What was the last makeup disaster you had to deal with?

I put something on my lower lash line that was just causing major, major watery eyes, and I find that for me, when my eyes really start to water, it’s just all downhill as more makeup gets washed away by my tears and onto my eyeballs. I was able to take makeup remover and a cotton swab, remove everything on my lower lash line, leave it alone for an hour, and then I went back and fixed the edges but kept the lower lash line more naked.

— Christine


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Kelly Avatar

I wanted to try a full coverage foundation routine for a graduation I had to attend and it turned out so badly. It involved MUFE’s stick foundation being blended out with MUFE’s water foundation and my pores looked like CRATERS. It looked so terrible. I have dry skin, very pigmented red rosacea everywhere, very pale OLIVE skin, and big pores so NO foundation seems to work, but this was a freaking nightmare. Usually pictures make my skin look better but this was disgusting. I had to sit out of the pictures being taken

Holli Avatar

Kosas oil foundation was my last disaster. I was really looking forward to it and it accentuated every dry patch and made me look 1000 years old. Sometimes things just don’t work out…

Vera Avatar

I have very dry skin, especially dry this / last winter and Kosas Tinted Moisturizer worked the wonders for me. First application was disaster but I read carefully the ingredients again and found out that my moisturizer (Belif Mosturizing bomb) has a silicone as a second ingredient, which is a disaster as the base for the oils in Kosas. I simply washed everything, put another moisturizer and Kosas again and everything was OK. Kosas was the only one with dewy finish although I oppressively keep purchasing any foundation recommended for dry skin and I have few favorites, which did not worked this winter. I highly recommend trying Kosas Tinted moisturizer if someone has dry skin.

Emily Avatar

I accidentally grabbed the brush cleaner instead of setting spray to wet my brush for a foiled eyeshadow look. I didn’t figure it out and wash it off till I came home several hours later, which I guess was too late, because I ended up with a lovely swollen eyelid (just one for some reason) for several days after. Now I keep the brush cleaner spray way in the back of the cabinet.

Alecto Avatar

Outside of my makeup application not looking remotely like I wanted it to (specifically eye looks), the only real disasters I’ve had involve the texture of my skin being completely incompatible with foundation, and that was less an every-now-and-then thing and more a particular period of my life. Before I figured out that I needed to change my diet and the moisturizing products I use, I had chronic oily/flaky skin with eczema patches on my face, especially around my nose, eyebrows, temple, chin …very unattractive, and every foundation I used just made it more obvious because of my skin’s rough texture. But I couldn’t go without foundation because of my strong rosacea — what a nightmare. It’s under control now, but there was a time when every application of foundation was a disaster because it was just so obvious and unattractive.

Alecto Avatar

I’m positive I have a specific food sensitivity, but I’m not entirely sure what it is. Instead of being scientific and methodical about it, I got desperate and cut pretty much everything except meat, dairy, fats, and vegetables out of my diet. I eat almost nothing with any sweetener in it, not even honey (I HAVE confirmed with certainty that a number of artificial sweeteners do terrible things to my digestion). No breads or similar.

I’m sure I way overshot the mark, but the change made a measurable difference, and not just in my skin texture: I don’t have rosacea flare-ups like I used to, my skin doesn’t over-react to every little thing like it used to (I can actually use a lot more products now — things I used to think I was allergic to), and most importantly, the joint pain that I was convinced was early onset arthritis (which my mother believes she has/had … now I’m not so sure) is all but gone.

It may well be just one or two things that I have a problem with, but I don’t have the patience to figure it out, and I’m not willing to experiment and accidentally undo what I’ve done. I’m not recommending anything specific; I have a friend who had joint and skin issues, who dropped all forms of dairy and got 100% better — dairy isn’t an issue for me. I’m now a firm believer that the largest organ in our body is the place to look for clues about internal issues, especially inflammatory conditions, but I think any problems and solutions are specific to each individual.

Maggie Avatar

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and wisdom! I really appreciate it! I’m going to try to remember that skin is a good indicator that something might be internally affected.

You mentioned “no breads or similar.” It sounds like you cut out grains in general–regardless of how whole or processed it is (pasta, rice, oats, etc).

You have given me so many ideas! Thank you again!

Maggie Avatar

Thank you so much for sharing! I never knew zinc could help with hormonal breakouts. How often do you take zinc? I’m thinking about timing it just before my breakouts typically appear. But I’m not sure how much or how often.

When I think I’m coming down with a cold, I take zinc supplements every few hours. But that’s probably a higher amount than recommended for acne

xamyx Avatar

Nothing comes immediately to mind, as “disaster” is such a strong word, but I would probably have to go with a new skincare/foundation combo… A couple of weeks ago, I tried Illamasqua Skin Base for the first time for work, and it didn’t hold up as well as I would have liked, but it wasn’t something a go with a buffing brush & a bit of powder couldn’t make presentable. I was just so excited to try the foundation that I wore it the day after I got it, but should have just gone with my tried-and-true Catrice HD, which holds up beautifully… I’ve been working as a dining room server, so I need something reliable, as I don’t have time for touch-ups during my shift.

Cameron Avatar

Bloodshot eyes from mascara. I wanted to try Diorshow, but this irritated my eyes non-stop the entire day. I had to try it twice to see if it really was the mascara, so I spent two days with bloodshot eyes. It’s a good thing I had my glasses on both days… I don’t know what I would have done if I was wearing my contacts!

Wednesday Avatar

No real disasters. Just eye looks I had to fix; namely, Riviera palette and the matte pigments. I’ve been staying away from them. I find them hateful to blend. I either end up blending them out to a patchy splotchy all over lid mess or I end up with lines. I just do not have the hang of them and too often I’m heading somewhere and it’s all too risky to futz.

I’ve had a few very close calls with my brush cleaner a la Kelly above, so her comment made me chuckle. I moved my brush cleaner to a bin under my makeup desk.

Nicole Avatar

Last year I picked up a bottle of Maybelline Super Stay foundation to try. It oxidized like crazy, getting darker and darker as the day went on. I had to wash it off after 6 hours because I looked like an Oompa Loompa! The experience was so bad I didn’t even bother trying to return it- I happily chucked it into the trash.

Deborah S. Avatar

I haven’t had a true disaster in quite a while. I probably just jinxed myself! Anyway, the last one that I can remember was when my daughter was still living and working in Missoula. She was coming home for the weekend. I got up and put my makeup on and went to town to grocery shop so that I wouldn’t have to do it while she was home. I also made several other stops and met several people I know. Anyway, got home and when she got there she looked at me and started laughing. I asked her what was so funny and she said I looked like a clown. She pulled me to the bathroom mirror and what I saw was sort of a clown’s face. I had applied my blush in practically non-existing light and hadn’t check it in natural light before leaving. It was super bright, not blended well and yes, just like a clown’s face.

Pearl Avatar

Other than muddled eye looks here and there, I wore a scented mascara (YSL) that made my eyes water like crazy. Everybody at work was asking me if I was OK. I looked such a mess that they sent me home early – I was not fit for public consumption. The eye watering would not have been a big deal would it have stopped eventually but because I kept having to wipe or dab my eyes, my makeup was very blotchy and uneven on my bloodshot and puffy eyes and it looked like I was Patient 0.

Alicia Keller Avatar

The last makeup disaster I dealt with is the heavy transfer under my eyebrows with the Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara!! My lashes looked AMAZING after using it, but just less than an hour later I looked in the mirror and saw black giant streaks under my eyebrows from the tips of my eyelashes rubbing there! I wish they could make that exact mascara without the transfer.

Sherry Costas Avatar

My eyelash curler got stuck at the back of a drawer and I didn’t realize it had gotten bent just a little. The next morning when I curled the eyelashes on my left eye, it cut them all off at the lashline. They took about a month to grow back.

Nancy T Avatar

The only thing that stands out to to me is when I have a micro disaster with super teary eyes due to allergies or windy conditions. Nothing as awful as when this used to happen before I knew about Nyx Proof It! Waterproof e/s primer!

Not sure if I would call it a disaster, but just recently I noticed that UD All Nighter Setting Spray has been giving my skin up on my cheekbones a more textured, crinkly appearance? Anyway, I’m really not happy about that! Might need to reserve it for monsoon humidity season usage only, huh?

bibi Avatar

The ongoing random makeup disaster I have suffered my entire life: foundation or concealer ‘splitting’ and pooling in pores and fine lines or giving me “alligator skin” or “polka dot pores.” I have yet to find a primer or procedure that %100 prevents this. And sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t. Unfortunately, the only thing to do when it happens is remove the foundation or concealer and start over.

Cherie Avatar

I dropped my MJ flesh and fantasy blush all over my floor right before I had to meet my friend for lunch. I’ve got a toddler at home and all I kept thinking was if I didn’t clean every inch of the floor, he was going to get all over it. I was 25 minutes late for lunch…

Valerie Avatar

I used to use sunscreen on my face with nothing else on top. This one time I was driving to work and my eyes felt itchy so I rubbed them carefully, so as not to remove my eye makeup. I think some of the sunscreen got into one of my eyes because mascara started to stream down my face as my eye watered up immediately in pain uncontrollably. I had to pull over to the side of the road because the more I rubbed my eye, the more the makeup and sunscreen came off – into my eye and face and eventually something made its way to the other side and now I had bilateral Raccoon Eye. I had nothing to fix this with and had to wait until the pain and tearing subsided. I gave my work a heads up about this so when I showed up (late), my staff began to laugh hysterically, which added insult to injury.
Suffice to say, I use waterproof mascara and no more sunscreen alone unless there’s primer, foundation, and setting powder and spray on top.
I have other makeup disaster stories and they all involve my eyes!

Cil Avatar

I bought Nars All Day Foundation. It wears beautifully when first applied, but by the end of the day I’m oily. It separates and settles into my pores. It looks cakey and I feel dirty. The shade syracuse is spot on, but I’ll stick with Sheer Glow.

Terri Avatar

Oh boy, I just had one a few days ago with one of the Stila liquid eyeshadows. The ones that seem to dry out real quick. It looked like I still had a lot left so I added some isododocane to it & shook it up. (It normally does wonders with my ColourPop SSS & cream eyeshadows). Not quite sure what happened here but my eyes were burning like I’d rubbed pepper on them. Took that off real quick & the e/s went straight to the trash.

Emilie Avatar

I attempted a teal liner look using Blue Dream from the Melt Smoke Sessions palette by packing the shadow over a concealer wing. It looked really pretty at first, but because the shadow is so creamy it really didn’t do much to set the concealer and it all wore away before the day was over. Walked around looking a little off for a couple hours!

Tina Diantzikis Avatar

Hi Christine! I know this might sound gross to a few of you lol but sorry! When makeup makes your eyes water, the best solution I found to work is, snorting real hard through your nose like a deep inhale a few times. It stops the watering. I used to not be able to wear lots of black liners in my waterline but this helped tremendously.

And this has been one of my disasters. Another was me finishing my entire look. I do mascara very last so my hand jerked and made a huge black streak across my face!

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