What’s your current lip care routine?

What’s your current lip care routine? Share!

I usually find I do enough swatching of lip products that exfoliation is overkill (the removal process of 20 lipsticks back-to-back is quite effective, haha!), so I actually don’t use a lip exfoliator specifically, though if it’s been a slow week or a “stop taking photos, write more reviews” kind of week, then I use a sugar scrub. I use Jack Black or Tom Ford Lip Balm with occasional use of Bite’s Agave Lip Mask if products I tested really dried out my lips at night and early morning (before I start testing anything).

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I don’t have one, but I’ve never found it necessary. I wear lip balm 90% of the time, and with the exception of one lipstick many years ago, I’ve never had one dry out/irritate my lips. At night, I use oils (currently coconut oil) on my face, and include my lips, and if necessary, apply a non-petroleum-based lip balm.

Scrub gently with toothbrush once a day to exfoliate. Lip balm at night (anything with cocoa butter, coconut oil, or shea butter) . And always SPF 15 lip balm in daytime or my lips will burn to a crisp!

Lip balm before I go to sleep every night.

Any lip balm, really. Fans, air conditioning or heaters overnight dries out my lips (not chapped just feels slightly shriveled) and can create a crack in the inner middle of my lower lip if I don’t use lip balm. This keeps my lips soft with no need to exfoliate – a great base for my favourite makeup product, lipstick!

Currently using MAC’s Lip Conditioner (in the tube).

Frequent lip balm reapplication (either using something by Epically Epic, Nivea Lip Butter, or Aquaphor) and Lanolips before bed. I sometimes exfoliate with a very soft toothbrush as well, but that’s about it.

I don’t have one. My lips are usually pretty good. I usually slap on some type of balm in the night. I like Nipple Balm and a Paula’s Choice one I have, as well as good old Nivea. If I need to exfoliate I usually just rub my lips on a towel in the shower, lol. If I really need it/just want to pamper myself then I make a homemade sugar, olive oil, and honey scrub.

One thing I need to do more of is get a good lip SPF. I actually have a Paula’s Choice gloss, but I always forget to put it over my lipstick!

oooh Tom Ford lip balm sounds uber luxurious! 🙂 I exfoliate with the same cleanser as for my face nothing harsher.. then its my Nuxe Reve de Miel and me all day all night!

I used Aquaphor Lip Repair by Eucerin everydays for a months now,they’re really good lip balm for my easy to dry lip and cheap too.currently I love Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub,it’s smell so good and sugars scrub are small and smooth enough to not hurt my lip,I used this two or three times a week

My lips tend to be dry, more in winter or if I have been in the sun too much,ofcourse. I have definitely noticed this has become more of an issue as I near 40( I’m 39) & have been on long term medications. I think sun protection is a must and hydrating from the inside. I too swear by Jack Black lip balm. It has spf . I do the Bite Agave mask every night and sometime in the am too right when I wake up. I recently discovered Fresh’s sugar lip serum. Its supposed to smooth and plump lips and the lines around then..and take you back to 25 in a bottle that is $35.lol..I know. When I received the sample I almost pitched it. But,it does have a smoothing effect . As far as lines..too soon to tell.But , I like it just for the smooth. I also like old fashioned originall chapstick.i love the smell,how the wax flls,..cheap primer. Exfoliating:. I do it two ways. Every time i brush my teeth, i use a lityle vaseline and a washcloth and scrub gently. Then ,about twice a wk., i use nyx lip exfoliant & a baby tooth brush and slather on the bite lip mask or aquaphor or something like thay.

🙂 Everyone struggles with something and I’d like to believe that everyone doesn’t wish struggles on any! So I’m sure there are very many who hope this for you as well! Sounds promising! It’s another step forward either way! You’re stronger for it! 🙂 Love to you! 🙂

Thank you Lotus! That is so touching. You’re right everyone does struggle with something. And I keep prayers for so many. I know this won’t be the cure all. But a better management option is better than what I have..so, I am more than happy to try. Hope you are doing well ? Love to you to doll!

You’re welcome, and thank you! In this world, sometimes just a better maintenance program is all we really need. 🙂 Once we’ve experienced & observed how much worse it could be, anything improved feels so close to a cure all! Relief in some way.. Always a blessing, and many are always here! So if you have a bad day.. Temptalia readers are supportive & loving & can distract you with something pretty! 😛 I can’t think of anyone with zero problems, just people that manage theirs better! We all have different tolerance levels but there is no cure for everything. I wish we could save and protect everything but it’s a complex world. You ARE loved! You ARE prayed for, your lips will be less dry and smiling! A little better maintenance.. That’s a blessed gift! Remember that! Sending hugs! 🙂 Have a beautiful day, Nicole!

What do you use to remove all of the lip stains? I know I have a hard time removing all remnants of certain lipsticks when I change two out in a day. If you’re changing out 20, you must have something excellent!

If it’s a lip stain, then I can only do one typically, and I would save it for the end, so I could do other things before it.

I’ve heard using olive oil to remove lipstick can help with removing the staining effect! I’ve never tried it myself though.

Religious, constant application of Burt’s Bees chapstick (just the plain ol’ original variety) as a preventative measure, I guess. Sometimes my lips are good, sometimes my lips are not. I have a sugar scrub but it never seems to actually change anything about my lips if they’re looking cracked and ragged.

i use the lush lip scrub religiously, and after i scrub my lips i just put a coat of chapstick on them to moisturize 😀

Nothing right now – I’ve found that since I’ve started wearing lipstick on a regular basis, my lips have been in really good condition which I find odd since I love satin/semi-matte/matte formulas. I used to have dry lips that lip balm seemed to do nothing to help – at least for more than half an hour.

I use Lush’s Mint Julips sugar scrub and then some kind of lip balm–right now I’m using an Eco Balm hemp lip balm. If my lips are really dry and flaky, I’ll use Blistex Lip Medex overnight and then exfoliate in the morning.

For my dry lips, this is the best combo I’ve found to date which I apply at night: Revive Lip Serum, Bite Agave Lip Mask. I never exfoliate my lips. For me, it sets off a reaction of worsening lip peeling and dryness. In winter I will often opt for Korres lip butter in Agave over lipstick for daytime wear. I quite like By Terry Rose lip balm, but cannot bring myself to wear very often because I feel like I am eating fake roses..the scent is ridiculously cloying and overpowering.

Ahh..Wendy..I love the By Terry too..except the scent and taste. I’d even pay the ridiculous price if it didn’t taste like a garden was growing out of my upper lip.

i’ll use a sugar scrub when i need too but a lot of times i’ll just use my toothbrush when i finish brushing. i really love the c.o. bigelow overnight lip therapy from b&bw. i use it almost every night and it stays on all night. it’s also really good for mornings getting ready if i didn’t use it at night.
i also rotate through any of the rosebud salves but really like the lavender one. i used to use sally hansens overnight therapy in the silver tube but i can’t find it anymore.

i also used to LOVE the jack black lip balm but the i bought a new one recently and the formula was different? & they smelled like cardboard? the ingredient list was in a different order on the back and the tube was slightly larger so maybe they did change them 🙁

My lips are always chapped because I’m a lifetime lip-biter. I found that the YSL tinted oil gloss worked amazingly well at hydrating, but it’s a luxury item on my budget, so I can’t always have it on hand. I’m on the hunt for an effective and affordable scrub. I’ve tried a few, but haven’t had much luck.

just chapstick lol…. mostly at night and in the morning because i usually have lipstick on during the day.

in winter though, i find I need to exfoliate dead skin off a lot more because of how cold and dry it is outside.

I apply Jack Black Lip Balm (the unscented one) before bed and in the morning before I start doing my makeup. I exfoliate my lips in the evenings with Lush Bubblegum unless I’m wearing a red or matte lip, then I exfoliate in the morning. I touch up the moisture with Nuxe Reve de Miel or Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm (the pomegranate one) throughout the day as needed.

I don;t actually seem to need much of a lip care routine. I use chapstick at night (I think the waxy lip products seal in moisture better than the vaseline type ones) and in the morning under my lipstick. I also always wear a high SPF chapstick if I’m going to be out in the sun and the wind. I’ve tried exfoliators and don’t see much of an effect but I also never really get flakey lips unless I have a cold and it’s the dead of winter.

Basically, once every other week, I apply a good amount of oil, coconut or olive usually, and top with Aquaphor and let sit for awhile.. Maybe 10-ish minutes.. Then I use an extra soft children’s toothbrush to gently remove the outermost loose skin, if there is any, and then I gently rub my favorite lip scrub by Sara Happ for exfoliation, wipe gently with warm washcloth, and immediately top with Tatcha Camelia lip balm and tap the top of that with Clarins lip comfort oil for it to seal and stay working overnight! Daily maintenance: My Mia will go over them lightly and I’m always using lip balm, most often the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil, Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Lip Conditioner, and Sara Happ’s The Lip Slip.. I rotate Hourglass No28 oil lip treatment, MJB balm, Tatcha, and Dior Bonheur RBG or Dior Addict Lip Polish in any of the three colors they come in.. 🙂
Acute needs: Qtip and oil, roll and lift, and Tatcha Camellia immediately on top to soak in and create a plush soft base for either color, gloss, or more balm! 😀

I regularly moisturize my lips using Nivea A Kiss Of Moisture balm and exfoliate twice a week with my Makeup Academy lip scrub. Sometimes I’ll use my Dior Creme de Rose or Bite Beauty Lip Mask overnight too

My current “go-to” lipstick is a MAC Retro Matte (Relentlessly Red, every time I wear it I get compliments!), so I definitely need to hydrate a lot, as I wear it 3-4 times a week. At night after brushing my teeth, I wet a washcloth with warm water and gently exfoliate my lips. I then use a thin layer of good old Vaseline before bed. In the daytime, I’ll put on a bit of lip balm while I’m doing the rest of my makeup, then wipe off the excess before doing my lipstick. If I’m not wearing a matte lipstick, I’ll wear some kind of tinted lip balm or sheer hydrating lipstick. I’ve been using the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey and MAC Huggable lipstick in Play it Soft.

If my lips need a bit of exfoliating, I just use a warm, damp soft wash cloth. My regular routine never
varies: a dab of Lansinoh HPA Lanolin. This is the most effective lip balm for me and my quick to dry out lips. I can wear lipstick over it if I blot off most of it just leaving a light layer. It is heavy and sticky but it works wonders for me.

Mine is pretty simple. Every single night, religiously, I go to bed with a good, heavy application of EOS lip balm ( I really like the blue swirly minty one! ). I have been wearing lip balm or Aquaphor on my lips at bedtime from around 30-31 y.o. onward. It has definitely helped BIG-TIME. On most days, before I apply my lipstick, I use the ELF lip exfoliater conditioner, especially if I’ll be using a matte or an Amplified. Also, for mattes and satins, I use MAC Prep & Prime for lips first.

I’ve been using Jack Black lip balm during the day & the Dior rose lip balm at night. I don’t find the latter as hydrating as my usual night balm, Nuxe Rêve de Miel. I have the Lush scrub in Mint Juleps but I don’t use it frequently. I also exfoliate with a wash cloth when I take of my makeup with an oil-based cleanser at the end of each day.

I don’t really have one. I keep a lip product on at all times, and not just for looks. They help protect against sun and the elements. I let a clear lip balm soak into my lips before I apply a colored lip product. If I don’t have on a colored product, then it’s just clear balm. I wear clear balm overnight. Other than that, I use a sugar scrub or e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator once in a while.

I’ve just started to get onboard with the idea of having a lipcare routine. It was something I kind of ignored in the past. But it’s really important. I wish I had started sooner. Within my recent e.l.f. haul, I was sure to include the e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator for $3. I wanted to start out by purchasing something inexpensive to see if I even wanted to jump on this trend. It turns out that I love it! Now I’m dying to try the Sugar Lip Polish by Fresh (***jotting down on my makeup list***). Usinge an exfoliator with my Clairsonic on my lips as well as my face gets them baby soft. I like to follow with a moisturizing tinted lip balm such as Korres Lip Butter in Plum (my favorite!) which I apply with my trusty Sephora Retractable Lip Brush # 60 since I’m not a fan of putting my fingers into pots.

The one thing I’m missing is a good sunscreen for lips. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

You might like the Intense Therapy Lip Balm by Jack Black. They have an SPF 25 and there is a variety of them available at Sephora.

I’ll use either the lush lip scrub or the elf lip scrub stick, then a balm (usually lush’s honey trap or the Rose salve one I’m blanking on the name of) right before I go to bed.

I apply Reve de Miel each night before bed, use a sugar scrub once or twice a month, and use UD Lip Love in Drizzle (discontinued) or Smith’s Rosebud Salve throughout the day as needed.

I use Kiss Elixer Lip Balm from Rouge Bunny Rouge every night. It has a slight vanilla smell and taste. It is thick and comforting. In the morning my lips are smooth and hydrated.

i use a wet toothbrush to exfoliate & get rid of any dead skin & apply a bit of vaseline & a cooling lip oil by yes to coconut .

i’ve been using it for months & i absolutely love it . i like applying this right before i start doing my makeup so my lips are well moisturized by the time i do my lips . i also apply it at night before i go to bed . it’s not really “cooling” , but i don’t mind because it works for me .

if i feel like switching things up , i apply fresh’s untinted sugar lip treatment in place of the lip oil .

Ditto! I pretty much follow this same routine, instead I use Carmex as my lip balm of choice, and I exfoliate in the morning and at night.

My lip care routine consists of applying Watkins Peppermint lip balm at night before going to bed to prevent chapping. In the morning, I apply Chap Stick lip balm as a primer before lining/filling in and applying lipstick to my lips.

I don’t have a “regular” routine, but I have a little jar of Lush’s Mint Julips lip scrub which is great for the occasional lip exfoliating, especially if I am going for a matte lip.

Aquaphor Healing Ointment pretty much all day long. i buy a large jar and transfer it to little pots with screw on lids. I have them all over the house (as I do with reading glasses!) and use them all day. I like the smooth feeling on my lips and the ointment really helps keeps my lips moist. Smear Aquaphor on at night right before bed. Considering how much I use this stuff, I’ve probably consumed my weight in it by now. Aquifer is also very good to put on your feet at night.

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