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I can’t think of anything that’s on my wish list at present.  My editorial calendar has filled up quite a bit, so I’ve already gone through and picked up the items that make the most sense to review.  Generally, what will keep me from buying a product is that it’s not something I can/will review (whether that means it’s uninteresting or unlikely to still be in stock by the time I finish testing it).

— Christine

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Before I type out an actual comment, I’m testing to see if this even goes through because I think I’ve had one comment actually post with this new system out of probably 5 that I’ve attempted…

I’ve been wanting to get a Clarisonic Mia for a bit now, but the price holds me back because it seems like a lot for something that washes your face, lol.
Also, I’ve been wanting a new straightener, but because I have so much hair, and it’s thick/coarse/curly, it is hard to find a straightener that does all it needs to do. I can’t put down a huge chunk of change down for something that will only do a half-assed job.
Those are the two big things on the list. Everything else is just extra stuff I want to try, but just haven’t got around to purchasing.

Miss J, I have the exact same sort of hair. I have a Chi but on a recent trip to Paris, needed something that would work with the voltage there. I bought a Remington dual-something straightener from Amazon for about $14.99 and it’s amazing! Absolutely NO difference from my super-expensive Chi.  And since the latter is generally susceptible to cord damage (it seems to be a common problem and I once had to send mine in to be repaired), I generally use the Remington one instead. I figure, if it breaks, it was only $15. But it hasn’t broken after 8 months and I love that it has variant heat controls, going up to 410.  If you don’t want to spend crazy amounts on a straightener, you may want to look into the Remington.  The one I got is a bright purple with 1 inch plates.  

 @Kafka Thank you SO much for your suggestion!! I will definitely take a look into the brand! 🙂

Out of the dozens of things that are on my wish list, I’d have to say the top spot is taken by the MAC 239

I use the #239 each time I do my eye makeup! I also highly suggest the #217 if you don’t have that one. I can use it for everything!

Either Sigma Brushes or the Naked 2 Palette… my college kid budget gets in the way every time!

So it was like 1AM, and I couldn’t fall asleep. Whenever that happens I usually meander my way over to my makeup area to reorganize and clean house. Heh. I had this like epiphany moment where I realized I was no longer interested in buying makeup for collection purposes and only wanted products I know I would love and use often. I even went through and put things that I thought I could never part with in my donation pile.
SO ANYWAYS, long story short: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage & Oil-Free Foundation Primer, MAC Fix+ & Blot Powder, Peter Roth Thomas Oil-Free SPF 30 Sunblock & SPF 45 Instant Mineral Powder, Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Liner. Very exciting, I know 😛

I actually can’t think of anything off the top of my head! For once! Fairly happy for now, and that means swamped in new makeup and new foundations to try!

estee lauder double wear max cover foundation or vichy dermablend. Just seriously full coverage foundation

I’ve been trying to find Lancome’s original Teinte Idole Ultra Foundation in Ivoire 1. It is my all-time favorite and it seems like it’s being phased out due to their new 24 hour version (it’s good, but I still love my old standard). And the few places that still have the foundation don’t have Ivoire 1. So I’m looking and this will hopefully be my next beauty purchase.

I really want Urban Decay’s eyeshadow, any of them, but I just don’t have the money to spend on it, even if I had a Sephora near. I’m a broke teenager 😛

 @TeeL0veBeauty  @mightyclassy07 That’s a great idea but she just bought herself one…  I think I’m going to try out the Clarisonic Mia and if I like it I’ll get both her and my sister one. 🙂

Tarte Spirited lip “stain” pencil. It’s a pretty sheer red-orange colour that would be perfect for summer. Thing is I have too many sheer reds and corals already. I’ll probably buy it after I finish one of what I have already.

Illamasqua’s Precision Liner in Havoc, and the Colorburst Lip Glosses from Revlon’s Escapism collection. 

I would say 3 items as they all are not out yet in London until May.
Guerlain 4 colopurs eyeshadow Summer 12
Clarins Summer 12 eyeshadow quad
Bare Mineral Element palette
and Mac 217 is always in my mind, but it is not on the list. It is just I am too tired to wash my brushes so often.

Guerlain Gigolo Rouge G lipstick.  I’ve been eying it since I saw it in the swatch gallery and finally decided to splurge.  As for what’s kept me from grabbing it recently – well, about $1000 worth of college classes, PCAT exam entraces fees, planet tickets, and rent decided to hit all within three weeks of each other.  😛

Lustre drops in Sun Rush and Tinted moisturizer – also MAC. Among many many other things…these are just the ones I’m picking up this week. 

The top of the wishlist for me is the Guerlain Perles d’Azur. They just look so lovely, and I’ve heard absolutely fantastic things about all the Perles. Now the only question is it a finishing powder or a highlight? 🙂

 @Philana I use them as finishing powders. They are really not shimmery enough to be a highlighter for me!
They make a great finishing powder if you use matte foundations as they give skin a very realistic glow and help diffuse an unrealistically matte face.

The next two things on my list are Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation and the Naked 2 palette. What’s stopping me are the plethora of foundations I would like to use up first. And I already have so many eye shadows. If I have any kind of windfall, I will definitely splurge. I also recently bought my first Lancome lipstick and it’s just awesome, so more of those would be nice too. But once again, I already have so many lipsticks.

I have a top four! Cle de peau concealer, Guerlain mattifying powder, MAC Fluidline in Midnight Snack, Kiehl’s Tinted Moisturizer.

 @Mostly Sunny I’ve got my eyes on that too plus the yellow beige eyeshadow called Jaunty. May the best player win. Hopefully, we will both score and win! =)

Chanel’s Ebloui Illusion d’Ombre eyeshadow and possibly one of the MAC LE shadows (Modern Pewter) if it’s not sold out at my local Mac counter.

Annayake blush in framboise.
I fell in love with it after I swatched it but it is sold out everywhere (Germany) and there seems to be a problem with restocking.

I’m thinking about Illamasqua cream pigment in hollow as a contour but an concerned it might be a bit warm toned for me. I wonder what other people use/like?

Next up on my wish list is (there’s a few)
– Nars Taj Mahal blush
– Mac 168, 242, 130 (to complete my collection)
– a nice brush roll … Anyone have any ideas where I can get a nice large leather (or faux) brush roll?!

There are 3 products I’m eying: Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish in Scrangie, Illamasqua nail plolish in prism and Guerlain Riviera Terracotta Vernis. What is holding me back is price, as usual

Tarte gift from the lipstick set tree achiote color collection. I saw itp on tartecosmetics.com and sephora.com, but I can bring myself to buy a makeup, without swatching it first. I went to sephora, and they don’t have on stock yet.

I am headed to Chicago this weekend and am looking forward to being able to test out Illamasqua skin base in 3.5 in person. I own 2which is beautiful if I want super light coverage (or to lighten up the 10other foundations I have that are too dark), but is too light for a medium coverage. I have never found a foundation that matches perfectly and skin base 2 is the only one I’ve found that even comes close. Most of the time even pink undertones look yellow. It’s super annoying. But anyway, I digress…

I’m very light complected as well, and I finally found a match with the Illamasqua skin base. I found an excellent brush that buffed it in to absolute perfection! It’s a great product (for me).

Inglot Freedom System 10 eyeshadow palette. Initially it was the Naked 2 palette, but I Only really wanted 4 eyeshadows from them… So I decided making my own palette would be the more economical solution!

I am really interested in the BB creams!  Are available finally in Canada, but no MAC one just as of yet!  Other than that, just smelling some new perfumes is always nice.  I pretty much stay with my MAC shadows, give the decent quality and price! 

I’d love to try more Mac eyeshadows in the color variety, build a Urban Decay Palette, buy the Lorac Unzipped palette, Benefit Hula bronzer, Mac blushes including Pink Swoon,, some new Asian BB creams, more Nars single eyeshadows

There’s a specific, short term list, then a long term more broad list:
Short term: MUFE Aqua Cream, in the blue and dark grey colors, MUFE Aqua Smokey Lash mascara
Long term: looking for a good highlighter, and I’d really like to try out some Chanel foundations.  Also looking for a deep blue eyeshadow.  I wouldn’t mind trying out a BB cream-maybe the Estee Lauder one?

I actually don’t have anything that I’m dying to check out. I have a million and one foundation samples left to try… so there’s really nothing left haha. Well I guess there’s one thing, which is the Dolce and Gabbana Powder Foundation that RAEview on Youtube just raves about, and she’s ALWAYS wearing it. But nothing close to me carries it. So I guess it’s just that.

I wanted to find a pink cream eyeshadow (warm-toned, though, so maybe peachy-pink) that would look natural and effortless come summertime 🙂 Any suggestions? And also, I’ve been really wanting to try out a BB cream. I know it’s supposed to be just an overhyped tinted moisturizer, but I actually like tinted moisturizers — except I’m hoping for just a tiny bit more coverage. I was thinking of the Estee Lauder one, if it can work with my ultra-fair skin tone. (NC15).

Now it’s now truly pink, but Benefit creaseless shadow in slippin and dippin is an awesome peach shade for the summer.

I used a $100 Sephora gift card yesterday, so I pretty much bought everything on my wishlist! Actually, I still want the Guerlain/Pucci Meteorites, but I’m not going to buy them, since it’s just the packaging I’m wanting, not the product. 

 @Agata You just cost me a bunch of money! lol. I didn’t even know Buxom had come out with eyeshadow palettes, so of course I went right online to Sephora.com and bought a few!!

The Guerlin (sp?) polish you posted the other day! I’m even willing to pay $22 for it!! Where can I find it?

I’m totally late, but my next splurge will definitely be one of the Urban Decay Cosmetics Naked palettes. Just not sure which one yet…

A Clairisonic, MUF HD foundation, 2 YSL lipsticks and the Chanel Bronze Universal. Going to be a while because that’s a pricey wish list!

I want the new Philosophy falling in love summer grace, but I have too many scent sets already.

I have so many things on my list (damn you, Temptalia, you enabler and tempter you!), that it’s hard to figure out what’s even in the Top 3. I definitely am interesting in the Armani Eyes to Kill For, but am waiting your review.  In the meantime, I want the Illamasqua nail varnish in chartreuse and the recently-reviewed Splurge; NARS’ orchid purple from the Thakoon collection; NARS’ Rated-R eyeshadow and Jolie Poupée.  Perhaps NARS’s Arabian Nights Trio is at the top of the list, despite your less-than-positive review of it.  Oh, and I just saw the stunning L/E Night Porter nail varnish (dark greeny-black) being sold on eBay….
What’s holding me back?  I just spent $500 on a nightguard because I’m a terrible, terrible grinder.  Kafka ate the last one and I held off getting a new one because I find it so damn uncomfortable to wear. But my dentist was yelling at me constantly, so….. hello, annoying nightguard, goodbye fun makeup splurges. *sniffle*

@Kafka I just got Arbian Nights recently and I find it works well with UDPP in Sin. Actually, I find UDPP work well with *all* NARS Night shadows.

 @xamyx  @Kafka
 Thank you so much for letting me know. 🙂 My hesitation (other than the ridiculous cost of the nightguard) is that some reviews have said all the colours look essentially black (with *barely* perceptible differences). Have you found that to be the case? I’m most interested in the purple. I don’t know your skin tone (I range from MUFE 127 to MUFE 155), but how does the purple look on you?

@Kafka I’m actually pretty light and a true neutral; I use mainly drugstore foundations, but everything I wear has the word Ivory in it. I personally find the purple and the red do show up, although a bit subtle, as long as I pat the colors on with a flat, dense brush. I use the one that came with my Naked 2 pallette. And as I stated before, I use UDPP in Sin, but I think any cream base with a shiny finish would work best. The gunmetal w/silver is pretty bad, but I have Night Breed & MAC Black Tied, so I’m not too disappointed. I figure I’ll just try that over a black base.

 @xamyx  @Kafka Thank you so much! It’s a great help to hear someone’s personal experiences with it, esp. with regard to the purple. (So sad about the gunmetal.) And that’s a great pointer about the denseness necessary for the brush. I’m sorry I didn’t get your original reference to UD’s Sin. I’ve only used the original version of UDPP (and it didn’t work too well on me). I generally use NARS’ eyeshadow primer (which does work on me) but it’s not shimmery, so… I don’t know now. I just can’t stop eyeing that trio and wanting it!  LOL. Thank you again or the feedback and for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it. 🙂

Ooh, hard to say! I have so many on my wishlist. But since I just completed a 6 month eye treatment (and which I had to neglect all eye makeup for) I think I’m going to treat myself to some new shadows 🙂

GUERLAIN Terracotta Blush Sun Shimmer Highlighter! omg amazing, finally just ordered it last night !!!!!! love this for summer – sunny pink!

YSL lip stain, chanel illusion d’ombre (however you spell that!) in emerveille, laura mercier blush in the nectarine colour and laura mercier gloss in bellini…and theres more but i’d say those are my most wanted!

I have my eye on Illamasqua Baptiste, my local Sephora is a tiny one inside Macy’s though, they didn’t have it.  I may just have to cough up shipping fees.

I have several wishlists- a Sephora list, an Ulta favorites list, and an Ulta online shopping bag. I’m most likely to get something from the shopping bag, so I’m going to either get a Sally Hansen airbrush makeup for legs (trying to get less pale) or a NYX eyeliner in Golden Bronze.

Well this site is the worst thing that ever happened to my list….it just keeps growing the more I see here!  Actually, because of the “Best eye primer” question that came up awhile ago, I’m now lusting after NARS Smudgeproof eyeshadow base.  I’m using UDPP right now and it *almost* stops my super oily lids from creasing.  I’m hoping NARS will be my HG.

Smashbox Limitless 15 Hour Cream Shadows. I kid you not – 13+ hours and it still looks incredible.

An Illamasqua nail polish would be nice. My Sephora has just started carrying them and the colors look so exciting. 

@Em at Toronto Eaton Centre? Cause if so mine did too! I was dissappointed that they didn’t have load or force but I’m definitely Gunna pick up a nomad or kink!

Guerlain meteorites perles. I know it is shimmery and probably won’t use it much, but I am really lusting after this. Hope I can hold off until Sephora’s Nov sale.

I so need to get the new MUFE Aqua Eyes shadow pencils, or at least to try them (having a few doubts creep into my mind after reading Christine’s reviews). But they are sold out at every Sephora within 100 miles of me. Even the testers are gone at the four stores I’ve been to in the last few weeks. This question is funny though to me because it reminds me of my “Wish List” on Sephora.com. They used to limit the number of items you could put on your wish list, and I was getting frustrated with constantly having to delete an item to add an item. So, I created a Gift Registry for myself on their site and called the reason for my party “Just Because: Wishlist is Full”. The only unfortunate part is that when Sephora.com premiered their new website design a couple of weeks ago, they eliminated the gift registries and I lost all my products I had saved. I emailed customer service to see if they can retrieve thence for me, but have not received a response.

 @rbonson UGH! I feel you because I lost my list on Sephora! When I went to check it, old stuff that I deleted was there, but the stuff I had added recently was gone! I don’t even like the new site that much, lol. I hope you get your info back, but I doubt they will be of any help.

I see that L’oreal True Match foundation has come out with some new shades.  They’re not in my local drugstore yet and they sell our really fast.  I wish I knew where to go where they would have a nice selection.   I’d also like to try their True Match blush in Soft Sun, which is also sold out.  I really want Nars Earth Angel eyeshadow duo.  However, I don’t want to pay that kind of money.  I was trying to see if there are any dupes around .  I’m especially interesting in the green side fo the duo.  

Hmm.. So many! Guerlain terra azzura bronzer, a NARS gloss and charade eyeshadow duo! Mac 188 brush? Ive always wanted one..

The next beauty product on my wish list is a fresh bottle of Angel perfume by Theirry Mugler.  It will probably have to be a small rollerball–but that is fine with me. A little goes a long way!

i have al wish lists
in no particular order
Nars sheer glow foundation
laura mercierminerak powder starter kit
ysl rouge volupte #30, 13, 27, 7, 1
nars lipstick sexual healing, pago pago
muff hd invisible cover
nars blush sin, outlaw, catus flower
naked 2 palette
loran baked matte satin blush flaunt, exposed
tarte amazonian clay blush in exposed, amused natural beauty, tipsy
bare escentuals faux tan all over face color
laura geller balance N brighten 
L’Oreal true match foundation
Garnier bb cream
 and a clarisonic in the color poppy or teal

 @itsbrittanydarling  I own a few things on that list. I have to say that I absolutely LOVE Nars Sheer Glow! I wear it every day and it feels like there’s nothing on my face! It goes on so beautifully and it looks amazing. However, because I have oily skin, it does get dewy over time. That’s nothing that a little blotting can’t help! Also I’ve noticed that it doesn’t look cakey. Like, I’d go to work, come home to fix myself up before going out for a party, and I even put another layer on because it had slipped around and it looks just as good as the first time! If you have oily skin, the toughest thing is that it would look dewy after a few hours and it may slip around. I got the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray at Ulta and it is $34 for the XL bottle (totally worth the money) and it has really helped with making the foundation stay! I’d totally recommend this foundation!

The Too Faced Summer Eye Kit and Smashbox Shades of Fame Palette…I know they look somewhat similar, but both palettes are different enough for me to want to own both.

I believe the next products are Aqua Creme pencils by MUFE. I will visit my MUFE dealer in about 3 weeks, so I save money for the MUFE haul. Eventually I invest in another Burberry eyeshadow, when I visit Berlin.

At the top of my wish list is TooFaced Summer Eye Palette. I’m waiting to see if my local Sephora will get it, I can’t stand paying the high price for shipping to Canada 🙁

My in-my-dreams wish list includes tons of Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows.
I’m also debating on getting the UD 15th Anniversary Palette..

My wishlist: MUFE Mat Velvet +, Mac Pro Longwear NC15, Sephora Cream blush, Hourglass Illumination fndtn. Lots & lots of other things…..!!!

christine this is too fun posting comments…thankyou so much …iguess we’re all kind of make-up clubbers…i for one am always fascinated with everything that you show…it even saves me shopping time if i really like the price and if it’s available in my area…thanks to you and sister clubbers….

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