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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

It’s all about priorities, I guess ๐Ÿ˜€ I’d never leave the house without eyeliner, even in the morning. I don’t like how I look without it.

Liquid or cream eyeshadows as bases or as standalone lid shades. I feel like I’m not getting enough use out of what I have.

Also lipsticks – I would like to apply them more throughout the day. Usually I just apply it in the morning and after lunch and reach for a lip balm or gloss the rest of the time.

Me too! I don’t want to hassle with touching up, but that leaves me with many lipsticks that just don’t get used as fast as I’m collecting them.

Masks since I don’t do them as often as I probably should. Also makeup setting sprays though I’m not 100 percent sold that they make cosmetics last that much longer.

I skip blush because I am always in a rush, so I stick to eyeliner & lipstick… but I think it actually adds the most to my face. I got the Too Faced blush palette at a discount, and I haven’t even tried it yet… :/

I would really like to be better about putting sunscreen on my hands. I am good about remembering my face, neck and chest but am always forgetting about my hands and although my hands look younger than my 63 years, I have noticed a very small sunspot on my left hand. I always seem to think about it when I don’t have any around or at the end of the day. I just need to try and incorporate it into my routine until it is a natural part of the routine. Now, if only I can remember to do that, LOL.

TONER!!! My pores, especially on my nose, are on the larger size and make me notice bothersome little things. Like when my foundation pools in them! I suppose this just goes hand in hand with my having oilier combination skin. *sigh*

Beauty product related to skincare: face essence. Iโ€™ve recently embarked on the K-Beauty trend and it made a huge difference in how my skin looks.

Also, after reaching pan on the products used in my current skincare routine, I will replace them with Indie products (for the purity and effectiveness of their ingredients) and with products backed by the derma companies (for the science behind them and the proven results). There are some great Indie and Derma companies here in Canada and in the States and itโ€™s worth investing in your skin imo. Yes, you can cover with makeup, concealer and corrector but this does not solve the underlying problems, if any.

Beauty product related to makeup: a high-quality mineral foundation for a more natural look.

Eyeshadow. I have fairly deep-set eyes, and I’m having a hard time finding shadows and creating looks that don’t make me look like I have a bruised eye.

Face masks. Would probably use them more often if I saw any wow effect that lasts more than a day after using them.

Face cleansers. Too lazy. In the evening its makeup remover followed by water, in the morning its just water. Again, would use them more diligently if I saw some beneficial effect.

Hand creams. I do use them, but they either leave my hands a bit greasy or, if they are not, do not seem to do much.

Foundation. I don’t wear during the week bc it’s a hassle and I don’t have time for touch ups. I force myself to wear on the weekend or days off so I use up what I have.

Ditto! I’m neglectful on hand cream and body cream as well. I go through phases where I’m diligent and then it all goes to hell in a handbasket.

Eyeliner makes my eyes pop a lot more, but it’s so time consuming and can be impossible to perfect, so I usually leave it out.

Concealer; I keep buying them, but don’t always remember to use them. I don’t have any major issues to cover up, but I like them for brightening the eye area.

Lipstick & nail polish; again, I have a hefty stash of both, but I tend to put off using them.

This may be bit afield, but lately I’ve decided to I need professional pedicures more often; am not enjoying nor particularly successful with my home pedicure routine.

Sunscreen! I used to be great at that but then I got sick and my skin got WAAAY more sensitive and I’ve been on the hunt for a sunscreen that doesn’t irritate my skin and doesn’t “feel like sunscreen” in that greasy way.

Fingers crosses as I’m on day two of using the new Farmacy “Green Screen Daily Environmental Protector Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen with Echinacea GreenEnvy” (whew that’s a long one) and I’m loving it. It smells like NOTHING (unless you smell a giant amount of it directly on your hands and then it smells super faintly of sunscreen) and it feels like barely anything, if at most a really lightweight moisturizer over my skincare routine (which includes another moisturizer) so we’ll see in a week or so how my skin reacts and if it’s good then my search will FINALLY have ended!

Primers (I have lots that I love but since I often wear IT CC cream which contains primer, I skip that step since I really don’t feel we do our skin any favours by piling on 13 different products!). Essences (I sort of still don’t quite buy into how “needed” they are and the same concern applies re too much stuff on my face all at once). Sunscreen on my hands is the biggie, though. Once sunscreens are back in store in full force, I need to look for a creamy, hand-cream-texture one to use as a hand cream. I was my hands many times a day and the aging effects of the sun are far more visible on my hands than on my face and it’s the lack of sunscreen in hand products that is the issue. LRP makes a nice, “greasy” version of their Anthelios (sp) product but it’s a bit pricey to slather on my hand 5 times a day or more. I need to find something less expensive but moisturizing (rather than “dry feel”) and with a high level of SPF.

I really like the ‘for baby’ formulations of the high SPF sunscreens that use physical sunscreen (I’m terribly sensitive to a couple of the chemical sunscreens, and they always use them in multiples, so I can’t avoid the ones I have a problem with if I choose chemical blocks)

The “for baby” sunscreens always seem nicely moisturizing on top of being 50 (or some such) SPF. If your skin color is medium to medium-dark you’ll have to work more at blending it in, and if it’s darker than that, it may make your hands look ashy, but “for baby” physical (mineral) sunscreen is the only thing I can convince myself to put on my hands.

Hand cream and body lotion, especially in the winter. My skin gets so dry, but sometimes it is the one thing that I get lazy about.

Iv been thinking and I don’t think I have an answer?

I’m happy with what I’m using right now, and can’t think of anything I’d want to add! Hmmm

Sunblock in my hands always forget although I use it daily in face. Firgetcto civer up arms and hands. I’m going to place the bottle outside in my sink hopefully I’ll remember this way. The facial spf, a few foundations and face creams I keep in a cute tidy container already on my sink but forget the hands spf! Hand cream is another one it helps when I take them out both on my sink in the bathroom as well as by the kitchen. Two I love are the Lush salted coconut scrub and the Traders Joe’s head to toe balm are excellent! All Traders Joe’s products are good!

I am exactly the same Christine the skin on my body and hands are soooooo dry and I have hand cream but hardly use it till my hands hurt and body cream when I do buy it I never use it I just shower and get dress I need to make the time to put on body cream.

False eyelashes I’ve put them on successfully twice they are such a pretty look.

Skin care at end of the day I’ve been so tired.

Definitely body cream too – and I really need to try a tiny bit of highlighter. They’re just so pretty I don’t want to mess them up. Yes, I need to get over this!

Face primer. I really can’t tell if it does make that big of a difference, but I’m willing to keep at it and find the one I really like.

Sunscreen on my hands and body. It takes too long for it to sink in so I can get dressed. Grooming my feet with the Diamondcel file before showering and putting cream on my feet under socks when I go to bed. Reapplying lipstick.

Eyeliner. I have a lot of it and yet never wear it. I blame the sets full of minis or lots of colors.
Will try layering colors more under eyeshadow as a way to use them up!

Body lotion/cream. I’m good about using creams on my face, hands, and feet, but the rest of my body gets neglected. I just don’t have the time.

Hand cream! But that’s an uphill battle that I should probably admit defeat on, since I *despise* the way lotion feels on my hands (the ones that work — the ones I don’t notice on my skin don’t appear to do anything).

Highlighter. I became a convert some time last year, and I have a number of nice ones, but since it’s the last thing I do on my face, it’s the first thing to get dropped when I’m feeling rushed or “over it.”

Lipstick. Similar reasons to highlighter (above), but also to do with not wanting to touch-up during the say, so bare lips work better with my … laziness and apathy? Trouble is, I really like the way it looks when I go to the bother.

Masks. I have some, and I’m pleased with the result when I use them, but … again, laziness and apathy.

AHA foot cream! I bought Soap & Glory’s Heel Genius and the stuff’s amazing (for my elbows too), but the only time I’m okay with putting it on is right before I go to bed, and I don’t like the creamy feeling on my feet when I’m under the covers. Aaaaagh! I’m a mess. :-/

Oh wait, that was supposed to be “one type of beauty product?” Erp, my bad. Alrighty then, I’ll narrow it down to … hand cream, since that’s what I really need most.

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