What’s your makeup routine like when you’re feeling under-the-weather but still want to wear makeup?

I still tend to do a full routine; I might go easier on the eyes or throw on a gloss instead of lipstick. If my eyes are watery/burning, I’ll just do a very light coat of mascara and no liner or eyeshadow.

— Christine
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Usually in a situation like this, I’ll wear BB cream, brow powder, mascara, a wash of shadow (maybe), some bronzer/blush and lip gloss or mlbb lipstick. Possibly concealer?

I’ll probably use a medium-full coverage foundation (which I do anyway usually) because when I get sick, I get even redder than usual. Lots of concealer because my dark circles usually get really bad. I’ll probably do a light shimmery color on my eyes to brighten everything up and a sweep of bronzer in the crease for ease. If I know I’ll be rubbing my eyes a lot I’ll skip mascara or use clear mascara to get any eyeshadow fallout off of my lashes. A bit of luminous blush and bronzer to make me seem less corpse-like, and a tinted lip balm because I know my lips always dry out so badly when I’m sick. Basically the whole idea is to brighten the eyes, even out the skin tone, and avoid irritation of my eyes/lips.

Probably just a tinted lip balm, but if I really want to wear make-up I’d probably put on some tinted moisturizer, cream blush, cream eyeshadow, semi-tightline my eyes, and put on a semi-sheer lipstick — Skipping the liquid liner, mascara, and powder product altogether.

Go all-out! If I am feeling under the weather, then I am certainly looking it too and my skin would not be at its best. Correctors, primers, long-lasting formulas, etc. I would likely go easy on shadow/liner but fake a healthy glow/flush.

I go all out too, but more because it tends to force me to take the time to care for myself and can even lift my spirits a bit when I’m feeling a little low. Self-care is exceedingly important for sufferers of chronic illnesses like myself, as there are SO many days that we do feel under the weather. Taking the few minutes to dedicate to one’s self can make all the difference some days, and since, like you said, sickness shows so horribly on the skin, it fends off the constant questions that people rarely want the Actual answers to. Sad, but it seems that unless the illness is fatal, a lot of people lack understanding or compassion.
Wow, my apologies ladies. I’ll step down from my soapbox now. I didn’t intend to go that far in depth.

Full coverage foundation to hide the dark circles, blotchiness, red nose. Will skip mascara and eyeliner due to watery eyes, but put on a shadow close to my skintone to brighten up the eye area. Soft coral blush and lips to brighten up the face.

A cream shadow all over the lid, mascara, concealer under the eyes and on active zits if any, light powder foundation, a sheer blush, a Chubby Stick on the lips and I’m out the door!

I’d wear an under eye corrector & concealer close to my skintone and a taupy or nude lipstick. If I couldn’t get away with a bare face, I’d add the lightest texture foundation in my stash to cover wharever I felt I needed to cover.

Depends… if I have a cold and my nose is running and I’m sneezing I wear very minimal make-up, because anything I put will just disappear anyway what with all the nose blowing and tearing…

I do the basics. Foundation, mascara, under eye concealer and blush. I don’t do a full on face full of makeup. Just do enough to perk me up and make look less like I am dead ?

Great question! I rarely wear makeup if I’m ill, but if I have to pull myself together for something just a bit of tinted moisturizer, concealer, a cream blush and some mascara, and one of my MLBB lip colors. I think giving your face some color, and covering up redness around the nose are my only goals.

I like to still put something on even when feeling under the weather. I usually don’t want to look as bad as I feel so a little make up is still do-able. I’ll use MAC Studio Fix Powder, MAC pro longwear concealer, kohl eye liner and Revlon sugar plum lip butter and call it a day.

For me when feeling under the weather it’s all about brightening and good face, so I’ll use my most glowy foundation (I tend to go more for demi matte on normal days) and a really bright blush and highlighter. Also some lip balm and my brows.

I do it because I really feel like doing my face helps me to feel better soon.

I usually go for simple base layers like a TM or a CC, a bit of concealer, brows tweaked and maybe a bit of mascara if my eyes are not affected. I’ll go for a bright or impact lip for contrast and colour.

If I’m really sick, but need to look presentable for work, etc, I’ll put some tinted moisturize and concealer and lip liner all over with lip balm. I might add mascara and blush, depending on the situation.

A good brightening primer like Benefits It Girl does wonders for me when I’m sick. Also a salmon pink color corrector under my eyes, some pearly brightening eyeshadow, and blush!

About the same with me. If I’m feeling miserable but still going to work or having to go out, I’ll do most of my regular routine but maybe skip shadow and potentially bronzer. Though bronzer is helpful when you want to look more lively than you feel!

I usually go for a lighter coverage, more dewy foundation that I can quickly apply with a brush, and add some brightening blush over that. I might even use some highlighter just to make my skin look healthier.
For eye shadow, I will do a ‘one shade’ look, and use some mascara.

when i’m really under the weather i just tend to skip and go bare faced but if i want or have to wear makeup i tend to go lightweight… concealer, studio fix, eyebrows, blush and some lip balm…

I’m I’m feeling crappy, I’m either going to skip foundation altogether or just use a powder foundation to lightly cover my redness. I’d also do at least brows and a lip color, but if I’m feeling under the weather because of allergies, I will either skip mascara or will have to make sure to use a waterproofing top coat on my mascara because my eyes get really itchy and watery from allergies.

I don’t get ill often (knock on wood!) but very often am seriously sleep deprived. If I have meetings and I can’t afford to go makeup-free on those days, I always wear mascara, a work friendly lipstick ( never gloss, I find lip gloss to be higher maintenance with all the feathering and reapplying), and a little highlighting blush.

These are usually enough to make me look awake and well, when I am a walking around like a zombie in reality.

If I do makeup when I’m not feeling great, I’m still going to do a full face…but nothing time consuming or that I have to think too much about. So basically, I’ll do a lower maintenance version of my normal routine. I’ll do BB cream, concealer, lipgloss or a MLBB lipstick that I don’t have to fuss with too much, mascara, and use one of the palettes that has just about everything you need for a look…something along the lines of UD Naked on the Run or one of the round Tarte palettes. That way, I don’t have to worry about what looks good with what or scramble for several products. I might use an eyeliner pencil with good staying power if I’m feeling up to the task.

What I don’t do when I’m feeling bad: very colorful or complicated eye looks, winged liner/cat eyes, extensive contouring, or if I have allergies or anything that causes watery eyes, anything involving my lower lashes or lashline except maybe waterproof mascara or regular mascara with the NYX waterproof top coat. I also do not use liquid, cream, or gel liners – when I’m feeling under the weather, that’s more work than I’m willing to do!

It depends on my symptoms. If no runny nose or watery eyes, then I just do full makeup as usual. If I have watery eyes, go with light neutral or no eyeshadow, no eyeliner, and waterproof mascara. If I have a runny nose, I go with loose mineral foundation and setting spray: Less likely to rub off when I blow my nose, and easy to touch up. Tinted lip balm. Some blush to put color back in my face.

Hmm… this happened to me recently. On one of the very worst days when I still had to go to work, I think I just did Rimmel Radiance BB Cream, Maybelline Fit Me concealer under my eyes, filled in brows with Stila Espresso eyeshadow, and used TheBalm Hot Mama on my cheeks. I wanted something somewhat put together yet brightened. I think I may have done a semi-sheer bright pink balmy lipstick too.

A light shimmer eyeshadow and mascara would probably work for a lot of people also, but mascara always smudges on me so I usually pair it with eyeliner. But, when I’m sick, eyeliner isn’t my friend! I tried using Rimmel Nude eye pencil on my lower waterline but it was too stark.

If I am really sick but have to be out in public or go to work then I will do my usual makeup but omit the eye makeup except for mascara. I also tend to wear a brighter lipstick just to make me feel better.

When I am feeling ill but must go out, I find that doing my makeup actually helps lift my mood. I’ll make minor adjustments to accommodate things like a reddened nose, dark under eye circles, too sallow complexion, etc., but my routine basically remains the same.

I’ll skip foundation and just use face powder and then eyeliner pencil in waterline top and bottom, no mascara. Lipstick or balm, maybe blush.

I would definitely do a comfortable base but a bright lip to cheer me up. something like the dior addict fluid sticks. I would also skip mascara because I have black lashes and mascara is one thing that makes me want to scratch my eye makeup off.

I’ll do a full face of makeup, but take it easy. I’ll grab a CC cream and spread it on real quick then use an under eye brightener, skipping the conceal unless it’s absolutely necessary, and finish by lightly powder my face. I’ll add bit of blush (don’t want to look too dead} and sweep on a single shade of shadow, followed by mascara. No contour, no bronzer or lighting; just quick and simple.

It’s not important for me i will do my makeup even if …But Maybe i’ll not going to do my best,no contour and no lipstick…just foundation,concealer,eye pencil,eyecurler, and blush 🙂

If I have to be somewhere important feeling blah- I still do an entire makeup face- but if I’m going no where super important or somewhere casual- and feel blah but still want to look pretty- probably just light eye shadow, concealer, eyeliner and a pink or nude lip.

No matter how I feel I always make sure to do my skincare for the morning. As far as makeup, it depends on where I am going. If I am sick enough to stay home then just lip balm, a light coating of powder and some blush so that I don’t scare myself if I happen to look in a mirror. If I am going to work I will do the same and add a bit of mascara and use a tinted moisturizer, a tinted lip balm and some bronzer.

I suggested this question because I’ve had back-to-back colds for the past 3 weeks or more and what I needed most – concealer under my eyes and around my nose – wasn’t really possible because my eyes were tearing like mad and I was blowing my nose all the time. Even if I applied concealer or CC cream, it didn’t last and my nose looked more red than usual because of the cold. I don’t have time for touch-ups…I teach highschool and can’t just leave the 75 min. classes to fix my face. Even at “break”, there really isn’t any time and I’m lucky if I get a chance at lunch. I got by with minimal makeup, MAC Pro Longwear concealer under my eyes and a bright lipstick to brighten up the rest of my face, a bit of mineral powder and some waterproof mascara.

It depends on how bad I feel, but if I’m feeling really bad…minimal. I need to be able get makeup off quickly and efficiently so I can take care of the illness without spending too much time on removal and cleansing but still getting it done. Because I break out easily, I have to make sure I get all makeup OFF but I also need to be sure I cleanse daily. Makeup will include CC cream, basic eyeshadow definitely brows and minimal mascara with light colored lippie or lip balm.
And yeah, everyone does ask me if I’m feeling alright considering I normally go full tilt on makeup but again this is to be able to get it off quickly and efficiently while not feeling well.

unless I’m going to work/going out then no makeup unless I’m not feeling too under the weather. to be honest, it doesn’t really affect my makeup routine, except I might skip the foundation if I’m blowing my nose a lot

It depends on how sick I am. If I need to go out and look ok without feeling gross, I do minimal products like BareMinerals gel cream, Fresh lip balm, and a swipe of waterproof mascara. Blush too if I look dead. I don’t bother with much else unless it’s a big event where I can’t cancel and I have to look camera ready. If I’m too sick to wear makeup, I’m usually too sick to go.

I do a quick mousse foundation, blush, mascara, lip stain and gloss. No primers, setting spray, highlighter, eye shadows or brows. Just minimum basics.

I’ll start with using a facial oil instead of my usual Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream or Kate Somerville Nourish Moisturizer. My go-to’s are the Fresh Seaberry, or the Pixi Rose Oil Blend. My skin looks really dull, dry and sallow (I’m sure everyone’s does when sick lol). So I use the oils instead for that extra moisture.

If I’m just staying at home, no make up at all…but if I have to go out when I’m sick, for MU I usually do:

Either one layer of MAC Face and Body in N1 with my Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser in Fair, or no foundation and just my Age Rewind concealer.

Then I fill in my brows with L’Oreal Brow Artist Stylist in Dark Brunette, and top with the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper in Transparent.

Since my eyelids are always super oily, some NARS eye primer, but no eyeshadow. Thin swipe of mascara – favorite atm is Maybelline Lash Sensational. I’ll also run the L’Oreal Brow Artist Stylist under my lower lash line for some definition.

Since my face is usually flushed, I’ll skip the blush, maybe do a bit of bronzer…loving the Bobbi Brown Natural Bronzer right now.

Then just some tinted balm (CoverGirl Oh Sugar in Spice…smells like coca-cola!), or Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

I usually put on a very sheer coat of foundation and a lipbalm. Sometimes I go for a nude lipstick instead of lipbalm. I finish with a tiny bit of mascara, just so my eyes look more open and my lashes are visible (I have very puffy eyes). I don’t use eyeshadow or eyeliner at all so at that point I’m left with a very basic look.

This depends if I am going to work.I will put on my usual makeup, but maybe a little heavier on the undereye concealer, bronzer and some highlighter all over my face. If I’m just going to a few stores, or going to the doctor, I will go light on the makeup, such as foundation,concealer,powder, lightly brush eye shadow,skip the eyeliner and mascara. Little bit of bronzer and blush. End with lipgloss. But if I have a stomach bug, I am not leaving the house.

Generally the same routine, but I find my foundation wears off more quickly because I am blowing my nose! If I am really sick – then I skip the whole thing. But I would have to be very ill though.

Tinted moisturizer if I feel like I need it, concealer, mascara, and brow pencil. If I’m feeling up to it I might apply lipstick. I guess it depends on why I’m feeling under the weather. If it’s allergies then I’ll wear a bright lipstick. That often helps to brighten up my face without me having to wear much else. Otherwise I’ll just wear lip balm, especially if I have a cold.

Brush on a light coat of pressed powder foundation. A quick swipe of Tarte stick blush. A couple of quick swipes of MAC Naked Lunch eye shadow, a quick hit of mascara and a bit of MAC Nymphette lip gloss.

Yesterday I had a bad headache and was running late so I do the same amount of make up only at quicker speed. I use Naked Flushed as it has my face products in one palette and I don’t do a full eye with blended shades. Instead I do a wash of Mac Mineralize es in Quarry which is a beautiful marble of gold, silver and bronze. It brightens my eye and they look very ‘done’. I’ve hit the pan now and don’t know what to do!

A flesh toned or a colored eye kohl, bbcream containing spf 50; and a lipstick( depending on the mood or the occassion or the color of my eye kohl)….

Bare minimum for me is a powder, blush, vaseline or a lip gloss and I am good. I either wear sunglasses or I will do a light coat of mascara. I can’t be bothered if I am completely under the weather. Do what’s in your comfort zone and energy zone. However if I am sick in bed, I’m not worrying about how I look, it’s how I feel and how much rest I can get, to get back to me. 🙂

This is a very timely post as yesterday I was feeling over and people were coming over, so I had to put on a good face in every sense of the word.

If I’m really feeling sick and there are no social obligations I’ll either skip makeup altogether or throw in some blush to look a little less dead. If people I care about are going to see me when I’m sick I’ll try to do a enhancing version of my usual routine: concealer, blush, lipstick, lots of hightlighter, a tiny bit of powder to try to keep concealer in place. I also try to brighten up my eyes with lightly shimmering gold eyeshadow. I used to avoid eyeliner as my eyes are too watery for it to stick, but since the NARS eye primer is a true miracle maker I can use some.. No mascara as I can never make that work.

I’m sick right now, and using it as an opportunity to play with my stash of samples! Hourglass primer foil, MUFE foundation blister pack, Too Faced bronzer on a card, Butter London lipstick on a card, Dior lip gloss blister pack, Urban Decay blush on a card, Touché Eclat on a card, and a Bobbi Brown eyeliner blister pack! The gloss and liner come with their own brushes and I think I’ll use a cotton ball or my fingers for the rest so that I don’t contaminate my brushes. I’ll probably apply the one cream eyeshadow I own with my fingers as well. Trying to figure out mascara…

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