What’s your biggest skin concern?

What’s your biggest skin concern? How are you handling it currently?

Hydration! I’m using a hydrating serum at night for an extra boost!

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Hydration too. At night, I can layer on face creams and coconut oil, so it’s not an issue. But in daytime, the office air conditioning dries out my face, but I can’t put heavy creams on or I’ll get pimples, so I keep re-applying lighter creams.

Late winter flakiness, it happens to me every year 🙁
I fight it by slathering on moisture, using gentle glycolic products. A hydrating serum sounds so nice, what kind is it?

hyperpigmentation/age spots and fine lines. i’m using History of Whoo’s Whitening Essence (really powerful. after 2/3 of a bottle, i realized some of my foundations were a bit too dark for me). i’m still experimenting with various products to help the fine lines issue.

Pigmentation! I have very thin skin so it gets red super quickly and you can see veins and stuff through it, hence that gives me very dark, deep under eye circles too.. I use soothing, balancing skincare for sensitive skin, and light textures with good coverage makeup-wise.

Acne. I had never had a struggle with acne, maybe just one pimple in a few months. But now, for the first time in 24 years, I’ve been having 4 to 6 red pimples and a few tiny zits nonstop. I just don’t get it. 🙁

Try taking a zinc supplement if you may not be getting enough zinc in your diet (most people don’t! found mostly in meats and seafood). I never had acne until college and I seriously think it was because of a zinc deficiency. I take a zinc picolinate 22mg supplement daily and think it is great for keeping my skin clear and overall immunity 🙂

And see your doctor if you can! Retin-A micro cleared me right up but I waited like 4 years to see a doctor and am still dealing with acne scars as a result :-/

My acne and skin congestion is my biggest concern these days – I recently started cranking the face masks and night treatments and have seen an improvement. My dark circles are the next issue, I use Origins Ginzing, which really surprised me by actually DOING something in the past, but this time around I haven’t noticed a big improvement – it’s a really good eye cream though. Fine lines are the last one – I’ve really started to notice a few when I’m wearing makeup – still not sure how to manage that!

ugh. lately it is fine lines and wrinkles and dullness. I know that is two, but..lol. I’m getting to “that age” where I saw my mom’s skin start to change. She didn’t take care of it at all and by 45 it was really bad and she always told me to start early, not make the same mistakes!

I have lines starting to be present all the time around my lips and my frown lines are too visible for my liking. My cheeks and under eyes are dull. I’m using Estee Lauder Advanced night repair, night masks a couple times a week and gentle cleansers and face oils.

Exfoliation(hydration, too). Due to my flaky skin condition that not only has the potential to make my acne worse but also make my skin look bad with make-up on as it settles into all those tiny flakes. I use creams with urea in them(but only at home and when i don’t go out cause they’re shinier and stickier and can’t put make-up over them) cause they both hydrate and exfoliate….and when it’s nice outside, i make sure i spend 30 mins-1 h outdoors because that alleviates my flakes.

I just took two long haul flights right after the other so, everything is my problem but acne due to dryness. Lots of sheet masks to deal with it.

Unevenness/dullness/dark spots. I lump them all together because a brightening serum tends to address all three of those issues. I’m using the Caudalie one at the moment!

Almost 33 and I still break out like crazy! And my skin just doesn’t have the same “glow” anymore, so I’m all about clear, glowing skin right now!

Sweetie, I am 57 years old and if I don’t take my spironolactone, I still break out like crazy! I think it’s either in our genes or not. Hang in there!

Dryness too. Ugh to winter weather. I use gentle oil based cleansers.I f I notice to be ettra dry, I will lay off exfoliants for a couple days. I have added a heavier face oil for winter (Nude progenius oil) and I also use Perricone’s Hyalo plasma in dry areas. The Hyalo has been a savior! But, I was averaging a jar a month, at $135/jar,it wasn’t making me happy. So,I found out that by warming a bit between your fingers first helps it spread thinner with the same benefits. I also use a foundation with more slip in winter (YSL touche Eclat for me now) . In spring/summer, I will go with something less emollent . But, not matte.

Right now, it’s the one-two punch of acne and dehydration. My skin isn’t terribly oily but I’m breaking out EVERYWHERE. I have so much congestion and it’s making my skin feel rough and gross. Kind of want to start a retinoid but oh man, I don’t know.

Acne. My skin doesn’t often break out, but my skin is so fair that the marks linger for weeks. Dark purple post-acne scars are about a thousand times harder to conceal than a red spot and ugh….

Skin cancer. I’ve had 2 basal cell carcinomas surgically removed from my face (forehead and upper lip) and I’m only in my 40s. I wish I had known about wearing proper SPF when I was younger. Live and learn.

I’m so sorry–cancer sucks. No-one in my family has made it to sixty without a basal cell carcinoma, and I had to have a first biopsy at twenty-two.

Just wanted to say I hope you stay strong and congrats on vanquishing two bouts of cancer!

Super sensitive skin. This year, it’s on my eyelid crease and just above it, as well as in the outer eye area. I love wearing shadows and liners so this has been depressing.

My biggest skin concern right now is texture, I have some scarring but I’m not really sure how to take care of it other than light acidic exfoliation, the odd manual exfoliation (Clarisonic), and sticking to my skincare regimen (I follow Caroline Hirons – a UK skincare guru’s – prescribed double cleanse, double tone, serums, moisturizer routine). I also have a bit of a skin condition that’s pretty well under control right now, but does affect the texture of my skin. I haven’t found the be-all-end-all solution for that yet.

I am a african american female and I have rosacea and extremely oily skin. I also suffer from hype-pigmentation so I’ve got all kinds of skin issues. I really don’t know which one to pick. I’m most stressed out by the rosacea and scarring. I’m working closely with a dermatologist to get both issues under control but it’s quite frustrating!

Mine is also hydration. I don’t really have blemishes or anything thank goodness. But my skin is always super dry. Especially this time of year. Beauty oils have been my best friend lately!

It’s usually dehydration, but lately I keep having zits on my chin and around my mouth. I’m also starting to be concerned with loss of firmness.

Hydration, particularly around my eyes. My long-beloved Clinique All About Eyes isn’t quite cutting it now that I’m over 40, but I’m allergic to the Rich version, so I’m currently testing a whooooole bunch of samples to see what might actually work for me. Aside from all my product sensitivities, the problem is compounded by the fact that over-moisturising gives me milia around my eyes, ugh.

For the rest of my face, I’m using a rotating cast of facial oils and sleep-in masks. I’ll also sometimes use a spray during the day, either Clinique Moisture Surge or UD B6, as those add a bit of moisture but don’t disturb my makeup.

Wish I could still use the Algenist facial oil/serum. That kept my skin hydrated like nothing else, ever, and while it is expensive, I found a bottle lasted me a little over six months. Unfortunately, I developed a reaction to it after a while and had to stop using it. 🙁

My biggest concern is discolorations from past acne. Seriously, it’s been YEARS now, go away please! :-/ They just stick around forever and laser treatments didn’t help and I just think they are a gimmick now to be honest!

And now that I am 27 I am starting to see some fine lines and expression lines so definitely getting more into anti-aging skincare! I love Paula’s choice!

Retin-A micro makes my skin pretty dry so I like a hydrating serum too! I actually love Sebamed’s clear skin gel for this purpose, but am thinking of trying Kate Somerville’s Quench serum too.

Fine lines and redness on my cheeks. I cannot use retinol as it provokes a reaction in me. I use the Sukin sensitive cleanser,, Natio serum and Cetaphil moisture cream of a night time. I use the QV daily moisturizer with SPF 30 during the day. So far so good. I use the Aveeno Sensitive scrub twice a week. I love the Arden’s prevage products (got them in a sample bag with a purchase) but they are too expensive for me to use regularly. I use to have pimples etc when I was younger, but fortunately I went to a doctor to help clear them up. So no scarring for me. I am lucky I don’t suffer from under eye discolouration. Keeping my skin hydrated during the day was once a problem, but now I am better at it.

The challenge of having aging, but still very oily skin. I combat oil with good products, mostly powders, and use primer on my eyelids, always. I fight fine lines with NuSkin day moisturizer, night cream and TruFace Fine Line Corrector. I combat sagging with Eslor Collagen Day Cream.

Everything, but I guess it all comes down to ultrasensitivity (which leads to dryness and irritation, which leads to dullness and acne, which leads to acne scars and hyperpigmentation).

Gentle cleansers and sensitive hydrating serums have helped a lot, as does abstaining from more than a few ounces of dairy per day (or it leads to nasty breakouts).

It’s usually dry skin in the winter, but right now I’m battling random breakouts on my face, mainly on the right side and a few near my chin! It’s so annoying because I did not suffer acne as an adolescent. I had it happen once before about 5 years ago…thankfully all of the marks faded. I am trying to figure out what to do to put an end to end and to help the marks to fade yet again!

Pores and age spots. I’ve tried a couple of different primers for the pore issue–haven’t found an HG yet. I use a little concealer on the worst of the age spots. I have wrinkles, but at my age and after some rough times, I think of them the same way I think of my gray hair: I’ve earned them. 🙂

Redness and irritation. I used a not so great cleanser and I am still dealing with the aftermath. I switched over to a micellar water and have sworn off all foaming cleansers until my skin goes back to how it was before I got a wild hair over ‘fine lines’. Much better than irritant dermatitis and a rosacea flare up!

Dryness and large pores. I have been using the radical exfoliating pads and they are amazing but had to stop in the winter sue to dryness and have been trying out the La mer creme for hydration but still get dry spots around my nose and mouth. I was getting cane on my right side only of my chin and cheek until I realized it was only where my phone touched my face and I figured it had to do with bacteria and or my hand cream that is always on my iPhone that i starting using wet ones ( antibacterial wipes) throughout the day to wipe down my screen and viola no more acne!

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