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I tried threading for the first time too last week, OUCH! Upper lip felt like razor blades slicing me. I had tears in my eyes and my toes were curling from the pain.

Then to top it all off the threading broke me out :(. I have been told it’s better for your skin than waxing but I am not so sure.

No matter the method i usually feel that my skin gets irritated when the hair is pulled enough to make it hurt, but not entirely pulled out (Like when you pull out a hair with a tweezer, but it breaks at the skin surface so you can’t pull it out). Maybe that’s the problem with threading if your hair isn’t very coarse?

When I first started tweezing my brows, I couldn’t stand it. (Now I’m pretty used to it, though). But the worst was when I used the AcneFree skincare system. I stupidly got the ‘Severe’ one (not knowing I had sensitive skin that was breaking out from makeup)…holy cow, it dried out my skin so painfully badly, it made me look like I had wrinkles (I’m 21) and it hurt to move my face. I tried to do the face mask and it hurt so bad it actually made me tear up. The crazy part is I used that stuff for almost two months. What was I thinking??

Ah the very first time I tweezed..pretty sure I broke the world record for most curse words ever uttered in the span of 2 minutes then.. (and I don’t normally swear..lol)

The epillator may SAY it’s meant for the bikini area, but if you use it there you will be very, very sorry.

I was going to say, “Have you ever heard of an Epilady?” Oh, wow, what were we thinking? I had one friend who managed to learn to use it, but she had to get loaded first. I just thought that nothing could be worth it, so I went back to shaving.

It’s a toss up between at-home bikini waxing and laser hair removal in the bikini area! Needless to point out, both experiences share a common theme.

The first time I had my nails done. That night I couldn’t sleep because my fingertips felt like they were on fire. I blame it on the rough electric file. I vowed to never get them done again since they left my natural nails in terrible shape, not to mention in great pain.

Don’t give it up forever! I tried getting one where they used a soft wax and it was so much better! It barely hurt! And no gross paper/cloth strips. Best waxing experience ever.

Oh, you and me both, Christine. I don’t think there has ever been an experience involving the words “at-home” and “wax” that has ended well for anyone.

OMG BEST POST EVER! I shouldn’t laugh at other people’s pain but that description was SO fantastic! ๐Ÿ™‚ Well written! Four stars! LOL! I’ll see you that and raise you a:

SEVERAL years ago I was prepping for a romantic evening so naturally, along with my moisturizing facial mask, I was also doing some manscaping. Weโ€™re not talking clippers either, this was the early 2000โ€™s! Take no prisoners! Razors were involved!

Donโ€™t ask me how but at SOME point during my Cirque du Soleil caliber contortionist routine I lost my balance, slipped in the tub and nicked myself in a very. Uncomfortable. Place. Not only did that mean all hopes of late-night Cinemax excitement were banished but the worst of it was that just sitting down for dinner became a trial in pain endurance.

I rock a much more 70โ€™s vibe now-a-days ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m sorry Dusty, I laughed so hard at this… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Cirque du Soleil, heh. You poor thing, that must have been excruciating!

I’ve never been brave enough to “landscape” my bikini area in any way, shape or form – I just invest in low cut bottoms and call it a day.

Epilating my underarms for the first time, I cried because it hurt SO much.

Mine isnt so bad – getting my brows threaded for the first time at a salon! OW! But nothing scary like at home bikini waxing…which I did want to try but I guess maybe I should reconsider that! Haha

Bikini/Brazilian grooming in general is a painful experience. Waxing isn’t pleasant and shaving is just a f’n pain!!!!

Aside from that…tweezing random upper lip hairs and pinching lids with lash curlers. The latter doesn’t happen often, though.

For me, and this is probably really gross and embarrassing, the most painful would definitely be plucking my nose hairs haha!

I just hate it when I see guys (and girls) smile and there’s all this hair popping out of his/her nostrils. Honestly… it’s pretty gross. xD And I never want that to happen to me, so I make sure I’m very groomed for that part of my face. But boy does it hurt and I have the most powerful bouts of sneezing! Maybe I should think about trimming nose hairs instead… Lol!!

Worst pain ever has to be underarm laser hair removal! It’s actually the most painful spot on your body to get it done, worse than the bikini area. You know when you touch something and get shocked? Multiply that pain by 30 and add heat. It’s hell xD

OMG Christine! I know and feel your pain!!! Never again will I do at home waxing! I used a hand-held mirror, a full length mirror and was in positions that I had no idea I could do. I *LOL* about it now but I was in tears at the time.

Hair and waxing/laser seem to be a common issue with this question.

I too would have to agree. I have tried waxing and it was a major FAIL, so I have stuck with a razor. The issue I have, is my hair is very dark and before the laser hair removal it was thick. I have to shave everyday. I tried laser hair removal last year. OMG talk about pain (some parts are more sensetive than others … my underarms, toes and feet KILLED me!!) and the smell of buring hair was enough to gag me. I had 3 treatments. I need another 3 – 4 treatments but I just cannot bring myself to go again. I did buy a TRIA and will try it in a few weeks when I have a free weekend.

That was the first girl parts vaxing for me too! I remember crying out for my mother,begging like “pleeeeaaaseeee take it off!!!”.Well,now vaxing is a nice free time activity for me.I don’t know if it is my brain or body that got used to the pain,or it is so because I learned exactly how to do it but it certainly feels a lot easier that I do it at home in every several weeks:)

LOL! You are hilarious, Christine.

For my own answer: I tried getting laser hair removal and did NOT enjoy it one bit… To play down the pain factor, the lady said the sensation was comparable to snapping a rubber band on your skin (it actually was extremely similar, plus the smell of burning hair). Once I was lying on the table, I realized (too late) that I didn’t like snapping rubber bands one bit.

When I got my eyebrows threaded for the first time! They came out beautifully in the end but the pain of feeling each brow hair follicle being ripped of its pore is just not worth it. I cant even stand plucking or waxing but would choose one of two of those options then treading again!

“Letโ€™s just say it ended up with me in front of a mirror looking at parts unknown, crying at the futility of it all.”

I’m sorry, Christine, but I just had to laugh at this!!

Cleanser from Origins that caused dermatitis. Very painful. Took months of work before that cleared up!

I’ve had allergic reactions to a few hair removal creams (all from the same company). I ended up with legs that looked and felt sunburnt and that were covered in raised red dots. It was so painful.

I also used this thing called a silky mit on my legs a few times. It’s like really fine sand paper that you use to exfoliate the hair off your legs. It gave me an itchy, painful rash.

Perhaps I have sensitive legs…

Yes! I had one of those sandpaper things too, but mine was the “Hair-Off Mitten”. (My mother brought it home because she thought it sounded funny.) Yeah, my legs were silky-smooth for about five minutes before they turned blazing-red and unbearably itchy. That’s probably the worst thing I’ve done to myself.

I tried plucking my upper lip hair with tweezers. It was bad but it got worse when I attempted to pluck in the philtrum and it was too much. The worst however was my attempt at using Nair. I lathered one leg up and within minutes it began to burn red hot. I thought it was normal for a while but I gave up and rinsed it off. My leg and calf was red for hiurs.

About four years ago I went to get my eyebrows waxed (not my first time) and the lady left the wax on too long. She ended up pulling off a few layers of my skin and then proceeded to try and blame ME for it! She told me I must have sensitive skin even though I had been getting my eyebrows waxed for years prior with no incident. I had red raw stripes around my eyebrows for months! Needless to say, I haven’t gotten my eyebrows waxed since.

My most painful beauty experience was when I used ExfoliKate and proceeded to scrub it into my skin. For the next two weeks my face was peeling off. It was the most painful and embarrassing thing that I have ever went through.

Oh no!! I hate the horror stories of at home waxing:S I did have a painful experience with it as well, trying to do my bikini line – something went horribly wrong and I wound up with bruising from trying to pull the strip off!! I don’t think I’ve tried it since.

Awww that sounds horrible, Christine!

Mine is actually probably my Clinique makeover when I was about 16/17. I remember how painful it was when the lady tried to line my eyes, and as a result I shied away from eyeliners for about 10 years after that!

Sorry this happened to you; but good to know! I was wondering about the No No. Guess the name gives some forshadowing…

My moat painful beauty experience was when I got my eyebrows arched for the first time. My sister tried to use the tweezers and I gave up and went to get them waxed. Waxing isn’t painless but for me the pain leaves just as quick as it came.

The worst for me when I was getting my eyebrows waxed and the lady literally burned my skin and pulled it off!! I had scabs for about two weeks ๐Ÿ™

I’d have to say the first time I ever applied false eyelashes. I didn’t know how much glue to apply and I wanted them to last all day..So I figured gloping on a bunch would help them stay on. They did stay on all day, but removing them was terrible since the glue dried on to my real lashes and ripped a bunch them off. It was worse than ripping off a band aid!

Omg I’ve been there with waxing, Christine! That stuff is not playing. I think the most painful for me was over-agressive skincare. I remember once I was having really bad breakouts and I went overboard with retinoids, exfoliation, ahas and bhas, masks, I even use a sugar scrub with apple cider vinegar. I was looking all red and raw and breaking out even worse, but finally I realized that I had just removed a protective layer on my skin and I had to leave it alone to heal.

It was when I did a treatment fat removal treatment. The doctor applies many injections in my belly (almost 10 in different places) without any anesthesia. It was 10 sessions.
Nothing was more painful than this.

The first time I threaded my upper lip. The lady who did it looked at me like I had two heads, because I was wincing a lot and tears were running down my face. It’s like being pinched by Satan!

I was 18 in 1984 and going on a date with a hot guy, who was the sone of our neighbor .. I tried those Lee Press on Nails and they didn’t work. The nail kept popping off as my nail shape and the plastic nail wasn’t working. So then I tried to get off the adhesive tape and it wouldn’t come off with nail polish remover so I ended up having tissue stuck to all my nails and it was a mess. I don’t recall how I got the adhesive off. The date was ok, the hot guy ended up being an ass ๐Ÿ™‚


Professional leg waxing. Jesus christ, it hurts. I need to suss out my after-care, because I seem to get a ton of (also painfully) ingrown hairs every time.

I’m beginning to think that some of us are just prone to ingrowns, no matter what we do. I exfoliate, moisturize, tone, etc, etc. and I can’t seem to be bump free on my bikini area ever. I tried waxing and it was beautiful for 4 days before the hairs started growing back. *sigh*

At home bikini waxing with me too!!! It hurt so bad and made me bleed! I didn’t even finish waxing after that first strip! lol….

The epilator. I used that thing religiously for like six months. Always hurt like hell and would break off as many hairs as it tore out so I’d have to use it twice a week which didn’t save anytime over shaving.

Burning from lying in a tanning bed with my porcelain skin.. it was itching sooo bad, I was itching, bleeding and rubbing aloe vera lotion all ovr, it was the worst time in my life haha

last summer, Veet burned my leg. it was bright red and THROBBED, and since it was summer in the South, I couldn’t cover it up ๐Ÿ˜ I threw that stuff out immediately.

I am so glad I am not the only one “silly” enough to try an at home waxing kit. I was trying to be more cost efficient in law school. Let’s just say my story ended in an empty container of baby oil gel, hair shears, tears, and a vow to never ever make that mistake again!

AAAAUUUUGH. I remember my first at-home wax. I spent half an out trying to slowly rip one overzealously applied piece off, and there may have been tears involved. I gave up and the result was a patchy red mess.

I went in for a professional job later and paid special attention to all the esthetician’s tricks, and the 2nd (and following) attempts went MUCH better.

After reading all the stories about at home waxing attempts… yeah I’m not going to try it. I’ll learn from the pain of others. lol.

@Tekoa: Oooooooooooh yeaaaah, you’re sooooooooooooo right sister: always learn from others’ pain!!! I’ll never try home waxing either!

I second the at-home underarm waxing. Not only did my attempt not remove any hair, it was so painful I couldn’t lift my arm all the way for a day or two. It made shaving them every day look like a great option!

I have heard way too many horror stories about bikini waxes to ever try them (especially the ones that involve hospital-level infections), so I don’t have anything that extreme to share. However, the skin around my eyes is a bit sensitive, so plucking my eyebrows is painful regardless of how gently I do it. It’s one of the reasons I only groom them once a week, if that.

A gal at Bath & Bodyworks wanted to “do my eyes” and ended up pinching my eyelid when she went to curl my lashes. Of course, I flinched, which only made things worse. From now now, I curl my own lashes!

When I put on Almays liquid liner, it burned me so bad it left a red ring on my eyelid. Another one would have to be a small particle of hard eyeliner stuck on the area above the eye…

Three way tie, here: Attempt at at home bikini waxing, getting a chemical burn above my upper lip from a hair removal cream, and using this sander thing that’s supposed to remove hair… I used it above my lip, got an awful rash that immediately got infected and was awful for a good couple of months until I finally went to a dermatologist! ๐Ÿ™ And yet, I still keep trying to remove the hair… it isn’t even that dark, it’s just that my skin is soooo pale that it shows up really easy. Anyone have any suggestions for sensitive skin?

I attempted to wax my legs one summer. I had the largest bruises on both legs for 3 weeks. Looked like I had been in a tragic accident.

My most painful beauty experience was in about the summer before I went into either 9th or 10th grade. I disliked how my pores always seemed clogged no matter how much I wash my face. Silly ol me nobody told me that mixing facial cleansers one right after the other could damage the skin. I don’t remember much except that it hurt A LOT and I ended up chemically burning my cheeks and to this day my skin-tone has yet to fully recover.

When I was 17 and I was going on my highschool grad trip to a beach, my mom tried waxing my arm hair for the first time. She put the wax on and the paper strip, then had to leave suddenly. I couldnยดt pull the strip myself since I was too chicken. When she got back she pulled the strip off in the wrong direction and the top layer of skin of my arm came with it. I spent the trip to the beach with a bandage on my arm and couldnยดt go to the pool or beach ๐Ÿ™

When I was a preteen, my Dad had the brilliant idea to treat my face and back acne with rubbing alcohol. It burned. I cried. Many times. After a few months he concluded the procedure was having no effect. His logic was acne is caused by bacteria and oil. Rubbing alcohol is a disinfectant and it will burn off the oil.

It sure burned Dad!

Sorry, but I lol’ed to that last line!

Dads are so funny with their ‘great ideas.’ Made me think of the time my dad ‘layered’ my sister’s hair!

Waxing my upper lip with those Bliss wax strips from Sephora that you rub between your hands. I thought it was a good idea to just put the whole strip on my lip without cutting it for more precision and just yank it off. Well, i ended up drawing blood. Worst idea ever.

First time I tried Brazilian waxing. Omfg it hurt so bad.. It took me 2-3 days to finish it. But I continued and now it’s almost painless! And I do it at home!

Oh God this is horrible!
I’ve had a few painful experiences. Threading my eyebrows hurt like hell. Epilating my legs was so painful I never did it ever again. And then trying to remove my acrylic nails at home and pulling up half my own nail was absolute agony!
Why do we put ourselves through these things!? We must be mad!

The very first time I went to have my upper lip waxed. I was 12 or something and basically still a child. It hurt so bad. But I now I am kinda used to it because I really need to have it done…

The other experience also involves waxing: I tried the veet waxing strips on my legs and it didn’t work at all. After that, I was left with a stripe of raw flesh and the hair hasn’t even been removed…

The first and only time I used a Rimmel mascara. It literally felt like a caustic chemical was burning my eye, and I ended up washing off all of my makeup and rinsing my eye with saline solution just to get it to stop. Tweezing, waxing, accidental pokes, none of them felt as bad as that!

For me it was the IPL laser! I had it done for rosacea and some sun spots! everything went fine until the 3rd time I went and she evidently set the settings on too high! I felt like my skin was burned! I was swollen and red for almost 2 weeks! ended up going to be dermatologist to make sure I wasn’t burnt! Luckily she said I wasn’t but my rosacea flared up! so she put me on Finicea! But that stings and burns too! Been almost 3 weeks and my skin is still super sensitive but alot better!

With the Finacea, try waiting a while after you wash your face. I’m not on it now, but used to be for acne and I had to wait a good 20 min for it not to burn….although it may be the laser incident that is making it do that for you!

Do braces count? haha. My teeth are more beautiful because of them. If not, then I’d say eyebrow threading. It’s not horrible, but it does pinch a bit.

Electrolysis, hands down. Before laser hair removal was invented, that was the only way to remove hair, and I tried it in various bodily areas. And it didn’t work, so the pain wasn’t even worth it. (Now I’m getting laser removal pretty much everywhere, and I’m loving it!)

When I was about 13 I was annoyed with my blackheads, so I figured if I took a washcloth and scrubbed my face really hard for a while I would get them all out and be super clean! Kinda like scrubbing a kitchen counter..

anyway, I scrubbed and scrubbed and scubbed my face with a washcloth and *cough* bar soap D:

my face was so raw and red, it hurt so bad I had to sleep on my back at night and I just could not stop crying

When I was 15, I had a tragic accident with an eyelash curler, and tore out a good-sized clump of lashes, right over my right pupil, where you couldn’t miss it.
I was having a terrible first year in a new school, and had just gotten contacts!
I very inexpertly glued a cluster of false lashes over the bare spot. Sometimes they stayed where I’d put them, but often they didn’t. Naturally, I had P.E. first period, and sweat doesn’t exactly help eyelash glue to hold better. My lashes eventually grew back in, but to this day (I’m 47), I’m obsessively careful with my lash curler.

I’ve heard enough stories to never try at home bikini waxing. I try to avoid pain at all costs -I even always still tear up whenever my eyebrows are waxed and I should be used to that by now!

Because of my cautiousness, I can’t think of anything really painful. Maybe just the first time I got my eyebrows plucked. I was really young -like middle school- and a friend offered to do everyone’s at a sleepover party and I just remember feeling like it lasted forever.

Mine too has to do with hair removal. Nair, left on way too long, burned the top layer of my skin fresh off my legs. I also had my legs waxed once, I cried, lol. Only razors for me for now on.

I had my WHOLE face threaded – brows, upper lip, chin, face. I liked to die. My face was “tingling” for many, many hours after the procedure. And to add insult to injury – I had to go to work and everywhere else with a hairy face before the threading. Never again….

Well, at least it got you familiar with “parts unknown” — it is your body, after all!
Never had a problem with at-home bikini waxing, actually. Using the pre-prepped strips definitely helps, though. I think the most painful experience was probably having my first facial peel. (Walked into derm’s office and the next thing I knew is nurse was applying glycolic to my face – without warning or even asking!) THAT was not just painful, it was scary. I thought I’d be scarred for life!

I was going on vacation and I ran out of wax, and I really wanted to get my upper lip before I left. I was talking to a friend on the phone about that, and how I was getting ready to go the store, and my friend suggested to just Nair it away.

So, I had some I’ve never used that my grandmother gave me, I did it, and it burned burned burned! I got it off right away and I had a nice red (and black from hair) mustache. I call back my friend and said “How can you do this, you have sensitive skin, and I don’t!” and he responded that she’s never actually done it before. I should have just read the label, it says don’t put it on your face, or maybe I should have used common sense and not put a icky chemical on my face.

omg my most painful is the same as yours! I used “honey wax” b/c it sounded like a good idea at the time. I don’t even think it ripped off the hair, just my skin! It was like 10 years ago and I’m still traumatized. LOL

A few years back I was going on a 3 day trip to a waterpark with some friends and family and tried out Nair thinking I wouldnt have to shave the next few days after using it …. Worst idea ever! It did disolve the hair but at the same time decided it would burn the living hell out of my legs and cause a terribly itchy and red rash all over my legs. I was so embarassed and in pain on my trip, being in a bathing suit and even shorts made me so self concious because of my burned red itchy legs! Horrible products, never try them.

My friend once, being experimental, decided all in the same shower to do her legs, bikini area and eyebrows with Nair….. She had no eyebrows for weeks, rashes in those areas and struggled to sit thanks to her “private” discomfort.

The worst was when I used Veet on my bikini line. It felt like someone had poured gasoline on my crotch and threw a match on it. Never again!

A close second would be when I use makeup or a skincare product that causes me to have a cystic acne flare-up. That can be excruciatingly painful depending on where it is.

I purchased some off brand cold wax strips and I thought I would try and tame my Brooke Shields’ brows on my own. (this was way before they had brow bars because I am 48) BIG mistake! The strips took off the first three layers of flesh! I walked around for 2 weeks with bog scabs all over my eyes. It was awful and make me want to hide. How does one explain rug burns on your lids?

HAIR BRAIDING! I’m not of African decent (not trying to offend! But I’m Middle Eastern and I believe that’s a “woman of color”, too! ๐Ÿ™‚ In the hot summer months I sometimes get my hair braided straight back, like Alicia Keys. It’s a fun treat for me; but that throbbing kept me up for days! Brazilian wax was no problem; but I totally believe “wax “and “at home” are a couple words that should never be combined!

Looooool, i’m african; i have to braid my hair since i was a little girl; it’s very painful, lol

After reading all of this… I am NEVER EVER doing an at-home bikini wax or using an epillator.
NOT worth it.

My most painful beauty experience was when my aunt was plucking my eyebrows for the first time. My eyebrows are already shaped but only tiny super small not even visible blonde hairs are under my brows…so I can imagine how painful it must have been for people with thicker eyebrows! :O

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