What was the last makeup tip that really helped you?

It’s better to pair a water-based primer with a water-based foundation; silicon-based primer with a silicone-based primer — didn’t make that connection on my own OR for the longest time!

— Christine
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Yep! I don’t like tightlining so I just line my upper waterline. it defines in the same way and I get just enough transfer to my lower waterline that it defines, but isn’t too heavy. Way easier!

I’ve never gotten in my eyes but I always end up with fallout underneath (even with a damp brush), which is not cool when it’s black shadow! I just flip up my top lid by lifting my lashes with the side of my finger and apply directly to that waterline.

Softer pencils are best! I use the Marc Jacobs highliners because not only are they soft, but they’ve got a lot of staying power for me. Just be careful not to push the pencil too hard between the lids or you might actually get to the eye!

It will probably be the tip that you just gave about two seconds ago, lol!i I just started using primer under my foundation last year, and I’ve only tried a few- MUFE Hydrating Primer for their HD foundation, Too Faced Hangover Primer for Born This Way, either one under Phiosophy take a breath. I tried samples of Smashbox, too. I wonder if I need the one for Stila Aqua Glow Serum Foundation? As far as all the other ones out there, I don’t know how to choose. This board helps me out with a lot of things like that!

Not makeup but hair. Use conditioner first ( I use it mostly on my ends), then shampoo. It’s made such a huge difference in my hair –healthier, less frizz, easier to style.

I’m fortunate in that my hair is straight and doesn’t tangle that easily. But the conditioner untangles the hair, then I just use a gentle shampoo that washes out most of the conditioner but doesn’t strip the hair.

I have an oily scalp too. Best secret I learned is very counterintuitive. I apply conditioner (or even argan oil) directly to my roots. Sounds like an oily mess, but my scalp produces less oil when it’s well moisturized. It does take longer to dry my hair when i condition my roots, so I only do it on weekends.

I have straight hair with oily roots and dry ends, tends to go flat. In the beginning I was super skeptical, but once I tried it, I’ve been a total convert and have been washing this way for almost a year. I focus the conditioner on my dry ends. If my roots are oily, I’ll either skip conditioner there or use a very light one. I let everything sit for a few minutes while I soap my body, shave, etc. Then I shampoo with a volumizing shampoo, which gets my roots clean and gives it body. No need to buy any special shampoos or conditioners. Just experiment with the ones you have in your stash.

Forgot to mention…wet your hair first, apply conditioner, then I put all of my hair up in a rough bun with a clippie, so that the shower water doesn’t get it wet and dilute the conditioner.

Yes, I work the conditioner into my hair, pin my wet hair up in a rough bun with a clippie, so that the shower water doesn’t get it wet and dilute the conditioner. I wait a few minutes and I shower, shave, etc. Then I shampoo out.

No I don’t, but I do use a leave- in conditioner on my ends before I blow dry them, to protect them from heat. But if your ends are extra dry, you can certainly apply conditioner again.

Thanks Katherine – I am going to give this tip a go tonight when I was my hair. I have been using the Lorenzo Rejuvin8 Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner and that is a great product. Not exactly cheap, but I get it when it is on sale.

Hrrrrm, I can’t remember anything recent. But I think I remember you once said you like to apply gel eyeliner with an eye pencil in the same color rather than with a brush because it’s easier and I do that all the time now!

Same tip I heard recently too, Christine.

Also for curling lashes:
1. Comb out lashes with a metal eyelash comb (has to be metal, not plastic) to separate lashes and suss out any oil or leftover product.
2. Curl from lash tip to root (instead of root to tip.
3. Set curl with waterproof mascara (regular mascara won’t hold the curl nearly as well) — I do 2 coats (but one is all that’s needed) and then top with my favorite regular mascara if I want.
I didn’t think any of this would make a difference because my lashes are short but tried it anyway because I’m too chicken to wear falsies. I was shocked at the difference it made! This is my lash routine now – my lashes won’t stay curled with regular mascara but doing it this way, even my stubby lashes look voluminous, lengthened and hold the curl all day.

For lipstick with staying power:
Peppermint lip balm (if you don’t mind it) makes a great lip primer.

Great question! I look forward to reading all the tips.

Christine, the one you mentioned above, I *really* hope I just now did…because today is the last day down in Tucson. And I used Hourglass Mineral primer, with a mix of MAC Pro Longwear and Lumene BB Cream. Oops!

Mine has been filling my entire lip in order to make regular lipstick STICK around longer! Before that, it was learning how to tightline.

The tip you just gave will really help and might explain why I’ve been unimpressed with primer and had my foundation balling up on me. Do you have a favorite primer to pair with the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation?

One of my fav’s!!! Also, not sure if it’s water-based, but I really like the RIMMEL Lasting Finish primer as well. Both work well when blended with Cover Fx drops too!

Silly question, but how do you know if your foundation is water based or silicone based? I looked at the ingredients and the first is aqua which made me think water based, however, there are several “cones” listed after that. This qualifies as my best advice 😉

I’ve been using the Becca backlight primer with it (Got a sample in my Sephora Play) and it seems to work really well for me. Not sure if they’re a match with regards to ingredients though.

It wasn’t told to me per se, but after researching the recent and excess oily-ness of my skin, I recently decided to switch to a gel facial moisturizer. I thought maybe my skin was changing up on me as I’ve always had normal-combo skin, yet my skin was getting extra oily underneath my makeup, and I was getting excess breakouts (yet I do not have a history of acne). My excesssive oilies and breakouts stopped as soon as I switched moisturizers! The crazy thing is that the original moisturizer I was using is oil-free, and I’ve been using it for years! I guess it’s just become to heavy for my skin with time.

I just recently discovered using translucent powder to set my under eye keeps my eye liner from smudging. I used to think that people only did this because they needed to set under eye concealer (which I don’t use; I prefer a luminizer eye cream underneath my foundation). One day I went nuts with the translucent powder because it was really humid out and it worked; so now I realize the oils from your skin breakdown the waxy eye liner and that’s why it smudges. -_- I just need to be careful and not overdo it so it looks cakey.

yeah, I agree, the only reason I set my under eyes is because I don’t want my eyeliner to smudge and it really works!

You know you’re wearing the right shade of lipstick if your eyes naturally gravitate upwards from your lips to your eyes, and stay there. If your eyes keep bouncing down to look at your lips, it’s not the most flattering shade for you. A well-known makeup artist told me this tip as a basic rule of thumb. I find it to be true, especially if I wear no makeup or apply my lipstick last. (It’s akin to the rule that a painting or a picture is never overshadowed by it’s frame. It proves that eyes really are the windows to the soul.)

I always knew the color of lipstick was wrong for me when I would apply it and look in the mirror and all I could see was my lips! Same with eyebrows. I don’t think the eyebrows should be the first thing one sees. I agree with you so much!

It’s not extremely recent advice, but it’s made the biggest difference in my look recently, mostly because I just recently figured out how to make it work best for me: Using skintone eyeliner on my inner lower lid to keep any always-present-didn’t-sleep-well redness from either clashing with my shadow or just making me look dragged down. I did alter the advice to suit me a bit better; I’ve always thought the light lower wetline area really only work in photos, and is too unnatural for day wear, so I found a couple liners that are a few shades *darker* than my skintone, which covers the red just fine, while giving me a neutral canvas and some emphasis. Granted, it doesn’t have the “make your eyes look huge” effect that the lighter liners are popular for, but since I’m neither an anime character nor an infant, I really don’t need my eyes to look bigger relative to my head.

This isn’t the recommended use, so I’m … not recommending it, but I use a brow pencil. I started with IT Cosmetic’s Waterproof Brow Perfector in their lightest shade, then when that ran out I started using ColourPop’s brow pencils in Blonde or Honey Blonde, depending on my mood (Honey Blond is very ochre, so you’d need to have distinctly yellow tones for it to not make you look sick).

I’ve been thinking about going back to the IT pencil as the color seemed to work better for me and it’s creamier (so lays down a line better), but there was so little product in that pencil! (Though maybe mine was a quality control issue? it ran out in about 3 weeks.)

I don’t think many eyebrow pencils would work for this purpose as most are much too hard (deliberately), but I stumbled across the IT one on a desperate eyeliner hunting trip and it was pretty perfect.

Using a medium matte shade to help fake a crease for hooded eyes. For my particular eye shape, I blend fairly high up toward the brow, and it gives the illusion that my eyelids aren’t so fleshy and puffy. It also allows me to still use shimmers and glitters on the lid.

The same one about the primers, actually. I didn’t figure it out on my own. When I heard people mentioning it on YouTube, I had a “duh!” moment.

Simple,but so useful-wash your beauty blender or any sponge right before you use it instead of later in the day. Makes sense,since you need to dampen it anyway and you’re not wasting time. Also setting under eye concealer with loose translucent powder.

From Karima McKimmie at Shameless Fripperies, powdering over my under eye concealer then dabbing at it with a damp beauty blender. She calls it half or semi baking. I just know it completely wipes out my under eye shadows and sets my concealer for the entire day.

From my bae Wayne Goss: actually PRESS the powder, even with a puff – – to cover large pores. Then buff it out with a fluffy brush. Hot damn, it works!

Melissa Allatore on YouTube said to remove mascara off eyelid: wait until it dries then flick it off with a brow/eye spoolie instead of using a q-tip. This tip has helped me so much, and saves me a lot of time!!

Using a brown eye pencil than a black one! That tips change my life since one year now,everyday i’m using an vibrant light mettalic brown eye pencil, in Teddy from Essence ( just a little lighter than (ro)cocoa from Marc Jacobs)and that give me some luminous,young and fresh eyes 🙂 Thanks to Christina Cordula…

*To use rose water…in my routine since 4 months now,i spray my face after clean it just before to use my serum.I can say that my face are more luminous,and the reaction that my skin can have didnt let scars like before or the stains go faster and that its so cool. Its like i have a skintone more uniforme.Very very old tips,this rose water,but Thanks to Huda Beauty to make me think about that 🙂

It is not rocket science but I had to see a video in youtube by a very young girl to realize how easy was to apply an oriebtal khol. I was ( still am);hopeless with eyeliner so 2 seconds of the khol in each eye changes my look from tired and naked to done and ready.

The best tip that I’ve heard recently came from Alissa Ashley on YouTube. She suggests that you make sure to not put your eyeliner on your lower lashline down too low as doing so would cause racoon eyes. Such a simple thing but so helpful at the same time.

My most recent eye opener was to brush my mascara on from side to side then brush it straight out and brush once on top of lashes and straight out from underneath again. My eye lashes are short and this really helped.

To apply a layer of powder – I use Becca perfect skin mineral powder – after skincare & sunscreen but before BB cream or foundation. It totally works to keep my skin not shiny but not at all powdery looking. I’m old, so powder on top of makeup makes me look, well, old. It also makes my makeup last ALL day.

I recently saw a tutorial that swears it’s more natural looking and easier to apply false lashes UNDER your lashes rather than on top. I tried it and it’s true! I would have never tried that on my own.

I cannot say that it helped me because I have not tried it yet.
Applying Mascara not with the brush included but with a metal comb. has anyone tried this application method ? I already have the Metal comb and use it to seperate my lashes but applying Mascara?

I actually use this tip. My volumizing mascara from essence is quite clumpy on me so what I do is run the tip of my wand over the teeth of the comb then brush them through my lashes. It gives the most beautiful long wispy look! I also use a plastic one because the only metal ones I could find were like $15

Thank you. Really have to try it.
Mine is a Metal comb from morphe brushes and it is about 5 $. Was not easy to get because it is always sold out quickly.

Not a tip per say, but when I acquired some good quality matte eyeshadows, I suddenly understood why people rave about using a transition shade. I now do it with every eye look, (always UD Naked or Naked 2).

Makeup tip: For Mac Face & Body, don’t play around with brushes or sponges; instead pat on with your hands and do circular motions and watch it melt into the skin!
Hair tip: Put a fog-free mirror in the shower so that I can apply my hair products to my curly hair while it’s soaking wet to prevent frizz.

It’s from an old Wayne Goss video, but I recently discovered his “Straight Line Technique for Hooded Eyes.” It works well on me.

Using a damp makeup sponge to press my setting powder into my foundation. Totally changed the look of my foundation from “meh” to airbrushed and flawless. Also provided longer lasting coverage, less caking and improved the look of my drugstore foundations as well. Cannot recommend that tip enough!

Basing the Urban Decay shadows that have chunky glitter with an eyeliner or spraying the brush with setting spray makes them apply so much better.

My best tip I think I ever learned was using the correct primer! I never understood why I would sometimes get “pilling” on some products but not others. Bottom line- use water based primer when using water based foundation…
Here’s my list of water based primers that I like:
Ardency Inn SF
Ultra SF (Hydro)
Sephora SF
Lorac SF ( I’m so sensitive)
Korres (I use Pomegranate)
I think Clarins has one and maybe Stila ( not sure)

My current fav is the Ulta Hydro Prime.

Using an eyelash comb instead of a mascara wand to apply the product has helped me a ton. I never thought I would be a fan of the soft fluttery lashes look on myself but I’ve been converted!

After using a setting spray, use a dampened Beauty Blender to press it into your face. This really helps makeup last!
Also, before using makeup, set everything out on a paper towel with a tissue or two beneath. You can tap brushes, wipe the end of a mascara wand and generally make a mess on the paper. Then as each item is put away, the paper products become a clean up tool to wipe the counter clean. This just helps stay neat and tidy, and ready for the next time.
I am enjoying your comments!

Love Ardell’s little eyelash comb. It’ plastic, not metal. This has worked best for me, better than metal. Comes with a little cap that is just worthless. I get at least 6 months use before the tips get a little bent (because cap is good for nothing. $2 each or so on line at Madame Madeline Lashes. I buy 4 or 6 at a time. I love this little gadget for almost 20 years. It used to be sold in stores next to the false lashes.

I don’t usually take tips – I just try stuff on my own. But years ago, I watched a video on how they get the VS models ready for their photo shoot and fashion show. They said they put bronzer high on the cheekbone, under the eye. Since I hate the way just about every under-eye concealer looks, I tried this tip. I’ve been doing it ever since. My eyes tend to get a little wrinkly from allergy swelling, and this doesn’t accentuate that the way concealer does. (so long as the bronzer is not sparkly.) It just makes the difference in the shade of my undereye than my facial skin less noticeable.

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