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I have up turned almond shaped severely hooded eyes, so I love to play up the shape of my eyes a lot! Lots of darkness in the very outer corners, getting lighter brighter towards the inner corners!!

I’m so basic! Shimmer on the lid then a nice warm medium brown in the crease buffed out. Sometimes if I use a darker shimmer color I may do an inner corner highlighter. I also rarely use more than three shadows in an eye look. I do like using shadows in my lower lash line especially if I am doing a neutral eye look I will pop a bright shadow on the lower lash line.

light lid (preferably shimmer)
light to medium transition
medium crease
medium to dark outer v and lower lashline
light lid (preferably shimmer)
light to medium transition
light to medium lower lashline

The second one is my new to me summer look! I’ve always done the first look but I wanted a lighter, fresher look and have been experimenting.

My eyes are large and very slightly close set and prominent. So my basic approach is —
medium tone the mobile lid from just inside inner corner;
slightly deeper tone along outer v to add dimension;
touch of lightest shade at inner corner.

I have hooded eyes so my go-to look is a `contour` shade in the crease and above the crease (you can’t actually see any color I would put in my crease due to my hooded eyes) and all over lid shade. To get some definition I’ll smudge a little pencil on my lashline. I’ll do this either with neutral shades, either with colors, either with dark shades… I can play around a lot.
My issue is not only that I have hooded eyes (I can barely squeeze an eyeliner in there, a medium thick line looks like I just applied black all over the lid 😆 ), but I also have a very thin crease and not so much brow bone area.

I love more complex detailed placements, but they either won’t show up due to my hooded eyes or look bad. The Gradient and the Halo Eye are OKish, but not very complimentary to my eye shape. Sometimes I just do more complex eye looks because I just love the process… while knowing that the `hood` will cover everything.

I have hooded, down-turned eyes, so what has worked best for me is to use light colors on my inner to center lid, medium shades in my crease, and darker shades in the outer V blended toward the center lid and crease. This helps to visually lift the outer corners a bit. Plus a light color on the brow bone just under the outer half of my brows, being careful to keep it close to the brow to offset the hoods.

Opaque primer and a swipe of cream shadow on the lid to just above the crease. Add liner, mascara, and brows and that’s it. I keep it simple for everyday looks–no brushes to find and wash, no muss, no mess.

On my getting old 55 years small set of hazel/greenish eyes if i remenber and wish to spend the extra time I’ll use Brûlée or Nutty WetnWild powder to set the topper color eyeshadow depends on what color i‘m attracted to that morning like a bee ? to a flower. I keep them fairly simple, also try to do a darker crease color but hmmm on these eyes nothing shows much and colors whether high end or drugstores get eaten by the Packman in my eyes. Lol! Even with primer! Lol! I don’t give up love to play with makeup I also smudge an eyeliner to death. Forget to underline bottom lashes! That does brighten up things many times need to remember!

After laying down primer: browbone shade followed by applying transition shade, which has been well blended upwards and out, I then do my crease work with 1 or 2 deeper shades. BTW, all previous shade placements are done using mattes or matte – like stains. Lid work I do I 2 different ways, depending on the effect I want, but this is where I will use shimmer / metallic / glittery e/s’s.
1.) a gradient of light to dark going from inner lid to outer.
2.) A halo eye.
My crease work tends to be quite dark, as I have no discernable crease when my eyes are closed. Doing this gives my hooded, almond shaped eyes dimension.

I tend to like one of two looks on my eyes. The first is a halo eye or spotlight eye placement and the second is more of a cat eye shape. My eyes are more almond shaped but with really hooded lids. Over the years the outer corner of my top lids has fallen down a lot and my inner corners have developed a hood that was not there before I had Botox for my migraines. I was hoping that when I stopped the Botox it would return to normal but I haven’t had Botox in about 6 months and it has remained hooded. I always use a primer and sometimes two. I know, it’s overkill but I always use a smoothing eye shadow primer, currently using Milani and if I am using a glittery or chunky shimmer shade then I add a tacky base also. I do prefer shimmer on my mobile lid as I feel it does make that little space seem much bigger. I prefer a matte brow bone highlighter. I don’t wear eye liner very often because it eats up my mobile lid space and while I wish I could pull off the look that Tara (Tarababyz on YT) does where she basically fills her mobile lid with black eye liner and then builds her shadows above that point, I can’t master the winged liner the way she does. I also rarely put shadow on my lower lids as I feel like it really makes my eyes appear smaller.

With my hooded eyes, it is quite different to mostly everyone elses. I find what works for me best is:
1. Soft shade (gold, copper, vanilla) over the whole lid
2. Darker shade on the lower lid
3. Medium shade in the crease

I play a lot. I try to do a pretty monochrome (soft) pink eye all the time and end up adding too much “other colour”. LOL

However, I find as I get older and as I see the results of my eyeshadow day-to-day, a light reflective wash (be it shimmer or matte) on my entire lid is the best look; it makes me look younger, my eyes brighter and more open.

I also cannot do wings or an extended V, it just looks too harsh on me, and I think makes my eyes look smaller.

On average I use 4 shades, rarely less, often more.

After priming and setting, I:

1. All over pale browbone colour
2. transition is wide crease blending down into lid a bit but mostly upward.
3.Depending, I may set my lid colour then add a slightly darker outer corner, or not.
4. Really go in for a deep crease to finish before (liner sometimes) mascara.

I have smallish eyes with a “puffy” lid and outer crease. So my crease isn’t prominent at all, so defining that area needs to be soft or else it looks weird.

I like a softer brown shade like MAC wedge in the outer corner and into my crease really diffused almost to the brow bone. Then a tiinnnyy bit of a darker brown more concentrated in the crease. I’ll then pat a shimmery bronze shade in the middle of the eye and making sure to diffuse the edges.

I’ll also repeat on the lower lid using the wedge color diffusing quite low and a deeper brown concentrating closer to the lash but keeping the inner third bright. Sometimes if I’m feeling fancy I’ll do a smudgey brown liner.

My go-to everyday look is a shade of medium depth on the lid and a deeper shade in the crease that connects to the lower lash line and a shade close to my skintone on my browbone. My go-to flashy look is a cut-crease halo especially with glitter in the center!

I have almond-shaped, very deep-set eyes with little space between the crease and brows. Because my eyes are also slightly hooded, I have to place my “crease” artificially higher. I usually go with a medium shade in the artificial crease, and deepen it slightly on the outer corner and in the true crease. I always use a brow bone highlight. It’s about 50-50 whether I’ll do a daytime smokey eye or not. If I do, I use a darker shade on my lids. If not, I’ll use a bright or lighter shimmery shade on my lids. I’ll use a pop of color or a darker defining shade along my lower lashline, depending on what I used on the rest of my eye. Usually I have a shimmer or glittery inner corner highlight.

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