Which discontinued fragrance would you like to see brought back?

Which discontinued fragrance would you like to see brought back? Share!

Tom Ford Amber Absolute, though they just recently brought it back for a limited time.

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markiebamboo Avatar

VS! I was just thinking about this the other day. Was it a unisex fragrance? A friend gave me a bottle and I loved it. I don’t recall separate women’s and men’s versions. It was large and rectangular with a blue V/S on it. It was not something I saw everywhere. I can’t recall the notes but I know I loved it.

Elena Avatar

I’m so with you on this one! I’m wearing it right as I type this and it’s olfactory heaven. I have less than 30ml left. πŸ™ I’m thinking of getting Etat Libre d’Orange “Like This” which, while being drastically different, still offers comfort and Omnia-like embrace. Although, it’s a lot of pumpkin.

Amalia Avatar

It is still on the market in Greece. Try pharmacymegastore.gr for BULGARI OMNIA EAU DE PARFUM FOR WOMEN 40ml or aroma4u.gr if you can order from Greece.

Nancy T Avatar

The original version of Chloe by Karl Lagerfeld from way, way back in the 70’s and 80’s! My Mom had bought me the big bottle with that gorgeous frosted glass calla lily stopper that I had for years. I miss it. The “new” version smells different and NOT as pleasant!

Nancy T Avatar

Tbh, I don’t even think Karl Lagerfeld even has any sort of connection to this new version. The new one just didn’t wow me the way the original did.

Think115 Avatar

Thank you for this. I used to love Joy perfume, but the last bottle I purchased smelled different to me. Sadly, I assume it has been reformulated. I also find that many perfumes nowadays have the same “soapy” smell. Perhaps they are all using the same synthetic/chemical base. Ugh.

Helene Avatar

Thank you for doing the Googling! I did read something elsssse on this matter some time ago.
I find that a lot of my old favourite scents smell differently, but I have thought that maybe my sense of smell has altered or my skin has altered so perfumes smell differently.
I tried YSL Opium not long ago, and it was so different from what I remember from way, way back.
I also love Shalimar, but find it has also changed, along with Chanel no 5.

Eva Avatar

Giorgio Armani’s Acqua Di Gio for Women. It was created in 1995 and discontinued around 2009, if I’m not mistaken. I really love its’ scent. I wish they bring it back.

Cat Avatar

Speaking of Avon, do you remember Foxfire perfume? I LOVED that when I was a teen. My mother worked for Avon so I tried most of their fragrances in the early eighties. They also had the Sweet Honesty fragrance and my mother brought home all kinds of products with that scent — soap, powder, lotion. It was overkill! LOL

Jennifer Avatar

Chocolate Amber from Bath and Body Works. Far and away my favorite non-candle scent to ever come from them. My half bottle is being rationed extremely carefully!

Sara Peterson Avatar

I am still heartbroken over this one. I have never been able to find anything that comes close. Every so often I pop on to some threads and read if anyone has new ideas of a good sub. I just broke down and ordered a sample of Botrytis by Ginestet because it is frequently mentioned, we shall see…sigh.

Elena Avatar

Hi Astrild! Lancome website still has “O” Oui fragrance available for purchase. If this is the one that you think of, they just changed the bottle. This may or may not mean that they have reformulated. I can’t offer any clarify, but I did love the original when I bought it in early 2000s. Sephora may not carry it, though.

Lilac Avatar

I tried that and I think they reformulated it, too.
There are some perfume forums such as fragrantica or basenotes, where people might have more background information and experiences about this. Just an added FYI, before someone buys it (for example from abroad or online) thinking it’s still the same.
Most of the Lancomes have been reformulated (also Dolce Vita or Dune and so on. They got weaker aswell.).

Lilac Avatar

PS: to my earlier comment, I mixed up Dior and Lancome. But Lancomes Magie Noire is changed, too, aswell as Tresor. So both brands reformulated quite a lot of their perfumes πŸ™

Momo Avatar

High End:
❀ Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Lavande Velours (circa 1999)
❝I’d probably give my right arm for Guerlain to re-release this scent. Yeah, it’s that serious. Just let me know, Guerlain, when you’re ready for an extra limb. :P❞

Low End:
❀ Bath and Body Works White Cherry Blossom Splash (circa 2006)
❝This has to be the best scent B&BW ever produced! I’m still kicking myself for not buying this again when I had the chance; especially during their semi-annual sale. Ugh! I used to get so many compliments whenever I wore this scent.❞

Anne Avatar

As I’ve really only ever liked Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt, probably my mom’s old perfume. It was L’Occitane White Tea (maybe green tea before that) and I have an old bottle of hers that I uncap and smell sometimes when I really miss her.

Eva Avatar

Did you mean Tropical Punch? Oh I love it too. Smelled fresh and sweet – but not to overly like “childish sweet” – at the same time. I use to had one bottle back then and had to finish it before it smelled bad because I save it by spray it so little everytime I wore it, LOL…

joyce Avatar

Tocca Touch, the scented oil. I really like the current Tocca perfumes, but I was in love with Touch: floral, warm, and spicy. They brought it back briefly as a spray fragrance (which wasn’t quite the same) and then discontinued it altogether.

Manal Niazi Avatar

i would love to have marc jacobs daisy sunshine and daisy delight editions, especially in the eau so fresh versions, re-released. i looooved those!

Donna Avatar

Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Winter Delice, Gap Om, Kiehl’s Coriander, Cucumber, and other fragrance oils instead of the spray fragrances they have had for the past few years. Way to take something unique and make it mundane. L’Occitane Amber, the original 2001 version, although they do have it occasionally in winter for a limited time.

Sadra Avatar

Where do I start? A couple of these are pretty obscure, but here goes:
1. Womenswear by Alexander Julian
2. Madonna Truth or Dare
3. Chypre by Coty
4. Diorling by Dior
5. Theorema by Fendi
6. Pre-reformulated Habanita by Molinard (edp and edt)
Some of these you can still find at discounters, but some are simply lost to the ages.

Lilac Avatar

Yes, Truth Or Dare is still around, but it vanished from many high-end stores, so it might be the other shops are selling the last batches of it. So if anyone is really into it, might be a thought to stock up before it becomes impossible to find.

KaseyCannuck Avatar

Lancome Aroma Tonic. It came back a couple of times around Christmas in the past few years but not last year. I JUST finished my bottle ?. I’m hoping it comes back this year.

kjh Avatar

I think L’Occitane d/c’d 4 Voleurs (thieves). Loved that and the backstory. I think Capucci’s eponymous scent, which was really nice for fall, is gone, too. S.T. scents (and m/u as well) no longer import to one’s country (think US Bourjois) which is even worse, because then you invent elaborate plans to get it: so much easier in the days of internet. I had friends visiting Haiti scouring for Bien Etre, the original, which never seemed to get to Quebec, in those days. That’s one of the sad/nostalgic things about getting older. Things you love ‘pass away’ before you do.

Brownie Avatar

MV1 I LOVED this. What it’s going for on eBay is ridiculous and not worth it IMO. I DO wish that MAC brings this back. It’s not my favorite fragrance but top 5.

Leslie Avatar

My mom used to wear the original Calvin Klein fragrance in the 80’s. I LOVED the scent of it…very warm scent. I used to always ask to use some of it lol. Also, Oscar De La Renta’s original scent which was also from the 80’s. It was very feminine and flowery. Would love to have both of those back.

Ashleigh Avatar

The Thierry Mugler taste of fragrance flanker line. You can still find them online, but I want to test them all before purchasing. πŸ™ Eventually I might cave and just blind buy the Womanity and Angel one.

Chelsea Avatar

Guerlain Vertiver Pour Elle. I had a sample but never got a chance to purchase a full bottle before it was discontinued. It was sold only in Paris.

Patsyann Avatar

Fleur de Fleurs by Nina Ricci is a perfume I wish would reappear. It has long been discontinued. However I know that a modern remake would never equal the beauty of this oldie goldie….too many restrictions on ingredients these days.

Erin Avatar

How many can I name!

TF Amber

Original Poison and Original Addict

Everything Guerlain, holy cow so many!

Burberry Gold, Red, and The Beat (The Beat is my favorite year round office scent)

Armani white, Sensi, and Mania plus a few of the Prive

Fahrenheit Absolut


McQueen Kingdom

Kors by Michael Kors

Elena Avatar

My wish list:

– Le Feu d’Issey by Issey Miyake. (I wasn’t ready when it was everywhere, and then it was no more. Bring it as a X-mas special, limited edition, anything.)
– Eau d’Eden by Cacharel (Where are you, my Young University Years?)
– Oceanus by The Body Shop. (Where are you, my Young High school Years?)
– Gucci (2002) by Gucci (It was scary at the time)
– Asphalt Flower by MAC
– Sotto Voce by Laura Biagiotti (The damn bottle has a tuning fork, ‘nuf said)
– Pre-2007 versions of Dolce Vita by Dior. (What on earth is that new stuff?!)
– Non-reformulated Amour by Kenzo (The old is magic, the new one is heartbreak in a bottle. I’m in the process of hoarding the planet’s remaining stock of the orange bottles)

+1 on Previously mentioned Kingdom by Alexander McQueen, Omnia by Bvlgari and Mania by Giorgio Armani.

Lilac Avatar

oh, I forgot Sotto Voce in my list, that was beautiful. Also Tempore Donna by Laura Biagiotti. And Dolce Vita is really disapointing now (I attributed it in another comment to Lancome, got something crossed, of course it is Dior).

Victoria Avatar

Without a doubt, Max Azria, BCBG METRO! I LOVE THAT PERFUME! I have no idea why they discontinued it, it was pretty popular. I still have some from 10 years ago, I’m holding onto it for dear life! LOL I’ve yet to find a dupe for it, anyone know of any dupes? Thanks in advance!

Deborah Avatar

Hi – I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment until now! Yikes! No, it was in a green bottle. I purchased it about 15 years ago maybe? More? I tried ordering a small size from one of those websites that sell discontinued scents but it wasn’t even close to being the right one. *sigh*

Nikki J. Avatar

Bath and Body Works Forever Midnight! I received it as a gift last Christmas, and I’m so in love with the scent! Someone asks me what I’m wearing every time I wear it without fail. It’s the only fragrance both high-end or low-end that I’ve actually ever considered repuchasing, only to find out it no longer exists. I used it all the time prior to finding out it was discontinued. Now, I only use it for special occasions and date nights with my husband.

Lilac Avatar

Opium in the original version was georgeous, now it smells like it’s off – depends of course on the skin chemistry of the person wearing it, but I could wear it well, it was very cinnamon-y, and now not anymore. Same with Loulou; I know this is a terrible perfume to some people but also this used to smell much richer and milkier (if you don’t pour half a bottle on yourself, though) and less harsh and shrill and weak at the same time, the way it is now.

Diana D. Avatar

I wish Dior would bring back Midnight Poison – this one I just recently purchased, out of sheer luck. It was only discontinued in 2013 but it’s impossible to find at a reasonable price. Dior is notorious for discontinuing fragrances!

I also would love to see Chocolovers by Aquolina be brought back, and L de Lolita by Lolita Lempicka.

Kristin Avatar

Tarte had an EDT maybe 15 years ago (purple leather-encased square bottle with an atomizer). I actually can’t find any reference to it online, but I know it exists; it’s sitting on my dresser now!
Also Benefit Maybe Baby, Tocca Touch & Escada Ibiza Hippie. (Wish I bought Touch, but I own the other two).

Lilac Avatar

Ultima II, Fendi (the original scent), Montana – Parfum D’Elle (also the original scent and not the current reformulation), Benetton (the green bottle from way back). Anna Sui. Calvin Klein – Truth, D&G – By (that was just so unbelievably great).
Actually, basically all of my favourite scents have been discontinued! Each and every single one. I found some nice other perfumes, but they are not of the same breathtaking level (in a good way). There are some bottles of the old originals floating about Ebay but at insane prices, plus the contents are actually old (even if they are still good but mostly not; because it just has been too long time and no-one knows how they were stored).

Sharon M Avatar

Xi’a Xi’ang. I’m extremely picky about fragrances, but absolutely adored this one… had the little purse bottle and a larger one for the top of my dresser.

Cat Avatar

Baryshnikov Pour Homme. I bought it for my husband one Christmas and it was the most amazing, most irresistible fragrance! He knew I couldn’t stay away from him when he wore it. I know he wishes it were available again! =)

Lilac Avatar

This fragrance was re-released under Serge Lutens’ own name, (instead of Shiseido) but still called Feminite Du Bois. I heard that itΒ΄s really close to the first version.

lisa Avatar

Way back in the 1980s and 1990s, Clarins made a fragrance called ELYSIUM. It was DIVINE. I still think about it and cannot fathom why it was discontinued.

Pasheeda Morris Avatar

3 Fragrances that should be brought back:
Aqua Allegoria Rosa Magnifica by Guerlain- A beautifully crafted fresh rose fragrance with a hint of pink peppercorn. Very lovely scent. We need more rose scents from Guerlain that are more floral scented than floral woody/floral oriental scented.

Evelyn Rose by Crabtree & Evelyn- The original formulation with the classic rose scent mingled with peach. Rose fragrances should be soft, timeless, and chic. I don’t want all that woody and oriental notes in my rose fragrances. Give me powdery soft floral rose fragrances anytime.

Damask Rose by Crabtree and Evelyn-The first fragrance I started wearing after discovering it at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Another timeless classic that Crabtree and Evelyn decided to discontinue. It is a pure rose fragrance at its form. A lovely rose scent just by itself. If they decide to bring that back, it would make my day. It would be great if Crabtree and Evelyn would bring back Damask Rose in their “Heritage” fragrance collection.

Think115 Avatar

Bath and Body’s Memoir of a Geisha. I think this must have been a limited edition scent, as there was a movie with the same name. I have one tiny bottle left. I receive compliments every time I wear it.

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