Disney Collection Princess Mirrors at Sephora

Disney Collection Princess Mirrors
Disney Collection Princess Mirrors

This magical partnership between Disney and Sephora features a series of limited-edition collections filled with fantasy and spirit. Each Reigning Beauty compact mirror has been revitalized by Sephora in these exclusive collectible compacts, featuring Disney’s most iconic and popular princesses. Inspired by the princesses over the decades, Disney’s Reigning Beauties are here to tell their story for today’s modern princess.

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The Details

Compact Mirror, $32.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Elsa and Anna
  • Aurora
  • Belle
  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • Ariel

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Disney Collection Princess Mirrors
Disney Collection Princess Mirrors

Disney Collection Princess Mirrors
Disney Collection Princess Mirrors

Disney Collection Princess Mirrors
Disney Collection Princess Mirrors

Disney Collection Princess Mirrors
Disney Collection Princess Mirrors

Disney Collection Princess Mirrors
Disney Collection Princess Mirrors

Disney Collection Princess Mirrors
Disney Collection Princess Mirrors

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I’ve been watching these for over a week to get restocked. I ordered the Frozen one and Belle (my fave Disney princess) and now I’m debating about getting the Sleeping Beauty one. I got the ones that were released with the collections in past. I love them. The Jasmine one has been in my purse for about two and a half years now. These arnt as intricate as the previous ones, not to mention they raised the price $12!!!, but they’re still beautiful. I hope this is a sign that Disney may collaborate with Sephora again and do those beautiful collections again.

I was staring at these, thinking something was missing, and you’re right!! What the hell happened to all the minorities??? I think these are cute, but c’mon, they could’ve been more diverse and included some of the other Disney characters too! So sad. Disney really dropped the ball on this one 🙁

That is odd, now that you mention it. I’m very sure they had done a Jasmine collection too a few years back, I remember buying a rollerball! They should have also done Mulan, that could have been gorgeous with the flower blossoms. Or Pocahontas with feathers or leaves. Dang, they really only did do the white princesses.

But that’s the same rationale as to why there’s such limited shade ranges in drugstore foundation, despite there being a high demand and clear market from WOC.

Well I can’t say that people are paying as much attention to the demand as they are what’s popular and what sells in the current market*. You can’t have a statistic surrounding a product type that doesn’t exist within a brand*, right? I can imagine many brands not bothering because they don’t think enough of it will sell if they introduced it and would rather put the R&D into other products. Just my 2 cents.

PS I’m not saying this is a good thing!

Ariel was my favorite childhood movie and has always held a dear place in my heart. If these are still in stock when I place my next Sephora order, I’ll definitely get hers! These actually look lovely and of good quality for the price.

I had no idea who was pictured in the last one; I guess my knowledge of Disney princesses stopped with Pocahontas. I’d get Ariel. Who didn’t want to be a mermaid as a young girl? That was one of my biggest aspirations! 🙂

I’m not really interested in these – they’re a bit too cut and paste for me as far as design goes. The three that they did a couple years ago were much more unique to each princess.

and if I get them all, my collection’s complete.
but what would you think of the girl… the girl who has…. everything??

sorry, couldn’t help it. and now I’m singing the song in my head but with makeup related lyrics. thanks! will be a fun afternoon.

I would never drop $32 on a mirror, but man, if they would have included even one of the nonwhite princesses I may have been tempted. Mulan, Tiana, Pocahontas and Jasmine designs in this style could have been so pretty!

Agreed! Tiana is my favorite princess and her story would have made such a beautiful mirror. Lilypads, flowers, her gorgeous petal-inspired gown… They missed out big time on this one!

Mulan for me would have been a must have. All the girls could have had some beautiful palette of shapes and tones.

Merida I would freak out over though as well. *_* Crazy ginger hair represent!

Snow White isn’t really recognizable at all. The profile is generic, and the distinctive high collar blends too much with her hair. Anna also isn’t that recognizable with only one pigtail showing.

I do like the Ariel mirror, though!

So not me. Not even when I was young. I think the only Disney stories I truly loved involved animals, not peeps and especially not princesses. So these are not an option for me. I do recollect the similar mirrors from a few years back where I think they looked less cheesy. Apologies to the fans here and not trying to burst anyone’s bubble whatsoever, but the graphics do look on the cheap.

I was always more interested in the villains (they had much better makeup, LOL!). My 9-year-old isn’t even all that interested in princesses; she’s always been into Minnie Mouse…

I’ll always vote for the villains because they have more depth. Saccharine sweetness never works for me; makes me grate my teeth together or punch something. LOL. Your daughter has good taste. Minnie is fun. 🙂

No Mulan, Jasmine? Meh, not interested.

And not a Disney princess but Anastasia needs to have a collaboration somewhere. The whole Russian princess theme could make some really luxurious packaging.

YES! I loved the Anastasia movie so much more than 90% of the actual Disney princesses when i was young. She was so sassy and her dynamic with her man was actually realistic in the fact that it started out kind of antagonizing and then became real affection, rather than “OMGZ SHE’S SO PRETTY LET’S GET MARRIED”

*heavy breathing*

I’m hoping the fact that these sold out so fast the first time will encourage Sephora to bring back the Disney makeup collection. I need a full Belle beauty collection like I need air.

I love having young (or even adult) girls ask me who my favorite princess is, since we are overrun with them at my night job. I always say, ‘Goofy, followed closely by Pluto.’ A young gent I know lives with his fiancée, and they have an Ariel bathroom and a slew of princesses on their living room wall. I just COULDN’T. But I will tell him about the mirrors, so he can get her a spot on gift.

Why not Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana…? It’ll be so nice having princess of color be part of a collection. :'( Growing up, I loved Ariel for mermaids and Pocahontas because she was close to looking like me for my long dark hair when I was 5, then when Mulan came I was happy to see a Chinese Disney princess because I’m Chinese.

I would get Ariel, oh the happy memories. <3

They’re so pretty! A friend bought me the Ariel one from the previous collection while on holiday in the US. Really wish we had Sephora in the UK 🙁

I love this. Not for me. I wish my little girl was still into the princesses. I would be all over some of these. Nope, at 10 she’s already growing up on me already. These would be great for collectors!

I got Aurora, but I feel pretty good about stopping there, though I do really like Cinderella and Ariel as well. Seconding the call for a Villains collection, though. I’d love a Maleficent mirror (in gunmetal, maybe?)

There’s an Art of Jasmine collection at disneystore.com right now. No compact but they do have stuff like a purse and journal. Sure, I would like to see Tiana and Mulan also get representation and am mystified that they wouldn’t at least include Jasmine with the upcoming Aladdin blu ray. Are they saving all the princesses of color for a later collection? If so, why not just include two in each wave?

OMG!!!! I like the fact they are using the same Disney (I see Mickey) frame for the girls, but it was such a coveted item with the Sephora Disney collections I think it’s great to get a relaunch of them. I have all 3 of the orginal set I’m sorely tempted to pick up 2 of these.

Ariel’s because I love this design soo much more than the original and maybe Belle’s. I like the feel of Elsa and Anna’s design, but I’d rather just have an Arendelle mirror like the original 3. lol

I absolutely love this. I definitely want Ariel’s compact. I’ve been an Ariel fan since I was a little girl. I know some people are complaining about the diversity but they’re supposed to be the most popular princess’ Disney has. Unfortunately the other ladies aren’t as big as the fair skinned princesses. I would love to see another Jasmine collection. I loved the colors on the last one. Another good one is Mulan, I don’t think I’ve seen one for her

Elsa’s silhouette looks a bit creepy at first glance. It looks like a weird tree that is about to attack Anna, especially the fingers. The ‘cape’ to Elsa’s dress is a pretty touch, but not feeling that Elsa/Let it Go pose.

i bought Aurora and Belle for my sisters for Christmas. Personally I’d love Mary Poppins. I know, not a princess but still… A villians collections would be beautiful too but first a few more princesses Disney! Cannot wait for more collabs!

They made Snow White a bobblehead. o___O With these one-shape-fits-all mirror decor frames, there was no justification in raising the price. I usually collect unique compact mirrors from Sephora (still holding out for the magic golden potato mirror with the black tassel on eBay once I have the cash) but these are a rare pass for me. I might only get Belle, but only because I want a mirror to match when I wear the character’s costume.

They didn’t just leave out the princesses of color, but Merida also. No love for us red headed Scottish girls. I do understand that these designs are their best selling princesses, but they really should try smaller batches of other princesses and see how it goes. It could be a great gauge of how things sell.

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