What was the last beauty product you wanted but missed out on?

Quite honestly, it has been a really, really long time since I can recall missing something. The only thing that comes to mind is Chanel Jade Le Vernis, which is ancient now.

— Christine
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That dang UD Spectrum Palette, of course! LoL!!! I think I nearly gave myself a coronary when I only *very* narrowly missed getting it! But as it turned out, I did seem to land dupes or near-dupes for most of its shades with MUFE 15 Artist Shadows, 2 MAC pigments, and some shades within ABH Self-Made Palette.

The shades were a lot more wearable, and I liked how they were sort of arranged according to which color family they were in. It was a good palette for planning a look for people like me who are a bit color-shy without avoiding color itself.

I seldom miss out on anything. If I see something I really like and it’s LE, I’ll usually grab it, figuring if it doesn’t work out, I can always return later, and I end up loving and keeping it 99% of the time. But I really don’t know how I missed out on MAC’s ENTIRE Alluring Aquatics collection from last year. It was probably their best collection in ages and ages. I was either super swamped at work, or I’ve must’ve been in a coma! So glad they brought back at least some of the eye shadows this year, so I could buy them.

Right now, I’m going to miss out on the new, holiday release Artist Couture blush in X-Rated. So beautiful! ? I’ve already met my Black Friday quota, so I couldn’t get it. I know I’m going to kick myself later.

But the last ‘missed opportunity’ makeup item had to be Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow in Medium to Dark. It retails for $68, but someone was selling it for $40. I’ve longed to covet this duo palette, and it was finally within my grasp at a discounted price. I had spent too long (approximately 20 hours) hemming and hawing over whether I should get it or not. I was conflicted because earlier that day, I had already spent money on another makeup item. By the time I had made up my mind to buy the palette, it was gone; sold to someone else. Guah!! I can’t believe I let it slip away!

Ugh, that darn $99 limited edition Marc Jacobs palette. I have very warm skin with hazel eyes and the color range was perfect for me. But it was $99.

I really wanted (and still do) the MAC LE Pedro Lourenco Mirror and Gold Mirror lipglosses. I thought they made great lipstick toppers or would be pretty to wear alone.

Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites. I wanted them sooooo bad but there’s no way I could justify the expense.

Same with a lot of other stuff including some that’s still available but I will definitely be missing out on: Marc Jacobs Beauty The Free Spirit (224) Style Eye-Con No. 20 Eyeshadow Palette; Burberry holiday collection; Chanel La Merveilleuse (347) Rouge Allure Velvet.

But the Perles des Neiges were quite unique and absolutely stunning, whereas I can sort of shrug off the other ones as there are dupes out there, and possible re-promotes later on for some.

Nearly all of the Aquatics collection by MAC. I stick to the permanent products to avoid heartbreak, ever since whisper of gilt, but the packaging and the products had me in love ?. Fortunately I won the Lustre shade of lipstick in a competition.
Chanel has also broken my heart when I have unknowingly purchased products, loved them, gone to repurchase and then discovered they are LE.

Literally every limited edition MAC lipstick pre-2013 because it wasn’t available in my country and shipping cost more than the product itself so I could never justify it. At least now they’re available, still pricey though!

Revlon discontinued a lot of the lip butters shades before I got around to picking them up. I wish if gotten a fresh bottle of Gaultier’s Ma Dame perfume while they were widely available. I don’t always trust testers from ebay to have been stored properly.

MAC’s Whisper of Gilt. I was late to the limited edition MAC collecting game, but managed to get pretty much all the l.e. products I wanted at reasonable prices. WOG is still so insanely priced ($200+ on eBay!) that I’ve given up hope on ever getting it. I did get Oh Darling which is supposedly a dupe, but I’d still love to have WOG.

I can so relate to this. I was late to the MAC collection game, as well. I managed to get many MSFs and most of the In Extra Dimensions that I wanted, but WoG is missing (and 7 others). I had two opportunities to buy it for under $25 (which, as you know, is crazy inexpensive despite its worth), but I stalled. I don’t recall why I hesitated. I’ve sort of given up on the hunt; not from exhaustion or the inability to find it, but mostly because I have so many highlighters that look like WoG. But I completely understand the desire of wanting to own this highly coveted item. It’s almost like having bragging rights in the makeup world. Lol

Only 2 things come to mind – the first Vice palette from UD and MAC Subtle Breeze Mineralize blush. Oh, and perhaps Moth Brown eyeshadow, just because it’s so iconic and it “happened” before I was into makeup very much.

The last collection probably the Guo Pei collection just because how expensive it was. But also Colour Pop and Lorac because they arent available in the UK.

There was a MAC lipglass from some sort of world traveler collection a few years ago that was red with gold pearl. I thought it would be more dupeable but it wasn’t!

I thought I would miss out on Guerlains matte lip color from the winter collection but nordstrom shipped it this week!

I really wanted the large MAC x Brooke Shields eye shadow palette that was LE I think about a year ago. It sold out online in a few minutes. My local MAC counter had got in exactly one (!) palette which sold out immediately or was pre-reserved. I was not able to go driving all over the region from MAC counter to MAC counter looking for it, which also would have made me feel slightly ridiculous. My experience with that really soured me on the whole MAC LE frenzy thing. It’s like very, very few people can actually get their hands on the most desirable pieces. Why hype something and then make it so unavailable to the average consumer? There was also a big LORAC LE palette that I was considering, that sold out within hours, but that a lot of people had difficulty with (getting smashed eyeshadows due to shoddy packaging by amazon, I think, which usually packages things decently at least). So then I wasn’t so disappointed.

I have since decided that they are likely to be quality control issues with something that a company deliberately makes only a few of (although from what I understand, that wasn’t the case with the Brooke Shields palette that I wanted, or with the Mega Pro other than the third-party packaging issue). Why bother doing extensive testing on something that’s going to sell out in a few hours (or even minutes)? So now I don’t let myself be bothered about them.

That Morphe 35O palette is no joke!! I ended up stalking Morphe’s site and 3 other online retailers who sold the palette. I finally ended up buying it from a store in Australia in order to have it here in the USA. And even the Australian store sold out in less than 5 minutes! It’s insane how fast it sells no matter where it’s located!!

i did that too! … it recently got back in stock and i added it to my cart. it was like 3 am… i had to ask permission so i waited until the next morning. the next morning that *** palette was sold out! seriously it’s amazing how fast it sells out! so i’ll continue stalking.. that one needs to be mine!

and btw. does temptalia has a review on it?

You know, I don’t think she does have a review on the palette on this site, but I could be wrong. All the reviews I had ever seen were from tons of YouTube videos, blog swatches, and Instagram pics.

Well, good luck getting your hands on a palette. Since it’s the holiday season, it should be restocked more frequently. There were 2 sites that had it restocked for Black Friday. Since it’s Cyber Monday, for some reason, I feel as though it might pop up again today. The one thing I learned when chasing this palette is that once you have a second thought or a slight delay, someone else is at the checkout with “your” palette. Lol. It’s like trying to buy a popular MAC item.

Chanel Notorious; by the time I knew of its existence, it was gone… More recently, it would be UD Spectrum, but I do have most of the shades, and if it’s anything like the 15th Anniversary palette, I have a feeling at least some of the ones I don’t have (that aren’t permanent) will end up being introduced into the permanent range.

Estee Lauder Heat Wave =( I wasn’t into makeup as much when it came out but now I sure do wish I had it! They are reselling for $100 or more just can’t justify paying that much for it :/

For anyone who missed out on the UD Spectrum palette and who knows a Canadian who would be in a position to get it for them–the palette is not sold out at Sephora Canada. If you switch your toggle to Canada at the bottom left of the Sephora web page you can check it out.

All the amazing brown toned colors from the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick collection that came out this past summer. (Sepia, trust issues, veronica, etc.) Missed them all.

Urban Decay’s first Vice palette.

I’m a sucker for packaging and I wanted the RHPS version of MAC Sin and the UD Alice in Wonderland palette but missed both.

I wished I had snagged one last Chanel Dragon lipstick before it was DC’d. Other collections I missed are so old by now that I wouldn’t use it even if I had it (lol)!

I miss quite a bit of things I’d really like to have. My blog isn’t big enough to receive PR and my beauty budget is very limited. I have missed out of several collections and polishes I’d have loved to have from Chanel. TF and Guerlain usually have at least one thing seasonally I’d love to have that I miss. Most recently this year I really wanted most of the Chanel spring collection and missed it all. I might miss all of the Vamp collection too.

Ugh, that darn SPECTRUM PALETTE. I’m still in mourning over that. I could have grabbed it on the pre-release but I had just bought a couple palettes and wanted to give my eyeshadow buying a break. I figured I’d pick it up when it went on wide release. Ha ha HA. I have a friend in Canada who said it’s still in stock on their Sephora site and want to cry every time I remember that.

UD Alice in Wonderland Eyeshadow Palette was the last thing I missed out on and still regret. I didn’t like the movie, but I love the book, and the palette design was beautiful.

I’m always wanting things and missing out for various reasons, but I usually get over it eventually.

Well, my first BIG miss was Tom Ford’s Emerald Lust – I can now only get it on ebay at a most ridiculous price -like more than $200 plus international shipping….. so no.
Next, is still not out of the woods – the bareMinerals Soft and Smoky palette that you reviewed a couple of weeks ago. It is not even listed on the bare escentials website – which is strange. I just keep waiting for it to be listed somewhere that ships to Australia.

The Marc Jacobs The Sofia Five Piece Le Petites Le Marc Lip Creme Collection. Between debating on whether or not to get it and waiting for the Sephora VIB 20% off sale, I missed it. Before that, the UD Vice 2 palette.

The Guerlain Perles des Neiges Meteorites. I was going to get it during the Sephora VIB sale but it was already gone. I could get it at 20% off but can’t justify the full retail price.

Missed out on the UD Spectrum palette. By the time I realized I really wanted it, it had sold out. Before that it was the MAC Giambattista Valli lipsticks that got snatched right out of my cart when I was trying to complete my purchase.

The latest Guerlain Meteorites for holiday 2015! I’m on the email list, but I’m not holding out hope. Plus, I really can’t afford them, though I may have picked them up during the VIB Rouge sale. Also, the Sephora Pantone Marsala eye palette! I really wanted it; I think all the eye colors would have worked for me. At least I got all the lippies, but I still really want the eye palette!

Basically every MAC limited edition collection. I finally got on board with MAC lipsticks and am kicking myself now for not giving it a go earlier!!!

I really wanted the cat lipsticks from Paul and Joe’s A/W 2015 collection, they had a gold cat head on the top which was supposed to last all the way through the tube. They were so cute!

I missed purchasing the Tom Ford burnished amber eye shadow quad. I don’t know why I hesitated to buy it but if it comes out again, I will get it.

Last summer’s Tom Ford eye and cheek palette (although I got just about everything else) and the Guerlain Meteorites from the Winter Fairy collection, but I was able to snag the lipstick for my mom. The case is pretty, the color reads spring to me.

Definitely Lorac Mega Pro (the first one, I have the second), but also anything from the MAC Maleficent collection!!!
Now I’m just looking forward to getting my hands on something from the MAC Aaliyah collection, can’t wait!! :o))

It hasn’t been confirmed by MAC, yet. They only said that they were thankful for so many fans who wanted the collection, and the Aaliyah line wouldn’t be up for consideration until 2017. Apparently, there are many others in line before Aaliyah. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it will happen eventually.

I really do hope that MAC makes this happen! Such a wonderfully talented, incredible young woman who went much too young, and in such a horrible way.

I agree!
I LOVE and adore Aaliyah. But no, I didn’t sign up for it.. I’m hoping that it will come out in 2016 but based on the comment by @ Momo, I’m not so sure anymore.. :/

I completely missed out on the MAC Cinderella line. Now my only options are eBay or Amazon to purchase. I don’t really trust buying makeup knowing it could’ve been tampered with.

I wasn’t aware of Tom Ford’s Pink Haze cream shadow until the Golden Peach Cream & Powder duo was released. Even though I really (REALLY) wanted Pink Haze, I couldn’t bring myself to purchase the duo when I knew I wouldn’t use the accompanying powder shadow. Perhaps Pink Haze will be released on its own again in the future.

Not much I can think of, to be honest! I’ve never really fallen too hard for LE things and the few times I’ve liked them I’ve been able to snag them before they sold out. If there’s one thing that I am bummed over it’s the Colourpop tie dye shadows. I only bought Meow and I’m kicking myself for not getting the other ones before they discontinued them! They’re so gorgeous.

Thankfully, none (now). I was late to the Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes party, but over the past 5 months, I have systematically bought all that I’ve wanted from Ebay. I’m all caught up (and am eagerly awaiting his Spring color(s)!)

I only buy from certain brands, so while I enjoy looking at the promo pictures and reading about it/them, I don’t get too worked up about it/them. As for my beloved MAC, I typically don’t do their LE collections anymore, but If there is something(s) LE from MAC that I want, I call and find out when it will be in store, make an appointment for a makeover on the first day of release with the LE products, and ask for it/them to be held for me. So far that has worked out and has also kept me from over-spending and impulse buying.

MAC’s Barbie collection. Still.makes me sad whn I think about it. Lost my job right when it came out, couldn’t justify spending over $100 when I needed it to pay bills.

I desperately wanted the Vault last year (?) from UD for all the eyeshadow but just couldn’t afford it. I was able to get the eyeliner though. So fun. I already have all the Naked palettes so not needing this year’s Naked Vault. East coast girls, I log on at about 2:50 am to get the big time specials from UD. I think that’s regular time but double check that it’s not DST as I seem to be numerically impair at times.

Oh that’s easy. I missed the Sephora Pantone Marsala eye shadow set! Ugh!! I don’t know why I waited on that one. I didn’t expect it to sell out.

The last one was MAC Fashion Revival lipstick. I’ve missed it out twice. Last time I prefered to buy other lip shade of the collection so I left it constiously.

Try Sephora Blush in Tranquil. It’s not an exact dupe, but it’s a very cool toned contour with lots of grey and taupe in it. It’s probably the closest you can get to Chanel Notorious, unless you use eye shadow as contour

The LE Tom Ford Summer Soleil collection 2015 – those pinks are gorgeous! The pallet itself is selling for $150-175 on eBay. I missed the four lipsticks also, all but one of the colors would be very wearable on me.

Oh man, I miss out on a lot, haha. It’s mostly because I have a firm makeup budget that I try not to stray from. The ones that got away:

Assorted limited release Black Honey products by Clinique
Sigma Paris Palette
Kat Von D Esperanza Palette
Urban Decay Vice 1 Palette
Stila In The Know Palette
A couple Colourpop colors

Managed to find a few of these things online, but usually used.

I think it was Colour Pop Super Shock Cheek in Olive. I really wanted it so bad but then it was sold out and discontinued because I was forgot to purchased it, LOL.. Oh and also MAC’s Nocturnal Instinct lipstick.

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