What's one product everyone else dislikes that you love?

What’s one product everyone else dislikes that you love? Share!

Hmm, nothing stands out as a real flop that I loved anyway, but I remember really liking the Marc Jacobs Lip Gels and know that there were certainly plenty who didn’t (hence why they reformulated, I suspect!).

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Blue Avatar

I tried it in store over MUFE’s black l/s and was not as impressed as I was hoping to be. What do you like to layer it over? ๐Ÿ™‚

Rachel R. Avatar

Alice, I really like Beetle, too. I recently got Jeffree Star’s Weirdo, and Beetle looks fantastic over it. I had originally hoped it would be more opaque, but now I’m really liking that it’s sheer. I can wear it alone without it being too instense when paired with dramatic eyes, and it layers over anything. I’m still playing with it.

Clio Avatar

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipsticks. I have a ton of these, but they got terrible reviews when they were first released. I don’t see the problem, I love them to bits.

Mel Avatar

Cool grayish beige lipsticks! I know now it is kinda trendy, and that makes me dislike them a little, but I remember using them since around 1996, 1997, and everybody would tell me I looked sick.

Paz Avatar

Everything Lime Crime. I found out about the brand because of the controversy, and as someone with social justice warrior tendencies, I was ready to hate it. I ordered the red velvet velvetine to urban outfitters out of curiosity, right in the middle of this year’s scandal, when LC’s website was down. I almost expected to receive half a tube of expired product, but I was blown away. The velvetines are long lasting, transfer proof, and worn over lip balm and a lip primer they’re not drying at all. I ordered a few LAsplash liquid lipsticks to make a comparison, and I found them underwhelming next to the velvetines.
Now I own a bunch of velvetines and the venus palette, and I’m in love. I even ordered some unicorn lipsticks, the colors are lovely. LC may be shady, but their stuff is awesome.

Lydia Avatar

I have some LAsplash liquid lipsticks and to me they’re some of the best on the market. What’s better about Velvetines? I haven’t tried Lime Crime because the drama is a off-putting but I’m definitely curious about their products.

Paz Avatar

The velvetines smell really good, like cookie dough. They also feel lighter on the lips, and I think they last longer. Another plus is the super cute packaging, it makes the whole thing a very pleasant experience. If you’re a details person, you’re gonna prefer LC, otherwise LAsplash has good dupes. Cashmere and Riot are identical in color to Ghoulish and Latte Confession, and Vampire is similar to Wicked, although more on the purple side.

Chloe Avatar

The price per fl. oz. for Lime Crime is ridiculous. They charge $20 for 0.1 fluid ounces of product. LA Splash charges $13.98 for the same amount. For $20, Kat Von D offers 0.22 fl. oz.. Jeffree Star’s are $18 for 0.19 fl. oz., and his ingredients list is almost exactly like Lime Crime’s.

Someone made an awesome spreadsheet on the Makeup Addiction reddit covering details on 43 different liquid lipsticks brands, including price per ml./fl. oz. LC’s price is not competitive.

Lydia Avatar

Thanks for the detailed reply! I’m not a details person, so I’ll stick with the lower priced products with plainer packaging. I can see the attraction though. Compared to some of my other liquid lipsticks, the LAsplash ones do feel heavier, so I agree with you that they’re not the lightest on the lips. Have you tried Coloured Raine or Makeup Monsters Cosmetics? Their formulations are both very weightless on my lips.

Marisa Avatar

I don’t understand how anyone could put their money in that mean and nasty woman’s pocket knowing what’s she’s done!? Even everyone on Youtube (big name beauty guru’s included) boycotted the company.

Rachel R. Avatar

–Stila Eyes Are The Window Shadow Palette in Body: The colors show up beautifully on me and blend fine. I don’t find them underpigmented, dry or stiff. The colors bring out the green in my eyes.

–Kat von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks: I have Poe, Wonderchilde, Lullaby, Sexer, and L.U.V. I know there are some dry and problematic shades in the line, but I think these are great.

–ABH Liquid Lipsticks: I only have two so far (Party Pink and Unicorn), but I’m surprised how many people say they’re horribly drying. I don’t find them drying at all.

–ABH Artist Palette: I think all but two shades are wonderful. Buttery is (ironically) more powdery than the others. But I don’t think it’s underpigmented. I think it’s just a very pale yellow highlight color. Blue Velvet is a dud, though. I agree with everyone on that.

–e.l.f. Studio Moisturizing Foundation Stick: I totally agree it’s not at all moisturizing, but I don’t need it to be. It’s one of the very few drug store foundations that has a color match for me and doesn’t oxidize.

–Eos lip balms: They’re great for keeping my lips soft and absorb nicely. They work great for putting under lipstick, because they are neither too greasy, nor too waxy. Most of the flavors are really good. I adore the packaging.

–Pink eyeshadows: I’m always surprised by the hate pink eyeshadows get. I love them. Any shade of pink. They really make the green in my eyes pop. I don’t think they make me look sick.

Lydia Avatar

I thought I was the only one! I actually prefer sticky lip glosses over slick ones. Those feel gross and oily to me, and a stickier gloss lasts longer.

Rachel R. Avatar

I’d much rather have a thick sticky gloss than an think and/or oily one. Or, God forbid, a really waxy solid gloss.

I just avoid them for beach trips. We get wind: I end up with hair and sand in my sticky gloss.

Catherine Avatar

Ditto here! Gimme summa that luciously gooey Dazzle Glass and I’m one happy little glitterbombed magpie!
-It does help to have fairly short hair and light breezes in the forecast, though… ~;-D

Lezlie Avatar

also love sticky lip glosses. they really help my constantly dry cracked lips. i would rather wear lip gloss than lipstick any day.

Nancy T Avatar

I am a card-carrying member of the sticky lipglass/lipgloss lovers club! I just put my head full of hair up and away when it’s a windy day!

Cat Avatar

According to yesterday’s question, a lot of people seem to hate the Too Faced Melted lipstick and the ABH Contour Kit, but those well really well for me and are two of my favorite things.

One thing that I’m assuming people don’t like are red-based eye shadows because they are rarely included in a palette. One palette I bought, The Vamp by Charlotte Tilbury, promised “deep and intense” “most beguiling” “captivating crimsons” but delivered shadows that look mostly brown on my skin tone, especially when compared next to shades like the red from NARS’ Douce France, MAC Cranberry, or NYX Flustered.

The only other thing I can come up with, because it was mentioned somewhere (here?) recently, is nail polish in general. I bit my nails until I was 29. However, by the time I reached 30, I had pretty nails for the first time. I like doing them myself, I haven’t been to a nail salon since February 1997, because most of the nail techs I had were a bit too rough and I’m hyper-sensitive.

Cat Avatar

I can understand why people love liquid liners and I envy those who can use it… but I’ve just ended up making a complete mess every time I’ve tried it. I’m really happy with the cake liner I use right now, and it stays put until I take it off, but maybe I’ll give liquids another chance one day when I’m feeling adventurous. =) Is there a drugstore brand you’d recommend for experimental purposes?

Mariella Avatar

A lot of people don’t seem to like the Nars Dual Intensity shadows very much but I really love them. I do think the singles are overpriced (actually, at $90 in Canada, so is the palette) but I still really enjoy having them. I don’t think their price is justified (they are not all that great) but they are beautiful and the palette is a great way to have a whole bunch from the collection for the price of 2.5 of the ones sold individually.

Natalia Avatar

Actually, I do have one! I really like MAC Patentpolish Lip Pencils, although they are not longwearing at all. They feel so nice on my lips and I like the finish they provide, really like the formula. My MAC girls hate them and I have not heard anyone rave about them. Am I the only one who likes them?

Tiffanie Avatar

I only have one and I like it. It’s a step above a lip balm and a step below a gloss. I don’t reach for it that often because I prefer bold lips but it’s a great option on light days or when going to the pool/beach.

Natalia Avatar

@TIFFANIE and @EMMILYNN, right? Thank you for the feedback. I have Pantentpink and French Kiss and they are like balm on the lips plus color ๐Ÿ™‚ I heard that MAC is bringing them back, so I’m definitely gonna be picking up at least one or two (probably some peachy one for sure).

Alisha Avatar

Dior palettes…well I pick and choose, I don’t buy them all, I research them first. But even though there have been a lot of misses, when they get it right, they are spectacular. Buttery smooth, pigmented, nice big mirror, and practically blend themselves. I also like nars deep throat blush. I’m sure it is dupable, practically any blush is, but it looks pretty and goes with everything. I also think mascaras can be love or hate depending on lash type and what you want it to do and your preference and skill. Even though I haven’t gotten into it yet and my husband thinks it is all weird, the colored mascaras, eyebrows, and lipsticks we have seen. I’m loving silver hair dye too.

Tessa Avatar

Recently, Laura Mercier totally reformulated their Silk Creme foundation into something completely unrecognizable — just when I’d learned to love the original! But judging by the reviews on the new stuff, I’m not alone in my dismay, so I guess it doesn’t count.

OOOOOOOH, but I do have a good answer! As a pale, pale person who likes bright blush, I get pretty picky about performance. And one of my very favorites is…. [drumroll] … Tarte True Love. Enough other people hate it that I’m sure I got a fluke, but mine is SO buttery, beautiful, blendable, believable — all kinds of positive b adjectives.

Runner-up goes to the original UD Naked Basics, which is one of my most used eyeshadow palettes. And yes, on my skin, the three pale shades look different from each other, thankyouverymuch. Basics 2 is NOT an improvement for me.

Rachel R. Avatar

I’m with you on Naked Basics. (Although I like Naked 2 Basics, I don’t use it nearly as much.) I’m fair-skinned and there light shades are very different on me. WOS works as my base or transition shade, the perfect french vanilla-ness of Foxy is stunning on my lids, and Venus is my highlighter.

MissJae1908 Avatar

Definitely the Anastasia Amrezy Palette! This is the only item that currently own from Anastasia and it is magnificent. Are these colors dupeable…sure, but I love that fact that I have multiple looks housed all in one small travel sized package. There’s a reason that this one sold out faster than all the other ones, it’s bomb! Plus is has awesome warm transition shades that are #BrownGirlFriendly. This is the only palette that I own where I actually use every…single…shade.

I’m sure I’ll think of another product as soon as I post this…lol.

Katherine T. Avatar

Most of Sephora’s eye shadow kits are mediocre to terrible, and I can see why people don’t like them ( I returned 2 of them myself) but their Mild to Wild Khaki Kit is a real hidden gem and on sale for only $11 – it’s a khaki olive green gold shadow kit (4 shadows +1 liner) with gorgeous HE-looking shades (the middle shade is to die for), great pigmentation, mirror, and applicator. And it’s slim, so perfect to pop in your purse. I love it so much I bought a backup.

Katherine T. Avatar

Oh, and I love tacky glosses, which others hate with a passion. I just swipe SPF 15 lip balm on top, and it thins it out. ( I have to wear SPF lip balm or else my lips will burn to a crisp). But if the gloss is too slick, the lip balm will make it slide off, so it has to be tacky to work for me

Elizabeth Avatar

Ohh, a lot. Benetint, Maybelline Mega Plush mascara, Too Faced Sweetheart Beads, sheer shimmery eyeshadow (like Dior’s spring 2014 collection) and very sheer tinted lip balm like the Benefit ones. I also really want to try Fine One One because it looks great for me when I’ve tested it in stores but I’m not sure about the lasting power. Also the European formula of the old Chanel quads! I love that you can customize the pigmentation by using them wet or dry. Hmm… anything glittery. I’m so pro-glitter. I love glitter, except in blush.

Hailey Avatar

I bought Fine One One because the colours were beautiful (I loved the watermelon shade and the highlighter especially) but the staying power was unfortunately abysmal ๐Ÿ™ I hope you have better luck with it!

Kat Avatar

I know a lot of people hate MAC Studio Fix fluid foundation, but I adore it. I’ve never found it too thick like a lot of people, in fact I find that I can sheer it out quite nicely if I want. And it’s the only thing that can stand up to an 11 hour shift on my feet. I think that’s the top one for me, although I’m sure I have more.

Nancy T Avatar

Ahh, the companion piece to yesterday’s question and this is going to get good! I happen to LOVE my MAC lipsticks, lipglasses and pro pan eyeshadows! The Amplifieds, Mattes and Satins are great, the Cremesheens are nice too, sooo many colors! And I quite like my Lorac Pro Palette, but tend to overlook it, which is a shame because over the weekend I used it to replicate the Smoky Naked taupe and plummy look that you did over UDPP last week, Christine, and it worked out really nicely! The only caveat is that yes, the mattes are a bit powdery, but also very pigmented. The reason I keep recreating looks you did with UD Smokey Naked is so that I WON’T give in to some future temptation and wind up buying it! LoL!!!

Ruth Avatar

NYC City Proof Twistable Perfecting Lip Primer is a wonderful lip balm that has been pretty much ignored by the beauty bloggers. It feels good on, but even better, my lips feel smooth, moisturized and healthy after it wears off. For comparison, the high end Bite Agave Lip Mask seemed to make my lips drier and I returned it to Sephora. The even pricier Hourglass Lip Oil did very little for me and I should have returned it. For $3.99 at Target, the NYC lip primer is my favorite beauty product in recent memory. I bought backups and purged all my drugstore balms.

xamyx Avatar

NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencils! I have yet to read one positive review/opinion about these, but I *love* them. Obviously, there are others who feel the same, as they’ve been on the market for so long, LOL! The same goes for NARS Multiples; I only care about how they perform as cheek/face products, and have had no issues there.

L’Orรฉal lip products. Honestly, does *any* mainstream lipstick not have a scent…? Yes, there are those who may honestly find the scent “offensive”, but I’m sure there are others who just like riding the bandwagon…

Contour palettes with multiple options. I personally like having the ability to customize shades, or add even more depth/dimension by layering a deeper shade on a smaller area.

xamyx Avatar

I want to over add UD glitter shadows; if you pat them on with a flat brush, and *never* try to blend them out, the fallout is quite mitigated. On the topic of UD, I also like the reformulation of the Primer Potion. For my dry lids, the addition of lanolin was a good idea!

L’Orรฉal eyeshadow duos/quads are a mixed bag, but the singles are *amazing*!

Tammy Avatar

What flat brush would you recommend for the glittery UD shadows? I have them, love them, but struggle with fall out. I would like to use them more often!

xamyx Avatar

I primarily use e.l.f. or Sonia Kashuk synthetic concealer brushes. Also, a base/primer is helpful, and for shadows with a drier base, I spritz my brush something like MAC Fix+ (or a drop of glycerin mixed with distilled water). Since I pretty much only use the glittery shadows on the mobile lid, I apply it last, after everything else has been blended.

Alisha Avatar

I like loreal lipsticks too, the scent isn’t that bad. I like the color riche cream as I’m not into pearly frosty. I’m pretty much okay with most scents except the Maybelline color sensational which I know the colors and reviews are great but I just couldn’t handle it, and the Revlon moon drops. I also dont like mint. I gave them to my grandma. At 84 in assisted living she doesn’t get out much and lipstick is her favorite.

I also use multiples just for cheeks as a blush/highlighter combo. Too drying for lips and crease on eyes. It is a good concept and could work in a pinch I always remember my grandma putting lipstick on her cheeks as a kid lol.

xamyx Avatar

I find the L’Orรฉal & Maybelline scents to be quite similar, as well as Lancome, LOL! I know I have some Revlon Moon Drops * somewhere* in my stash, but I can’t recall anything about their scent… I’ll have to dig them out at some point, LOL!

Rachel R. Avatar

I’ve never noticed an offensive scent from L’oreal lipsticks. I don’t think they have much of a scent. Maybe I’m missing the gene for detecting it (like some people can’t taste pennies)? ๐Ÿ™‚

Blue Avatar

My unpopular favorites are more “unwearable” colors than specific products. I love black lipstick (ABH Potion, which is so dark it’s practically black), and burgundy or red eyeshadow (Sugarpill Magentric, MAC Cranberry, Sugarpill’s ()*#%&# or whatever it is red, all of which are well regarded in terms of quality as far as I know). The only product I have that I like and can recall getting a bad rating on temptalia is Vent Sale’, which is indeed disappointing as a layering color EXCEPT over very dark colors such as ABH Potion, which really brings out the complexity of the shimmer.

xamyx Avatar

I absolutely *love* “red” eye products! I don’t find them “unbearable”, at all. I had a customer-facing job in a bank, with a very strict, conservative dress-code, and I wore red eyeliner quite often.

Kat Avatar

Ooooh I love red eyes! I wear red (MUFE Artist Shadow ME744 Poppy) blended all over my lid and into the crease all the time in the fall. If you wear it with a very simple face and lips, making sure to conceal ANY redness in the skin and blending out the shadow really well, it totally works. You just have to be confident!

It really zooms in your focus on your eyes, and I think red is really flattering on ANY eye color.

Rachel R. Avatar

I love red eyeshadows. I actually bought the OCC NSFW Colour Pencil to use as an eyeliner rather than a lipliner, since it’s hard to find good red liners.

Amy, if you have any recommendations for a good red eyeliner, I’d love to hear them. Thanks.

Corinne Avatar

I gave into the hype and got Benefit’s the Porefessional… I know everyone loves it but I honestly cannot tell any difference when I’m wearing it. Overrated in my opinion!

Ellie Avatar

Your reviews are my go-to, especially if I’m at the store and I see something new and interesting. I automatically google “product X temptalia”. I love that you have a clear and structured system to grade products. You make it as objective as can be. One limit could be that, at least for what I know, everything gets tested just on you and your specific skin type. I know you often include tips for different skin types, but have you ever or would you ever consider expanding your team to include people with different skin tones and skin types? ๐Ÿ™‚

Alisha Avatar

I think it could get confusing with different skin tones when looking at the swatch comparisons. Plus medium ends up working out best, I’m fair/light and I have no complaints. It is just like shopping online for clothes, I have a pretty good idea what might look good and what might not even when viewing it on a super thin model. If it doesn’t show up on Christine, the blush probably won’t do much for someone else with a darker skin tone.

xamyx Avatar

I have 2 that I use for contouring, and they are amazing! I’ve only tried the liquid formulas for all-over foundation, and they’re awesome, as well.

Raeanne Avatar

I actually love the Body Shop Tea Tree line, especially the toner. It contains denatured alcohol, which is a huge no-no for most people, but I swear it really works on my breakouts! I am definitely finishing off the bottle (I got a huge bottle of it) before I venture out to see if any other more skin-friendly toners will work as well.

Ashleigh Avatar

I guess the YSL chromatic eye shadow quads (I guess that’s why they got discontinued), and the YSL RPC lipsticks, which a lot of people seem to find too slippery. I love that texture though, the creamier the better for me, and I think they do have decent wear time for their formula!

Cat Avatar

I’m also a Rouge Volupte admirer! I have two and I love the way they feel on my lips, so light and silky. They were my “gateway” lip product that peeked my interest in lipstick again after not really paying much attention for ten years. I have a sudden craving to buy a third! LOL


Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation, I read a lot of reviews that it makes the users skin look patchy. It’s meant for oily skin which I have. It’s pretty unforgiving on dry skin and is not recommended for people with dry skin. Another is MAC lipstick and foundation, I have no problem with either product, I don’t find the foundation too thick or pore clogging. I use ProLongwear and Studio Tech, I apply them in thin layers and it helps.

Ivana Avatar

I have read some rather negative things about MAC Khol Pencil Feline but I just love it. It stays put like a dream and doesnยดt smear or smudge

Rachel Avatar

UD shadow box palette! I know I read posts saying there was concern about the quality, but I have no problems and actually love this little palette.

Lacey Avatar

I’ve mentioned this in another thread recently, but MAC Dazzleglasses seem to have fallen out of favor, but I still love them. I know the value is lower and they tend to be sheer, and the super glitter is certainly not for everyone. But I love the glitter in these and I haven’t found a comparable product (personally) at a better price point. There’s no shortage of glittery sheer-to-semi-sheer glosses, but I feel like the glitter tends to be all silver, gold, or light pink. I like the teals, purples, and iridescent shimmers in the DGs.

Alisha Avatar

I like them too, I try to keep my eyes open for glittery lipglasses and I also have a bunch of Chanel glossimers because they are only $10 more for a lot more product. Sephora has some high glittery glosses too that might end up actually being the same or less like Dior, Bobbi brown, givenchy, ysl, etc.

Christina D. Avatar

I don’t know if everyone dislikes, but since I think the majority of people don’t like, I’d have to say matte eye shadows which are my favorite eye shadow finish! I like matte lippies too (I hate lip gloss — they feel slimy and look like drool) but admittedly, it is hard to find good matte lipsticks.

Brandi Avatar

I don’t think it’s “hated” per se. But, many people are very iffy on Colourpop. From someone who isn’t great at applying makeup or able to make amazing looks, I think they’re gorgeous. I put them on over some glitter glue and those suckers stay put. I love them.

Aimee Avatar

People are iffy about ColourPop? Really? I had NO idea. I guess I know my answer to this question then…as I love love love ColourPop. I’m currently addicted and buying more whenever possible. I reach for their lippies and shadows more than my Tom Ford, Chanel, and every other brand, high end to drugstore, and I own A LOT of product. I feel that ColourPop has great quality, interesting and innovative items, a wide range of colors, with an amazing price point. Am I really in the minority here?

Leigh Avatar

I’d certainly hope not, if so they may not stay in business! I have found a lipstick formula I consistently love and highlighters that I would count as HG that are not made by Benefit in a creamy formula (powder I just have Mary Loumanizer)! I also rather like the shadows, though I need to get a few more brushes that work with the formula.

Brandi Avatar

Yeah, it’s the formula that a lot of people don’t like. It’s complained that colourpop swatches better than it puts on. And that the sparkly colours have too much fall out. Also, allegedly, they paid bloggers to give them good reviews. And, that doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. Hmm, I think that’s all the complaints I’ve read.

Shelley Avatar

Revlon colorstay foundation: ends up patchy and cakey on my skin after 4-5 hours, I know it’s a cult fave; but it just does not work for me

Phoebe Avatar

Two come to mind:

1. Maybelline Full ‘n’ Soft waterproof mascara: I know some people love it (Christine, I know you do, ha), but the majority of the people I know don’t care for it. It holds a curl ok (not amazing) but the small lashes it finds and fans out…ahhh it makes what you have look 10x more amazing.

2. Maybelline The Flash Clean Clean Express Makeup Removing Lotion: Yes, that is the entire name. Maybe people couldn’t remember it, haha, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this makeup remover. It has been discontinued for maybe 6+ months now, and I searched high and low to find every last bottle (and failed most of the time). It removed every piece of my waterproof makeup — I would come out of the shower with a 100% clean face. It was amazing. Clearly, I was the only person buying it.

Deborah Avatar

I absolutely love MAC Just a Wisp mineral blush! I use another blush and then on the top of my cheekbone – it adds just a bit of pink but a beautiful shimmer too! No highlighter needed. I don’t remember anyone liking this but I might be wrong : )

Emm Avatar

I second this! Everyone raves about 1+3, but not 2. I prefer 2 out of all of them because I like that there are mostly cool toned shades which work best on my skin tone.

Pamela Avatar

I like coconut scented perfumes and body care which, for some, is love or hate. I used to work retail and a co worker whom I respected and loved could not ring on the register next to me on my coconut days. She say, “Pam, I got nothin’ but love for you but the coconut makes me heave.”

Angie Avatar

nars luminous weightless foundation seems to not get a lot of love. granted it’s no sheer glow but i find it to be lovely. so is the new luminous powder though i didn’t find a single thing i don’t like about the old formula.

also agreeing to the above; pink and reds eyeshadows could look amazing if you know the trick. then again i love the 90’s grunge-ish look so maybe that’s a bit biased.

also the matte versions of popular foundations (which i love admittedly) such as sheer matte and perfection lumiere are not mentioned as often for some reasons and they’re lovely.

Lotus Avatar

Sticky lip gloss, it won’t budge.. I dig it if it’s a good one that works for me in all other ways I need for my lips, fire red blush, fire red eyeshadow, and fire red eyeliner. Also pink eyeliners! Otherwise I think many things I use that many do not are just based on personal preference, as there are so many choices and not everyone tries and likes them all, so I can’t honestly offer anything else! ๐Ÿ˜€

cara Avatar

Nars dual intensity shadow palette. You tubers and bloggers race about it but i don’t love it. I feel Makeup geek foiled shadows are light years better.

Lotus Avatar

Oh, I got one! The Laura Mercier Water Droplets Palette! ๐Ÿ™‚ I think myself and another close to me are probably the only two loving these… I’m sure there are more but I don’t hear much love given! ๐Ÿ™‚

Aimee Avatar

I love this palette too! Yeah it’s a “sheer wash of color” kinda palette, but the pastels are beautiful. I think there is room in the makeup world for every shade, but I realize this one is not for everyone. A good primer or using Nyx milk as a base does help these shadows pop more. I just think the whole palette is lovely. I’m a sucker for packaging, though! Almost never hear about this palette & agree it doesn’t get the love it should.

Lotus Avatar

Ahh! Aimee! Thank you! So that’s nearly a handful.. Lol. I love it. Those I bought one for also love it! I think pigmentation has changed a lot dubbed the 90s and much more is expected…and forgotten.. Like this jewel here! It’s muted capabilities make a gorgeous violet smokey eye, gray, blue, green, and they have a beautiful finish! Going in, I knew they were sheer so I expected it and I got what I ordered! ๐Ÿ™‚ Romantic, fresh, different, in a way nowadays, and ultimately beautiful & usable! I guess one must like these muted colors though.. I see many palettes bought that have their bright shadows not performing, and the deeps barely there, but people LOVE them! To each their own, I just thank you for loving this too! <3 I love it!

Becky Avatar

Benefit Push Up Liner for sure. At first I HATED it, but for the price I decided it was worth fiddling with, and once I got the hang of I fell in love! I am very oily and this stuff does not budge. The only thing I hate is how it expands out of the tube, it feels so wasteful. Next time I’ll keep the little orange cap!

Marisa Avatar

Red, burgundy, pink, and yellow colored eyeliners on the waterline. People say it just looks like irritated eyes/eye infection, but I’m lucky to be able to pull these shades off without looking like that. I think they look cool!

Lulu Avatar

I love my ABH Liquid Lipsticks and I’m not going to budge on that stance. One thing I must note (which is not a product but …) is that I have to leave the room when someone is wearing “Angel” fragrance.

Kim Avatar

Agreed! The cardboard seems to absorb impacts better, and a simple rubber band keeps it shut 99% of the time. With the Naked2, I’m always concerned that it will hit something in my bag and the shadows will shatter.

gabis Avatar

I don’t quite remember anything as of now but I’m definitely one of the MJ lipmarc love gel first batch haters. It was very expensive (as every imported good in Brazil) and it is one of the most troublesome lipsticks to apply. I literally spend 20 minutes to get an even layer. The result is that I barely use it. Would’ve returned if I could’ve – here the return of opened/used products isn’t accepted ๐Ÿ™

Mietta Avatar

Naked3! Everyone hates it but I use it more than Naked 1 and 2. I guess I like it because I find it so easy to create ‘pretty’ looks. I have pale skin, dark hair and everything I use I usually end up looking a little punk/goth (which I LOVE!). The downside is, if I want to look ‘pretty and sweet’ it’s really hard! Enter, Naked3! And it makes my blue eyes really pop!

Kim Avatar

Sheer eyeshadow/blush/lipstick in general. Sometimes, there’s something nice about knowing that no matter what, you will be unable to put on too much–like using watercolors instead of oil paints, sheer washes of color can also have an impact..

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