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Becca Ever Matte Priming Perfector. It doesn’t do anything for me. Doesn’t keep me matte. Doesn’t prolong the wear of my foundation. Meh

This doesn’t work for me either. Double meh!

I’m still on the hunt for a good primer for my old skin. I’m open to suggestions!

I’m thinking their just isn’t a face primer for oily skin or that my oily skin just doesn’t require a primer. I’ve given up on them. I do swear by eyeshadow primer though

This is one of those questions that could get you in trouble because a product that doesn’t work for one person may be someone else’s holy grail !! The most recent product I purchased that I was disappointed in is the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara. It flaked within an hour of my applying and I had raccoon eyes at about the 2 hour mark. I had read so many glowing reviews and was expecting it to be the perfect mascara and it so wasn’t, for me.

If it doesn’t work you, I think you have the right to complain. Should not matter if it didn’t work for everyone else. Honesty is the best policy in my opinion!

Hahaha, not in this case, Deborah S!!!! That mascara was my choice too. But, you know, I think here at Temptalia is one place you won’t get into trouble because I think most of us know that we all have different experiences but also different expectations and needs. Personally, even when someone hates something I love or loves something I found dreadful, I still find it so interesting to read about and discuss these things (way more interesting than stuff like which brand of tires to buy or if/when the price of gas is going to fall or rise!) I’m so much rather talk about makeup. Maybe it’s a type of escapism from those other issues but it sure is more interesting to me.

Well it is asking for your opinion. I answered with a very hyped product that just didn’t live up to the hype for ME. If someone is upset with my answer, then that is on them. It is just makeup. Not that serious:)

It always cracks me up when someone gets upset over other people not liking products they like. It’s just makeup and personal preference, not an attack on someone’s morals and values. I actually love discussing the pros and cons of products because I think it’s interesting to see the range of experience.

I got a deluxe size last year after Sephora SA raved and raved about it. It melted all over my eyelids making me look like a raccoon. Ugh

Too many mascaras and liquid pen type eyeliners to count! Just a few I’ll mention: Benefit They’re Real, Too Faced Better Than Sex and Lash Injection, Nyx Epic Ink Liner (lasts really well, easy to use, but it bleeds into every tiny line! Including ones you didn’t know existed!). But that’s okay, I already have some trusty faves!

I had the same problem with the NYX liner! I wanted so badly for it to be a dupe for KvD’s Trooper, only it was way too watery! I never have a problem with KvD’s formula bleeding. Plus my NYX liner seemed to have some kind of production issue because periodically some of the product would well up right below the base of the pen. Not good. 🙁

Funny, I actually had that problem with the KvD one and gave up on it! I switched to the physician’s formula in the silver pen – yes it’s drier and less intense …which keeps it from being a runny mess on me! I have too many lines at the corner of my eye for the inkier ones I guess?

The Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette. I’m glad I waited for it to go on markdown, because it was only average quality. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it.

If you are referring to the one from last year, I agree 100% with you. I am glad I bought it after the price went down and I used a 20% off coupon on it. It came at an inexpensive price for me. I only like certain shades in it.

The jury is still out because I’ve only used it twice, but so far Sisley Black Rose mask. Maybe I need to give it a few more times? I like it fine but so far it hasn’t been anything over the top or set apart from any other masks. I’ll definitely continue to use it (up) but doubt I’ll re-purchase.

Pearl I agree. I purchased it once because of all the rave reviews. Also, I received it at 20% off but I don’t see what the wow factor is about this mask and the price is exorbitant. I never repurchases it either.

Suggestion…Put it on as a nighttime moisturizer with a heavier hand than usual and sleep in it. That is one recommended way to use it. I have a big sample of it, which is how I have come to try it. It will plump up your skin and leave a nice finish if you leave it on overnight — in my experience. Otherwise, I think it’s “just OK” too. 🙂

Hmmm. . . I didn’t think of that. I will give that a shot! I have to be careful though because I have normal to oily skin, but still worth a shot, especially in winter when it is cold and I get dry. 😊

I think probably Becca Champagne Pop. It’s not a bad highlighter by any means, and I use it often, but it’s no better than the other Becca highlighters like Moonstone (which I think is a lot less prone to falling apart) and there are other good options out there. For me, I bought it after swatching a bunch of Becca stuff, as I’m not a Jaclyn Hill fan (just not my style in terms of makeup and her voice bothers me) so the only thing the hype did for me was make me aware of Becca as a brand, which I’m glad of as I have several of their products now. But Champagne Pop isn’t necessarily the standout product from them.

I completely agree, it’s so overhyped. I picked it up last year in the Jaclyn Hill face palette and I just don’t love it like I should. I actually have a sample of the liquid and I like it better than the pressed powder.

Laura Mercier Matte Radiance highlighter. It’s not awful by any stretch, just isn’t the most economical product for me.

I feel like if I want a subtle highlight it’s more economical (for me) to just lightly apply a stronger/more pigmented highlighter rather than this one where I seem to *only* be able to wear it subtly. Even packing it on doesn’t really produce a strong highlight for those times when I want that look. Whereas my more pigmented Becca highlighter can be worn sheer or intense depending on what brush I use and how much I tap my brush to it.

Same here! It is a beauty though, feels so luxurious just by looking at it from the compact. But…I love the Essence Highlighter more by a mile! Would you believe? Maybe it’s the shade as well. Essence seem to give my face a healthier glow whereas the LM one makes me look washed out. They feel exactly the same you’d think they have the exact formulation. The price difference is far out!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lipsticks!! Some were good but so many were terrible! Crumbling into my mouth as soon as I applied them! Yuck! And Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette! Sooo over hyped!!

Oh, my, totally agree w/that one. One balm layer for kvd or cp, and good to go. ABH, forget it. Either it doesn’t work with the balms I’ve tried…or primers either, or there is a problem w/my personal chemistry. It scrunges up, gets gritty. There is zero way to apply it evenly, even with waiting time, for balm. Patchy, dry, irritating, uneven. By this time, I expect colors to vary vastly from what is hyped/reported, but the formula….oy, vay! Don’t think I’ve cosdnaed it; all I remember was no personal sensitivities. Too bad, their color library is great. Glad I only got one, so idk if others are ok. Not willing to find out.

That stinks! Their formula is actually my favorite. Can’t stand Stila (too thick) or Colourpop (hello Sahara desert dry). I have KVD & Too Faced which work with primer but the ABH for me is comfortable.

So I bought one to start with, Soft Lilac, a gorgeous color and it worked REALLY well! It lasted through eating and a lot of kissing without it getting all over my bf’s face. Then I bought Dusty Rose. Same thing. BUT then I went crazy and bought A LOT (like 13) more all at once thinking the hype is real and they’re the best but sadly many were awful. I’m about to do a video for youtube on them with a review/wear test and which ones are great and which ones are terrible.
And yes, same about the lip balm. I can always layer lip balm over any liquid lipstick but with most of these it was a gritty mess!

I feel the same way about the Jouer Lipcremes. They aren’t longlasting at all.. even after drinking coffee I have to fix the way my lips look when wearing Jouer.

Also the Cover FX Enhancer Drops. I really wanted to love them because they are so expensive and I bought 2 of them. I just don’t like how it looks when I apply it over my foundation. I feel like it moves the foundation and it just looks weird.

Dior Addict Lacquer Sticks. I’ve been waiting to get my hands on the shade “Turn Me Dior”. In all of the ads, it looked like a sheer, shiny red. I walked into Sephora to buy it and they didn’t have a tester for THAT shade so I just bought it but when I applied it, it was actually a bright pink, almost matte. Not really any shine at all. So I returned it. I did swatch some other shades and, to me, they were the same. Really no shine, or not the shine that I had expected. They show them really glossy in the ads and that just wasn’t the case. So my search for a sheer red glossy lipstick continues lol.

Probably Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara. The SA at Sephora (also a former student of mine) raved about it so I bought it. I really should have returned it as it’s everything I’m not crazy about in a mascara but I’ll use it up (and continue brushing through with a clean, dry spoolie or combing through with a lash comb).

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer for me. I know so many people who say it’s their holy grail, but it just doesn’t work on my oily lids.

I find the UD Primer Potion to be average at best. It doesn’t perform any better than the $3 Wet n Wild one. I don’t have oily lids but why pay $20 if I can get the same results/quality with a $3 primer? If it’s a holy grail for some, I believe they haven’t tried any other ones and don’t know any better lol

Pretty much every hyped drugstore concealer I’ve tried. I’m now resigned to the fact that concealer is a ‘splurge’ item & will stick to my It Bye Bye Undereye Concealer.

YSL Touche Eclat (where is it? disappeared on my fair skin) , Lancome Teint Idole foundation oxidized to oompa loompa orange), Nyx products in general, Sisley skin care (overly perfumed mineral, oil anyone?, SKII skin care (lots of alcohol, dried my skin out), and Amore Pacific skin care (lots of alcohol dried my skin out), Body Shop’s Oils of Life skin care (overly perfumed & did nothing for my dry skin).

I’m in agreement about NYX and I’ll add ELF to that list. I buy makeup from everywhere and I definitely think you can buy quality yet inexpensive makeup but I am not overly impressed with those too. I have a few products from NYX I like. I like their HD blushes and their prismatic eyeshadow are nice but considering how much product they have, I am not overly crazy about them. Same with ELF. I like some of their makeup brushes but I don’t think they are the be all end all when it comes to inexpensive makeup. Just so so about them as a whole.

Also spending more when it comes to skincare doesn’t mean much. A lot of it is fragrance, alcohol and cheap ingredients like mineral oil or lanolin. I for sure never buy skincare, high or low, without reading the ingredient list. High amounts of fragrance, synthetic or natural, and bad alcohols are a deal breaker for me!

The Marc Jacobs bronzer brush, I purchased the limited edition one from the white coconut line. It’s synthetic and doesn’t work very well for me for bronzer application. It is an okay brush for all over setting powder application. I was disappointed and was unsure what the hype was about. That being said, my holy grail foundation brush is the Marc Jacobs face III brush. Hence, I believed the hype.

I tried my best to find a foundation from the Armani line, and gave up. Everyone loves his foundations — but me. I couldn’t get the right shade to save my life. His neutrals tend to run golden, but his cool shades are too pink! And his numbering system is just plain bizarre.

I’m with you! I actually got through 1.5 bottles of Luminous Silk before I tossed the rest. The color was never right for me, and that stuff just broke down after a few hours like an old car. I’m out when it comes to Armani foundations.

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow, in Toast. Much dustier, less pigmented, and short-lived than it should be for the price and overall brand promise.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. It’s actually the second one I’ve bought and I still don’t like it. I’m sure it has something to do with personal body chemistry since it’s one of the most popular eyeliners I know of. It’s just not opaque on me for some reason no matter how much I layer, almost like the pigment doesn’t want to adhere to my eyelid whether bare, primed, eyeshadow-ed, whatever.

For me, sadly, it’s Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. I tried it with all my regular foundations (Koh Gen Do, MUFE, Clinique Perfectly Real) as well as with the tinted balms and my face does not love it; it breaks down the foundation/tinted balm and because it’s so drying for me, it sets terribly especially in the under eye area, creating fine lines where I don’t have any (the so-called “smile lines”). I think the culprit it’s the talc in it as I’ve noticed similar effects with powders/bronzers/ blushes/highlighters that have talc as the first ingredient. Luckily I’ve purchased the travel size version. I’ve tried the Cover FX Illuminating Powder (Fair) and what a difference! It sits beautifully on my face and it does not disturb the foundation. Btw, their powders/bronzers/highlighters are talc-free. And it’s a Canadian brand :).

Again, another LM disappointment for me. My RCMA works much better to think it’s just a fraction of price! The LM powder settles on my face, doesnt blend well. Dont think it sets my foundation too.

No like-y the LM either for exactly the same reasons. After sampling many, I settled on the Sisley Poudre Libre, and I love it. It’s not cheap, but I’ve had it for 9 months now and there’s still a ton left.

Jouer Lipcremes – I really like their shiny, sparkly toppers. I have several that are discontinued and a few that aren’t thank goodness. Wore a lipcreme Friday and it came off on the glass I was drinking from, immediately!

The MILK blurr stick. I felt it did nothing. After I purchased it I got the NYX pore filler, and I can see a diff with that. The milk one will be going back.

Christine, I actually found jouer lip cremes some of the best matte lip products. I got my husband to get me the Kat Von D mini liquid matte lipstick set from Sephora in the US prior to it coming to the U.K., and was hugely disappointed.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Rose Gold it isn’t that it isn’t pretty it is just I am not crazy about it but out of many liquid highlighters it is probably one of the nicer ones but I definitely would not repurchase. I haven’t found a liquid highlighter that I love. I prefer powders that have a little gel like consistency.

Drugstore: Maybelline Matte and Poreless foundation. I just don’t love how it sits on my skin at all.
High end: Benefit’s They’re Real. Does nothing for my lashes

I didn’t like the Maybelline foundation either or the Loreal Pro Matte Infallible or the Rimmel Stay Matte. Don’t like the texture/ feel of any of them

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Gold. Dollar store-quality packaging, small quantities of meh products, and THE most annoying outer packaging ever! Seemingly thousands of gold sequins burst out of the vacuum-sealed bag and scattered everywhere. It came with a brush, a small (again, cheap) compact of highlighter, and a two-ended highlighter stick. For the $80 or whatever it cost, I bought the Maybelline Strobing Stick for about $8 instead. A year later, I still occasionally find sequins around the house.

LOL I refuse to by Pat McGrath simply for the packaging. I don’t like sequins period. I find her packaging choice to be juvenile and overthetop for sub par product

The Marc Jacobs Lip Lacquer Gloss in Sugar,Sugar. I heard about it on a few YouTube videos and fell for it. It isn’t so much the formula as the shade (which is what was hyped), very milky and uneven application. White Russian by Buxom is very close and so much better for a pale gloss.

Laura Mercier Translucent setting powder -it’s good, but it’s just a powder and for the price, you don’t get a lot of product. A tad disappointed.

I agree with Jouer, didn’t love like I thought I would. I purchased 3 initially: gave 1 to my daughter and kept 2 but I never ever wear them. I purchased the rose gold and put it aside to give to my daughter. It was an immediate No as soon as I put it on. SMH

Agree with the Jouer Lip Cremes, 100%. I bought the shade “Fraise Bonbon,” and while the color and application were nice, it crumbled and faded significantly 20 minutes after application. I returned it! For that price, no thanks!

I’m with you on the Jouer. I purchased one on Amazon shipped from Scandinavia since I wanted a specific discontinued colour. Love the colour, but the formula is terrible on my lips. So drying and it emphasizes every single bit of texture.

Hands down Bite Prismatic Pearl lip glosses. I’m not sure if I got a bad batch but it’s a train wreck. Goopy, it balls up, and somehow no matter how little I apply gets all over my teeth.

Urban Decay eyeshadow primers – nothing special, just average

Armani Luminous Silk foundation – it’s not bad, I like it but it’s not worth the price, there are better ones

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