What would you love to see in beauty in 2018?

I’d like to find myself buried under cool-toned eyeshadow palettes… I hope we continue to see larger foundation shade ranges and continued improvement in offerings to cater to our diverse community.
I’d like to see brands slow down their releases a bit and spend more time curating their launches; the pace of 2017 was quite fast, and as someone who tried a lot of it, I really have no idea how most consumers can pick and choose from the deluge of releases.

— Christine


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Raeanne Avatar

Here’s my wish list:
-more drugstore brands release good quality makeup brushes and sponges;
-more blush releases in interesting colors and finishes;
-greater diversity in foundation and concealer shades with respect to skin tone and undertone;
-greater representation of diversity in beauty-related marketing and social media;
-less negativity and drama in the beauty community overall.

For myself personally, I want to focus more on skincare and nailcare, and supporting more Indie brands and minority-owned makeup brands.

Seraphine Avatar

Ditto Christine’s post. I would like to see more cool-toned eyeshadow palettes. I think the world has enough of the warm tones. I also think brands should concentrate on quality, not quantity. I’d like to see more brands go 100% cruelty free.

Not sure if this is part of the question, but in 2018 I’d like to see reviews of mascara, eyeliner, and eyebrow products on Temptalia. Those are products I could really use some help choosing.

Seraphine Avatar

One more thing to add: I’m tired of the drag queen look that women have been doing in YouTube videos and Instagram photos. It’s great for actual drag queens (love you, Kimberly Clark!), but to me, it’s just plain weird when female “beauty gurus” (cough, NikkiTutorials) try to pass it off as normal. There’s a big difference between Instagram makeup and real world makeup! Clown contouring? Ugh. So my hope for 2018 is that this trend will fade and there will be more real world makeup tutorials. Just my opinion. I know others may disagree.

(P.S. Christine, I love how you have the talent to have fun with your makeup, like your bright, colorful eye looks that are perfect for the *real* world. It’s truly inspiring!)

Christine Avatar

I think NikkiTutorials has always been pretty candid that she likes her makeup over-the-top? I don’t watch every video but feel like I’ve routinely seen her say as much. Even in her natural tutorial, she seemed quite self-aware that her natural is still quite a bit of makeup for some.

Also, please be kind – something you might not like may be someone else’s favorite thing to do. I don’t think it’s appropriate to call another style of makeup you don’t like as “clown contouring.” There’s a huge difference in stating your opinion and mocking something. People are having fun, as they should, with makeup.

Seraphine Avatar

OMG, that’s not how I meant it!!! I’m so sorry. It was my understanding that “clown contouring” was actually a real thing created by a woman who coined the term. I didn’t mean it as mocking. I was just referring to what I thought was the actual name for a particular extreme form of contouring. I’m sorry if that caused confusion. Well, I feel pretty stupid now.

Grace Avatar

I want to see more color, and a comeback for dark eyeshadow. This year we definitely saw some colorful palettes break into the market, especially in the last quarter, and I really want to see more of that and less nude palettes.

Id also like to see quality over quantity in new releases.

Tamah Avatar

I would like to see more cool toned eyeshadow palettes that are pigmented and long wearing. Slow down on the deluge of releases, because, I don’t see the quality of a lot of expensive pallettes , cool toned burgundies would be wonderul. Forest green mascara available at Ulta.

Michele @Binxcat4ever Avatar

Yes on the cool-toned eyeshadow palettes (and everything else cool). I have hopes since Pantone picked a purple for the 2018 Color of the Year though. I’d also like to see more brands go cruelty free. Having recently made the transition I’m discovering new brands (some Indie, some not) but it would be fantastic to be able to pick from all brands.

Joan Avatar

I would love to see more cool toned palettes and/or palettes with unique color combinations. And I would love to see a slow down of releases/ the feeling of more perfectly cultivated releases. I would love for more indie brands to receive more shout outs/ recognition 2018. I super hope to see a ton of Ultra Violet products, Greenery seemed to have been ignored, but I really want to see many unique products playing up the color of the year.

Susan Avatar

Agree with your comment of cool-toned eyeshadow palettes. So tired of the warm neutrals; they’re pretty and I have some, but they’re overdone.

Higher quality and fewer releases. Death of the unicorn fad. Death of the heavy, drawn-on-with-a-black-Sharpie brows. Lighter (weight, not color) foundation. Less highlighter, with more of a natural glow instead of people with globs of sparkle on the ends of their noses and on their upper lips. Overall a more natural look — less is more, and too much makeup is so aging!

ES Avatar

Ditto to everything Christine said!

I also would love for there to be more emphasis on sustainable/recyclable packaging and ethical sourcing of ingredients. By the latter, I mean more recognition and enforcement of fair labor practices (especially in the mining industry for ingredients like mica). As a consumer, I find it very difficult to get information as to how different brands source their materials. But having this information would impact my purchasing practices. I wish it were as easy to gather this information as it is to gather info. on whether companies are cruelty-free (not that it’s super easy to assess whether they are cruelty-free, but a lot easier anyway!)

Kat Avatar

I’m not super into cool toned eye looks but I know that lots of people are, so I also wish for the cool palettes! I have more than enough warms and neutrals.

Most of all I just want brands to slow down. I found that throughout 2017 the brands that kept a slower release pace were brands with better products and that I just had a better opinion of them overall. For example, Fenty Beauty seems to be doing smaller, controlled releases. She did the holiday collection which wasn’t overwhelmingly large, followed by a single liquid lip and now a small lipstick line. I like the pace of that, especially considering that the lipstick line is simply filling in gaps in her product range instead of shoving random releases out to stay relevant.

I want to see better quality. A lot of brands that traditionally have put out good products kind of dropped the ball this year.

Also, less strictly makeup, but I need these brands to get it together with the hacks/controversial Instagram posts/poor customer service! There are brands and retailers with amazing products that I will literally never ever buy from because of stuff like this. Hire a PR person, an IT staff, and a customer service rep and chill on the Instagram stuff.

I’m probably the only one in the world but I’d like to see more drugstore brands release brow makeup for auburn hair! NYX is the only one I can think of and I don’t love their stuff. I end up having to spend $20+ on Anastasia Beverly Hills because it’s my only option. It’s great stuff but I’d love a cheaper alternative. But that’s more of a “me” problem than an industry problem.

AJ Avatar

YES to cool-toned palettes!

And YES to brands slowing down the release schedule and being more discerning in what they release. Although I do agree that brands are going to keep releasing things as long as we keep buying… Are we all still buying? Look at all of the recent releases that are already on sale for deep discounts at Sephora. And YouTube is full of influencers complaining about the fast pace of releases, especially things like how ColourPop seems to be releasing a new palette every other week.

I’d like to see brands being more innovative and indulging in less copy-cattery. Like OK, Brand A released a “warm neutral with a pop of purple” palette and everyone on YouTube said it was the best thing ever. Do Brands B, C, D, and E all need to scramble to come out with their own “warm neutral with a pop of purple” palette, too? Or could they maybe say “Ok, what can we make for all the people who want cool neutrals, or hate purple, or want to do bold editorial looks?”

I’d also really like to see brands knock it off with the super LE releases. I want to buy a palette and know that if I find I really like using it, I can recommend it to my friends 3 months down the road and they can go buy it, too.

Deborah S. Avatar

I concur with all of the above. I would love a nice cool toned palette, fewer releases to focus on quality over quantity.
Personally, I would like to see all makeup brands boycott selling in China. The power is there to change the beauty environment and if China isn’t getting product they will quickly change their practice.
I would like to see better ingredients in makeup products, combining good skin care benefits along with makeup.
A start has been made towards equality in makeup shade ranges but a lot more can be done. I hope the trend started by Fenty Beauty continues.
I would like to see more testers at the drugstore. A few brands have started providing testers for drugstore products but I would like to see a lot more. If one didn’t have to purchase four shades of foundation and return three the cost of makeup might at least hold the line.
Lastly, I completely concur with the drama in the beauty industry and particularly on YT and IG. I was quite the follower of YT craft videos and then the drama began and the community seemed to fall apart. Many of the really talented crafters have completely stopped posting videos and have disappeared from YT. There needs to be a lot more tolerance and support for each other and historically this isn’t something that “women” have supposedly excelled at. It sucks so much pleasure out of the whole experience for me.

Nancy T Avatar

That *last* paragraph where you say; “I’d like to see brands slow down their releases a bit and spend more time curating their launches” is everything! This past year, especially since September, has been FAR too fast paced with the sheer number of new releases. They came fast, furious, and many times, they didn’t even seem that well thought out or as having much worth due to ‘meh’ color selections and/ or substandard quality. Yeah, it was ridiculous!

Now, since I’m planning on a super lean, low-buy for this coming year, whatever I now say is for the benefit and pleasure of other readers makeup adventures! •Yes to cooler toned, but WAY better quality eyeshadow palettes!
•Yes to the expansion of of companies as inclusive as Fenty and Huda!
•Yes to satin, cream and glossy lips taking back their rightful place in the lip world!
•Yes to saying “No!” when a brand changes their formula for the worse!

Susan Avatar

Thought of something else, because I’m forgetful that way. Brands, please stop releasing your Product A only at Sephora, Product B only at Ulta, Product C only at Macy’s, and Product D only on your web site. Release them all everywhere. If I want to buy makeup, I want it to be simple, not a damn treasure hunt.

Alison Avatar

I agree with you completely, especially on the cool toned palettes and the releases. I have basically tuned out nearly all new releases for this reason. The barrage has just turned me off. How many beauty products does any of us need? I have gotten to the point where it’s not so much about a no-buy, i.e.. resisting things I want– as it is an “enough already.” I feel like I have what I need and apart from replacing stuff I use up, and the general amusement of seeing what beauty bloggers I respect have to say, I’m going to focus my energy in other directions. Lord knows our world needs help– and a lot of it. I’m pretty enough (for my age), have multiples of shades that look good on me, and I see no surprises out there. So I’m kind of done. I still touch base here as you are my favorite blogger, but nothing tempts me.

Julie S. Avatar

Same here!! As soon as I purchased everything I wanted and needed, I stopped wanting to spend money on under-performing products. I still search for mascara though!

Sarah Avatar

-More bronzer options…different finishes and undertones. I feel like bronzer has kind of gotten a bad name lately because people are used to seeing the orange-undertone bronzers that a lot of brands have. Orange works for some people ofc, but not everyone.

-More brow product shades, especially for budget brands. I think it’s underrated how important getting the right brow product shade is, and I think that’s why ABH is so popular for brow products right now…they’re one of the few brands that offers different shades/undertones. I wouldn’t mind continuing to buy from them if that Brow Wiz didn’t come with so little product for like $20…

-More sheer lipsticks in the same vein as the kind of lip products you commonly see in Asian Beauty. Wouldn’t mind buying from Asian brands if they were more available in store.

-Lastly, more all-matte or mostly-matte eyeshadow palettes. We had some of these in 2017, but I wouldn’t mind more as I love me some matte shadows

AB Avatar

Several thoughts come to mind, so here it goes…
>Fewer releases for sure, and longer shelf life of LE releases (looking at you, Mac). It’s gotten silly.
>I’m all about warm neutral eyeshadows, and even for me there’s enough of these palettes already.
>More tailored, smaller eyeshadow palettes.
>More (any) mid-range, decent brown non-waterproof mascaras.
>More effort for consistency within brands. E.g.,Too Faced, who has to know the subpar quality of many of their palettes but goes ahead anyway; Dior who puts out some good and some awful palettes in the same release. If a brand is wildly inconsistent I just avoid them anymore.
>More options in outlets: e.g., Sephora has so many brands that it can only put some items on shelves and then often messes up online orders. It’d be great if Beautylish got more of these brands; they’re the only one I order from online anymore.
>More custom eyeshadow and blush palettes — so the case and individual pans.
>As much commitment to customer service as shown for pace of releases in 2017 — Tarte, Ulta, Mac, Sephora, Colourpop to name a few off top of head had sometimes big customer care issues this year.

Mariella Avatar

I agree about fewer releases but also spend the time between releases making better quality products to release in new collections. Personally, particularly with eyeshadows, I’d like to see SMALLER pans with correspondingly SMALLER price tags. I’d rather buy 2 or 3 little pans than one honkin’ huge MUFE (old round style) ones. Also, I’d like to see companies make enough of their LE products so that people can actually purchase them without having to give up all their waking hours (and some sleep-time) to snag a sought after product.

Lesley Avatar

I would like to see fewer palettes altogether. More quads and singles, with more options to create your own combinations. I also would like to see fewer weird highlighter shades and more coordination between shades of foundation, blush and highlighter. I would like companies to push the Chinese government to stop requiring animal testing. The technology is there to test without causing pain.

And may all our wishes come true!

Kitty Avatar

I think everyone has excellent suggestions, so won’t repeat them — I totally agree!

I’d like to see all ingredients posted for all products. I’m SOOOOOO tired of having to search high and low for ingredient lists, and then having to take out a magnifying glass to read some of the images I manage to find, of not getting answers from website manufacturers when I go through the trouble of asking about ingredients, etc. It shouldn’t be this hard to see an ingredient list. Also, for those that are helpful and forthright enough to include their ingredient list, quit being lazy with the “may contain” or “+/-” designations–just state what’s in there and don’t be wishy washy about what “may” be in there!

Genevieve Avatar

I echo your comments about the need for more cool toned eyeshadow shades, as much as I have saved a lot of money over the past couple of years not purchasing eyeshadows (however, I have managed a few) I still would like to have more choices.
Secondly, I am a tad tired of all the highlighter releases – the market is saturated and I think it’s time for that to quieten down.
Better foundation range to cater for diverse shades is also very important too.

Ionelee Avatar

I’d love to see fewer releases. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve stopped buying makeup because I’m just overwhelmed by the sheer number of new, low quality releases.

I’d love to see better packaging this year. Palettes with less wasted space and thinner, smaller, more travel friendly, less flimsy products. I don’t care if the lid is shaped like a unicorn, I want a product that functions well and lasts.

Christy Avatar

I would love to see some gray palettes! Also, more organic products. So much of the cosmetics are loaded with chemicals that hurt the body as well as the environment. I want more products that “do a body good”.

Shannon Avatar

Truer statement has never been made LOL! I agree I want to see great quality, color variation and some real thought put into things. It is almost dizzying going into a store and trying to decide what you want. Even after reading reviews there’s just too much. Start concentrating on better formulas that are worth the price!

Kuávsui Avatar

More blue eyeshadow! I agree with a lot of people here – there are a lot of warm tone palettes out there and while I mosty can’t wear cool tones, I agree that there needs to be more of that. And I love blue eyeshadow. Bring in the bright electric and cobalt blues and cerulean, gold specked lapis lazulis, sober navy tones, even teals.

I also need brands to bring more variety in their liquid and gel eyeliner colours. Black is a staple and most brands also carry browns but I need navy, deep plum and mirkwood green as well. Thanks!

Good powder foundations that aren’t either too dry and powdery or too creamy.

More lavender highlighters. As singles, not in palettes. LESS face palettes.

Erica Avatar

I agree with your list Christine. I would also love to see smaller eyeshadow palettes. Please, if any beauty companies are reading this, stop with the highlighter overload. It’s only so much you can do with a highlighter. Powders, pressed powders especially in different shade ranges I would love to see. I know that I have a hard time finding powders in deeper skin tones.

Carolann Avatar

I’d love to see more matte facial products. I have naturally oily skin and just cannot stand sparkly highlighters or even shimmery blushes. Sparkles have even snuck into some of my eyeliners and primers! I just want more matte products.

Silvia Avatar

Honesty. Honesty in reviews so many things are hyped up and then I find some quiet items turning out to perform really well. A drugstore example, the Milani rose blushes although I ended up collecting many of the colors sitable to my skin tone they carry a strong smell to them and are a bit hard to take off the case although still pretty. I like tea rose, coral cove. The baked ones are actually great. Cover Girl, that water proof lash blast got hyped and u don’t see the big deal it clumps and tge brush bristles are so small not liking it at all compared to even cheaper Princess I really see my lashes with those I’m willing to forget any clumping. Better brush too! The Cover Girl blushes are good with really pretty shades all three but they didn’t get much hype. The worst hype on products are with the HE is never ending and too many new things being shit at us all at once. Is a fierce marketing out there I make sure to investigate things well before paying the big bucks when a drugstore can just about perform the same. Nyx space rocketing their prices on the recent eyeshadow palettes. Wew! ?
I’d love to see pretty young YouTuber wearing more down to earth makeup some are plain hideous with the huge injected lips and highliter reaching the moon.

Emilie Avatar

I’m with you on both points. With the exception of Kat Von D (her stuff is so unique and artful), I’ve found myself super uninspired with most brands that seem to be pumping out the same boring stuff. There’s not a whole lot left to differentiate them from one another. Fact is, in 2017 we could get our hands on the exact same neutral warm brown ANYWHERE. Why do we need more? I’d like to see more creativity with releases rather than brands riding trends.

And, as far as the influencer community, I’d like to see reviews on more than just the trendy limited edition stuff we’ll never hear about again in a few weeks. The YouTube world has become less about love of makeup and more about consumerism and drama. It keeps us tempted to buy whatever’s new instead of focusing on stuff we might already have. I feel like seeing a greater focus on good permanent products will help me find new staples instead of just gimmicky junk, and might encourage me to shop my stash and rediscover things I forgot about. Maybe for that to happen, we just need brands to slow down on these limited edition releases.

Sandi Johnson Avatar

I would love to see more products that would get good ratings on ewg. I am still choked that Paula’s Choice tinted moisturizer with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for sunscreens was discontinued.
The selection is pretty small.

Linda Avatar

I would love to see more pink/natural toned lip products, especially for Spring – seems like every line goes from nude to bold and vampy skipping over the romantic natural pinks entirely. Also would love to see more comfortable, glossy and moisturizing formulas vs. matte/liquid lips come back in vogue.

Brenda C Avatar

Everything everyone else commented has summed up my feelings. I don’t want to see another eyeshadow palatte I’m on overload. What more can they do? The only thing I will purchase this year will be the things I run out of. This insanity of makeup overload has to stop somewhere and it’s stopping at my wallet.

Betty Avatar

I hope make up brands listen to you, you are so right: we are under a deluge and cannot keep up with the pace of releases. Its so overwhelming that I just shut down and stop buying or trying to keep up. I’d like to see the makeup brand work on less quantity and more on special quality of color, finish. I’d like them to wait until they have something special or different to offer and not just throw everything on the wall to see what sticks even if its the same old same old.
I would also like more offers of smaller sizes, smaller prices for those of us who have a large collection already and will never get through it all or who want to try a small size before committing to a full size (and for travel and purse purposes).

Mo Merrell Avatar

I agree with you,
-I would like to see less releases and limited editions and more time spent on putting out great products.
– LESS YouTube Beauty Guru collabs. I’ll be honest some of these “gurus” have sh1tt3y personalities and I don’t like giving my money to them via the brand they collab with but that also limits what I buy (my choice of course) I am just really annoyed with the over saturation of beauty guru obsession.
– More drug store releases of better foundation selections and overall better products especially from Maybelline. I think it’s time they redo their lipstick formula and packaging.
-More and less expensive QUALITY eyebrow products
-Less HUGE rainbow colored highlighters (it’s just not practical and I think they are pointless and overpriced.)
-more individual blushes that don’t cost an arm and leg
– I read someone below say more mascara and liner reviews; I agree. You just don’t see those reviews much and I think mascara is an important step in my routine. I’d like to know more about the best and the worsts.
-more Wayne Goss. I am in love with his YouTube channel. He is to the point; no long drawn out intros, no looooong reviews just straight to the point. More of that please!

alyssa Avatar

I definitely agree with the desire for more cool-toned products and a less intense, more thoughtful release schedule. I’d like to feel that mainstream brands actually put some thought into their new releases. Also:
–More brands following in Fenty Beauty’s foot steps and releasing base products in a large range of colors/undertones (during the initial release, not waiting to release darker shades a few months later)
–A continuation of the duochrome/multichrome trend. It’s become more mainstream, and I’d love to see even more inventive shades.
–I’d love to see more brands offer unscented versions of their products. Fragrant compounds and oils are skin irritants, and really don’t need to be in beauty products. However, I understand that some people like fragrance or essential oils, etc, so it would be great if brands that do include fragrance could also offer unscented companion lines. For example, I was super excited about the huge MUFE lipstick release this year, until I bought a shade and realized that they contain limonene (which is also not great for the environment).
–More affordable skincare with good ingredients, like products from The Ordinary and CeraVe.
–On a very specific note: more shades in the Pat McGrath MatteTrance line and an Ardency Inn eyeshadow palette.

Mo Merrell Avatar

I would also like to see more focus on skin care for men and women. They market skin care so much for women but not so much for men. I would like to see a focus on obtaining great skin and affordable products or sets that are not super expensive for deluxe size BS. There is so much out there to learn about proper skin care and I think we are in the time now where we should really be focusing on that more instead of trying to find the best concealer to cover horrible spots and ignore the problem. I discovered a lot of skin care brands on my own which is fine but I’d have gotten hold of them sooner rather than later if there were more talk about it online in the beauty community.

Also, more focus on cleaning your makeup. I see so many YouTubers with dirty makeup brushes and sponges and I cringe inside.

MacKenzie G. Avatar

Everyone’s lists gave me even more ideas so here it goes:
– Diversity in shade ranges and campaigns. I refuse to buy base products from brands that think 5 shades of foundation are enough to cover the vast range of gorgeous skin tones out there. If it’s not dark girl friendly, I don’t need it. Everyone should be able to walk into Ulta, Sephora, etc. and have their pick of whatever foundation/concealer they want, instead of having to settle for something because it’s the only shade that matches them, or having to buy 2-3 different products to mix together.
– More single shadows. I’m over palettes, and I prefer the freedom of building a look with singles. I’d really like to see Makeup Geek put out more shades, she hasn’t had many new single eyeshadow releases in a REALLY long time.
– That being said, I want to see more cool-toned palettes out there for the people that want them.
– While we’re at it, I’d like to see brands come out with GOOD pastels, jewel tones, and cool tones. Please put warm, mid-tone brown eyeshadows out of their misery.
– Quality over quantity. I’ve actually become less attracted to makeup because of the ridiculous pace of releases and the overall mediocre-to-bad quality (*cough, cough* Too Faced).
– More encouragement to shop your stash instead of buying and buying new things. Death to consumerism!
– More attention to quality indie or lesser-known brands. A lot of their products are better and more unique than what mainstream brands are putting out.
– Can we bury the scary, dehydrated matte lip trend, and resurrect healthy, juicy, glossy lips? My lips are sad. I know many are fans of liquid lipsticks, and more power to them, but I personally don’t jive with them and I’d like to see the resurrection of regular lipstick and glosses.
– A larger variety of quality cream and stick face products.
– I think this one is really important: less negativity. There are so few places in the beauty community that aren’t filled with negativity (this is one of them!). All the negativity turns what should be a fun, creative space into a hate-filled and judgmental war zone.
– Last but certainly not least, I’d LOVE to see more brands go cruelty free. It’s 2017, and the fact that companies still test on animals is cruel and barbaric. If more brands would refuse to sell their products in China, that statue would be overturned so fast, and then brands would have absolutely no reason to continue the awful, not to mention unnecessary, testing on animals.

Rachel R. Avatar

More great permanent items, and less sub-par LE collections. Better shade selections in foundations. Great purples, especially considering Pantone’s COTY is Ultra Violet. I want a great, all-purple palette. Not purples that actually turn out to be pinkish or brownish, but actual purples. I’d like to see the metallic and glitter trends continuing. More color. I’m still sick of neutral palettes. I love the red-toned palettes, but now they’re glutting the market, and I’m ready for something new. Last, but not least, I’d like an end to animal testing.

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