When does the hunt for a holy grail product end?

Sort of… never but there is definitely a nice pause if I find something that I feel is the best I’ve ever tried and hits all the high points I’ve been wanting. If a brand puts something out that really seems like it could be better, I’m definitely game to try it.

— Christine
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When I find something that works for me on every level and nothing else comes close. For example, a few years ago I fell in love with Estée Lauder Double Wear Makeup. I still kept trying samples of other foundations (Dior, NARS, Lancôme, MAC, etc.) just because…but none of them even came close to EL, so I finally realized I had found my HG foundation and I’ve never looked back. The only times in the future that I can see trying a different foundation are (1) if my skin changes and EL’s formula no longer works on me, or (2) if EL discontinues Double Wear, which would devastate me.

Ummm….pretty much never. I’m sort of “holy grail-ed” in a lot of products (makeup and skin care) but if I hear from a reliable source about something new that is possibly better, I’m willing to give it a try.

I’d agree with Seraphine, but add when a brand changes formula, which can happen quite often. You may continue to read and research, but you are fairly unlikely to try the possible ‘improvement.’ HGs seem more relevant in base products and skin care than in color cosmetics. If you find yourself liking a formula in color, you might adopt a ‘gotta catch ‘em all’ mentality, but that won’t necessarily mean that color formula becomes HG, and you buy only that formula. If you consider a product for a ‘problem area,’ you might try absolutely everything from absolutely everybody. Concealer is my White Whale*, the opposite of an HG. * White Whale = Moby Dick, that elusive nemesis.

I think a lot of my products come close to HG. I still like to try new things, but lately, I don’t think anything I have tried is particularly game changing. Certain items are less forgiving, it either works or does not work at all, like primer, foundation, eyeliner, brow and mascara, and I think I really like what I have.

Things like eye shadow, blushes, highlighters, unless it totally under performs, do not make a ton of difference, as long as the color works. To me, something that is rated A really is not that much better than something with a B+. Blushes and highlights are even more forgiving, since they really don’t look that different once put on, and it is hard to find one that under performs but rather highly dependent on the application.

I still enjoy trying new things, just don’t know if it is worth the money for me anymore to keep on buying. I never finish anything to justify the spending. And I would like to thanks Christine for saving me a ton of money from buying things that I already have a dupe for.

I find most holy grails have a shelf life in the trophy case. Part of this is due to curiosity about other products, part due to reformulations that take a step back from the HG’s prior efficacy, and partly because our tastes and needs can evolve. I do have a few products I keep returning to.

Once I find “perfection”, I suppose? But even then, let something even more earthshaking come along and I’ll be all over that! For instance, my little Viseart Amethyst Theory palette is my HG purple palette. Then along comes Melt She’s In Parties Palette…and I am convinced that this will now be my HG purple palette once I get it.
Same goes for foundations. Lancome Teint Idole is a phenomenal formula, but I didn’t have the best luck finding the perfect shade match. A few years in, Fenty puts out their Hydrating formula and lucky for me there is a shade that matches me very nicely, so I switched.

The hunt never ends for me. I thought I had collected my favorites, but then decided that I did not want to support brands that enable animal testing so the hunt began again. And as I aged, some favorite products stopped working or just weren’t so flattering anymore. Nothing lasts forever except the search.

That’s a good point, our makeup and skincare needs, preferences and routines change with age, workplace, moves to other climates, family life, etc. Once you find the holy grails, life might change completely and you need to start from scratch.
Looking back, many of my holy grail products from where I lived back in Central Europe didn’t go well when I moved to California.

I never really look for a “Holy Grail.” Sometimes I find things I really like and rarely stray from — my Lunatick contour book, the MUG Glitz highlighter — but for the most part I use what seems to work, and if I run out/it goes bad, whether I buy the same thing or try something new depends a lot on my mood on the day I need to replace it — sometimes I feel like checking into possibilities, sometimes I just want to grab more of the same and be done shopping, LOL.

Like many here, I don’t think it ever ends. I have been looking for a HG concealer for forever and I will think I am close or that I have found it only to realize it isn’t any better than many others I have. My HG concealer would be one that actually covers my hyperpigmentation so each time I hear there is an amazing concealer I try it, only to be disappointed again. I keep searching though. I think that I am tempted by all the hype and in some instances I can talk myself out of it but when it comes to concealers, I usually cave.

It never actually does…

It’s something maybe odd… currently I’m mainly repurchasing whatever I finish, I found my holy grail concealer, foundation, powder, eyeshadow formula, brow products, skincare, bodycare. I don’t mind using the same product over and over again.
But somehow if something catches my attention, I am willing to try it. Products get discontinued, formulas are improved (or sometimes changed to something worse), it’s good to have an eye open to new items.

But once I find a holy grail, I don’t mind using it again and again… I just don’t have the “craving” of trying something new.

It ends when my interest in pursuing something ends as I’m the kind of person who can do, use or be interested in something religiously for years then one day simply be done with it and walk away.

I guess like everyone else says, it never really ends bc my needs will change depending on my skin condition and the look I’m going for. That said, if a product meets my needs, I will continue to use it until the product is finished with.

Interesting question! Hope we’ll soon get to hear what everybody’s holy grail products are (and why). I’d say I develop favorites, but will try new things now and then when it’s time to replace – if something’s caught my eye, and has had great reviews especially from the Temptalia community . I rarely feel that ‘nothing could possibly be better than this’ – even when a product is great, something else might be as good but different. My craving for variety trumps repetition of a sure thing, so I always have a mix of tried and true with something new on hand.

Life is ever changing so in turn are products. I try not to get too attached to a product because that is when they decide to discontinue it. I pay very good attention to people’s opinions on products when they have the same issues that I have because I’m always on the hunt for the next best thing that will work with my ever changing skin issues. So I will hang on to my HG products but when I hear about something better I will jump ship!

You said it perfectly. It never truly ends for me, but I have current HGs in some categories. That doesn’t always stop me from trying something new if I think it will be a contender to supplant my currents. Of course, there are some items I’ve never found HGs for, and the search kind of goes on.

Lately, I’m lots of things and becoming satiated. Yes, who would have thought it possible! ??? So, until the day of me snappy my fingers and voila, my face is done to suit my mood for the day, I realize that there is no Holy Grail product and will never be ????

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