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Rica Francia Avatar

The very, very first was the Victoria’s Secret in Raspberry Glace. But perfume wise, it should be Bulgari BLV (I don’t even know what it’s called, but it’s the one in a blue bottle)

Lacey Avatar

It’s a little embarrassing, but back in the day, Gap had a line of four or five fragrances, and my favorite was the “Dream” scent. I also loved “Heaven,” but that was my best friend’s signature scent, so I had to claim a different one.

We were in 5th grade.

Irene Avatar

I loved Dream! My friends loved Heaven but I always liked Dream better. I remember there was also Grass, which smelled, well, just like grass! I can’t remember the other too. But no need to be embarrassed!

Kim Avatar

They do! I just got a rollerball pack of 5 at a gap outlet at Christmas. I loved dream back on the day. I had the pieces of a dream set which was the individual notes you could mix and match.

Cat Avatar

I wore Eternity for many years. I still have a bottle of it but my tastes have changed quite a bit. I now wear Giulietta, by Tocca, most of the time (I find it very comforting) and Allure, by Chanel, on date nights.

Anne Avatar

YSL Opium. I wore the bejesus out of it in high school when I was out with friends during the evenings. I tried not to wear any fragrance during the day as I was hyper-aware of the girls who completely doused themselves in (bad) perfume and gave me a massive headache (my sister included…). Nowadays I still keep scents to a minimum during the daytime, and usually tend toward the more boutique scents from places like Jo Malone.

Momo Avatar

Lol. I still love the scent (probably because it evokes so many childhood memories), but it only falls into my top 5 favorite perfumes; however, it’s not my number one.

Nancy T Avatar

My very first fragrance I ever owned, Love’s eau d Love, which I got at 14 or 15, was not to be my signature fragrance. No, that award belongs to the original Chloe by Karl Lagerfeld. My Mom bought it for me shortly after it had been released, and because she had gotten me the large bottle, it lasted for years! One of my absolute, all-time favorite fragrances.

Mariella Avatar

Ooops – I don’t know how my earlier comment got posted here as I meant it to go at the end of the other comments but I wanted to say, Nancy, that I tried to wear Chloe years ago too. I loved the bottle and loved the smell and so I bought a large bottle of the spray, a bottle of body lotion and a bottle of bubble bath powder. I still have the bubble bath powder and it is still fine. It came with a “scoop” shaped like a calla lily (or whatever the flower was that was the symbol). Anyway, the other 2 products are long gone and the fragrance was not a good smell on me personally, though I loved how it smelled on others. But that milk bath powder….still blissful when I treat myself every now and then.

Ardis Avatar

My 1st real fragrance I can remember dubbing a “signature” perfume was during my 20’s / college years using
Lucky Number 6 by Liz Claiborne.

Kuávsui Avatar

Omg me too! The flanker Alien Essence Absolue is even better but there is something about that jasmine heart that is really soothing in the original and most of the flankers (I have Alien Aqua Chic as well).

KK Avatar

Ditto! Dior Addict was my first high end perfume – and remind my only high end perfume for a couple of years. And then i wen tout to buy a new perfume and got myself – Dior Addict 2!! Ha ha ha

The fragrance is a reminder of youth for me (I’m on the wrong side of 35 now) – my carefree days!

Michou Avatar

CKOne! I still have a bottle that I wear from time to time, when I’m feeling nostalgic. (OMG my age is showing but I don’t even care, it’s SUCH a good scent!)

Grlnxdor Avatar

Heaven Sent by Helena Rubenstein was my signature back in Junior High in the mid 1970’s. They reformulated it in the 80’s and it’s just not the same. I scored a few small spray bottles off of E-Bay several years ago. Even though the fragrance has ” turned” I still spray it ever so often to be transported back in time. Fragrance can truly cause time travel!

Emi Avatar

Viva La Juicy! Yes I was one of those girls who got into the whole Juicy Couture fad! It was my signature scent during college; I have all of the Juicy perfumes now but I reserve them for evening wear or weekends. I prefer lighter scents for daytime such as Walk on Air by Kate Spade and CLEAN perfumes! 🙂

Aj Avatar

Not counting B&BW sprays, it would be both Clean Skin and Clean White Woods. I’ve never had just one signature fragrance, it’s usually 2. They were both my first actual fragrances given to me in my senior year of high school by one of my cousins.

Jennifer Avatar

Juicy Couture Viva la Juicy…I love the fragrance of it and I get so many compliments when I wear it that I just decided to make it my signature scent

xamyx Avatar

Lou Lou by Cacharel. I was about 14 when it came out, and since it was inspired by Louise Brooks, I had to try it. I continued to wear it as it worked out very well for me. It was my “everyday” fragrance throughout HS & college, and even a few years after, but then it became harder to find, so I now limit use for special occasions. Even today, nearly 30 years later, I still consider it my “signature” fragrance, and it’s one my close friends & family have come to expect me to wear. That said, my “everyday” fragrance can vary, but almost always contains jasmine (unless it’s rose).

Kuávsui Avatar

From what I’ve seen it’s pretty easily available from online stores and usually not very expensive either. 🙂 I remember my aunt had it back in the late 80s and early 90s but by then the paradigm was shifting thanks to cK One and L’Eau d’Issey so those really marked my childhood and early teens. 🙂

Claudi Avatar

We had this scent in common. But I don`t know who Louise Brooks was / is.Unfortunately I haven`t got a bottle any more, I am in my forties now. I remember getting the expensive shower gel for a birthday from my best friend. O memories…

Veronica Avatar

Emanuel Ungaro Diva… It wasn’t my first fragrance, but I felt so sophisticated wearing this that I repurchased it several times… Wore it around 5-6 years straight. I think I was 18 when I started wearing it.

Chelsea Avatar

Dior Addict Shine! I got a sample of it with a Sephora order, and purchased it during a trip to Paris! I still have the bottle, especially since it was discontinued. It was the first fragrance I ever really liked.

Nicole Avatar

I don’t remember the name of it even. (My medicine affects my memory-it really sucks!) But, it was in a glass pinkish heart shaped bottle. I think it was called Princess or something incredibly tacky like that. let’s remember this was the 90’s people. 🙂 After that I got into Victoria Secret fragrances for a while.

Pokka Avatar

Narcisso Rodriguez. Reminded me of a fragrance I smelled as a child. It was a Barbie Necklace filled with a solid perfume. Of course Narcisso Rodriguez’ is more classy by far.

Ashley Lilland Avatar

Chanel Chance came out during my senior year of high school and I bought it as soon as I could. I wore Chance for many years after, but I wouldn’t say it’s my signature scent now. Still, I have a nostalgia for the spicy scent and I go back to it every now and then, I even wore it on my wedding day.

Donya Avatar

Assuming I am leaving out gradeschool’s “Tinkerbell Perfume” and middle school’s “Love’s Baby Soft”, the first perfume I truly aspired to own and got was “Georgio of Beverly Hills”. It was the IT fragrance in the early 80s and I wanted to keep up with the Jones’. I really did like it and wore it until Christian Dior came out with Poison. i tend to wear one main scent and once I change, the older ones just don’t work for me anymore.

Erin Avatar

Lauren by Ralph Lauren. I loved that it was a nice spicy chypre although I certainly didn’t know the perfume nomenclature at the time. I just remember wearing it in high school when all my peers were wearing CK Eternity or CK One in the early 1990s. I haven’t seen it in years and I’m told the new formulation is a completely different beast. I wish the vintage version would come back.

Cronezilla Avatar

Boy, am I gonna date myself here, but here it is…Yardley’s “Oh! de London”. I wore that in my Junior and Senior years in high school, waaaay back in the late ’60s. I even remember the box with it’s “Mod” designs printed in lilac, aqua and metallic silver onto creamy white cardboard. The juice was a lovely, light, sweet clover blossom based floral and a perfect scent for a starry-eyed, young, optimistic “Boomer-ette”!

Cyndi C Avatar

Halston. I wore it for years until I worked for Chanel and switched to Coco. I tried Halstin again years later. Wasn’t the same! Although I loved Halston cosmetics

BonnieJ Avatar

I’ll be 63 next month, but at 21 my then boyfriend bought me a gift while he traveled on business. It was Revlon’s Ciara. I wore it for many years and got LOADS of compliments on it.

Dez13 Avatar

Uh oh, I’m going to age myself here. I had two that I wore in middle school: Lauren by Ralph Lauren and the Original Guess perfume. I thought I was so grown up wearing perfume. LOL ?

Now, because all the latest perfumes (except Tom Ford’s) seem to smell similar to me, I still gravitate toward the classics by Guerlain and Chanel. I’ve worn Shalimar and Mitsouko since high School and college though I never tried Guerlain’s makeup until the last few years. ?

It’s funny because I was just discussing this with a friend. We also discussed scent memory, and how I remembered learning in college that scent memories from young childhood can be very strong, which is true for me. The two memories from young childhood I have strong recall of are associated with scent. My Mom’s marinara (we’re Italian) and her Chanel 5, which will always be one of my favorite perfumes for life because my Mom still wears it, pretty much exclusively (along with Chanel Gardenia.)

Ellen Avatar

Love’s Baby Soft was my first perfume, back in the early 80’s (which I can’t believe I wore, as I smelled it for the sake of novelty a few years ago at a store and, ick!). But Indult Tihota became my true “signature” fragrance after years of wearing scents that didn’t really smell all that great on me.

Karen Avatar

Chloe, a gift from my first serious boyfriend in high school. It wasn’t something I would’ve picked for myself either. We broke up right after but I wore the fragrance for years.

Irene Avatar

In high school I mostly wore Bath & Body Works body splashes, Clinique Happy and Estée Lauder Pleasures. But my first real “signature” fragrance was Chanel Allure, which I wore in college. I still like it, but it reminds me of my ex-boyfriend that I was with at the time so I’ve since gravitated toward Chance and Coco Mademoiselle. I don’t really have a signature fragrance at the moment but currently Hanae Mori, Narciso Rodriguez, and Pink Sugar are in heavy rotation, and I keep Versace Eros and Hermes J’our d’Hermes for special occasions. I have a perfume fetish so I have a hard time committing to just a few 🙂

Adrianna Avatar

Back in the early 80’s, Loves had a fragrance called Musky Jasmine. It was my favorite!
They reformulated it and changed to Fresh (?) Jasmine.. It wasn’t the same.

Claire L Avatar

I didn’t really wear perfume very much until my 30’s. I did have L’Air du Temps though, still love it. Gourmand scents weren’t around then but they’re my signature scents now.

I remember Tribe being popular at secondary school in the 90’s, I hated it! It made me feel nauseous. I was even given a bottle for a birthday or Xmas and I had to give it away lol!

CK One was popular then too, but it didn’t do anything for me so I didn’t wear it. I had a Charlie Gold bodyspray and loved it, still love Impulse bodysprays even now.

Nana Avatar

My first signature scent was Paris by Yves St. Laurent. My college roommate had it and I use to borrow it. Once I started working, I stuck with it for a while. I have gone through different scents. My current 2 favorite scents are Ms. Dior and La vie est belle.

Julie Avatar

The very first ORIGINAL Victoria by Victoria’s Secret. They quit carrying that. Now it’s Pure Grace and Amazing Grace by Philosophy ❤️

Glenda Avatar

Back in the day, it was Ciara. I still love the fragrance, deep rich musky spicy. I loved it then and love it now, although I don’t wear it often, if at all.
Maybe I’ll pick up another

Jo Avatar

When I was a teenager I saw a picture of the Angel bottle in a magazine and without even smelling it, decided that I would wear it when I grew up. My mum knew and found a mini set for Christmas that year. I’ve been wearing it ever since although I have branched out into other perfumes more. I also wear the Angel EDT more than the EDP now. I also don’t wear it around my brother now as his girlfriend also wears it and he doesn’t want us to smell the same >.<

Donna Avatar

In 1998 I found Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, and I’m still wearing it. In 2004, the law firm where I was working as a secretary merged with a larger firm and one of the female partners wore this fragrance as her signature scent. She did not like it that I also wore this, and that was just too bad. (I don’t work there now) It is the only fragrance that I have made repeated purchases.

Kelly Avatar

I loved CK Escape in high school in the nineties, I grabbed a small bottle when I saw it a couple years ago at a very discounted price, just for nostalgic reasons and to see if I still liked it. I did not. It made me gaggy and gave me a raging headache.
Nowadays its mostly Angel by Thierry Mugler or L.I.L.Y. by Stella McCartney, which I was horrified to find out recently that Sephora is no longer carrying, and I haven’t found another place to buy it in Canada, I am afraid to run out! I have a harder time spending money on perfume over makeup though. I bought Tom Ford Black Orchid for my mom, I want it too but I haven’t been able to convince myself to spend the money yet!

Rachel Avatar

I love this — love talking about fragrances. 🙂

My first signature fragrance was Hanae Mori’s Hanae Mori — I tried a sample of it when I was in the eighth grade and fell in love. Two years later, my parents gave it to me as a Christmas gift and I wore it every single day. I loved telling people how it smelled like “strawberry and almonds”. Just thinking about it makes me smile, even though I think I’ve outgrown the fragrance a little since then.

MsWired Avatar

Estee Lauder Sensuous. I received a sample from a Cosmetics Outlet Store. The only thing I’ve used for 6 years, even get complemented AFTER Roller Derby Practice on how nice I smell!

Katie Avatar

Shalimar. Late high school, college, and quite a few years after. It’s all I owned. (Then I discovered Clinique’s Aromatics Elixir. That was it for many, many years. Next was Chanel’s Allure. ). I don’t really have one right now. I spend too much time either in hospitals or around people who can’t be around scents. Plus I get Sephora’s Play! Box and every one so far has contained a perfume sample, so lately I’ve had fun with those when I do have the opportunity to wear perfume.

Pasheeda Morris Avatar

My first signature fragrance was Tea Rose by The Perfumer’s Workshop. When I was in middle school, I loved it but everyone else didn’t. Now, I have matured and own 12 signature fragrances which are all rose fragrances and are soft and wearable all year round. They range from Elisabethan Rose by Penhaligon’s of London to Les Creations de Monsieur Dior Forever and Ever by Dior.

Sheryl Avatar

I started out with Evening in Paris, in the 50’sand graduated to Chanel and Estee Lauder Youth Dew…the halls in high school fairly reeked of Estee Lauder…..then some of the girls were also wearing Nina Ricci….

Susan K Avatar

Ciara, back in the eighties when it was made by Charles Revson and sold in department stores. I was a young adult and would wear it out on dates. It smelled great then & I used it all the time for about eight years.

Flawlessly freckled (@FlawlessFreckle) Avatar

The original Juicy Couture was my signature for years. Then I jumped to Pink Sugar. I stay between Pink Sugar and Prada Candy all the time

Lindsay Avatar

Victoria’s Secret sexy little things Noir. But I no longer buy it because Victoria secret sales in China and pays for them to test on animals

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