I wear a nail polish colour once and then move on to a new shade – I never really go back. My mom owns a nail salon so I just paint a colour there. I don’t have to ever buy a shade nor do I feel like taking from the salon. It’s like a private nail polish public library (borrow at will and for free but you return the polish back).

I keep getting tempted to buy highlighters but I always convince myself you only need so many (I have 2) and that I tend to skip highlighting anyway!!! I really want try Pink Rebel though…..(I mustn’t!)

Glittery Lipgloss and bright eyeshadows

They look so pretty I can’t resist …But then I never wear them because I am a neutral girl

Lashes, blush, and foundation. Takes me forever to go through a blush and I only where lashes when going out. I buy so much foundation I don’t know that I would ever run out! I never wear lotion either.

I do that with everything x) Mostly nailpolish, though. I have like 20+ bottles. I’ll see a color I like, wear it once, and then it gets old.

Foundation for me. I buy a new foundation, use it about once or twice, and then move on to another one and never look back. Haha.

I think I never use my foundation because I introduced myself to tinted moisturizer recently, and I’m having a good relationship with it so far. πŸ™‚

Lipstick, I buy lipstick left and right but yet I normaly ever wear the same 4 no matter what kind of look I’m going for just at the time when I saw them in the store I had to have them.

Eyeshadows, strangely enough! I don’t own a terrible amount to begin with and the amount I do own are 1) part of palettes and 2) already on sale/F&F discount to begin with but I so rarely ever wear eyeshadow that it seems like an outrageous expense every time I do πŸ˜› This is probably due to the fact that I have to wake up early to run to class and I like to sleep in as late as possible πŸ˜‰ If I have the extra time, I sometimes make the effort, but I rarely ever have the extra time so it never happens. I barely have enough time to put on the requisite concealer, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick!

Bright colored nail polish. I buy them all…sometimes even colors that are very close to what I already have, but only wear them when I just stay home. I only wear neutrals to work. I liken it to my childhood need to have the biggest box of crayons (64s at that time)…

Nailpolish for me too. Although I wouldn’t say I KEEP buying them, but I do have a good few, yet I hardly ever use them, because they just peel/chip off my fingernails in the matter of hours. πŸ™ I only use them on my toes during the summer, so that’s not much either.

For me, it’s highligher/bronzer and nail polish. I really really love those MSF and shimmery highlighting stuff, but i never really use them. Shimmer on my face isn’t always a good thing. Also for nail polish as well! I rarely use them. But hey collecting them is a really fun process and I actually enjoy looking them lining up in my drawers πŸ™‚

lipstick… i love buying them as it feels so luxurious, (i tend to buy expensive ones…) but then i rarely use them as it feels like too much hassle to apply and re-apply… so generally end up using gloss instead!

Me too!! I have a lot of lipglosses, by diferent bradns most of them MAC, and I love them too much, but I use to forget to reapply heheheh don’t know why!!

Definitely nail polish. I get sucked in by all the lovely swatches Christine so it’s kind of your fault. Lol. I rarely wear nail polish though. Also mineralize skinfinishes, blushes and eye shadows. I love the MAC ones that I have but I just don’t seem to reach for them. I still haven’t touched the products I got from the style black or magic, mirth and mischief collections. :-S


i have no idea why i have so many lipglosses, because i actually prefer using lipsticks. i hate it when my hair gets caught in my lipgloss when it’s windy out, with lipstick, that never happens.

false eyelashes.

i own a crapton of falsies but most of the time, i’m waaaaayyy too lazy to put them on, even if i’m going out someplace nice.

I buy hair products use them for a week and then go back to my usual routine which is wash, dry, and straighten. And the product gets put on a shelf in my bathroom closet never to be used.

Yes! Sad but true, my MAC pigments, for some strange reason, I buy the colors but don’t ever use them, I guess because it’s loose pigment and I’m afraid it will make a mess when using them, but I have so many MAC pigments, I should probably start a ebay store selling these unused pigments at least try to get some of my money back, jeez πŸ˜›

you should try pressing your pigments into eyeshadow pans and putting them in mac palettes…that what i do other wise i would never use my pigments : )

for me, surprisingly its lipgloss! I have so so so many but use the same one EVERY day and thats Wildly Lush plushglass.

Nail polish here too! I’ve managed to stop buying for the most part, except when I see a special color. I agree with poster below. I get bored with polish within one day, and taking polish off and on messes up my nails. My nails look great without polish.

I buy lots of e/s from drugstore but keep using MAC ones…I hardly pick drugstore ones even though those e/s are good.

it’s highlighters and eyeshadow for me. My face is already oily, so i feel that I don’t really need a sparkly highlighter…but they’re so pretty. And for eyeshadow, 85% of the time I just wear mascara and maybe some eyeliner cause i’m always running late.

Bright lipsticks! I love wearing orange lipsticks and have a few, but I’d never feel comfortable wearing them out. About the most comfortable I feel in a lipstick is when I’m wearing something like Way To Love from MAC, haha. Kinda sad.

For me it’s blue eyeshadows. I love the way they look, both in the pot and on other people, but I always feel so conspicuous wearing it!

For me it’s liquid foundations I only have three but I keep searching for that perfect one, so for now I wear my mac studio fix powder foundation, don’t get me wrong I like studio fix but I also want a liquid foundation.

Certainly nail polish. I have 10 on deck that I’ve purchased within the last 2 months that I haven’t used yet. Today I’m going to pick up a couple from the Sephora by O.P.I. Havana collection. It’s L.E. so I’m allowed, right?

shadows and lipsticks from NYX i went on a NYX buying trend and just never wear any because of the swatches were soooo wrong on the website so none of them suit me : ( plus i always gravitate towards MAC ever since i got into the brand

Second on NYX lipsticks. I bought so many of them when they were on sale ( like 20 of them). I only tested them once and they just sit there in my drawal ever since.

Lipglosses. I always wear lipstick but glosses are too shear, too sticky, and over lipstick, make my lipstick slide off too fast.

And coral lipsticks. I love them but they’re too orange for me.

Any lip products (treatments, lipglosses and lipsticks). I always cave to the beautiful colors and lovely scents of lip balms but they always end up collecting dust in the end. The only thing I use consistently on my lips is joboba oil.

nail polishes!
within the last couple of weeks, I’ve bought around 15, a base coat, a nail strengtener, and quickdrying drops but I’ve only used two of them:(
I love watching my collection grow in size and variety
it makes me happy butΒ it’s a hassle for me to repaint every several days even though I wish I could&would
maybe I’ll start now that I realize I have way too many

Lip plumper. i already have nice lips but i still seem to gravitate towards plumper. i wear it for a day or two and then it stays in my vanity collecting dust. i have about seven unused bottles.

Lipglosses….. they just look so darn pretty in the tube, I have to buy them. But I’m a lipstick girl, and I’m always too lazy to put on gloss. I don’t think they make me look better or worse… pretty useless on me, but I keep on buying them… sigh…. because of the hypes and because they’re purrrrrrrrrrdy

nail polish!!!! i hav an overflowing draw of every opi collection, but i only use each nailpolish once (sometimes never!!!), cause then a new one comes along.

I sometimes wish that every nail salon had a cheap “nail painting” option where the manicurist just painted your nails, no frills, for a low price – this way you could try on many different shades without buying them. I’ve had this exact problem myself, so you can see I’ve thought it through.

Gel eyeliner! it’s so time consuming because I have to wash the brush everytime I use it so I get lazy and go back to liquid liner always. But when the gel liner dries up, I buy a new one.
My fluidline dried up, my bobbi brown gel liner dried up

lip gloss! I love the idea of it but then I put it on and think it looks bad and unnatural and end up rubbing it off. And I keep buying it….

lip anything. I rarely put stuff on my lips because I just lick it right back off. all the same, you don’t even want to know how many times I have had $150 worth of OCC lip tars in my shopping cart and have barely stopped myself from checking out… what’s wrong with me?!?!

Nail polish, I keep buying them and they just sit in my medicine cabinet. For example I have Chanel Jade and Vendetta I’ve never opened.

1.shu uemura fluid primer..i thought i needed it but my skin became drier so i’ve been going for a more moisturizing foundation and skipped primer (it tends to dry my out)
2.blusher…i have naturally flushed cheeks (rosacea ..?)so i tend to use it only during the colder months…even then i don’t really use blush but i can’t seem to stop buying them ^0^”

Lip products. I’m always a little lazy to reapply. I usually put it on in the morning and reapply once after lunch and that’s it.

Lately i keep on buying eyeshadows but everytime i go out i only wear lipstick! Maybe if i have the luxury of time i can do an eye makeup but i’m always in a hurry. Lipstick and just powder is easy and quick.

I constantly have requests to use pen form eyeliners in my tutorials and never get around to it. I also never use them in my everyday life although I buy new ones when they are released. One day, one day:)

I’d have to say nail polishes for me too. After a couple of days, it looks a little worn or dull, even with a top coat and I just get annoyed.

Ah, yes. Lipglosses… I have dozens and dozens of them but the only ones I use if at all are the red and the pink by Labello… :\

I’ve bought several colored eyeshadows and eyeliners that I’ve since discarded. I’ve since given up on bright or colorful eye looks, as its just not me and I prefer neutrals and natural shades anyway. I’ve made the same mistake with nail polish colors on occasion – They may look nice, but I don’t find most colors very wearable. I have to keep my nails very short for piano, so I find darks and brights just emphasize my nail’s shortness.

I’ve also bought foundation that I don’t end up using because I’m so fussy about finding a natural looking shade.

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