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The last beauty product I LOST lost was a fresh lip balm. I have temporarily misplaced at least one Melt lipstick and eyeshadow stack. Mostly I need a more solid storage system.

Well, I STILL haven’t found that tube of LancΓ΄me Sugared Maple! Neither by accidentally running across it while looking for something else, nor by searching for it. I believe it flew away! ?

Hmm, maybe a Carmex lip balm? I rarely lose any beauty products. I only store them in certain places (all purple lippies go into one drawer, all green shadows into another drawer) , and every night, I empty out the makeup-of-the-day from my purse and put it back into storage.

one of my zoeva brush! it was an eye brush i used for concealing. since my baby likes to imitate me, i gave him the most ‘disposable’ to me brush to play. and it truly got disposed ? like yours, i’m sure it’s somewhere in the house, probably in one of his many toy bins ?

I’ve misplaced a couple of palettes, Sleek Sunset and Lorac Unzipped. I know they’re in the house somewhere though. Probably still in a travel case in a closet somewhere.

I have purchased MAC Nightmoth lip pencil 3 times and cannot find any of them. I figured the first time it had just not made it home in my bag so I purchased again. I know that one got home because I remember being careful and taking it out of the bag but cannot find. I mentioned to my daughter and she purchased one for me and gave it to me and I can’t find that one either. At this point I figure I am just not meant to have Nightmoth!

I often loose lipsticks and glosses and eventually find them in jacket pockets or in purses that I don’t use often… The last thing I lost was an Almay liquid balm, but I’m sure it will surface one day.

Urg, I don’t party anymore so haven’t lost anything for years. The last thing I lost was a Dior addict lip gloss three years ago, highly suspected my friend took it though.

MAC extra dimension eye shadow in Lorelei after using it once or twice! I still can’t believe it. I never lose anything, but I think the shadow must’ve rolled off my vanity into the garbage bin or something πŸ™

A full sized, worn-once Estee Lauder lip gloss in the perfect shade of pinky nude. The sad bit is I don’t even remember the exact shade name/number to replace it because I had spent half an hour swatching glosses in store and just picked the one I liked without paying a lot of attention to the nomenclature. I was going out and popped it in my bag for touch ups. I never did ‘touch up’ but my bag overturned during the night at one point and it didn’t occur to me to check that the lip gloss was in it too. Somebody must have had a lucky day.

Marc Jacobs extra skinny gel eyeliner. It’s expensive, so I’m trying to use up my other eyeliners before I replace it.

I keep hoping it will turn up, but I think it’s somewhere with the little rubber part of my earbud headphones.

Oh NO! This weekend I finally gave up my search and purchased a replacement with the Sephora VIB sale. I’m hoping this is the necessary impetus for the ‘lost’ one to make a surprise appearance. I still would love to have the mini for my overnight bag. Agreed..It is expensive, but even better than the Hourglass mechanical which used to be my tightlining go to. The MJ has better staying power and looks even blacquer.. grin… Good luck with your search! πŸ™‚

OMG – do you LIVE AT MY HOUSE???? I just lost (like, last night) my Elizabeth Arden eye makeup remover! I’ve looked everywhere for it and it has just VANISHED! A friend got me a lovely EA gift set for my birthday and it was in there. I thought perhaps I put it back into the red travel bag it came in – nope! I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for it. The weird thing is I just used it a few days ago. I can’t imagine where it could be – I’ve looked where I put my “over-flow/backup” stuff – not there, not in my bathroom vanity – it is just GONE!

Okay….this is absolutely CRAZY. I just found the stuff. We’re clearing out and moving the fridge because a new one is arriving this week. I was clearing some space on the kitchen island and there, nestled in with some cans of tomato paste and a lululemon bag, was the EA eye makeup remover! INSANE that it would be there. The only thing I can think of is that on Monday (Halloween), I was using it upstairs when a little trick or treat-er rang the doorbell and I ran to the front door and set this down on the kitchen island as I grabbed the bowl of treats.

The weird thing is that generally, when I misplace something and then find it, I have an “Ohhhh – now I remember putting it there….” moment but this time, nothing! A while back, I looked everywhere for a Shiseido loose setting powder; looked high and low but I knew as soon as I bought a replacement (I got the Laura Mercier loose powder in its place, since I knew it would turn up) I’d find it. And I did – it was right in front of my eyes, more or less, in a place I’d already looked! Anyway, Genevieve, it’s good to know I’m not alone. I think part of this stems from my age (ahem!) but mostly, it all comes from having too much stuff.

I am still devastated by my recent loss. I was coming back home to NYC from my wedding weekend. We were so tired that I left an entire bag on the 7 train. In the bag was not only all of my clothes, but my entire face regime from Kiehl’s, My Anastasia Modern Renaissance and Mario palettes were lost, as well as my KVD Shade and Light eye and face palettes. I also had a bag of my best brushes in there too. Sigma, Morphe. It was a pretty sad discovery.
I did replenish Modern Renaissance with the Sephora sale. That one was too good not to repurchase!

Think you win, in this devastating question. Too bad we don’t put ids in such bags. Some folks would have returned it. I would have. Beyond terrible. Sorry.

Thanks for the comment. It was a tough night. But we were happy we didn’t lose our bag of wedding gifts at least.
I may start tagging even my makeup bags just in case. Nice to know there are decent people still out and about like yourself! πŸ™‚

Reading of your quite major loss puts things into perspective, Beth. Yours was a truly tragic misadventure. I do hope that some decent person turns your bag into public transit’s Lost & Found. Ya never know, I’d give ’em a call just in case!

Thank you, Nancy! I actually filed a lost baggage claim. But they did not find it the bag. It was fairly late and the train was going into Queens. I’ve given up hope on the bag. Thankfully, we are safe and things can always be replaced if need be.
Thanks for the comment, though. I appreciate the support!

I have not lost anything currently thankfully. But I lost a Stila lip stain years ago. It was in my lap when I was driving. Got distracted when I got out and it fell to the ground. Didn’t look for it bc I was more concerned with where I was going and what I needed to do. Didn’t realize until later that that happened. Sad too bc I had the lip stain for all of a day!

I can’t think of anything recent- not that I haven’t lost or misplaced things, they just usually turn back up eventually!

Does lost to dog count? A few years back my dog grabbed one of my Sephora powder brushes and made a mockery of it. Chewed it to bits and the hairs were all over the bed.

I lost my Urban Decay Naked lipgloss in Naked over the summer. It is the perfect topper to tone down my bright lipsticks. I am hoping it will reappear so I don’t have to buy another one

Revlon Wine With Everything (Creme)
I have no clue how I lost it, but thankfully it’s cheap and permanent. Other than that, I usually lose lip balms.

my becca tinted moisturizer. i thought it rolled under the sofa and i crawled around but couldn’t find it. i cleaned up under the sofa, so it had a good aspect, but still no becca. i got angry with me, because such a bottle can’t just disappear. looked through various bags und week-organizers, nothing. still eyeing the sofa, because it eats cosmetics in a kind of sacrifice manner..
it returned in the drawer where it has its regular place.

My Nars audacious lipstick in Viviene. It might be in a bag… Or hidden somewhere between lip products. They are really badly organised. I need to find some time to fix this!

Otherwise I really lose make up as I rarely take anything when I go out!

A tinted lip balm from Black Widow balm. It’s actually black. Absolutely cannot figure out what happened to it, and I’m not convinced it’s in the house. πŸ™

I wouldn’t say lost but my little girl steals my lip gloss from my purse and sometimes I find them in her coat pocket but sometimes there gone.

I don’t know how I have never lost anything!!? Like I thought I lost a new Mac lipstick at a halloween house party Monday night/Tuesday morning, but was just in a “safe space” drunken me completely forgot. Was getting so worked up and all! And like one night out I lent my lipstick to a random girl in the bathroom, forgot, but found it next to the sink a little later. Maybe my good luck will end one day…

My Sleek Solstice palette. It went missing a few weeks ago. It’s somewhere in my house and since I’m moving into another room I’ll probably find it but.. I don’t even miss it to be honest. I have a ton of highlighters and ever since I got the new Cleopatra’s Kiss palette, I’m completely obsessed with it. Solstice was too ashy for me anyway. I also lost my new(!) beautyblender two months ago, but I’ve found it today!?

I remember loosing a couple of products due to moving…. mostly lipsticks I think. The only one I can recall right now is a travel size nars rikugen lip pencil….. which I’m really rather irked about because I loved and used that pencil a lot!

I have lost a really good Estee Lauder blending brush. I keep them all in a container, unless a little fairy called Olivia took it out and now it could be anywhere.

I recently bought Laura Geller baked foundation in a bogo. I ordered a different shade. It was too light and washed me out. I gave it today to a close friend who uses that color so I consider it lost. I’m going to exchange the other one at Ukraine, who had the bogo sale.

Well so far I consider myself lucky. (crossed fingers, no jinxing myself) But one time I thought I lost my hourglass lip liner. For days I searched for it, then gave up on finding it. One day , while changing my bag, I found it in the side zipper compartment. Wahooo I was dancing around, so happy to have found it. !!!!!!!!!! I really try hard not to misplace my makeup.

Not so much as lost. I left my jacket at work everyday not expecting to have to take a medical leave. Months later I went there to pick it up. I discovered that a coworker swiped my mac compact & my sephora retractable foundation that I stored inside of my jacket pockets. Wow…. Really?

I lost my Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Color Pencil in Glinda. It was the perfect color for me. I ordered it again. It disappeared again! Still miss that perfect for me shade.

I’ve lost a couple brushes in between vacations. I’m pretty sure I packed them as I double check my hotel room before leaving but I have a couple brushes that I just can’t seem to find anywhere. I’ve given up on trying to find them at this point. I’m sure they’ll turn up when I’m not even looking for them

I really don’t lose stuff too often, but I am always misplacing lipsticks and lip balms. I put them in my pockets, then take off the pants/skort/jacket and forget about it. They fall out and i can’t find them for a while. I don’t really care though because I have SO MANY lip products. Anything I can’t be without, I buy like 4 of them (home, office, car, purse), and all the others, I just use something else from my stash. The ones that get away always turn up.

omg and my black Inglot gel liner. I was away doing a summer program, living with a homestay family along with 6 other female students from all over the country, and i lost it towards the end of the trip. or “lost”. who knows. i even asked a girl if i accidentally left it in her bag when we were sharing makeup haha. anyway i think it just got lost. and i miss it cuz it’s the best and blackest liner ever, and there’s no store anywhere near me. I got it from the Toronto store on a trip. *sigh*

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