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Nothing right now. My favorite since summer last year is the Nails Inc Flock You nail duo. The shimmer in that set is my favorite nail polish ever. It’s a beautiful duochrome of lemonade pink/orangey gold. It’s just mesmerizing and when it’s on my nails I just can’t help but stare at them catching the light. I also recently bought a set of the new grey polish Essie collection, I’m keen to try them.

I was eyeing that grey Essie collection recently. I talked myself out of it because I have so much polish, but my, my, there are some intriguing tones in that set.

Yesterday was the first time I’ve done my nails since my son and I went to see Muse play in concert!
I’m wearing Indie Nail Lacquer in My Two Cents. It has a deep purplish gunmetal base with a copper flash duochrome. This shade is stunning!

Dip nails—just slightly longer than my fingertips, in a natural-looking shade. It’s the first tim I’ve ever done this, but my nails were in bad shape and I had a big event to go to. I know this is bad for my nails, but I love them! I’ll do it again someday, but not till my nails have had a chance to recover.

Right now I have Essie Say it Ain’t Soho (which I got for free lol) on my toes! I’m probably going to change it today, not sure what. Maybe something lighter, since it is spring… and I have like 80 polishes to choose from…

I rarely wear anything on my fingernails because of my job and it’s a pain to put it on for just a weekend.

Do you work in a kitchen or a restaurant? I’m curious because I e worked for restaurants that didn’t let us have anything on our nails.

I’m wearing illimité La Femme Fleur – a yellow duochrome with holographic glitter. I usually go for dark, rich colors, very shifty multichromes or basic black, but the swatches for Fleur appealed to me for some reason so I snagged it on sale. I love it so much I’ve worn it for two weeks straight. It’s my first yellow polish that wasn’t purchased or used as part of a nail art look. I am just wearing it “naked” for the joy of wearing it.

I’m not a fan of yellow nails on myself, but out of curiosity, I looked up this polish and it’s really pretty! Looks sort of like a gold chartreuse in the pictures. I can see wearing this on my toes.

I don’t have anything on my fingers and I think I’ve got An Affair in Red Square on my toes (I’ll have to take a look at the bottle).

Nothing on my hands (though I’m seriously considering getting a professional manicure today just so someone who knows what they’re doing can bring back the rounded-square shape to my nails that i really like but can never seem to recreate after letting my nails do their own thing during months of benign neglect).

On my feet I have four different colors from various brands, as well as two different styles of water stickers (one type for each big toe). ‘Cause that’s how I roll. 🙂

Toes – OPI Hurry-juku get this color

Hands – I’m doing them today! I’ve had Picture Polish Orchid since Tuesday, will be changing them to one of these:
OPI Down to the Core-al (more of a toe color for me but I love that shift)
Essie Suit and Tied
Zoya Saint

I love nail day!

I am not a nail polish wearer in general. Years of not being able to wear it at work and then terrible cuticles from scrubbing my hands in harsh chemical and antibacterials has permanently damaged my cuticles, I think. Nothing I have tried has helped. I slather lotions, cuticle oils, etc on daily and they still look dry, flaky and just not attractive so I don’t really like bringing attention to my nails. My nails also don’t grow very fast and chip easily. As I have gotten older they have started having linear ridges which a lot of nail polishes draw attention to. I have tried the filler, self leveling types of products to deal with that but with limited success. I would get my nails done weekly or consider artificial nails of some kind it I didn’t live in the boondocks, LOL! I did have a mani-pedi in Seattle on our way to Europe and I actually have the remnants of it still on my toes. It is some shade of red that the manicurist had so nothing special.
I really have to say that I love the names of nail polishes. I think the manufacturers are very creative in their naming and I wish that more makeup brands would do the same. I would like them to take the creative route rather than the “let’s throw a sexual or drug themed name on it”.

Anything to recommend for weak, crumbly, peeling fingernails? And Hi to Deborah, my fellow sufferer. I’ve had bad nails my entire life, just genetics. Any hardener that has to be removed with polish remover just makes them drier. Cuticle oil and hand cream not the answer; the nails are the problem. Taken Biotin for yrs., doesn’t make a difference.

I feel for you Lulu! I’ve had nail & hair troubles that many factors can cause: diet & lifestyle, medication rx & OTC, coffee drinkers, chronic dehydration, stress & taxed adrenals, dreaded nail fungus that causes crumbly nails and even painful infections. Nail & hair growth supplements never helped no matter how much they cost or how many yrs I took them. Not Biotin. Not really Silica & Selenium supplements BUT consuming veggies & herbs containing them could help. I get nail water damage bc I love HOT showers. It used to wreck gel manicures in no time. My ewater shower head filters are worth the $$ for the difference the water quality makes for nails, skin, hair.

I found that regularly drinking Nettle infusions (tea steeped for 6 hrs or overnight) helps in time. Eating lots of organic fruits made a noticeable difference! For health issues I’m taking Zinc from Vimergy & b12 from Vimergy or Global Healing Center. After tons of supplements I wasn’t expecting these to help me grow better nails or hair but I can’t deny that the new growth looks & feels healthier.

Right now , I have a light pink with a french manicured tip. I normally don’t go so simple but I had rotator cuff repair yesterday so I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to salon for at least 4 weeks. Normally I go a lot flashier, use OPI chrome finish a lot . On my toes, I have OPI coca cola red. Absolutely one of my go to faves. I’d say 80% of the time I use same polish for mani and pedi

I have OPI Substantially Tan on my acrylics. Just got them done a couple days ago. It had been about 6 weeks so my nails were looking a ragged — I’m a teacher and some of the students commented recently on my undone nails.

Toes: OPI Do You Have This Colour In Stock-holm with China Glaze Prism glitter over the top.

Fingers: LA Girl pinky nude satin cream in Intimate.

A few suggestions for those with problematic nails and who have taken Biotin without any effet: try some good Omega 3 supplements (either the ones from wild salmon – Alaskan or Norwegian-, or the ones from organic Sea Buckthorn). The ones from fish oil (wild salmon) contain vitamins A, D and other Omegas as well (6, 9). Check for B12 and iron deficiency as well.

As for the products to apply on the nails, I have tried and liked Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2. There is a formula 3 and 1. It is a protein that is applied on the nails every other day. It is absorbed in the nails and helps them regenerate and get stronger. You can apply it under the nail polish as well, but then you can’t use it as a treatment every other day. From time to time, I give my nails a break (especially after a long cold and harsh winter when I had them covered with nail polish), and currently all I have is Nailtiques formula 2. It gives such a beautiful shine to the nails! My issue was that my nails were very dry and some of them started to split because the nail polish is drying. Two weeks for me with this treatment and they are back in shape.

Once the nails are recovered, you can use either Formula 1 for maintenance or Mavala – Mava-Strong Fortifying And Protective Nail Base (with proteins as well). For the cuticles, I use Mavala Cuticle Cream. As remover, Pure Nada has a soy-oil based one. It is greasy, it requires a bit more time to remove the nail polish but it leaves the nails hydrated and baby-soft b/c is not harsh at all (no acetone and fumes so is safe for pregnant women).
Every night before I go to bed I use KBShimmer Cuticle Oil Pen and a good hydrating cream w/ glycering and shea butter).

Next week, I will use Picture Polish in Sprig (nails and toes).

Gradient (aka ombre) pale pink at the cuticle to white at the tip and topped with a chrome finish, which makes them look wet. Oval shaped and longer than they should be right now.

Christine — I just re-read your answer, and it gives me pause. There’s nothing wrong with bare nails; I hope you’re not putting pressure on yourself (i.e. increasing your base stress levels) to “do better” in ways that ultimately don’t matter. Our lives are stressful enough without setting or raising bars on things that don’t even need to be on our radar. (I apologize for mixing metaphors, and for possibly being too personal.)

That right there is the #1 reason I wear makeup 7 days a week. Besides that I go to work 7 days, I have so much that it’s a shame not to use it. Nail color too, although I do my mani once a week, and get a pedi once a month.

I have a light green holo on my toes now– but that is changing tomorrow to a more vibrant green holo– Enchanted Polish Hey Jude– on the toes– and YSL Peace Green on the manicure. Peace Green is such a divine color. It’s a pale turquoise with a pink shift. I’ve had zero polish on since at least December– but hey it’s sandal season soon.

Right now , I have a light pink with a french manicured tip. I normally don’t go so simple but I had rotator cuff repair yesterday so I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to salon for at least 4 weeks. Normally I go a lot flashier, use OPI chrome finish a lot . On my toes, I have OPI coca cola red. Absolutely one of my go to faves. I’d say 80% of the time I use same polish for mani and pedi

I’ve seen a lot of questions about how to strengthen your nails, I’ve had this problem in past. If you take keratin supplements this will help immensely. It will also make them grow faster and stronger. You will see your hair grow faster , thicker and stronger also.

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Champagne Supernova. It’s a matte cream color. I actually do not love this formula, but I did love the color so I bought it. I think every other formula SH has is better than this one.

My toes have Essie Treat Love Color in Finish Line Fuel. That’s a metallic bronzey brown.

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