Why do you wear makeup?

Why do you wear makeup? For fun? To boost confidence? Show your artistic side?

Because it’s fun and a way to play around with color and texture that doesn’t have to stay the same day to day, that washes off.

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Megan Avatar

I first wore makeup in the 6th grade to fit in at my new school, but over time the reason has changed. I love the creativity of makeup. I also love the colors and how makeup can be an extension of you personality. I am somewhat shy, but being a makeup junkie actually helped me at my best friends bachlorette party. I had 20 lipsticks with me, because I’m weird like that, and the other girls were fascinated. By the end of the night I was talking much more (dry bachlorette party I might add) and felt more comfortable. Generally I wear makeup for fun or to look put together. Some aspects I’m more obsessed with than others, like lip stick and nail polish. I just find it fun. As long as you don’t feel it is something you have to do, but see it as fun then I think makeup is great.

Ryou Avatar

It’s a creative outlet for me.

To elaborat: I have a disability on my hand, and as someone who don’t know how NOT to be an artist, it destroyed me. With make-up, I can be as creative as I want, and not put TOO much strain on my hand. It is now a catalyst I’m using to stand back up, manage my depression, and satiate my hunger for creation. I still need to be careful not to overdo it, obviously, but so far, it’s helped A LOT.

The best part? Because only the creative part of make-up is necessary for me, I have zero problem being seen in public bare-faced.

Gaby Avatar

I wear makeup because I love playing with it! The whole process of finding what beauty look best complements my outfit is a lot of fun. Plus, I feel I get a lot use out of my wardrobe (jeans and a t-shirt can look SO sexy and edgy with heels, a leather jacket, and a killer smokey eye).

Terri Avatar

I agree with this comment. To me, I am never fully dressed without some sort of cosmetic, even if it’s only lipstick. This wasn’t always the case however…..I started wearing foundation at the age of 14 in a hugely unsuccessful attempt to cover a horrible case of acne. It really took a toll on my self esteem and I just wouldn’t be seen without my “mask” of protection. Looking back, the makeup on top of the acne looked pretty bad but I didn’t know any better.
It took me a LONG time to get over the fact that I don’t have horrible skin anymore and now I enjoy makeup. I feel happy applying it and shopping for it; just everything to do with it is a positive thing for me. Where before I did it for others to avoid ridicule, not I do it for myself which is a much better reason in my opinion.

Liz Avatar

Because it’s beautiful! I swear, only women have to justify the morality of beauty. Men are free to equate the good with the beautiful all they want, but when women appreciate or appropriate beauty, it’s immediately vain and shallow. Nonsense!

Danielle Avatar

Definitely for the art of makeup – playing with shadows and light, and how you can manipulate that. Colors make me happy. Neutrals make me feel more beautiful. It’s just plain fun, and something I’ve loved ever since I can remember. It’s definitely a passion I was born with. πŸ™‚

Jan Avatar

I was introduced to skincare (probably closer to indoctrination at that age) in home economics. It was the most unconventional home ec class that broadened my horizons in many ways. The school brought in beauty experts from a major manufacturer to demonstrate good skincare and how to differentiate good products from the rest. It was a highly well respected company still known today for its skincare products. They presented makeup as an extension of good skin care – a means “to protect clean, moisturized skin from harsh environmental elements.” I still hear that on occasion today although I no longer believe it to be entirely true. In that one class, I learned about UV rays and SPF, oil production and abatement, skin changes, etc. Add that to the fact that I’m a color and fashion junkie and it all falls into place.

Laia Avatar

I wear make-up when I feel that I need to be more polished (going to work, having a date, etc.) and at night I let my creativity go to pull some nice night looks. But if it is to buy the groceries, I’d rather go bare faced! πŸ™‚

Mariella Avatar

Simple – I love everything about makeup! I enjoy wearing it; I like how it makes me look and feel; I feel better with it on than without it; I enjoy the colours, textures and the over-all effect it gives. It’s a bit of a “hobby”, a bit of a “creative outlet” and simply something I really enjoy.

Ellen Avatar

I’ve always loved artsy projects, and I feel like makeup is an ever-changing way to dabble in the art world. Plus, I love how I can totally change my look based on what products I put on! My makeup often reflects my mood, so I’ll wear darker makeup/heavier eyeliner, etc. when I’m frustrated or in a bad mood and it seems like a good way to alleviate stress (strange as that may sound).

Vicki Avatar

To boost confidence usually πŸ™‚ I have been wearing makeup since I was 12, and it helped a lot with my imperfect complexion (which wasn’t a good one even in my teens) and also with my long, but totally colorless lashes. With time and experience it also became a good way to demonstrate some creativity.

P.S. I hope my English isn’t too dreadful.

Nadine Avatar

I love to wear eye makeup to pronounce my eyes , to play with colors and see how my brown eyes stand out with different shades. same goes for lipstick and nailpolish.

But I wish I didn’t have to wear foundation. The only reason I wear it is because my skin is really bad and I still struggle with acne. If I had good skin, I would be really happy to wear no foundation on hot summer days. But no chance for me πŸ™

cassandra c Avatar

I have red/blonde hair but have white blonde eyebrows and lashes. I also have very light green eyes. A makeup artist once told me I have “bald features”, whatever that means, but basically, if I dont wear something in my brows or lashes, I have a very odd look. I feel I MUST wear some makeup in order for people to even see my face!!

I also love to play with colors and textures and see which feature I can highlight most/best. I love makeup!

Christina Avatar

As long as its not a crutch and you cannot function without it, everyone looks better with a bit of makeup! So I wear it to look my best AND I think it’s an outlet for the frustrated artist in me (I used to be a portrait artist a long, long, long time ago). Love playing with colors and enhancing my features.

Danielle Avatar

I wear concealer because I feel like I need it haha. But everything else is an accessory, just like everyone else has said. And if I get a bit bored of my clothes, I feel like changing around my makeup can really spice things up without having to buy a new wardrobe.

Kristle Avatar

I wear make up to enhance my features, even out my skin tone, & to feel put together. I also love trying new things. I am always game to try a new foundation, eye shadow, mascara, you name it! Nail polish is my favorite thing though!

Cassy Avatar

While I do indeed wear it for the fun and creative aspect, I will admit that it’s also to change the way I look. I have never felt like I was naturally pretty and I like the feeling of control I have over how I look when I use makeup. I also use it to attract attention to my face and away from other areas of myself that I am not all that confident about.

I feel like I’m bringing down the party here, lol.

Patricia Avatar

I wear foundation and concealers to cover acne and scarring and to boost my confidence mainly. I have issues with going bare-faced in public (I know I shouldn’t but that’s the way it is), so that sort of makeup really helps.

However, I love playing around with things like mascara, blush, highlighters or eyeshadow just for fun! I don’t wear all of them them on a daily basis because I don’t feel like I need it, but it is fun when I do.

Joyce Avatar

Boost confidence when I’m not too lazy! Lol! I think I look more put together when I wear tinted moisturizer, mascara, and lip balm. Shame I’ve collected so much makeup over the years and rarely think to use it anymore. My family and friends aren’t complaining, since they’re the ones getting everything now! πŸ˜›

*sigh* I’ve lost my youthful vigor already. I’m 22 and no longer use bright pink and teal eyeshadows because I have lost all creativity to muster anything up. I’m all about beiges and browns now. *tear tear* But! Whenever I am in the mood, I absolutely love playing around with colors and products to create something beautiful and fun. I’ve always been into gradients, so the blending of different color eyeshadows is wonderful to me!

Julia Avatar

I originally started wearing makeup due to bad skin. However, now I wear it because it is fun. It is my way of being creative. Outside of makeup, I have no artistic skills whatsoever! I also find doing my makeup to be relaxing.

Mari Avatar

I hated wearing any because I live in a very humid, tropical climate, but…as I become older, I feel the ned to wear a bit more makeup to emphasize the good and distract from the bad. On top of that aging thingie, I ended up with melasma from some hormone treatments, so I now HAVE to wear a good foundation. I just have not been able to cover it with concealer, since they are big splotches, not dark, but wide. Christine, there is another question there for youto post! How to conceale those?

Angel Avatar

Definitely for the art and transformation. It’s amazing how a certain thickness of your eyeliner manipulates the shape of your eye. Or how nicely a pair of defined brows frame the face, and just tie everything together.

Alicia Avatar

I love experimenting with different colours to see what looks best on me. Part of is a for a confidence boost (I have poor skin) but I still go out in public bare-faced at times. I also love buying it, it’s a hobby for me. πŸ™‚

Sarah Avatar

Even when I’m not leaving the house I put on makeup because I think it’s fun! It’s sort of like painting a picture, except it is my face. Does that make sense? There is technique involved, and I’m still learning. I love trying different looks and then writing about them in my blog. I also love duping makeup.

Anne-Laure Avatar

Some days to hide redness or acnΓ©, some days just to feel more confident or fΓ©minine, and sometimes just for fun!

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