What was the last holy grail, discontinued product you had to replace?

The one that comes to mind first is Guerlain Parure Gold (which has since been reformulated/rereleased but isn’t the same), and I ended up replacing it with Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea (which is quite nice, so I don’t miss Parure Gold much these days).

— Christine


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Mariella Avatar

It always seems to be eye cream with SPF. Clarins had a great one that vanished and then reappeared a year or two later (new packaging) only to vanish again. I replaced it with a Shiseido one I didn’t like as much but it was okay and then, of course that one was gone too. I’ve finally found a new one (it’s not been available all that long) from Origins. I really like it but wonder how long until it’s gone from the market too!

eshum Avatar

I have the same problem! I loved Kiehl’s Dark Circle Perfector, and it was discontinued. I’ve recently picked up DermaDoctor’s version, which I like a lot and may have to stockpile.

Seraphine Avatar

Same answer as yesterday: Laura Mercier Discretion Lipstick. At the time, I felt it was the most perfect MLBB lipstick I’d ever find and was horrified that it was discontinued. I eventually had to give up trying to find an exact dupe, and for a couple years, MAC Jubilee was my MLBB. These days, current favorite MLBBs are NARS Barbara and MAC Modesty, which are both pretty different than Discretion. If LM brought Discretion back, I wonder if I’d still love it as much as I used to.

Alecto Avatar

I honestly can’t think of anything. There have been products I liked that I had to replace because of discontinuation, but I don’t think I’ve really found any HG (to me) products except in the past couple years, and none of those have been discontinued yet. Knock on wood?

kjh Avatar

Only in the early 70s. I nearly had a breakdown, when Aziza (long gone Prince Matchabelli brand) discontinued the Clinging Vine mascara. No green mascara in sight at any level. Still remains my all time fave, though you can find green mascara occasionally. Also, when Biba, ‘swingin’ London’ brand, and their cult pot gloss, Blue Roses, (and matching paper dresses and hats!) went out of business. And Yadley Glimmericks shadow. Only nostalgic items, nothing from the past two decades. Back when iconic was iconic, and not a SM marketing blitz.

Nicole D Avatar

Clinique Superdefense Age Defense Eye Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 20 (mineral sunscreen). This was an excellent cream for the dry and sensitive eye-area skin. It was discontinued last year and I haven’t found a replacement for it.

Nikki Avatar

So this is a cheat, because this item isn’t discontinued, it just doesn’t work for me anymore and I haven’t found a replacement: UD Primer Potion. Worked magic for years to keep my eyeshadows fresh looking with no creasing all day long. 2 years ago, my eyelids must’ve changed somehow, because I can’t get any eyeshadow brand to last for more than 3-4 hours, no matter what primer/prep routine I try. I LOVE fun eyeshadow looks, but right now I am settling for (boring) natural matte looks that don’t look as awful when they do fade or crease. It has been the worst thing about turning 40, IMO, since that’s when the primer started to let me down.

Susan Nevling Avatar

I have the same problem now w eye shadow primers. What I do instead is dampen my shadow brushes with All Nighter setting spray and apply my eyeshadow w a damp brush. If works very well for mme.

M Avatar

Nikki, I have somewhat oily but mostly perspiring lids. My top three, in order, are MAC paint pot, Morphe and Ulta Matte. They’re by no means perfect but it’s the best I’ve found in 20+.

Pearl Avatar

I loved Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation, it was just perfect. Good slip, lightweight but excellent coverage and the shade that I had was the perfect match for my skin. I didn’t have to doctor it up or mix in any other products, it was just perfect straight out of the bottle. Shiseido’s Synchro Skin has the same slip and feel and I think it would come the closest. I like MAC’s Matchmaster and Estee Lauder’s Double Wear but they are heavier formulas.

I have been wondering about something (even mentioned it in the post about the first pr) – I know that Pat McGrath worked for Giorgio Armani in years past to develop and design color stories, campaigns
and what not. I’m wondering if the now discontinued lasting silk formula will be revived or somehow, that is now going to be her formula. Maybe it will be based on LS formula? Maybe she was able to either ‘inherit’ or buy the recipe or formulate something very similar based on what she saw/learned and that will be the formula and even color range she will be launching? Maybe she received that as payment, a beloved formula that he would retire so that she could later make it her own? I realize this is far fetched. Also not a slam on her creative prowess or agency, just something I’ve been wondering about. And I am very excited about the foundation launch.

Annie Avatar

I would be so interested in how they compare! I loved Lasting Silk and unfortunately only got into it as it was being discontinued, so my first bottle was also my last D:
But I’m eagerly awaiting Pat McGrath’s foundation launch next month! I also wondered if she had any say in the Covergirl Full Spectrum foundation, as the packaging reminds me of her own PMG Labs line.

Caslon Avatar

Probably wouldn’t be a HG if it came out now, but back when I was first starting to learn how to use makeup i loved loved LOVED maybelline’s dream mousse blush and was utterly devastated when it was discontinued. cream blushes have come a long way since then so i’ve found products i like better nowadays, but man that stuff was FUN.

Nancy T Avatar

WnW Reserve Your Cabana! I bought up as many as I could. For me, this is a wonderful, easy to sheer out, luminous finishing powder. I’m crushed that WnW decided to axe it!

Sadly, I didn’t find out about Essense DC’ing their highly touted Midnight In Paris Gel Liner, until it was too late. So I wasn’t able to stock up on that. RIP.

Deborah S. Avatar

The first product to come to mind was a lipstick shade from back in the late 70’s. I think this one springs to mind all of the time when similar questions are asked because I just loved it so much. It was a Chanel lipstick called Midnight Garden and was the perfect pink/cranberry type of colour and was so flattering on me. I got tons of compliments when wearing it. The second product is a lip liner wax pencil that Too Faced use to make. I cannot remember what it was called but it didn’t leave a waxy ring or lift my foundation around my mouth as so many that I have tried since do. I am using the UD one now but I don’t love it. I like to line just outside my natural lip borders because I like to cheat my top lip a bit since it is so thin. The Too Faced pencil let me do that without changing the colour or texture around my lips. The UD one seems to warm up on my skin and then the lipstick doesn’t exactly go up in my lip lines but rather sheers out and looks greasy around my mouth. I don’t know how else to describe what happens but anyway, I use the UD because it was there but wish the Too Faced one was back.
I also loved the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery eye.

Deborah S. Avatar

Probably should have mentioned the Chosungah foundation because I can’t get it here in the US and I still have one container full that I am hoarding but have since found foundations that I can use and like but the Chosungah was really just perfect for my skin!

kjh Avatar

Used up the TF one, too; the name began w/ a b, maybe. It WAS the best. Ozone feels skeevy around the lips. Like Arris gloves, just get it off! Tried virtually all, as clear lip liner is pretty mandatory. Currently using Sephora brand, as I don’t see much difference among current offerings. My late 70s fave l/s shade was Dior Tomorrow’s Beige, BITD when you thought you were too young to wear red, lol. It was easy back then, core shades and seasonal, not new product every two weeks. You can score the Chosungah via Yesstyle, though? I’ll bet it is live somewhere in SF, if you visit.

Deborah S. Avatar

I hadn’t searched for the Chosungah foundation since it stopped being available in the US and rumors were that it was not going to be produced anymore. I searched every on-line, K Beauty store I could find and the only place that I could find it was in Australia and they wouldn’t ship to the US. Enter both CeeBee and Genevieve here on Temptalia. CeeBee is in New Zealand and they would ship there and of course, Genevieve is in Australia. Long story short, CeeBee bought me 4 containers and shipped them to me from New Zealand. Genevieve offered to also. So, I used the first 3 containers and then have been hoarding number 4. Anyway, your response sort of prompted me to search again and I found it for sale on HSN, of all places. There was a YT video by the HSN channel from 2017 so I didn’t hold out much hope they would still have it but they do, at least in two shades. My shade was 01 Porcelain and they have that plus shade 02 Ivory. The YT video from 2017 showed 4 or 5 shades and quite a number of the comments underneath the product on HSN’s website are begging them to bring the foundation back. So, I don’t know how long the two shades will last but I am picking up two more containers. I don’t want to stock pile too many since I am not sure what the shelf life would be, even if I don’t open them. Thank you so much for prompting me to search. I don’t know why all of a sudden it came up when it didn’t before but I am happy to have found it and close to home. When I search in South Korea the only Chosungah that comes up is the one in a taller tube with a built in brush applicator and that isn’t the same formula. The formula I want is the one in the squat silver can that allows you to pump up the foundation from one side and the honey illuminating serum from the other side. It allows you to add more serum to foundation ratio or less as you choose. I am thinking about picking up one of the Ivory also as I am a little more tan right now and it might work better than the super pale and peachy shade of 01.
If you hit on a pencil that works I would love to know about it. These lip lines are so frustrating but I would almost rather have that than the funny oily sticky appearance that the UD product gives me.

Erica Avatar

I love Revlon Coffee Bean lipstick as a teen when brown lips were popular. Years later I repurchased it bc I was feeling nostalgic. It is completely different. In my memory it was a perfect pinky brown. I wore a pink the same shade as my lips as a lip liner first. This new lipstick is an orangey brown. Probably more like coffee but not the lipstick I remember. So began my hunt for a lipstick like I remember. MAC’s Viva Glam V is the closest or at least a good substitute!

Valerie Avatar

Chanel Ruby Slipper lipstick, about 15 years ago. To date, it’s still the best lipstick I ever found – formula pigmentation the way it made my face light up. I have bought hundreds since and nothing comes close.
Today, I mourn it yet again. RIP my faithful Ruby Slipper ?

V Avatar

Still trying to replace: An old Perricone MD lip plumping lotion-like product in a white tube. When used several times a day the volume & quality of my lip line was noticeably better. Firm & bouncy! I’ve tried at least 7 Perricone MD products (for eyes, lips, face) but they don’t do what that white tube did.

V Avatar

You too!? Where is that wonderful product or something that’s as effective OR where do I buy olive oil polyphenols + his patented neuropeptides + DMAE (I think that’s what was in it)? Unreasonable goals but I miss it so much. For what I’ve spent on skincare I may as well have saved up for fat transfer or fillers. They require much less maintenance than the many times a day I applied that product. ?

bibi Avatar

Elizabeth Arden’s Smoky Eyes Powder Pencils: Have worn this product since it first came out in the 80’s! My HG kohl kajal in shades black Noir, Gunmetal, and Black Violet. Used to apply beautifully – highly pigmented, you have like 45 seconds to smudge and then it stayed put all day. Now it has been reformulated to a waxy mess that tugs and hardly gives any payoff & is difficult to apply. Am desparately looking for a replacement!

tarsmom Avatar

Clinique Buttershines, Revlon Lip Butters, Principal Secret Advanced Cleanser, Mojave Magic bronzer (QVC), Maybelline Dial a Lash (80’s), etc.

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