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Definitely the overdrawn bows! I barely have any brow definition, so I need to add some product. But I was seriously making them too big, and very unnatural looking. Sometimes they didn’t even look like twins! I’ve found less is more! And less time consuming, too.

While getting ready for work in the morning, I had absentmindedly applied MAC’s lipstick in STONE (without a mirror) after I’d finished my full face. Now there’s one thing about STONE alone on my skin tone: it looks gawd awful! I need other lipsticks or lip liners to complement this gray-taupe shade. Did I remember to do that? Nope! I went outside with my “hot mess” lips. I don’t know how many people I came in contact with before I realized I’d been going around looking like an office zombie.

Nothing wrong with a no shimmer eye or that’s what I tell myself πŸ˜›

Not blotting before pasta. I had lipstick/sauce whiskers πŸ™‚

It’s so easy to do when you like a bold lip. Sometimes I stop w/my eyeshadow and put on my lip color, then go back to my eyes. My most frequent mistake is too much eye. I’ve cut way back. Shadow instead of liner under the lower lash line is my new fav thing.

I have been consistently messing up my eyeliner on my upper lash line! For some reason I end up smearing it somehow or one of my lashes disturbs it, moving the liner where it’s not supposed to be!

My brows are very sparse with no tails, so I have to create them every day. A few mornings ago I got a bit heavy handed and made them too dark and thick. I noticed it when I was already at work and it was too late to fix it. I felt like I looked angry all day.

Well how about years of epic fail on understanding my skintones.

Other than that, not much lately.

I tried last year to wear a killer set of false lashes, only to have them wear me..

Prior years to that too heavy brows, not blending eyeshadow enough. Lessons learned. Skills upgraded.

Not blending my foundation!
I recently stayed at my boyfriend’s parents’ house and needed to do my makeup, but the bathroom was in use all morning. The light fixture in the guest room was very dim and it was a dark day, so there was very little natural light coming in. I figured the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation I was using was light coverage, so I could probably manage to blend it out, even with poor lighting.

I was wrong! After attending a birthday party and meeting a bunch of my boyfriend’s family members for the first time, I went to the bathroom and the fluorescent lights in there revealed a very unblended and streaky hairline. And the foundation was a tad darker than my current skin tone so this faux pas was particularly unflattering. -_-

The only thing I have done recently was to apply a traditional bright red lip and then after lunch I forgot to check my face and when I got home I had a lipstick goatee where the lipstick had transferred down onto my chin while opening my mouth wide to eat a burger. It wasn’t just a little pinkish stain it was full on red.

Accidentally getting a wad of glitter primer in my right eye’s lashes yesterday. Then, *thinking* I had gotten it out of them, I finished up my look. Including WATERPROOF mascara. Let’s just say; eye makeup removal that night was…. interesting. All quite lengthy. On the upside: that Nyx Glitter Primer will make anything stick and not move!

Not checking and seeing how much oil had broken through my foundation. It was several hours past the time I needed the blotting papers.

So many faux pas, so little time. lol!

ould someone PLEASE help me figure out how to do my lower lash line????!!!!! It never looks right, IMO!

How about yesterday? Combining three palettes for a really unflattering combo of greige. Ran out of time. Had to go to work. Ugh. Hated it all day. πŸ™‚

I don’t apply a single line like I used to. It’s just too much on me now, and looks harsh. I’m wearing a shadow on my lower lash line + mascara. It’s softer and I like it. I think it was Lisa Eldridge who suggested putting dots of pencil liner on the lower lash line, between the lashes only. I’ve done this. It looks natural and makes your lashes look fuller. Plus, you can control how much you apply.

Mascara transferring to my brow bone all day yesterday ugh! I powder and it still does it. My lashes were beautiful and long but the dark black on the brow bone was very noticeable.

Hi LindaP, (and everyone else) –

I don’t know what you’d like to solve about your lower lash line, but here’s something I like to do :.
Make 3-5 dots or small dashes w/ eyeliner. (don’t use mascara there) If I don’t blend, it looks like thicker lashes, a bit like Twiggy lashes fm the 6o’s, but doesn’t close the eye/make it seem smaller. Or do same thing w/ liner brush and shadow, then blend into a soft line w/ Qtip. If you don’t blend completely, it can give that lash thickening effect, along w/ the shaping of a full line. If you want more uplift for your eyes, just do outer 1/4, at sharper upward angle and connect to top line. Tails optional πŸ™‚

Not too much lately, but typically my main faux pas is over applying – I love the whole process of putting on make up and I can get a little heavy handed.

My worst recent faux pas is brow related. I was on a business trip for a trade show and went to a NYX store to buy some goodies (there’s no NYX store where I live). I picked up a brow pen with a felt tip applicator, I tried the testers and got one of the darkest shades – I was a little surprised because I usually for the taupe shades, but ok.
The next morning I use it one one brows and with my brand new pen it was a pitch black shade. I guess the testers were just dried out… Of course my brows were the last thing I did and I was getting late to open my company’s booth on the trade show floor. I had to “salvage” the situation because I only had 5 minutes to make look a little less crazy and I couldn’t just take everything off. I used a wet q-tip, some foundation, it was a mess… I think it looked just slightly weird from 3 feet away, but really awful from up close!

I have forgotten to apply any foundation after my moisterizerxand spf many times. Lol! Only to realize later β€˜What have I done!’ Lol! I have pretty clear skin and could go without but feel like I need it to even out color, help diminish a bit sun spots and hide a bit some wrinkles starting to show up like laughing lines. Oh, well!

I had just received the Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able foundation and it matched my skin tone and color very well. THEN it oxidized probably a good 4-5 shades darker on me! I was out running errands looking like a Oompa Loompa. I saw it in the rearview mirror when I was driving home and about ran off the road, I was so shocked! Needless to say, that foundation went back to Sephora! Always check your foundation before you leave!

Same here – after hearing all of the love Marc Jacobs was receiving with their foundation, I ordered it along with the brush and it oxidized on me too! Orange is not my color! Back to my MAC compact foundation that I love anyway.

Oh my, so many…which to choose…

One of my absolute worst if not THE worst was not using my facial features to measure where to start, arch and end my brows. (My mother is albino and passed along her white-blonde brows to me, so I have to fill them in quite a bit to even appear to HAVE brows.)

I joke not, I have pictures from junior high school with like, 5 inches (YIKES!) between the beginnings of both of my brows. Hey, I was new to the process! ?
I looked a hot mess, folks- it was baaaaad…lol

I overdo my eyes on a regular basis. My “rising sign” is Libra, as is my sun sign; according to some astrologers, we Libran ascendants have a tendency to layer on makeup, and look “drag” very quickly. If it’s done nicely, that’s not the worst thing for a night out, but i do it on the reg.

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