What would your dream space be like for storing and/or applying your makeup?

For applying: lots and lots of natural light (but via bulbs, because I like the reliability of that vs. time of day, weather, etc.), a comfy chair that’s easy to clean (makeup, hello!), a sink nearby, large, horizontal mirror and then a smaller, magnifying mirror, and lots and lots of counter/vanity space to spread products out. For storing: some open shelving for some items (like perfumes or some crazy packaging) as a decorative element, lots and lots of drawers with jigsaw-like organizers that can hold glosses vertically, natural light filtering in, a rug in the center, and an ottoman on the rug!

— Christine
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Makeup room with a lot of natural light. Huge vanity and comfy chair. Lots of drawers/ storage for makeup. A giant mirror. Pretty display for brushes

Sounds perfect to me as well. I would convert a room with a close into my storage or a lot of Alex system style drawers. I would also like to have a filming area as well.

An alcove or walk-in closet would be ideal for my needs. It would have a nice, modern vanity with drawers for my brushes and tools, as well as sturdy drawered storage unit for all my makeup, each drawer with dividers for different types of products. It would have excellent, but not harsh lighting, a comfy yet supportive swivel chair. A light up magnifying makeup mirror is a must because I’m blind as a bat without my glasses! A full length mirror would come in handy to assess my entire look before I leave here, too. And all decorated in purple, teal, lavender, seafoam and silver accents!

I want a dedicated vanity table or desk just for putting on makeup. My grammy’s big mirror and a lighted magnifying mirror on top. My beloved muji drawers for storage and a comfy chair.

Many chests of drawers, with nice baskets, trays or boxes on top to display the most beautiful pieces and keep the products I use daily. Several windows to have a lot of natural light, and a mirror with good sun-like lighting.

Living in my very own, fully stocked Sephora store, with personal staff to keep every line clean, organized and replenished with fresh and new products. You said dream space, right? πŸ™‚

Barring that, what Christine described would be heaven. What I have is so far from that, and I have to keep things straight every day to stay organized.

Christine, I love what you describe! I’d only add that I’d like the big mirror to have fold-able side wings that I could adjust to see the sides of my face better. I often wonder if I’ve got my foundation blended out properly over by my ears. Maybe a full-length mirror on the wall behind me, too, to keep me mindful of the entire look.

I would just want lots of open shelving and clear acrylic organizers. I need to be able to see everything. Anything in a drawer would be outta sight outta mind. Id keep my brushes and perfumes on a clean vanity, which would have a small sink on the end as a brush cleaning station.

My dream space would be cooler! πŸ˜‰

Aside from not having air conditioning, I’m really happy with my current space. There are two things I still need; a mirror with greater magnification (or lasik!) and some type of shelving on the wall for various palettes. I haven’t come across anything that appeals to me yet for either. I’m also trying to think of a nice way to store my makeup brushes on the counter so they will be easily accessible without having the bristles exposed all the time. Currently, I store them in a brush holder I keep inside a cabinet so I have to get them out and put them away each time I do my makeup.

I’d just like my own sink and counter space. I share with my husband and teenage sons. I’m so tired of man hair, LOL.

I’d love a ton of natural sunlight for when I’m applying makeup in the morning with the option of good bulbs for when it’s dark out. I’d love a vanity/desk for makeup with an amazing mirror and the top of the vanity to have a couple of those 100 lipstick spinning towers and acrylic organizers. A girl can dream!

An absolute dream would be a whole room dedicated to my makeup. But my “practical” dream, which I intend on making a reality, is a vanity with lots of lighting, drawers for each type of product, and a really comfy chair, and for my husbands crap to all be elsewhere. πŸ™‚

My overall decorating style is a lot of antiques with vintage dΓ©cor. I would actually like my beauty space to be a small room or large closet. I would like it to be all in white. Something more like shabby chic than all dark wood. I have some older pieces that are not expensive or quality pieces, and want to paint them a light color, ideally white. My ex-husband who lives with me and is in poor health, (I am taking care of him as I am a nurse and he wants to be able to see our daughter more frequently), cringes every time I mention painting wood but I am so tired of all wood around me. I would like a nice vanity and clear acrylic makeup organizers. I need a large mirror and at least 15X magnification. I would like at least one window for natural light but like Christine I would want artificial light also. I prefer to do my makeup sitting in a firm chair but would like a chaise or comfortable overstuffed chair for relaxing. Oh, and one final thing, a beautiful chandelier, maybe Murano glass. Something really decadent and over the top!

I was very blessed to have a husband who knows how much I adore makeup. So when we were having our new house built, he asked the architects to build me a room for makeup !!!!!!! And all the extras, such as floor to ceiling closets, great lighting, and of course shelves and built in storage to hold all my brushes,lipsticks,sponges etc. All my hair necessities too.
I have a gorgeous vanity table and chair with mirrors and white led crisp lighting. Do I sound like I’m bragging???? Sorry, but I can’t control my excitement when I talk about. (wish I could post pictures).

I would love a whole room off of the bathroom that I can just open and lock myself in. The lighting would be nice and soft, but a little more brighter than that. I would have a nice size glass makeup table, with glass shelves and complimentary draws and storage. A nice 3 fold big mirror and a nice comfortable chair! Everything I need would be in that room. I wouldn’t have to be rushed to get out of the 1 tiny bathroom and 5 people who have an attention span of an egg, or worry about 1 or all 4 cats that are hungry, or need the litter box, or step in cat litter, cat’s jumping on the counter while trying to get completely done in 20 minutes without being bothered, rushed, or interrupted! Lol… Privacy Please!! Everything else would be organized like I already have it, and labeled. I enjoy makeup, and it’s just too bad right now that I can’t find the peace and quiet of applying it right now. Life is chaotic and rushed as it is, so that space I would love to have before I begin another crazy and long day. This would be my version of “the man cave”, or “the kid’s play space”, “the cat room”, “the toilet room”… I would bring my coffee and just peacefully put my makeup on, do my hair (THIS would be priceless to me.) then just simply walk through the sliding door where my bedroom is, and get dressed for work (which consists of scrubs). πŸ™‚

Rose your time will come. I know your feeling. When you have brought your kids up put some effort in returning to the wonderful feminine woman you were before your family. It is lovely to spend some time every morning just luxuriating in privacy.

Thank you Peta. That was beautiful and well put! I just re-read what I wrote and I sounded aweful! Omgosh! But the one thing that I never mentioned, was that I am so very much grateful for my crazy schedule and my beautiful Family! Nothing can compare to it. I wouldn’t trade my passion for my job either! It’s a beautiful feeling helping other people get better so they can get back to their families. My kids are in their early 20’s and I am 45, I got married young in life. My son moved back in and I also have my mother-in-law downstairs, whose very sick and in a wheelchair. While I have very little to no time for me, I DO remain ever so humble! It’s truly a Blessing that is appreciated.. Family. ? I apologize for the wrong idea about me.

RMW Rose. You are a great person with a big heart. How I remember those days with my 2 girls going to school. me finishing my Administration courses, my sick father and mother living downstairs from me, then grandma moving in!!!! UGH!! Hubby worked 24/7. But you know what??? God only gives us so much to handle. I would do it all again,just to have my parents here again, oh and yes to have my girls back home with me again.( at times it feels like they never left) LOL.Trust me, your time will come and you will say to yourself, wow, it really wan’t that bad!!!!

Hi Denise, thank you! I hear you, L. I lost my Mom before Christmas, this year will be 3 years already. She was also in a wheelchair and everyday after work, no matter what shift I had, I always stopped by and even if it was 3am, I knew she would not be in her bed. I had a key to her house and I would let her know that I would stop by to say hello and help her the best I could. She was a beautiful person inside and out and her strength, even today, even though she is physically gone.. She still gives Me the strength to do what needs to be done. I know that she along with my Dad are always by my side. So, I always want to do the right thing, it just seems to come naturally. I lost my Dad at the age of 22, the age my son is from Pancreatic cancer. We grew up in an old fashioned Italian household. I helped both my parents through the illnesses. While I couldn’t save them, it made up my mind to go back to school and become a nurse. So, I am a Cosmetologist and a Nurse. But at least my Dad held all 3 of his grandchildren before he passed away. Two granddaughters and one grandson. Family.. Love them, respect them, and always make time for them! God Bless! πŸ™‚ Sorry Christine.

I have it. A change room with great light supplemented by a great light on my most prized piece of furniture. A 1950s dressing table in pristine condition. Having brought up 2 wonderful sons , when they left home I became truly feminine. Make up has become one of my passions. This dressing table has 3 wonderful mirrors and original handles of Amber. The wood is lustrous and the storage is perfect. 3 drawers each side and a large long flat draw in the middle. I love sitting here every morning and wondering who else has sat here. Putting on my make up is wonderful here as I truly feel I have stepped back into a period when women were purely feminine.

Christina.. You NAILED it! I am going to take a screen shot of your answer and keep it in my re-modeling wishe!
Thank you!

A room that is naturally light, featuring drawers and storage for different kinds of products. A giant mirror with lights that won’t cast shadows when applying makeup on dim days.

I would love a traditional vanity table with matching chair. It would be by lots of natural light but built in lights as well. I would like to have a 3 sided mirror and a dual magnifying mirror that could be folded up and out of the way. I would also like lots of pretty,mirrored feminine trays for storage on top of the vanity and different sized drawers for storage out of sight.

I’ve thought about this and I think it’s a good idea I don’t have one because I’d end up staying too long and would probably be heavy-handed if I had a dedicated space for applying makeup.

That being said, we’ve talked about turning the loft area we have into a shared craft space – my ‘station’ and display tower on one end and his drafting desk and other things on the other end. I call dibs on the corner with all the windows for the natural light, and I’d want a long rectangular table with a central mirror but then also a lighted mirror (SimpleHuman). I’d have the same organization and setup I have now but just on the table in front of me instead of on shelves – brushes according to use in vases with beads against the mirror and everything else in their byAlegory organizers, either staying in the storage tower shelves for display or I’d have them in drawers. I can just imagine it, sitting there in such a pretty set up, putting on my makeup and being late everywhere because it’s like when you are little and you get out all your toys and you get lost playing with them. ??

What a great question. I’m in the process of setting up my vanity/reading room/parlor space and I’ve always wondered how beauty bloggers store their enormous makeup collections. How do you organize your makeup now Christine? I’m putting in a big armoire/cabinet with shelving and drawers plus a vanity table, but would love to see what others have done. Also- love your amazing reviews!

I like the way you think Christine but I need to rely on someone with organizational skills as I have none. They would have to help me before and after. I’ve tried so hard but only created clutter in organizing tools.

OMG…that you ask this. I dream about this. We are hoping to buy a house that has a bedroom right next to the bathroom that I would use for my glam room. One wall will be shelved for clothes. It will have two moveable rolling racks, and the opposite wall will have shelving units for makeup and nail polish storage. They will be stored in clear, labeled plastic containers. Two walls have windows, and there is also an overhead light, so the lighting will be good. And I want to have a dressing table with both a large mirror and one of those lit makeup mirrors, and baskets on the table to keep my everyday products and brushes. <3

I really hate drawers for anything fashion or beauty related. I hate having to go through stuff to get to the stuff underneath without at least being able to see the stuff underneath first. I like shelves, either open or in a cabinet/armoire situation. And any containers I use should really be clear, or at the very least, clearly labeled.

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