What was the first type of beauty product you fell in love with?

What was the first type of beauty product you fell in love with? Lipgloss? Eyeshadow?


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Eyebrow fillers! They made such a huge difference after a single use, even though the first product tested was too dark for my brows–MAC’s now discontinued Velvetone eye brow pencil.

Other than sunscreen, which I definitely do not love (but will always use), filling in my brows is right at the top of the list when it comes to looking polished during the daytime.

I’ll tell you that the eyeliner. The first time you use it I looked so different that I loved a lot, but I think because I looked weird and I liked it, because now I use very little.

My first eyeliner was Jordana jejeje

Not so much a “product”, but technique; ever since I learned how to contour & highlight, I’ve been completely *obsessed*! I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect products for 20+ years, although I have found many that are more than adequate. It’s truly amazing how much a face can be transformed by just playing around with planes of light, and valleys of shadows.

Another thing I keep coming back to is my obsession with brushes. I’ve had products I all but despised, but after trying another brush (or, in some cases, several!), some have actually become top-picks.

Eyeliner! Followed by lipstick, specifically red lipstick. Black eyeliner and red lipstick was my go to look all throughout high school. Ten years later and now I’m obsessed with eyeshadow. πŸ™‚

Eyeshadows. The only place you are allowed to get away with crazy colors is on your eyes, so e/s were my first love, and lipsticks my last.

Mascara. I’m a redhead so my eyelashes are natural nearly invisible. I was amazed by how great it looked when you could see them,

Lipgloss! I used to wear it all the time when I was in high school haha There was something about seeing my lips so shiny and voluminous that I could not resist.

Lipstick, and it’s still my thing! I remember the day I got my braces taken off as a teen and I bought this L’Oreal lipstick called Nectarine. The combination of bright color and seeing my new perfect teeth in the mirror was awesome. To this day I think lipstick has the most impact.

Lipstick! Almost three years ago, I saw photos of Chanel Insolente online and fell in love. I eventually tried it on at a makeup counter and hated the way it looked on me, but it was too late: I was a lipstick addict. Even now, I just can’t get as excited about eye makeup as I do about lip color.

For me, it was eyeshadow. Back when I first started wearing it in the 80s, blush, lipstick, foundation and such had a limited range of shades, whereas with eyeshadow, you had every color of the rainbow to work with, and you could really experiment with different looks.

Mascara ! But nowadays, I love a good eyebrow. And I am obsessed with MAC’s Fluidline Brow Gelcreme. I hope they bring this back and make it PERM!

I first fell in love with lip products (pigmented lipglosses, lipsticks and any other pigmented lip products). I dislike the tone of my lips so I started buying lip products that would conceal it.

There is no doubt that the one and only beauty product that holds my love is Lipstick πŸ˜€ , the first product I fell in love with and the one I identified with beauty and women since I was a young child. I got my first real lipstick when I was 12 and everything followed from there, however lipstick is by far the beauty item I buy the most and the one that excites me the most to this day.

I’m pretty sure it was lipgloss. I still love it, though I’ve since developed a crush on lipstick!

Oh and YAY my question! πŸ˜€

I was gonna say eye shadow but thats my obsession now.
My first makeup obsession was winged liner and big lashes. When I started wearing makeup all I wore was mascara and liquid/gel liner. I had tons of each, way before I started wearing any other type of makeup.
I do still love a good black liner and really full fluttery lashes but I’ve got more eye shadows than anything else in my collection πŸ™‚

Lipstick! When I was 4-5 years old and wore lipstick to parties, i refused to eat and drink anything so the color wouldn’t go anywhere πŸ™‚

I’ve always loved lipstick, it was my first love at 4 or 5 years old. My mother would put red lipstick on me as a joke, but I loved it. I still love it. I really have grown to dislike lip gloss over the years though…

LIPSTICK LIPSTICK LIPSTICK. the summer i turned 17 i bought a WnW red lipstick for 99c and i decided it was the best thing ever, and THEN someone bought me the mac LE wonder woman russian red and it was alllll over. i was in love. i wore it every day. I STILL wear it all the time. I have no idea how i’m not out yet. at least i have a backup, heh.

I bought a palette of Urban Decay eyeshadow when I was like 16. (Most of) the colors were horrible on me, but I loved it (I actually discovered Last Call in that palette, one of my all time favorites to this day). I think after the eyeshadow obsession (I mean how many can I even wear), I started on nail polish. I took a break from nail polish to be obsessed with lipstick, and now I’m always interested in everything! Lately I would say it has been hair products, but I’ve been doing a pretty good job of keeping spending down. I worked at Sephora last year and have been trying to actually use up a few products before buying more.

When people ask why I wear makeup (it’s assumed it’s a vanity thing), I always say because I love it! I don’t wear make-up for men or friends or family. I wear it because I think it’s fun, and life should be fun.

Also, hashtags are fun.
#beautyholic #Iloveunnecessaryhashtags

My first was mascara and second lipgloss- Estee Lauders clear. This was back in the early to mid sixties when colorless lips were a fad. (Glad I got over it.) You covered your lips with concealer or foundation before the gloss.

Started with Bonne Bell lipsmackers – had to have every flavor at the age of 9! Then the lipgloss obsession… Then I bought my very first MAC lipstick – Viva Glam I – and let the MAC obsession begin!!!

It was an ELF eyeshadow palette with green, blue and nude colors – all with shimmer. So pretty.

Btw, I always have difficulty logging in on your website…. Hence this πŸ™

Lipstick! I couldn’t wait. This was back when dinosaurs roamed (early ’60s). My mom’s lipstick of choice was Revlon’s Persian Melon. I was promised I could wear it when I turned 13. That spring of ’63, Vogue came out with a story featuring Jean Shrimpton and the “no lipstick” look. No lip color, or pale, even white lipstick, and tons of eye makeup – which I wasn’t allowed to wear! I was crushed. I was reduced to pale pink and peach lipstick. What I didn’t know at the time was the red lippies look terrible on me (still can’t wear them) while the light colors of the ‘sixties were perfect. Lipstick was it for my makeup until Revlon came out with “Blush On” in ’65 when I was fifteen. I was first in line to buy it in Tawny Peach. It came in a big, round, loose-powder sized container with a big brush, for the incredible price of $5. I’ve been a blush lover ever since πŸ™‚

Eyelash curler, hands down. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was about thirteen, but I could curl my lashes and wear Vaseline on my lips, and feel like I was getting away with something. I was such a poser!

eyeliner! I used the same revlon colorstay pencil and liquid eyeliner for years. Now I’m starting to experiment with other brands πŸ™‚

neon pink eyeshadow! I became obsessed with it in middle school because of just how much attention it drew to my eyes, though back then I didn’t have all the options I have now and thus I usually resorted to using bright pink blushes (for instance, the entire reason I ever bought NARS Mata Hari was for my eyes!). Even now I’m still very much into using bright, warm colors on my eyes–I’ve never been a fan of cool-toned or neutral looks; because I started out big and bold perhaps that’s the way it’ll always have to be for me!

Nail polish. Definitely nail polish. I’ve had dalliances with lip glosses and eyeshadows, but I always come back to nail polish. I would have to repaint my nails every day to actually use all of the colors I have by now, but they keep releasing such pretty new shades!

As long as I can remember (and it is quiite long :)) I always have been appreciative of what a good foundation can do to my skin, so I guess it would be it. Also I remember how I bought my first MAC lipgloss (don’t remember which exactly, but everything points tp Oyster Girl) and was really amased about how it made my lips look. So, I guess those two.

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