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Nancy T Avatar

As I sit here wracking my poor old brain, all I come up with are various quads during the mid to late 90’s by Revlon and L’Oreal? In 2002 I bought a beautiful quad by L’Oreal called Hopeful Bouquet with the letters HOPE imprinted on each shadow, with proceeds going to ovarian cancer research. First non-DS, larger palette was Lorac Unzipped, which my daughter talked me into getting while she was working at Sephora. It is so perfect for green &/or hazel eyes!

JackieC Avatar

Coastal Scents 88 Original Palette was the first palette I purchased. I thought I was really doing something great, because it has every color of the rainbow. I still have it six years later, but I haven’t used it in so long.

Momo Avatar

Oh, wow! I think I still have my first palette. It was either one of the Milani ‘Runway Eyes’ Eyeshadow Palettes or one of the Tropez Sunrise to Sunset Eyeshadow Palettes; circa ’08 or ’09.

Katherine T. Avatar

Was about 30 years ago, probably a Maybelline shadow kit. Then due to oily lids, I wasn’t wearing eye shadow for decades, but decided to jump back in a few years ago. My first purchase was a cheap shadow kit to see what colors looked good on me. I bought a Pop Portfolio kit on sale, very shimmery, ok quality for a DS brand but needs a base to last on my oily lids. As I got more sophisticated, this kit fell out of favor, but I keep it around out of nostalgia. But I’m digging it back out again for spring. It has some shimmery pastel shades that I can use as pops of color.

Lizzi Avatar

I remember getting one of the Ulta mega holiday palettes when I was in high school during the mid 2000’s. But the first one I bought was the UD Deluxe eyeshadow palette.

Rachel R. Avatar

I’m never sure what the definition of a “palette” is. If quads count, then it was in the 8th grade, circa 1983-84. It was a CoverGirl quad with browns/nudes. Otherwise…later that year, and probably a little 10-pan DS palette by CoverGirl, Maybelline, or Revlon. I don’t remember which, but it had a variety of shimmery shadows in gray, blue, pink, purple, etc. My best friend and I got the same one, of course.

Mariella Avatar

I purchased a Lise Watier eyeshadow quad quite some years ago but the first 2 that I really remember and which made an impact were the original Naked palette when it first launched in Canada and the Too Faced Enchanted Glamourland palette. I got them around the same time and they’re what really opened the eyeshadow “floodgates” for me.

Heather Avatar

Urban Decay Summer of Love!! It’s a quad with Flash, Chopper, Maui Wowie, and Smog! It’s what got me started on my palette obsession!

KaseyKannuck Avatar

If quads count then Covergirl’s A Rose Romance, I think it was called. I actually panned the whole thing and bought another one.
More than a quad would be another Covergirl palette with 8 shades of browns and greens, in the early 90’s.
My first non-drugstore palette was UD Smoked. So began my love with buttery pigmented shadows…

Victoria Avatar

For drugstore I had some Maybelline quad that I only used for high school. All I know is that it had browns, that’s all. But my first high end brand I got is the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette from Sephora. I got it for Christmas and thought it was just awesome, at the same time I’ve been loving Too Faced products since.

Ale Avatar

first that i owned was a gift :Dior 5 coleurs iridiscent pink may – beautifull, awesome pigmentation, still have it.
first that i bought myself: the first edition of too faced mattes, it was ok but didn’t wow me

KJH Avatar

I think it was Yardley Glimmericks. Circa ’67-68. Late Mary Quant era. Swingin’ London Mod! Right. I don’t remember it as shimmery, so why the name? It had pastel to light blue, green, and brown… Probably a six palette, laid out like a paintbox. I glued in some other shadows, my attempt at Z palette before its time. Have to look to see if it is hiding somewhere, and if anything has so many preservatives that they are still usable. Eat your lids off! Don’t recall any black. Funny, bec. There were a lot of black/white high contrast looks then, in clothes and m/u.

KJH Avatar

I googled the Glimmericks palette, and it’s all over the vintage m/u and Pinterest sites. Too funny. One sold for over $200. Think how many MUFE trios you could do! It really was an odd product, with a water well and brush. Too bad I didn’t keep it pristine and NIB.

LMM Avatar

It wasn’t purchased, as I got it free at work, but the first palette I owned was Urban Decays’ Box of Shadows IV. It is definitely what got me into eyeshadow as an adult; I rarely wore much before that.

Lacey Avatar

Not counting drugstore quads, I think it was either an early UD quad (I think it had purple velvet on the cover, but it wasn’t the Deluxe palette) or a palette from The Balm with animal print cover. I can’t remember the names of either, and I don’t have them anymore.

Bonnie Avatar

Besides a Lancôme quad my mom bought me in high school, I think the first actual palette I bought myself was that UD bamboo palette, the one that the case is made with two pieces of bamboo that slide apart. Does anyone else have this or know what it’s called?

Tunisia Avatar

My first palette was the Carli Bybel for BH Cosmetics palette.

I just recently got into wanting to wear eyeshadows after finally starting to learn how to work with my hooded lids, so I wanted to get something on the cheaper side. I’m so happy with my choice. The colors are perfect for my skin tone and are colors I actually enjoy on my face (lol). The palette includes 10 shadows and 4 highlights that are to die for. I’m honestly considering getting a second one as a backup because I know I’m going to run through the one I have.

Marta G. Avatar

I’m almost positive it was Sleek’s Oh So Special. A good selection of nudes and pinks with some darker, smokey colors thrown in. I still have it, I need to pull it out more! Besides, my first mid-end palette was, obviously, Naked 1. Still use it a lot!

Cherelle Avatar

I dont even remember the name it was Urban Decay that it came with a full size primer potion an eye liner. Oh how times have change

Genevieve Avatar

I had a few awful quads from DS brands back in the day, but the really, truly HE palette was the Estee Lauder Sea and Sky. I saw it in David Jones, a big retail store here in Melbourne and I just had to have it. It was my birthday too. The colours were, and still are, gorgeous.

Sarah Avatar

A 16-piece limited edition Tarte palette! It had a lot of golds and bronzes with a few purples and peach-tones, all in a few different finishes. Really nice as an all-in-one palette I think. Immediately after that, my mother gave me the Paula’s Choice Nude Mattes palette which I live and breathe by. It has the best matte black I’ve ever touched–pigmented like no other, really nice butter-like consistency, and not ridiculously hard to get out of the pan (I’m looking at you, Maybelline Nudes)!

Kristin Avatar

A MAC one (that I may still have…) Sheer Shimmer powders in Mellow Mood & Taffy; blush in Buff & Prism; e/s in Shroom, Bronze & Trax; l/s in Frou, Fetish & Fluid, mini lipliner in Spice and mini eyeliner in Coal. Plain black casing, none of the fancy packaging the limited edition ones have now. (And better quality than the newer ones now too…)

l_rodo Avatar

The Urban Decay Book of Shadows, Vol. II. This was followed by a hot pink Smashbox eye palette (one of their holiday releases… maybe it was the “eye wish” palette? Can’t exactly remember the name). All around, I preferred the UD one; heck, I still have a few of the shade from it, de-potted into a z palette (I’m such a sentimental fool!). Nevertheless, these purchases opened the floodgates on my obsession with palettes!

fuji Avatar

Probably the same ! a Mac eyeshadow palette with 6 shades in a 2X3 layout, with matte dove grey, Prussian blue, and shimmery dark wine. The packaging has a folded silky fabric surface, with a plastic piece fringe on the side.
Update: just googled and it was The MAC Formal Black holiday collection launched for 2006 Christmas

Sarah Avatar

Other than a MAC pallet that I created, the first pallet I bought that was pre made was the Lorac Unzipped. I’ve been wearing makeup for over twenty years but got my first actual pallet just a couple years ago.

Teresa Avatar

In middle school (in the 80’s), I remember getting this huge Elizabeth Arden gift set from my Mom. I don’t remember what was exactly in it (other than Red Door perfume) but it was a ton of makeup to a 13 year old!

Flaky Avatar

I’d never bought a palette in my life until 3 yrs ago – my first one was the balm Nude Tude. Not a great one for my first, the shadows are ok – but you hardly get any product in the pans. I’ll be ok though, I now have about 35 palettesandcounting.

BB Avatar

A MAC Holiday palette in college in the late 90s lol. It is purple and has crystals on it and all purple colors like Trax. I still have it as a memento.


Mine was the Smashbox Eye Wish palette from 2009. I remember giving it away to my daughter as the colours were too bold for me. The first one that I got though and enjoyed using (am still using) was Smashbox Full Expisure.

krachael00 Avatar

The only palettes I wore throughout HS were those “shimmer strips” ones from Physician’s Formula; I bought the ones for brown eyes AND for hazel eyes, because I couldn’t decide what color my eyes were :). The only highlight shade in either of them was an extremely frosted stark white 😛

The first palette I consciously bought as, like, a real makeup newbie was the Naked Eyes palette from Too Faced—not the Natural Eyes one, but the Naked Eyes. I’m still bitter about the fact that they discontinued it.

Meghan Avatar

The earliest one I can recall is the Smashbox “be discovered” palette from 2012. I’m sure I had ones at a younger age, but 2012 was really the year that I started hoarding this current makeup collection. It all used to fit in one toiletries bag!…

VeraLynn Avatar

If quads count, first “palette” ever was from CoverGirl; I think it was called “Country Woods.” I used the crap out of that thing in highschool! My first high-end palette was the Smashbox Softlights eyeshadow palette–limited edition in 2011; I got it to wear for my wedding:) Still have it and love it, but dont’ use it often due to the huge palette collection I have since accumulated.

JCarbonel Avatar

With my own money when I first started working, I bought the Urban Decay Naked. I was shocked when I found it in stock at the Ulta by my work!

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