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Seldom wear the same makeup twice. However I may pack my makeup bag and use the same products 3-4 days until I get tired of them, then change what I have in the bag.

I will but it will be two days straight and then I am kind of over it, I will though sometimes repeat when I know a that make-up looks good with a particular outfit I will redo it over and over.

Only if I’m pressed for time twice in a row! In that case, I’d normally just resort to my go-to look: A wash of neutral shadow on the eyes, tightlining, mascara, and reddish lips.

For me most definitely I would wear the same makeup look two days or more in a row. I have a basic work makeup look which consists of a specific eye shadow, blush and lipstick. Its a look that really works for me so if I’m having any trouble deciding what makeup to do, I use that look as well as on days I want to do my makeup quickly.

Yep. I do have a lot of makeup, but more or less, I use around 2-3 color products daily. As much as I appreciate the work you and other beauty bloggers put into your eyeshadow blending/facial contouring, etc daily, I have neither the time nor inclination. I slap on some BB cream and the same lipstick and am out the door.

I do, even more because I try not to overpopulate my cosmetic stash and try to bring it to reasonable numbers before I get something new, so my options are always rather limited. But I’m also a type of girl who is likely to wear the same pair of jeans two/ three days in a row, so I guess I’m just not imaginative enough for this type of consequent diversity.

I usually don’t wear one look more than two days in a row, and often I do something different every day. You wouldn’t wear the same outfit all week, so why wear the same make-up 7 days straight, right?

Yes i will. I have this particular combination that ive fallen in love with, its not too extreme that i cant wear it to work, but its great for after work so i dont have to change my makeup if im going out after work. So therefore its become my everyday makeup look.

Sure I will and I often do. If it’s a look I like that is quick and simple and flattering, I’m likely to wear it a LOT since I don’t often have a lot of time to experiment or think about what I’m going to wear or to fix something that ends up being too over the top for work days.

I do have a few looks that I know I can count on to look good, without having to put much effort into it – and these are great for those weeks I don’t have much time but, if I do have it, the I hardly wear the same look twice in one week.

Very rarely do I wear the same look back-to-back. Occasionally I will stumble on to something I really love and wear it for a couple of days max. Then I need to change things up. I do have ‘tried and true’ looks that I pull out of my hat each time I don’t want to think about my makeup look if I am in a rush. But for me, this whole exercise is about exploration and the desire to improve my abilities and techniques so I really love the whole aspect of trying to create new and different looks….even if sometimes they end up looking pretty much the same 🙂

Of cause I will wear the same look back-to-back also with the same products.
Since 2 weeks I often wear MAC Quarry with Blanc Type and Brun, Tangerine Blush (Burberry) and black mascara. I just switch between 2 different lipsticks (depending on what I am doing).

Before that I used to wear Eyes To Kill Aqua Shadow No 6 or 9 (can’t remember the number) by Armani just with black mascara and Nars Orgasm lipgloss and Luster Blush for about 4 weeks.

I have certain makeup staples, like revlon colorstay eyeliner or my thebalm bronzer, but I may use different eyeshadows and lipsticks. However I usually day a basic technique of simple makeup and am out the door. Doing cat eyes and blending a million colors habitually is too time consuming…

Sometimes, yes. I have certain go-to looks that I know look nice on me and I don’t have to think about them if I’m in a hurry. If I’m going out at night normally I’ll do something completely different every time, but for everday I’ll sometimes repeat the same look up to a week at a time.

Well it depends what I’m doing. If I’m just running errands I usually reach for the same combination of makeup. If I have something to do then I usually reach for my ” going out” makeup. It is strange, though because I have so much makeup but tend to reach for the same things. I suppose I should try incorporating some if the items that I “had to have” into my looks.

Nope. I have a lot of make up and I try to wear something different everyday so it all gets used up. I’ll repeat looks from week to week tho’.

If I find a new combination I really like, I’ll wear it two days in a row. I also have some go-to looks, but I usually try to switch it up every day.

I have one go-to classic that I love wearing because it looks good and is pretty quick, but most of the time I like to switch it up. If I can’t think of something good, then I’ll do my go-to.

I do it quite a lot because I only have maybe 45 min to leave for work as soon as I wake up in the morning. It’s easier to go for the same look for a week or two. However, every now and then I will change up the products but not the technique.

It never seems like you do the same look. I always love them.
It helps when you have your outstanding makeup skills.
So jealous!

OMGosh yes! I’ve done this. I have a go to for Monday mornings to get out of the house. If BE comes out with a kit that I fall in love with I’ve worn it for a month. I used to write down all of my looks so when I’m in a jam I can pull that book out. And more times than I can count a looks products can still be out, brushes and all. If thats a case I can usually tend to put it on again.

Nope, never! I rarely even use the same palette 2 days in a row (unless I’m traveling). Even if I often stick with neutrals, I really like to mix things up. So one day, it’ll be something like sidecare with smog, naked, and virgin and another day it’ll be baked with lost and some other highlight.

I keep my Naked palettes, and some smaller matte neutral shadows “at-hand”, so I usually just do some random combination with those. Sometimes, it’s the same, other times, it’s different. Unfortunately, I don’t have too much time in the mornings to afford the luxury of “creating” looks. If I’m going out, I will carve out a few hours to get ready, so if I decide on something new, I have time to re-do if I don’t like it, or if I make a mistake.

Maybelline’s Bad to the Bronze and Tough as Taupe are my HG base colors these days. I’ll change up the crease colors and highlight colors day to day as well as my eyeliner. Five days a week I get ready for work at the gym and have a very small percentage of my makeup on hand, so every few weeks I’ll switch out some eye shadows and eyeliners for some new choices.

Not really – there are some products that I do wear daily like my foundation, powder, bronzer and eyebrow pencil, but I change the other products every day. It’s not like I intentionally want to do this every day, it´s just that I enjoy so much to wear different colors!

Daytime? Exactly the same make up for weeks at a time. I have stuff to do, fiddling with makeup for an hour everyday is absurd. If I get something new and fabulous I’ll change it. Night is for wildly creative make up, or meetings at galleries where it’s lots of purple or barefaced.

Somedays I’m inspired, but I have a simple basic look good for anything. All the women I know working in offices have The Office Look, very groomed but never out there. Clients hate war paint and women mostly hate high maintenance, including me. In the arts cutting edge make up is often part of an image to sell stuff. But I’ve gone simpler.

But for cocktails… The eyecolors come out!

No! I wear a different look every time I put on makeup, I doubt I’ve ever repeated a look or combination exactly…I’m allover the place 🙂

No, never… Although every time I m headache about pick up the products, I never do same combine even they look damn good on me.

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