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I only recently bought my first “adult” blush! It’s L’Oreal True Match in Baby Blossom. I read somewhere that blush is the product that women are most likely to skip, and I believe it. It’s better to wear no blush than to wear poorly placed and un-blended blush!

That I bought myself? I honestly can’t recall, but I do remember my Mom giving me a peachy-pink shade when I was 13. It may have been Max Factor? Too long ago, I’m afraid! But the 1st one I ever bought, and actually LOVED, was a gorgeous, nearly neon fuchsia! I was 22 y.o. and it was by a brand that catered to Punk tastes.

I went 32 years before buying a blush (really!) My first was Tina Tarantino Neopolitan Lane when it was on sale before Sephora dropped the brand.

Benefit Hervana. I still really like it, it’s a no-brainer flattering color on me, but I no longer use it. It just fell out of rotation somehow. I am all over MUG blushes of late.

Just bought my first blushes last week… Picked up the Steve Klien one shocking moment palette from Nars! I always thought blushes weren’t for me, too colourful, too fake looking, but I’m in love now!!!!! And it’s thanks to Christine’s review.

The Body Shop All in One Cheek Colour in Bubblegum, about three or four years ago. I finished the whole thing up last year (and I’ve got a LOT of blush), and since repurchased it.

Argyle from The Balm Instant Stain’s range :). Not the best to start with when you’re fair… but definitely pretty! Whenever I want this fresh look, that’s the blush I choose!

It was “Raizin” by MAC. It’s such a multi-use color! From blush, to a contour shade, to a transition eyeshadow, it can be used in SO many ways.

I was given Benefit Dandelion and Georgia Peach, but I think the first I bought for myself was either Tarte’s Dollface (I’m now more partial to Exposed) or Benefit’s Coralista. Though my most “OMG so glad I made that purchase” blush would definitely be the Hourglass blush palette.

Hahaha, it was a MAX Factor blush, I remember it well! I was called something like Natural Glow. I wore makeup for at least a year before wearing blush and even when I started I wore it very sparingly to the point where you couldn’t even tell I had it on! Now I love blush and can’t do without it. ?

Blush was something I added on much later in my beauty routine. I didn’t wear blush for years and then I’m very confident I wore it quite badly… also for years.. Sigh: If I only knew then what I know now.

A MAC mua picked my first blush for me. MAC Mocha. I finally branched out into different blushes very late in my makeup game late 30’s, early 40’s with NARS (no, not Orgasm, it looks horrible on me). I will always have a soft spot for NARS blushes.

I have no clue, I don’t remember at all! It took me forever until I started using blush… It was one of the last things I added to my make-up routine. And even now I don’t always wear blush. Most days I go without.

A dusty rose Lancome one that I still keep for sentimental reasons. I used to wear it every day and actually have hit pan on it, but the name has rubbed off, so I cant say what it was called.

My first blush was from Clinique, too. My next (after I finished that one) was a multishaded thing from Clinique as well, I think I got it in a gift with purchase.

That sounds about right for me too! I don’t remember color names but I remember they came with two colors in the compact.

I’d also get “rejects” from my mom’s Clinique gift with purchase. I remember using every last speck of a Clinique blush in about 9th grade.

An Elizabeth Arden blush in a mid tone vibrant pink. A small privately owned drug store near me carried some EA products, and I remember that at $8.00 it was quite the splurge at the time! By comparison, Cover Girl powder compacts were $1.99.

I am having a hard time remembering. I didn’t wear blush for years because I had acne when I started wearing makeup. I felt blush wouldn’t help that whole situation. My first blush was maybe something from Everyday Minerals.

I’m sure my first was a drugstore blush because I started wearing it in middle school. The firs real blush i think was a Lancome blush. I bought the same one my sister used .

It was a mauve blush from the Maybelline Fit Me line, about three years ago! It was my only blush for about a year so I hit pan on it pretty quick, and since then I’ve been building a slight obsession with makeup including blushes. LOL

How on earth to people remember these things? I am old though so my first blush would have been purchased at least 20 years ago. I know I hit pan on a few Bobbi Brown blushes in my 20s, always purchasing a new one after I had like nothing left. I eventually started a blush collection around 5 years ago. I started it with a cream Estee Lauder blush and quickly followed it with a Smashbox blush that was on sale. I still have both blushes but I would have to check the color names. I don’t use either of them. I never wear cream blush anymore, although the blush is good. The Smashbox blush didn’t last on my skin, so I don’t wear it ever. It’s in my makeup graveyard box.

the first high end blush I ever bought was Too Faced Sweethearts blush in candy glow. Still one of my favorites, and I’ve put quite a dent into it!
I can’t remember the first blush I ever got, I think it was a hand-me-down from my mom, Loreal true match I believe?

I had 2 Clinique blushes one named “lucky clover” that my mom had given me. The first true blush I purchased was a NARS palette with a nameless highlighter (still to this day my favourite with a white/pinky sheen), orgasm blush and laguna bronzer. I still use this kit, great for travel, but now I own over 6 NARS blushes and would say Orgasm is my least favourite.

You know what, it might have been Nars Orgasm. I’m not sure because it’s been a long time, but I didn’t wear blush when I started my makeup journey (I have redness on my cheeks and I thought that adding blush wouldn’t work), so I think I eventually fell for the hype. I sold it later because I didn’t like it that much!

A peachy pink powder blush from CoverGirl back when they still sold in the UK, in the 90s. I still have it, it’s still a great colour!

It was a Bonne Belle stick blush (late 1970s) that was supposed to adapt to your skin colour. However, pictures show that it turned orange on my pale olive/gold skin.

My mom got me that blush for my very first school dance, along with a Maybelline eye lash curler, and showed me how to use her Maybelline cake mascara! It turned a pink color on me. I used it on my lips and it turned a deeper pink color. I think I used it more on my lips than my cheeks.

I never wore blush when I was younger. All I could think of when I looked at it was those old ladies smearing on their rouge and thought, “No Way!” Didn’t realize just how important it was until I started learning about makeup in my late 20’s. (I’m 32 now) So, I’m almost positive my first blush was Nars Orgasm.

I bought my first blush, MAC Dame, when I was 30 years old. I have always had rosy cheeks and just never bothered with blush. I still don’t wear it daily, but it can help make my natural flush look more even, and some days I need more color than others. Still love Dame too.

I bought the “let me recommend this to you because you’re a dark skinned black woman” blush from MAC, Raizin. Still a favorite of mine. πŸ™‚

Mine was Fig by Clinique. I always borrowed my moms when I was in junior high (it was the 80’s) that she bought me one of my own. The first blush I bought for myself? MAC Melba. It’s been around for a loooooong time.

The first blush I ever bought was NARS Orgasm and I wore it exclusively for probably 3 years before branching out and trying different shades.

Gosh – that was so long ago – I think it was a Rimmel one in a peachy colour. It was fairly awful, but I didn’t know that at the time. I thought I was glamorous…..(a teenager).

I think it was a Bourjois blush pot….. but not sure which one…. it was pink… prior to that I bought a little bronzy loose powders “thingy” that came in a terracotta pot in a street market whilst on holiday. I used on my eyelids though…

The veeeeery first ever was a Covergirl CG Cheekers like Dusty Rose. I was 15-16 so my parents were particular about what I could wear but then I started buying UD and they stopped policing my makeup LOL! I fell out of using it because I only had a large powder brush vs the tiny pre-packaged brush they give you. My first “adult” blush I didn’t get till I was 17 or 18, in a Too Faced Glamour To Go kit, from their Holiday “Dream” collection. I didn’t wear it much, it wasn’t particularly flattering because I’m so pale… But I was also bad at applying blush (it was more where I was applying it than actual application being too light/heavy), a stippling brush + research about the best placement for my face shape has done wonders for me! πŸ˜›

It was this Maybelline powder blush from the 80’s. It came in all these cool new wave colors, like shimmery red and plum. It was the days of the diagonal blush streak. I would love to find those colors again though.

I was probably 18 or 19 and it was a plum shade from the L’Oreal High Intensity Pigments line. I started all my make-up endeavors with L’Oreal πŸ™‚

I only started using blush a few years ago, the more than twenty (!) years before that I never dared to use it because of redness from spider veins in my cheeks. I was always covering up or at least trying to reduce the redness as much as possible and blush only emphasized it, or so I thought anyway. After several laser treatments two years ago my skin was so much more even-toned that I bought my first blush. At first it was a very subtle one: Desert Rose by Bobbi Brown, but after a while I started buying coral- and peach-toned blushes as well, and rosy ones, as well as cream blushes, like Dolci by Armani, Clinique Melon Pop and Peach Pop, TF Love Lust and Pink Glow, MUFE HD blush etc etc. I can’t seem to stop buying more blushes, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do ;))

I think it was Cover Girl Cheekers in a soft brownish shade followed by a soft pink from the Body Shop because the CG didn’t go with my pinky rose lipstick! I was just starting out with makeup πŸ™‚

It was Milani “Coral Cove.” I’ve always been into makeup but at one point I only wore powder and eyeshadow. But since my makeup game has improved I’m a blush fanatic! I have wet n wild, Milani and La Femme blushes. I would love to try other brands but I can’t see myself paying more than 10.00 for blush. :-/

I have no clue. It was certainly a drugstore brand. I think I tried about 3 or 4 different blushes over the span of 15 years, then stopped wearing it entirely for another 10, then dabbled. Now I’m a full-on blusher. Although I’ll still go without sometimes on days when my eyes are more over-the-top than usual.

I think it was a Cover Girl Cheekers blush back in high school, in Rose Silk, I believe. Back then, I used to use up an entire blush before buying another one. πŸ™‚

My first higher end blush was MAC Fleur Power–it was the perfect shade of peachy-pink-coral.

Pikenz the First: Rocky – a brick orange. I was around sixteen/ seventeen. I used it for years and years until was discontinued. My mother used to love it, too. My make up “on the go” was that blush with light red lips and black eye liner.

Oh, my goodness. No idea. I didn’t wear a full face until I started working for Clarins. I remember purchasing a pur minerals blush, an estee lauder cream blush, and several peach toned blushes from Mac. I wore Style for a long time til I emptied it. I’m wearing Fresh honey now simply because I need to use it up.

It might have been one of the Maybelline duo blushes — one side pink, the other a peachy-pink. That’s my best guess.

I have only been wearing blushes for a few years. But recently I can`t do my make up without and I have also begun to love highlighters! My first blush is still in my stash and I have hit pan: Mac, Hervana

The first one I ever purchased was MAC’s Blush Baby when I was about 18 or so. I didn’t really wear much blush back then and had previously only had blushes from gifts with purchase sets so I was looking for something soft and subtle and that one was definitely both! I wanted to purchase it again a couple of years ago but the Mac sales rep convinced me to get Mocha instead because she thought Blush Baby would be too light for me. However, I had forgotten that I was wearing self tanner on my face and haven’t really worn it since so I have to use a really light hand when wearing it or else it looks too dark!!

*happy dance* My first blush is my favorite blush! I stayed away from blush for ages because I have premature rosacea and acne scarring on my cheeks. Why would I want to put pink on top of pink and draw attention to my flaws in high school? That was everyone’s worst fear! BUT then I discovered the world of “more than a wisp of coverage” foundations and I branched out into blush. When ColourPop came out with the fall collection, I bought Cruel Intentions and ohhhh wow, it is my favorite thing. I own about six blushes total now and I wear Cruel Intentions 5 days out of 7. Warm pink without being coral, natural, and gorgeous when placed at the tops of the apples of my cheeks.

I can’t even remenber what was my first purchase but my mom gave me (or, perhaps, I took it, hahaha) a Rimmel one. I have it yet and I love it. It’s a tan shade with berry shimmer that look stunning on the cheeks. Sadly, the pigmentation is not great.

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