What’s your makeup style for work or school?

What’s your makeup style for work or school? Share!

Anything goes around here… 😉

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Pretty bare for work! Base, under eye corrector, concealer, blush, mascara. Boom. I’m usually running late in the morning & keep mascara in my purse! 😉

Same here. The only differences are that I skip mascara because my eyes are pretty watery and I touch my eyes a lot. but, on the other hand, I always makeup my eyebrows because I don’t have a lot of hair.

Anything I want, which is mostly bold and dark, with sometimes over-the-top brights thrown in. One of the perks of being an artist is I’m expected to be ~quirky, and also community college is casual so I don’t have to tone it down for work (though I do get mistaken for a student often haha).

My workplace is kind of a conservative office with business casual dress code. I usually wear neutral shadows with a bold lip, since that’s the fastest way to get ready in the morning. I only wear colorful shadows (blues, purples, greens) if I have time to prep my oily lids properly, so they don’t fade, crease, or slide off. (sigh) If I had normal lids, I would be wearing them more often.

I can wear whatever I like, I work in a lab so anything really goes makeup-wise. I usually do a neutral-ish eye, upper eyeliner only most days (mostly black but sometimes bright green, teal or purple), mascara, blush + highlighter, brow powder and then I slap on some balm. At the moment I usually skip lipstick but I just got some new LA Girl Matte Pigment liquid lipsticks and 5 new Colourpop lippie stix arrived just this morning so I will be rocking a bright lip tomorrow!

My make-up routine for school is fairly simple and it’s all about oil control, because it’s really hot and humid where I live and my classes can be quite far apart so there’s a fair bit of walking I have to do throughout the day. I tend to stick with BB Cream with SPF (Estee Lauder’s DayWear SPF 35 – it’s too sunny here not to wear sunscreen), some pressed powder along the T zone, a little bit of concealer stick, waterproof mascara (I LOVE Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes in the deluxe sample size! It’s surprisingly waterproof) and if I have time, winged eyeliner.

My lips are naturally not very pigmented so I have to wear lipstick if I don’t want to be taken for a zombie – usually I’ll go with a soft red lip (I like Clinique’s Intense Chubby Stick in Heftiest Hibiscus, layered with Urban Decay’s Sheer Slow Burn lipstick) or a pink-coral shade (MAC’s Crosswires or Bobbi Brown’s Sweet Nectar). I never wear lipgloss to school because I tend to sweat and it just makes everything look messy and unsophisticated with all that shine.

I am also an Academic Librarian and I wear bright red and orange lipsticks from MAC. In fact, I am the only librarian that wears makeup the whole nine yard. lol..

My work make up and my off day make up aren’t really any different! I can’t pull off anything too creative anyway, so luckily pretty much whatever I decide to do that day is work appropriate!

School IS my work – I’m a secondary school teacher. And neutral eyes with a bright lip is pretty much my go-to for every day. Because I teach Food and Nutrition and we cook at least twice a week, what I wear has to be pretty “heat and steam-proof” (cooking with 25 students in 6 kitchens X 3 classes a day is pretty warm work) so products like Colour Tattoo shadows for my eyes, either on their own or as bases, are a must, or else a really hard wearing shadow primer like UDPP. A lot of the women I work with wear no makeup at all so I try to keep my look pretty subtle but I do like to be a good role model for the young women I teach as to what is work appropriate both in terms of my makeup and my clothing choices.

It’s pretty much what you’d call neutral/day style. That said, it involves “the works” every time (30-40 min. every day, but I’m prepared to make this sacrifice 😉 ). I mean down to highlighter, bronzer, lip liner and eyebrows (never false eyelashes though). I’m very much about complexion, so nothing too colorful or bright. The “most used” eye shadow combination is MAC Naked Lunch + Patina (which is compensated by a very noticeable black/dark eyeliner) and Warm Soul or Melba on the cheeks. I am slowly trying to make myself wear more color on my lips to work (got Clinique Lip Pop in Plum Pop and loving it!), but still feel more comfortable with smth like MAC Hue, Honey Love or Japanese Maple.

I’m a senior in high school so yeah, anything goes! At work is pretty much the same policy, but I have to make sure whatever I’ve put on is long-wearing- lots of primer, and I find Bite Beauty Luminous Creme lipsticks are always the ones to stay put.

I work 14 hour days in a hospital. My makeup has to be long lasting and fairly basic (we are told our makeup must be minimal and neutral by the managers to be in keeping with our professional roles). I have to apply my makeup at 5:30am so it’s gotta be quick and easy coz at that time I can’t be bothered with anything too time consuming. Usually it’s just foundation, HD powder, blush, cream eyeshadow, mascara and something to tame my brows. I use a setting spray to try to keep it looking good for the majority of my shift but it’s usually pretty much gone after I’ve been running around all shift.

I keep my makeup simple, fast and fresh for work – tinted moisturizer, concealer, powder, blush with a radiant finish, brow gel, cream eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss

I work from home so when I’m working, it’s just a shower, exfoliating scrub (Korres), serum (Boots No. 7), eye cream (Trish McEvoy retinol), and moisturizer (Embryolisse) if needed. When I have to leave the house and/or weekends, I love a statement eye look. Foundation varies depending on mood for coverage (either light coverage or medium – currently using Trish McEvoy or Charlotte Tilbury), always contour with Too Faced Snow Bunny (the only pink-based bronzer that works for my light skin), and blush varies between a pop of pink or coral – depending on shade I plan to wear – topped with either Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick in pink or M.A.C. Bao Bao Wan beauty powder (again depending on tone I plan to wear).

Anything goes for me, too 😀 what i usually end up with is my usual ton of foundation, powder, MAC bare study paint pot all over my eyelids, some light luminous eyeshadow, a winged black cat eyes, done with my black flormar eyeshadow and elf angled brush, very lightly done brows (with the same e/s and e/b), black avon mascara (tho sometimes i use a blue one from seventeen.

For my lips, i usually use a nyx butter gloss (most often in praline) or a creamy lipstick (now i’m into nude-browns and nude-pinks-BRING THE 90’S BACK ALREADY!…like catrice’s maroon, catherine arley’s caffee lattee, MAC’s modesty and that modest mauve avon one i keep on saving till i find a perfect dupe in shade and texture)

i don’t wear blush as my most blemished areas are my cheeks…and i keep touching them up with make-up, as i do w the rest, so it’d be pointless to put some blush on if it’s gonna get covered.

I work in a casual but professional office where there is a limited dress code, and not many people around me share a love of makeup. I tend to keep it more natural looking, but I do love to play around with bold blushes, lip colors, highlights, and eye looks under my glasses. I change my nail polish almost every day as well. About the only thing I won’t wear to work is blue or black lipstick, though I can’t promise that won’t happen some day!

I work form home too. But,I try to at least do my brows and cover up my darks circles because my daughter likes to have people over and I look awful without those two things done. Most days I do at least my brows, lashes, foundation, concealer, blush, higlight, maybe a light contour. If I feel good and have time, I do my eyes. Lips are a quick gloss or sheer lipstick typically these days. Usually a lipstick in evening or colder months for some . A lot of times my office will have me drop off files suddenly and I hate running in there a mess. plus, I just feel better if I feel like I look better.

Mostly simple. If I have time, a bright or dark lip color rather than the more subdued lip colors I wear.

Some highlight around the eyes and a shit ton of mascara (I’m wearing glasses at school), well defined brows, any lipcolor that matches my outfit. I’m not shy of wearing bright or dark lippies.
I think if I had a job that required clients or any other type of interaction, I would wear more neutral or classic lipstick.

Anything goes – except really bright lips! I use a slightly heavy hand with my under-eye concealer so that it lasts most of the day, but otherwise it is pretty much the same.

I work in a professional office so I usually do a full face: foundation, concealer, slight contour, blush, fully done eye (4-5 shades) in neutrals with gel liner on the top lids, and a colorful lipstick to finish it off. I could wear less but I like looking polished at work.

I’m in the Air Force, so you could imagine how little makeup is worn by females in general. The standards for makeup are in writing, which is basically neutral and professional. In keeping with that, I usually do my base (foundation, concealer, powder), a complimentary blush, subtle highlight and a neutral colored lip gloss. I leave all of the bold makeup for the weekends and off duty time 🙂

I usually keep my makeup simple for work since I’m always pressed for time. I fill in my brows, make a quick cat eye, add some eyeliner and falsies. Then for my face, I apply a little BB cream, concealer and powder. Maybe highlight and contour powder too. I also wear lipstick or gloss depending on my mood

As long as I’m not running late (which hasn’t been much recently since local schools are out for summer), I at least put on eyebrows and lip balm/stick/gloss. Sometimes I’ll also do my little heart-shaped freckle and mascara, but mascara is my lowest priority because I wear glasses anyway and my eyes are super dry and sensitive.

Completely bare-faced! I work in a veterinary lab, and I work night-shift. I’m by far the youngest person at my job, and none of the other women there wear any makeup. I’d feel a bit out of place, to be honest! Besides, I just go to bed when I finally get home around 8:30 AM so what’s the point?

Some version of very neutral. I don’t really like eyeshadow or lipstick for day. So usually it’s foundation, concealer, powder, brows (shadow and clear gel), tightline with black on my upper lashline, mascara, and blush. Sometimes I’ll contour and I often use multiple cheek colors, but otherwise that’s it.

I might be more inclined to wear eyeliner or something if I could get it to say on my oily hooded lids, but eyeliner and shadow that stay a full day is a multi-step process that I do not have the inclination or time to do in the morning. Tightlining is as fancy as I get.

That said today I’m wearing a sweep of a neutral taupe cream shadow just to give some depth. Sometimes I feel like getting fancy. But even then I put it on and was like “ack, too much makeup!” (and this from someone obsessed with makeup). And it still requires a primer-powder-shadow layering process that gets annoying at times.

Yep, I know what you mean! I have oily lids too (one hooded), and I have to prep and layer carefully, or else everything will melt, fade, or crease into some horror show. So if I’m running late in the morning, no fancy eye makeup for me LOL

For work none ,because I work from home. But when I go out woohoo! Baby I go full face fake lashes and all.

Well… school: mostly winged out liquid liner in black or a brownish type light eyeshadow look and a healthy nude lip color… but if I feel like, I wear bolder colors.

Work… hahahah. Depends on the work. When I was working from home, had to get up really early, and I love sleep, so my make-up was mostly nonexistent (moisturizer, lip balm, hair combing), or if I was really feeling down, I threw on a bolder colored, yet moisturizing lip product.

Other times, I was working at a mall scarf / clothing shop, There, I could wear almost anything I wanted… especially since I was working next to a nail art shop and a disco attire store, and I could not even race with those girls… and I was wearing loads of color then. They were wearing complete party make-up with fake glitter lashes, uber smokey eyes, the most frosty lipgloss, heavy bronzer and all that :D.

And I was working at an office as well. There, I wore stuff like I wear for school, maybe a bit more variety in color eyeshadow, but still faint and natural.

Neutral neutral neutral… I’m a teacher so it needs to be quick in the morning, last all day and be something I don’t have to think about being that there isn’t time to touch up. I do switch up my lipstick seasonally but they are always a sheer wash on color.

I feel really lucky to work in an office where crazy lip colors, glitter lips, full on goth with black lips, night looks, whatever I want is totally cool with everyone. So I change it up every day depending on what I’m wearing/what’s inspiring me!

I’m currently working three jobs throughout the summer, so it varies wildly depending on what I’m doing. My hospital and restaurant job are usually sans makeup because the areas I work in are either 1.) sterile, 2.) sequestered away from the rest of the staff. My one retail job, however, I do wear makeup for because I’m on the sales floor sometimes, and I feel more “professional” when I complete a look with makeup. Generally, I’ll go full face, though if I’m running late I’ll do concealer, a wash of eyeshadow, mascara, and lipstick/gloss.

Secondary educator here. I usually wear a neutral eye combo—sometimes a pop of color with shadow on the lid or liner on the lower lash—with liner and mascara, a pinky-toned or peachy blush and a lippy, which varies from nudes to pinks to reds (sometimes vivid pinks or a bold purple). If I am short on time in the morning, I cut out foundation or BB cream and only use concealer as needed. During times of the year when I am feeling burned out, I’ll cut back out the shadows and layer on the mascara with everything else!

I work from home, so I wear whatever I want. Before that, I worked as claims analyst for a company specializing in administrating class action lawsuits. We didn’t deal with anyone in person, so again, we could wear whatever we wanted (though I refrained from neons and glittery makeup). The only exception was if a client or potential client, or someone from corporate, was touring our location. Then, we were asked to be business casual.

I work in a conservative health care related field, so for summer I wear a bit of neutral shimmer eyeshadow. I’ve been living in Laura Mercier metallic cream shadows (Rose Gold and Alloy are my current daytime obsessions; Burnished Copper for evening) as they can be applied very sheer and evenly and they are more subtle/shimmery than sparkly. I use them as a one step cream shadow/primer. One swipe, a little blending and I’m done. Then smudge a bit of charcoal or bronze eyeliner along top lashes and add Mascara. Sunscreen moisturizer/primer and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural. Plus a little NARS Orgasm powder blush, if I think of it. The part I never go without is the sunscreen and MAC powder.

The same as usual – the whole enchilada. I love matching my eye shadows to what I am wearing and I use foundation, blush, lipstick etc. I work as a teacher and I always like to have my “face” on.

I don’t work outside the house; the only time I wear makeup at home is when I’m fooling around with a new look or product.

Back when I was in school, I always represented my signature style, same for work! One exception was working in the financial district at s corporate job. They didn’t like that! 😀

im a bartender on the lower east side of nyc so i can do any goddamn thing i want with my makeup for work. i work in 2 dive bars – so sometimes its a little bowie, sometimes it’s a little hedwig, sometimes it’s classical 40’s movie star – on monday and tuesday i have to be at work by 9am (unheard of time for bartenders) – i usually apply my makeup once i get to work since i dont do a lot in the morning there. i even let customers pick the color scheme sometimes. today i had classic smokey eye with yellow lip tar from ocd cosmetics. my second bar job is SLIGHTLY less out there, ill do a bold eye with a natural looking lip color – but still anything goes. on my days off i dont wear any makeup because i stay in bed all day. it’s nice to be able to fully artistically express myself at work – i even give out makeup tips there’s a sephora nearby so ill write lists of products for people, and have them come back so i can teach them how to use them. it’s great!

I’m a teacher, and I don’t like getting up earlier to put on makeup. I only wear it for special occasions, such as picture day or for award ceremonies. On the extremely rare occasion that I actually wear makeup to work, I typically go for a simple, clean look: foundation, filled in brows, and blush and gloss that coordinate. I find that’s all I need to be a more polished version of myself!

day-time smokey eyes or soft grunge eyes (chanel mirage and mac painterly are faves for base and long lasting, but nars smudgeproof is a must even though i don’t have oily lids, it just makes the colours pop better i guess and the palettes i use the most are urban decay palettes or limecrime venus) with a nude lips combo (always with a lipliner and i live for mac subculture, oak, boldly bare, whirl)

for face i go with medium coverage foundation (bobbi brown skin foundation or chanel vitalumiere) or most of the time tinted moisturizer (favourites are nars radiant tinted moisturizer or ud naked skin bb)

when the eyes turn out softer than expected, i wear bolder lips (dior aventure liquid stick, ysl rouge volupte #5, mac rebel)

i always, always line my waterline (urban decay perversion or mac coffee kohl) and i don’t always use blush or highlighter or shimmery bronzers or falsies or eyebrow gel or pomade, but i contour and colour correct on a daily basis (i go through concealers like no one’s business) and most just fill my eyebrows a little and use non-waterproof mascara because waterproof ones are a nightmare to remove (i like benefit they’re real though and dior ones)

I’m lazy so two out of five mornings, I will have woken up early enough to put some bronzer, blush, concealer, mascara and bold lips.

I just graduated from university, and I was crazy busy so I tended to get as much extra sleep as possible and just stick with skincare/sunscreen. Once the job search starts after some medical stuff is dealt with, I’ll probably go with minimal, natural, aka the “no makeup makeup look” as some potential employers look negatively at women who wear “visible” makeup. My work makeup will probably depend on whatever kind of work environment I end up in.

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